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Trying so hard....
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Question How Big is "Too Big for the Tanning Bed"??

I have a new goal: 220 lbs

Then Im gonna go to the tanning bed and begin tanning. Ive gotten in them before at 220 and did ok, but was still really paranoid about breaking the glass. Then I heard the owner of the salon talking about how a girl used her knee to turn over one time, and it broke the glass and she had to pay for it.

So in your opinion, how big is too big for the tanning bed?
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Shairing her ESH...
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I went in at my highest weight.....not the most comfortable thing, but I wasn't too heavy for it.

You could go at the weight you are now!!
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Never want to go back!
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PLEASE, please, please don't use a tanning bed no matter your size!! It's like sitting in a skin cancer box. So bad for you. Worse than sunbathing.

The really big thing here in LA is spray tans. They are so much better for you, last for a week and look great. They have them where you stand in a booth and the machine sprays you or you can set an appt. with a girl to hand spray you with an airbrush.

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I used to be a hard core tanner 2 years ago at my highest weight. I did the beds and the stand ups. I liked the stand ups better because it got my under arms and the beds don't really and make you look really odd. Now I'm 13 pounds from my goal weight so of course I want that tan look that made me feel good when I was large. But now I'm all health conscious so I don't dare go back to the beds. I've been using that Jergens natural glow foaming daily moisturizer. I'm on my 3rd can now. Im getting natural looking results and lots of compliments. No one knows it's fake! And only $7 a can. I like the foam way better than the lotion. Go with the foam. Give it a $7 try. You won't regret it. It's safe and works well on your face so don't worry about buying the seperate stuff for your face unless you want the added SPF 20 that it contains. Just don't rub it into your hands (always wash your hands after) or into more than just the tops of your feet. My friend had a bad experience rubbing it in well to her feet. My friend is addicted to it now too!

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Tanning beds do have weight limits. I would probably phone the tanning salon before I went, and ask annoymously
I have never been tanning, and really have no interest. I'm so fair I'd probably walk out with blisters. My best friend tans religiously, and she is about 230 lbs, and fits fine.
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I am 200 pounds and I have used tanning beds for years now.. not sure what the weight limit is but I know men tan all the time and they are just as heavy as I am!
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Is tanning healthy? have heard that it may damage cells
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Trying so hard....
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I found this online, if anybody is interested. Its a discussion on this topic. I feel a bit better now. I still think I will wait for 220 lbs. Thats just me....
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nirvikalpa samadhi
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A lot of it depends on your skin type. As with all things, carefully consider the pros and cons before you decide.

That said, my sister tanned for her wedding at about 350 lbs on a regular Wolffe tanning bed, no problems, no breakage. I would just be gentle about it (no bouncing! LOL).
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Please stay out of the tanning beds! The UV rays affect a different layer of your skin than the sun does, so there is no protection against the sun if you get a tan with a tanning bed. And because the deeper layers are affected, the chances of cell changes and cancer are much, much higher...
Try a spray tan or fake tan. Just once...
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Hi! Good subject!
I have been tanning for years and I have always been a big girl. I am about 240 right now. I too know someone that put her knee down wrong and broke the glass. She weighs about 130#!!!!!

To be safe from that "issue" - I would use a stand up if you are uncomfortable.

I have heard all the stories about tanning not being good for you. But honestly I feel so much better about my big ol' self when I am tan. I have a tad of seasonal depression and I also think I feel a little better when I go in the winter.

I have to agree with CLCSC too though!

Have a great day ladies!
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at my highest I was 268 and I went with no problems. I was paranoid the glass would break. But, I have been told as long as you don't sit on the side of the bed to put your shoes on you should be okay.
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Oh man...please find another reward for yourself! Listen to mother went TODAY to a dermatologist because she has skin cancer on her nose. It is NOT a simple snip and its gone, they have to DIG IT OUT. My mother LOVES tanning. LOVES it. I think she is addicted to the warmth of the bed, the smell of the tanning makes her feel SO good. Yeah, she isn't going to feel so good after they remove the skin cancer. My MIL just had the same procedure done 2 months ago and looked so BAD we had to keep the boys away from her. The bleeding, the black eyes, the was so ugly.


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My highest weight without being prego was 222. I had no problems in tanning beds as far as the concerns you mention. There should be a label somewhere on the crazy thing to indicate weight limit.

I have done tanning beds in the past. The problem I had at my higher weights was getting the color even. I would have white splotches here and there because of the way my fat and skin laid.

I am using the tanning lotion now and I really like it much better. You put it on after your bath. Wait three minutes and then dress. The one I normally use is the Oil Of Olay Touch of Sun. Today I tried the Target brand and it seems to work well too--I can already tell I have some color.

I won't do tanning beds anymore. My 38 Y-O cousin died of skin cancer two years ago.

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I reiterate all the negative effects of tanning please don't. I had to have a cancerous mole removed from my back. Thankfully, they caught it early and there's nothing there other than a scar, but it's freakin' painful and terrifying.

Plus, since I stopped tanning 10 years ago (when they found the mole) and I'm the only one of my close girlfriends that doesn't have any lines on my face. We're 25 and all of my friends have crow's feet around their eyes. Tanning is NOT GOOD FOR YOU! I just get professional spray tans no. I look just as tanned and non of the health risks.
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