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Lightbulb Twenty Reasons

I thought I'd take my own advice. I encourage everyone to post twenty reasons (ten "internal" and ten "external") why you want to be successful on this weight loss journey.


1. I don't want to have weight-related knee problems like my grandmother had.
2. I don't want to contract obesity-related diabetes.
3. I don't want to die of a heart attack like my grandmother did.
4. I don't want to have to take medication for high blood pressure.
5. I don't want to develop sleep apnea.
6. I don't want my sex drive to dwindle to zero.
7. I need to nip these lower back (weight related) problems in the bud.
8. Same for these foot (weight related) problems)
9. I don't want gallstones (from a high-fat diet).
10. I want my body to be able to stand up to running 10 miles a week.


1. I want to go to the store and buy what's cute, not what's dark enough and has enough material to camoflauge my fat.
2. I want to wear my two-piece next summer.
3. I want my students to quit making fun of my weight behind my back.
4. I want to be able to walk down the aisles in my classroom and not knock books off of desks with my butt.
5. I want to turn a few heads again!
6. Rather than spend money on new work clothes, I want to just be able to fit into all the wonderful size 10 stuff hanging despondently in my closet.
7. I want to wear shorts without looking like someone stuffed my thighs with cottage cheese.
8. I want to wear a leather miniskirt and NOT have it look like a sausage casing!
9. I want to say, "Do you have this a size smaller?" rather than, "Is this the largest size you have?"
10. I want sexy underwear without having to spend $18 a pair at Lane Bryant!

15 lbs. gone
14.6% of the way to goal
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Ok ...I'll play......

1- I choose to feel soft and feminine again and look the part in my own eyes

2- I choose to boost my self esteme

3- I choose to be proud of myself and my accomplishments fully

4- I choose to aleviate my back problems

5- I choose to not have heart problems, aches and pains.

6- I choose to free mayself fom this self bondage that keeps me from doing all the things I should like to do.

7- I choose not to live in shame

8- I choose to express joy and enjoy life fully, not held back or limited in any way other than my own values.

9- I choose to experience what it is to make your first impressions with new people based on who and what I am rather than my weight alone , which I overcome but..........

10- I choose to be much healthier and have a great time as I enter my 50"s.


1- I choose to be graceful again

2- I choose to look in the mirror and really love what I see.

3- I choose to wear the clothes that really express the artistic and soft frilly looks I do so love

4- I choose to wear great belts the fit snuggly to a slender waist

5-I choose to be fully proud of how I look when I go out of my home

6- I choose to feel admiration for myself and see it in the eyes of others

7- I choose to go out without any feelings of being self conscious be it dining or dancing!

8 - I choose to be active and fully involved in life.... wonderful life!!!!!

9- I choose to feel and look just as sexy as I have ever felt in my life

10- I choose to feel totally alive every minute of everyday I have left in this life....alive and vital!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Default so so many...

1. I don't want to torture myself anymore over my weight.

2. I want to wear short shorts.

3. I want to feel beautiful again.

4. I want to be able to shave my legs in record time.

5. I want to be proud of myself.

6. I want to wear a bathing suit in front of others.

7. I want to wear spring dresses.

8. I want to be strong.

9. I don't want to jiggle so much.

10. I want to wrap the towel around me.

11. I want to control my PCOS.

12. I don't want diabeties.

13. I want to have children.

14. I don't want to feel like the "fat sister"

15. I want to run free.

16. I want to wear a bra comfortably again.

17. I want to go shopping with friends and not be ashamed.

18. I want to walk past teenagers and not feel like an old slob.

19. I want to sleep better.

20. And I want to live and dance like I only dream of...
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Wink Only 20 reasons?

I could list hundreds....but here are mine:


~to look as beautiful as I feel inside
~to rid myself of my weight related health problems
~to see admiration in the eyes of others instead of pity or disgust
~so I won't think people are laughing or talking about me behind my back
~to not have to worry about other people's furniture breaking if I sit on it
~to not have to listen to people say "I tried this diet, and it worked for me"
~to not make up excuses for not doing certain things because my weight impedes my ability
~to not look the other way when passing a mirror, or avoid having my picture taken
~to stop being embarassed or ashamed of my weight
~to not have friends and family be embarrassed to be seen with me

~to shop off the rack in a regular size store
~to wear "one size fits all", and it fits ME
~to have great sex...with the lights ON
~to ride the rides at an amusement park
~to be able to cross my legs comfortably
~to wear a bathing suit and not look like a beached whale
~to be able to play with my kids as much as they want
~to be able to take belly dancing lessons without embarrassment
~to shop for sexy underwear and bras at Victoria's Secret
~just to be more healthy
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Success Story!!!
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Twenty reasons? OK.


1. I want to get rid of my back and knee problems which are aggravated by my weight.

2. I don't want to get diabetes.

3. I want to avoid all the other physical complications and diseases due to obesity.

4. I want to be able to ride in the back seat of a car and not have to worry about whether the seat belt will go around me.

5. Same for airplane seats.

6. I want to shop in the misses section, where the cute clothes are, and where there's so much more selection.

7. I want to be able to hike up mountains.

8. I want to be able to dance without getting winded.

9. I want to be able to run.

10. I want more energy.

11. I want to buy clothes not just because I managed to get them on, but because they look nice.

12. I want to wear alot of different styles and colors, not just the ones that help camouflage what I need camouflaged. I'm getting tired of black skirts and pants with light colored tops.

13. I don't want to be the fattest one in the family any more.

14. I want to be able to go out to concerts and plays without having trouble fitting into the seats.


1. I want to feel better, to feel healthy. At 250 pounds I actually felt sick.

2. I want to feel pretty.

3. I want to have the sense of accomplishment that I lost all that weight, and I CAN keep it off. What I've lost already is giving me confidence in other areas of my life.

4. I don't want to feel embarassed by my appearance.

5. I don't want to feel like a victim of my genes or metabolism.

6. I want to feel that I'm doing my best to take care of my health and wellbeing - and to know that it's important enough to work for.

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this is such an interesting thread... i've looked at it several times, and wondered why i did the wls. and what my goals are. and what my weight has done to me and my life. and now, that' i'm 2/3 done, there's a bit more perspective.

let's see what i can come up with. but please forgive me if i don't divide them into 'internal' and 'external.' i can't quite divvy them up that way..

here goes.

1. to not run out of breath after talking for 10 seconds

2. to swim a mile anywhere, anytime, anyplace, ocean included

3. to go to paris. milan. portugal. spain. alaska. anywhere and everywhere.

4. to not be obsessed with finding clothes. i just want to run in, get something that works for me, and run out.

5. to wear anything i want!!!!

6. to have a shoe wardrobe, not just a couple of pairs of shoes with good arch supports and cushioning to protect my knees, ankles, and feet from my weight.

7. to keep up with my nieces and nephews as they grow

8. to not spend all day doing things because i can't move fast enough

9. to sing torch songs in smoky bars, complete with cleavage and a feather boa!!!

10. to take up skulling

11. to go hiking

12. to take dancing lessons

i''ll post a few more later....
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