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Unhappy struggling

I'm under a HUGE amount of stress right now. My grandma is dying but still hanging on (though basically in a vegetative state) my aunt has cancer, my mom is a survivor though we know there are cancer "feelers" in her body that are just waiting to appear.

I seem to be stalling a bit weight wise and that's bothering me.

I'm getting a wee bit obsessed with the scale and how the numbers are not really changing.

I'm over whelmed and WANT to make bad food choices. I'm not. I'm staying on plan. But I'm hanging in by the skin of my teeth

sigh. I'll get through this but I needed to whine.
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Sending you lots of hugs, Tammy.

You're doing with an absolutely awesome job with your programme. You really are. And remember the scales are only one way to measure your progress - there's measurements, the way your clothes feel and those fantastic pictures yesterday. And maybe it's time to step away from the scales for a day or so...

It's a horrible place that you're in at the moment - that waiting game is just about the worst time of all, isn't it?

Sending you all my thoughts...
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I'm sorry you're going through all that. I think that stress itself can stall your weightloss can't it? I mean, I'm always hearing about "Stress hormones" causing weight gain and such. Do any of you guys know anything about that?

Try and relax a little, I know it's hard with all that going on but be sure to have some 'you' time to just unwind.

Keep on plan, you can do it. I posted this on other threads, but I went from thanksgiving until last week without losing a single lb! Then I lost like 3 this week. Stalls happen (for a variety of reasons) but you can do it, you can push through, and if y ou do falter, you can always get back on the horse, no one is perfect, but don't give up!
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career counselor a-gogo
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Stress can be really hard and so much of that is outside of your control. The scale will move. I think sometimes our body just decides to be ornery but it's kind of like a high speed car chase.

You can outrun one cop, maybe two, but you can't outrun his radio.

Your body can be obstinate and hold water or burn calories slightly slower for a time but it can't outrun the math. Eventually the weight has to come off - it's mathematically impossible for it not to. So just remember math is your friend!

And when you get tempted to just chuck it all remember that I'll be insufferable if I win TBL yourself and the rest of the forum some RG gloating while you're at it!
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I am sorry you are going through a rough time with so many family members sick. Hang in there
The scale will keep moving because of your dedication to your plan. You are doing fantastic! Stress sucks, no doubt about it. But there will always be stress of some sort in our lives. You can and will overcome the urge to go off plan. I truly believe you can. You are a inspiration to all of us.
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Loser :-)
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Hang in there, Tammy!! You have been such a motivation to me. I think what is wonderful about this place is it seems to be close to 2nd nature for us to come here to ask for help when in the past it would have been straight through the MCD's drive through (me) in response to the stress. Congrats for coming here and asking for hugs, kind words and feedback!

You're doing so good! Like I said...just hang in there!
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Claiming Victory!
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You can always come in here to vent/rant. I know it is tough but hang in there! You just posted those beautiful pictures of you looking so much more youghful and smaller! Do not fall back into the bad patterns. I too am an emotional eater and I know the struggle all too well. Just stay on plan and hope and know that everything will be alright. Love ya!
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Motivated for 2009
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Aww sweetie I am sorry. I know how hard it can be to stay on track when life is stressful. You are doing so great, you always inspire me to keep going. You can do this. I am very proud of you for everything you have done, I love reading your posts, you are such a nice person. Hang in there sweetie.
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I am so so sorry about your Grandma and aunt. These are hard and stressful thing to face.

That, along with all your efforts to stay on plan and the scale not showing it - that is really frustrating. Sometimes when we do everything right - the body just kinda takes a break from losing. Darn it. Please don't judge your efforts by that number on the scale. I know that's SO hard to do. Your body will let go of that weight.

Sometimes doing some deep breathing or meditation can help with dealing with stress. I am so glad you came to whine. That's why we have this forum.

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Hang in there! You have done fantastic so far.

New diets are like a new toy. When they are bright and shiney and different and work perfectly it is easy to devote time and attention even to the point of ignoring other areas of our life that need attention.

Like everything some point, A new toy/diet will loose a little luster, it won't work as efficiently...and when we look up...our old problems are still there.

Now is when you either discard the new toy/diet or make it part of your daily life without making it the center of your life.

I am truly sorry to hear of your struggles. You certainly do have alot to deal with. You can get through this and still take care of yourself in the process. You have alot of people here at 3fc's following your journey and wishing you total success!

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So sorry you're going throught this. Sometimes stress can make it harder for us to lose weight even thought we arent toing anything different. Hang in there honey. You'll get through this. HUGS!
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cf, you have done so well thus far and you can continue...use this time as a way to prove to yourself yet again, that you are serious about getting healthier..when I catch myself trying to get to food due to pressure I tell myself, "this is only going to make it worse, it isn't the answer"..I read that here a few months ago and for some reason, it helps give me strength
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CFMama - I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandma and your Aunt. At these times, it's so very difficult to devote the time and energy to ourselves and it's always so very difficult when the scales don't immediately reward our hard work. But, remember, even when the scales don't move, wonderful things are happening inside your body. You are becoming healthier and stronger for both yourself and your family. You can't control much with your Grandma and your Aunt, but you can control your eating plan and your exercise. You can do this. We have faith in you.
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Wow. LOTS of stress. I am so sorry. Does NOT sound like an easy time for you right now.

You have done so amazingly well. This is not the time to throw in the towel. You didn't start this little venture only to STOP it, NO MATTER WHAT THE CIRCUMSTANCES. I have found that STICKING with my plan has been one of my biggest sources of comfort, that's right COMFORT, during times of stress. Who would've thunk it?

Hang on, hang on TIGHT. This stressful time and this time of wanting to EAT, will pass, and if it's time spent making yourself healthier, then it's time very well spent.

You can do this. You most certainly can do this. You DESERVE to do this. All the best. And we're here for you.
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I'm so sorry to hear about all your stress. That certainly doesn't make staying on plan any easier. But I agree with Girly... it's all about what you have control over. Just stay strong, hang on a little longer and know that with each little bit of stress you overcome, it'll make you stronger and able to withstand whatever stress gets thrown at you in the future. We're with you!!
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