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Default The 100lb Difference

Okay. You guys deserve some pics for being so great and encouraging and supportive and just generally wonderful.

Do you see the 100lb difference?
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File Type: jpg prog1.jpg (30.0 KB, 1297 views)
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Not giving up!!
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Ok here are some of mine

In the beginning at 323 pds!

After a 73 pd loss

After a 98 pds loss

Here is me today with a pair of my old clothes on!
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I LOVE this thread! All of you just amaze me! I have some pictures to share with you all:

Here I am at 289...I cannot STAND this pic!

And here I am today at 240...

I'll share more as I lose!
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one pound at a time
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IM000566.JPG Taken June 3/05

GetAttachment.jpg Taken June 4/06

I hope this works, These are one year apart and 60lbs
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So here it goes. Not sure if you will be able to see these but I'll give it a shot.
Sorry they are so small. It's the only way I could get it to work.
So anyways. This is me!
The first picture was at my cousins wedding in March(233). The second was on mother's day(220) and the last one was on 7-8-06 (211).
Now you can put a face with a name. Who's next???
Believe me it took a lot of nerve to be able to do this and a lot of time trying to find pictures of myself. I don't particularlly like the camera but I'm getting better.

john's wedding.jpgmother's day 06.jpg7-8-06.jpg
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Hey all...

Since I couldn't get my freewebs thing to work....I thought I would post a few Rockfest photos here. I know my arms still need a lot of work...but hey...I actually wore a sleeveless shirt and wasn't all that self conscious about that's a big improvement for me. Hope you enjoy the pic's...they were my favorites out of all of them....(just ignore the cigarette in my hand in the one was my birthday.. I had to celebrate a little bit....yeeeek). Ok....I better run...

(I hope these show up ok???)

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File Type: jpg 1975re2.jpg (36.0 KB, 317 views)
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File Type: jpg P7220125.jpg (18.0 KB, 453 views)

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S/C/G: 289/206.5/140

Height: 5'4"


I took new progress pics today.

At 289:

At 225:

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Just Me
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Jennifer, awesome pics I figured I should add some. I don't have many full body shots so you will notice a lack of those. I am posting my most recent full body shot, which is me trying my wedding dress on at home. Shh don't tell my boyfriend, he isn't allowed to see

This is me in September 2003 - Weight around 350

This is me in May 2004 - Weight around 355

This is me in August 2004 - I think I weighed 330 at the time

This is me in May 2005 - I weighed around 290, was maintaining my weight loss for about 6 months.

This is me in June 2006 - Weight about 275

This is me in August 2006 - Weight around 268

Update!! May 2007 - Weight around 232

September 2009 - Weight around 212
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Staying Positive!
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Default Progress Pictures

I thought I would add a couple of progress pictures of me along the way.

In the first picture I am 381.
In the second picture I am 330
In the third picture I am 304
In the last two pictures I am 270.
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File Type: jpg Picture 037.jpg (28.0 KB, 268 views)
File Type: jpg Picture 038.jpg (23.0 KB, 540 views)
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Default My 100 Lb. loss!

Here's my pics!
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Amazing pics everyone! I've been going through this thread for like 1/2 an hour with my mouth hanging open! WOW!

Well 32 lbs gone so I thought I'd post a pic for comparison. I think I can see a difference! Although in these photos, there's only a 23 lb difference. I don't have a pic from my heaviest weight.

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Girl from Rio
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Hi guys !! thanks for sharing the pictures, they are such an inspiration to me !

I was waiting until reaching the 100lb mark, but since its taking a while longer than I expected, I thought Id post some progress pictures...

Have a great week !!

The first is me at 242 lbs, and the second was taken a few weeks a go at 149 lbs !
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File Type: jpg At 68kg (149 lbs).jpg (14.6 KB, 1391 views)
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Default Work in progress

Hi there,

Have really enjoyed looking at your progress pics. Well done everyone!

Here's mine:

Heaviest - 329lbs - although I don't have a picture of me at that weight this is the only pic I have of me at a very big size (due to avoiding cameras rather cleverly!)

Current weight is 223 - the last picture is of me at around 230lbs.

Attached Images
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File Type: jpg rosCATPHOTOS5.jpg (12.0 KB, 409 views)
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Default yay! 15 pounds gone!

Okay, I posted these in the main "progress pics" page, but I also wanted to post them here! This is 2 months time - I lost 15 pounds. I'm also posting DH's.... he's lost 30!!!!!!!!!

Now that I've SEEN the difference, it's even more motivation to want to see what 15 more pounds looks like, 30 pounds, 45 pounds... we can do it!

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Height: 5'1''

Default Before Photo

I don't have many pictures of myself. I am the resident Photographer, so I'm always behind the camera. (There's a reason for that!!) But, here is a picture of me from December.
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