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Lightbulb Bath Towel

It's funny how we can have goals that seem so small to others. My bf does not understand this goal (which is a HUGE one for me)... I want to be able to wrap a regular sized bath towel around my whole body and not be showing any skin! As of right now the top corners of my towels barely touch and the rest flares out, showing much more then I would like and making it impossible to walk around in a towel without giving someone a show. I don't want to have to go buy a special towel... so my goal (I haven't yet set a date) is to be able to wrap a regular sized bath towel around my whole body...
I know, a little odd...
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I don't think it's odd at all!

I see this posted quite frequently on the NSV (Non-scale victories) thread!
I personally cannot WAIT until I can do the same!

Here's to being able to be covered by a normal, every day bath towel!!!

We can do this!

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This is an AWESOME GOAL! I still notice it when I go to hotels and the tee-tiny little hotel bathroom towel goes all around me, never ceases to amaze me!

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I totally understand that goal! I can't wait to fit a regular size bath towel around me either. It's all about the little things in life!
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You go girl!!! I had the same goal! My towels go around but not those teeny tiny ones lol
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I agree. I don't think it is odd. I look forward to that same victory!
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I don't think this goal is odd at all. Go for it!!!! This was such a big NSV for me, I think I may have posted it on the NSV thread. I still marvel at the fact that a regular sized towel easily fits around me. It's thrilling in fact.

It really is amazing how every day things can just grate on us when we're obese. It's just one of the many, many daily reminders I had of just how "un"normal I was. And it doesn't feel so good.
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It's a great goal to have! It's the 'little' things that are so exciting in this journey! Heh I went and bought myself a new set of towels when I got it to meet now just because
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I agree, these little victories mean so much more to me than the number on the scale. I remember well how excited I was when I could finally use a regular sized bath towel to wrap around myself. I still get a little kick when I step out of the shower and wrap up and nothing is hanging out!
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One of my goals too!! I think it's a good one -- a good way to count inches lost!! I have two sons and would love to be able to walk out of the bathroom to my room without having to get totally dressed
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I understand goal is to not have the plane seats cut into my legs when I sit on the plane...and also not have to ask for a seat belt extension......strange goals I know but they are mine.
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I have the same mini-goal!

I can't wait until a regular sized towel will fit comfortably around me This is something only people like us all on 3FC will understand
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Kim, I see that you and I are the same Height, and are currently around the same weight as well....and Yes girl that is one of my TOP 10 goals during this journey......its my damn gut and hips that keeps a reg. towel from wrapping all the way around me, but i will seriously drop to my knees and thank god when that day comes!!! I might even take a picture of it and post it on here!!! lol im currently a loose size 20, bcuz i have no butt, but a big ol gut....and a tight, but still can zip up, size goal is to be at size 18 by end of may, and thats having no belly fat hanging over the jeans....!!!!
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NO WAY!!! This is my goal too!!! Ha ha how funny!!! Good Luck...WE can do it!
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This is not a strange goal! I didn't realize that it was one of mine until the day a regular bath towel DID fit around me.. teeny tiny hotel towels still don't, but i'm a 34E now, so I don't think they ever will lol!
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