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Default What's your favorite Veggie Burger?

I'm looking to decrease my animal fats. What are your favorite brands of veggie burgers? Any to stay away from?

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cauldron mushroom burger low calorie and very filling! No good if you don't like mushrooms though, and make sure you cook them on a baking tray as they're VERY delicate and break easily
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I have been a Vegetarian for 5yrs and I buy morningstar, I really cant tell a big difference other than price. I have had boca, morningstar and garden burger. I always liked the burgers but the chix burger was an aquired taste. One thing that is so nice is how low cal they are. Good luck hope this helps
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For the 'zap and serve' variety, I'm a Morningstar Grillers Original kind of girl. The Grillers Prime are too 'meaty' for me, but the original is really, really good.

If you're looking to make your own, there are tons of great veggie burger recipes in the How it All Vegan cookbook.
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Morningstar Farms Thai Burger is my absolute favorite!
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Dr. Praeger's Tex Mex
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Originally Posted by Shellyknits View Post
I'm looking to decrease my animal fats. What are your favorite brands of veggie burgers? Any to stay away from?

If you want burgers without animal fats, you need to look for a vegan burger. Amy's makes a good one, Boca makes one, Dr. Praeger makes one, and even though it isn't a "burger" (it's a "chicken" patty) I thought I would mention "Health is Wealth" "chicken". They have many products that are really tasty!
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Amy's California Burger
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My very favorite, I'd say I eat it about 4 times a week, is Morning Star Farms Chick Patties. Not really a burger, it's more like a breaded chicken cutlet. I also really like their Spicy Black Bean Burger.
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I like the Morning Star Grillers Originals best. I've tried most of the Morning Star and Boca "burger" lines and haven't really had one that I didn't like. I keep meaning to try the chicken ones and just haven't done it yet.
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Dr. Praegers Tex mex is my favorite, but I also like Morningstar garden veggie and spicy black bean. Boca burger regular veggie burger is horrible, they sell it at Sam's Club and it taste like cardboard .
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I like Boco and Morning star
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I much prefer Morning star over Gardenburger and Boca. I also really like their corndogs and buffalo nuggets, but while both are much better in terms of fat and calories than their meat counterparts, both are still high enough in fat and calories that I don't buy them regularly - just when I'm having a strong urge for "junk."

I'll have to look for their Thai burger, as I've never seen that variety before.
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Morningstar Farms Tomato Basil burger is my favorite. It tastes like a pizzaburger. I also like the chicken patties. They also do a nice cheddar burger.

Garden Burgers, the best kind is the mushroom.

Boca has the most meatlike texture. I like their brats when everyone else is eating the real thing.
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I like both Boca and Morningstar. I like the pizza one, and the one that says it tastes like it is off the grill (it does). If I am out at a restaurant I have had some really good Gardenburgers but they look like they are fried in grease or something... when I made them at home they are not nearly as good.

Also you can take a portobello mushroom cap (fresh), brush it with olive oil and grill it, and it tastes/feels surprisingly like a real burger!

EIGHTEEN pounds gone!!!!
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