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Losing Lbs/Finding Me
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Default Friday

Hi all
It is bitterly cold here in good old Nova Scotia. - 51 with the wind chill factor. That is COLD!!!! A lot of vehicles not starting today. Fortunately I was out and started mine, however, my fan is not working. Always something with my car. Ahhhhh!!
Hope you all are keeping warm, and thanking God for the warm clothes, house, and food to eat, where so many will perish in the cold. Hugs to all
Live, Laugh and Love life!One day, one hour, and sometimes one minute at a time!
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senior chick
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Happy Valentine's Day!

Virginia....Your post made me glad that I live in FL. -50 degrees is very, very COLD!! How long do your winters last? My DIL's parents live in Nova Scotia, but I haven't heard how they are doing in that cold weather. Congrats on your loss this week.

Wendy, Liz, Linlin, Coco, congratulations on your losses this week.
I lost 1 lb. this week. That makes about 8 pounds that I have lost since Christmas.

Eleni....I got the same letter that you did from the coordinator. Our area captain told us last fall that she wanted to visit each of her chapters this year. She said that we could invite her or she could just show up unexpected. So, we invited her and paid her a speakers fee. She is very nice and a lot of the women have gotten to know her. Our workshop in March is at Lake Alfred.

Our program at TOPS this morning was on motivation. The woman that gave the program asked everyone to tell what motivated them. The members seem to enjoy the meeting more when they can take part in it like that. A lot of them stood up and spoke on the subject. And later told me how much they enjoyed it.

Well, its Valentine's Day and Jim and I are going out for dinner, tonight. But, it won't be very romantic for us....My widowed friend is going with us. She gets very lonely since she lost her husband, and gets tired of eating alone.

Have a good evening everyone and don't eat too much chocolate.
Did you know that 1 hershey's chocolate is only 25 calories. Just remember to eat only 1.

If you are faithful.......You will succeed.

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Greetings from Alberta...not as cold as Nova Scotia (only -11 today (Celsius) and a little snow). Our winter has been quite warm compared to the rest of Canada, other than British Columbia which is always warm - most of the cold weather has been from Saskatchewan east.

My hubby got a flower arrangement last weekend that was for both my birthday (Feb 9) and Valentines Day. There were 3 roses in the arrangement that bowed their heads and died within 3 days, so yesterday when I was at the grocery store I bought a little bunch of carnations and replaced the roses. Looked quite nice. But when he came home from work he was carrying a dozen roses, said he felt bad because the others had died...so I ended up with 2 bouquets. I felt a bit bad that he did that because you all know how outrageously expensive flowers are around Valentines Day!

Still no good news from my daughter. She is pretty upset by all that is being said and done regarding the split, and I'm hoping it doesn't put her back into depression.

We have a long weekend coming up, so will enjoy that. It is called Family Day and not all provinces have it. It was created a few years ago to give a stat holiday during the long stretch between New Years and Easter. I see on my calendar that the USA has George Washington's birthday (celebrated)...does that mean you don't have to go to work?

Happy Valentine's Day to all. Don't celebrate with chocolate!!

or if you do, you gotta work it off.
AB2415 Calgary
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Count down to Summer
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Hi Everyone,

It is supposed to be -32C with the windchill here tonight. That sucks. I hate this cold weather.

I just finished rowing for 40 min. The last 15 were really hard but it is done.

Congrats everyone on their weight loss.
To everyone else, keep plugging away.

We are not having a romantic Valentine's Day but I will enjoy it none the less. My mom and her husband are coming over to watch a movie and we are going to have pizza and wings with the kids. I asked her to bring a salad so I won't each too much pizza. A few wings are fine with me.

We went and got dresses for my sister's wedding. I think I need to order a size 18 or 20. That sucks. How much can they take dresses in? It is a 2 piece top and bottoms. I would like to be down 20lbs by then. I would never dare order it small just in case that doesn't happen.

Have a good weekend everyone. I usually don't get a chance to post then.

I will not be 36 and fat!

You have to get real about fat or your going to get real fat!!! Dr. Phil

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Opening a whole new world
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Default Not that cold, actually warmed up to 20

Hi everyone, and thanks for the congrats on the weight loss.
Linlin-I wouldn't get a smaller size. They can take those dresses in really good. Usually costs though for extra alterations, but hey, if you lose that much weight it's worth it, right. Those dresses very so much anyway. I remember when my sister got married. I was really big. They ordered me the biggest size they could, pluse a yard and 1/2 of extra material, cuz they thought i wouldn't beable to fit into it. They were wrong. That was many years ago, and I don't believe i went on a diet to get into a smaller dress. I was just sucking up the extra cost. I just threw that extra material away about a year ago. I was going to make a shirt out of it. Never got done. My one of many projects started and never completed. Go figure

Wildrose-good for your hubby. I was hoping mine would surprize me with a romantic evening. Didn't happen. He is actually sleeping on the couch already. He complains when i go to bed at 8 Ps we don't get the day off, unless we take a vacation day. i did. DS school is closed monday. Go figure. Hubby's mom offered to watch him, but she works at the school, i would want a break if it was me. So I am getting a long weekend, paid, and I will enjoy it exercising.
Nita thanks. You take care, and have fun tonight. Chinese food sounds so good right now. Wish i was going out to dinner.
Virgina-You are so right. We are very much blessed, and most of the time we take it for granted.
Happy V, day everyone. Take care and God bless
To everyone else. Hang in there, take care and don't overeat the candy
I hold within myself the desire and the Power to achieve my goals. I can do all things through Christ which strength me. With God all things are possible. Determination

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Hi girls: I'm in Winnipeg, Manitoba, a member of TOPS too, have lost 18 lbs. since I joined last Feb., and am pleased to say I'm keeping it off...good for me! My son got married last July, and daughter getting married this Aug...weddings, weddings - and I hope to wear the same dress....may take it in, Aug. is a long time away, and I'm seriously dieting sensibly.

Hope you don't mind me "busting in" like this, but you seem like a good bunch.
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