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Default How Strict Are you With Fats, Nuts?

I know the original SB book didn't give a limit on fats like oils. I think the limit on nuts has always been 1/4 cup or 1 oz. a day.

I know when I was on SB before I really ignored the limit. Of course I didn't go crazy with nuts, but I KNOW there were days when I had over 1 oz.

So, how strict are you? Do you actually measure your oils and nuts? I don't think I could ever actually measure out my oils (I know the recent SB book puts a limit on oils), but I will definitely limit my nuts to 1 or 2 servings a day.

The reason I like SB is because we don't have to really weigh and measure foods (except for the carbs in phases 2 and 3).

What do you guys do? Thanks!
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Nuts are the one food I consistently measure. Too easy to eat too many. I limit to one serving a day, if even that. I know this is not a calorie counting plan but nuts are a lot higher in calories than other snacks I choose.

Oils... I don't worry much about. Except a while back I stopped coating my roasted veggies in olive oil and now use a mister instead. So I am careful but not overly so.

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I measure both.

I don't have nuts as a snack anymore. It was hard for me to stick to a portion size and so I started putting my portion on my lunch salad. I love them that way and I'm happy with the serving size.
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I'm pretty strict about it. I measure my amounts when I use nuts and nut butters, but there are days (rarely) when I go over simply by having some nut product too many meals in a row. I find that too many nuts really hinders my losses, but I do like to include some form of nut daily because of the beneficial fats.

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I do measure b/c I find when I don't, I don't lose as much. I try to keep it to 1 tablespoon each at lunch and dinner. That doesnt' sound like a lot, but it is. The dressing I love (TJ's Goddess dressing) is only 120 cals. for 2 tbsp. so I allow myself 2 tbsp. of that too if I need it.

Nuts I always measure, and nut butters - forget it. I could eat a whole jar if I allowed myself to.

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Another similar response - I actually weigh and portion out nuts as soon as I get them home. I don't buy salted nuts at all anymore.
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Nuts are definitely a "trigger" food for me, so I have become strict about measuring them out.

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I'm not too strict with either, but neither are triggers for me, and I'm not at the place where weightloss is difficult or slow (as long as I stay OP) After CCing for years, I'm pretty good at eyeballing oils and fats. For nuts, I mainly have preportioned packs from Trader Joes because they're easiest. I like the unsalted almonds, but actually rarely finish my portion in one sitting. I have more control issues with salted nuts than unsalted. There are also days where I know that I have more than one serving on nuts on purpose- but I would rather have an extra serving of nuts if it saves me from going truly off plan.

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I measure/track them too. I can so easily overdo with the nuts. I have "nut rules" for myself. I don't eat them as a snack at home, only on the road so that I can only bring one serving. At home I'll just use them in other dishes as a garnish. I can't keep cashews in the house at all. I agree though, if it's a choice of more nuts to keep me from going off plan, I'll eat the nuts and just know I may not have a good loss that week.

I don't use much added fat so I don't worry about that.
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Originally Posted by SouthLake View Post
- but I would rather have an extra serving of nuts if it saves me from going truly off plan.
Nuts are the one thing that will satisfy me when I feel like eating off plan foods. I feel the same way. I could easily over eat but in a pinch, they do the trick to keep me on plan.
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I measure my nuts or nut butters, but am more casual with my use of fats, although I don't go overboard with them. I know there are days where I use more than 2 tbs., but it hasn't hindered me.

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I just started SB on Sunday (today is Thursday) so I am on phase 1. I recentl got braces as well, and the only thing my ortho said DO NOT EAT was nuts...so no nuts at all for me. However, the book limits 1/3 of an avocado. I LOVE AVOCADO. I eat 1/2 of one or occasionally a whole. However, this has not hindered my weight loss and I don't use any other oils. I don't really cook LOL...

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I count out my 15 cashews per day and savor every one. Oils I rarely use at all.
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Thanks for all your input; really appreciate it.
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I am really strict about my almonds. I eat 2-4 after each meal.
Almonds prevent acid indigestion if you eat 2 after each meal, so I added them to my diet.
Now I don't have to buy tums. And the almonds have a lot of nutritional value.

I also eat a few cashews at bedtime, but I always figure in the calories.
Cashews prevent cavities and gum disease.

I eliminated peanuts from my diet when I found out they interfere with the thyroid and make it harder to lose weight.
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