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Default Every night, I eat entire loaves of bread in my dreams

Isn't that weird? Then I feel terrible, in my dream, about going off plan in such a tremendous way. Anyone else have recurring dreams of cheating?

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Hahaha I go through this too! Only, for me, I'm sitting at Tim Horton's eating an entire box of donuts. Then I wake up with a horrible sinking feeling like "omg what have I done?!", followed by a wave of relief when I realise it was all just a dream. But loaves of bread eh, you would think you'd dream about something a little yummier!
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lol I did that with cigarettes when I quit smoking. Guilt and all!
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When I had my gastric bypass I dreamed of food all the time. It never happened on Atkins though and Im really hoping it wont happen...makes me crave foods I shouldnt be eating.
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Old 07-10-2012, 07:37 PM   #5
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I do this almost every night when I go to bed still a little (or a lot) hungry! But I'm with Ramra. I never choose loaves of bread. Ice cream. Fresh-baked cookies. Donuts. These are my dream drugs of choice.
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Hahaha yes, this happens to me too. It is usually tiramisu, bakalava, donuts, chips, or bread. Those dreams feel so real too! I wake up and realize that luckily it was only a dream hah
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My mom is a confectioner and a chocolatier. Sometimes I dream that I'm sitting at her table and I'm eating her truffles and chocolate sea salt Carmel's one after another until I realize they are all gone and she comes out of the shoppe and screams at me for eating all her product. I wake up so received, but I swear, I can taste it in my dreams and it makes me wonder if my pancreas releases insulin in anticipation of a sugar rush...
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This is so funny! The night after my first day in induction I dreamt of food ALL night long...I was eating burgers and fries and all kinds of delicious carbs...then I freaked out and realized I was messing up my diet so (instantly) I replaced the buns with lettuce and the fries with a huge salad...then I woke up and was super glad it was just a dream...

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I've had plenty of guilty eating dreams- usually I'm in a candy store (and sometimes I have to steal the candy to eat it!).

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Ghost, you're a rock star! I would weigh 2,000 pounds if my mom were a chocolatier/confectioner. No doubt about it.

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LOL. When I first went gluten free I used to dream I was being chased by cupcakes. Also that I'd mindlessly take a handful of snacks from a bowl at a party and would have to spit them out. I attributed them to anxiety that I would accidentally make a mistake and eat something with gluten.
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