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06-12-2006, 02:12 PM
:welcome2: WELCOME to Back In Kindergarten #9 to anyone reading this!

I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten ~Jules:df:
Please join us in our chit chat as we discuss our weight loss journey and daily lives!!! :comp: :df:

06-12-2006, 02:15 PM
FROM: Jules.....
Shawna--though my hair gradually turned darker I had auburn hair until high school--in the summer it would get the auburn highlights through it--I dye it now and tend to stick with a dark auburn/dark brown. I have the red head complexion and burn before I tan and the freckles multiply--not to be confused with the dreaded age spots which I am also gettting!! I love the pic of you and your hubby--the one with the girls and the volleyball shot were great too. You have a such a beautiful family!!

Bep--you are pretty too!!! I am so proud of your 5 lb loss!!!

Ginny--1 lb--Congrats to you too!!! You are doing so well!!

Michelle ma belle--Good morning to you!!

SuzyQ--I hate panty hose--in the summer I use the sunless tanner by Jergens instead of wearing them--of course it means having to actually shave them and use powder to keep the thighs from sticking together--I have had thigh issues since puberty there's just alot more powder used these days--I should buy stock!! Thankfully my DD inherited her skinny thighs and long legs from my DH's family--she doesn't have MIL's chicken legs though!!

Cristina, Katy and everyone else--HI!!!! I am at a big "0" loss of course I didn't keep track of my calories last week while on vacation. I will try to be better this week. They are doing a biggest loser here at work for the next 14weeks--the team I am on weighed in this morning at 2092. They are also doing a wellness program where if you drink water, get enough sleep etc you get points and if you get enough points you will get a $20 bonus each month.

Well, it seems I have a bigger pile of work on my desk than when I left..better get at it!! My talkative coworker is on vacation for the next 2 1/2weeks--I may be able to get more done than usual!!
FROM: Ginny

Congrats bep.. whoopee way to go..

I am down 1 more pound.. but I don't believe it till it shows for a couple days.

The little bunny is still around, in fact there are several more little bunnies around. Haven't seen the lady turkey in a while though. And the babies in the basket at work, well we lost a couple. The bigger ones cleaned out the nest. Nature is so cruel sometimes..

Have to get ready for work. Don't have much time this morning. Got busy elsewhere. So have a good one everybody.


06-12-2006, 02:24 PM
Cristi!! ugh, don't maime me!! I closed the thread.......oops. Cut and paste over here :) I think if you do it it will look nicer. I am sooooooory.

06-12-2006, 02:31 PM
HIYA SUSAN :wave: Was posting away and then hit submit and saw that you said NO MORE POSTING! :nono: :lol: So deleted the post and pasted it here. Don't worry, I won't maime you, lol! But I might take Napoleon away from you! That'll show you! Kidding...made me think of Rescue Me last night. The one guy found out his brother is seeing his soon to be ex...a BIG nono in my book. :nono: So you don't have to worry about me taking Napoleon from you, not that I couldn't, lol. And who was it that said he was ugly and the movie was stupid? Bite your tongue! I admit you have to have a dry sense of humor when watching it but it cracks me up everytime I see it! Vote for Pedro!'s my post...

Hello ladies...

Sorry I have been MIA for a couple of problems. Actually, it wasn't the computer but rather the phone line. I had V plant some day lilies in a corner in the back to hide the telephone thingy (it's about 2 or 3 feet tall) and while digging he cut into the telephone line, oopsie! Anyway, thankfully he knows how to fix those things. Of course he couldn't do it until last night, he's been working. We didn't know we had a problem until I tried to get on the computer Saturday evening. Anyway, it's fixed and we didn't have to call the telephone company thank god!

BEP...isn't it funny how hard we are on ourselves? I think you are pretty and I don't see a fat face at all! If you want to see a fat face I'll have to show you mine! And WTG on losing 5 pounds this week!

SHAWNA...another nice picture of you and DH also.

JULES...hope you are getting the pile down some. How dare they continue working while you are gone! I think that is great about your job having a biggest loser. did your Saturday go?

MICHELLE...hope you are feeling well today.

GINNY...that is so gross about BumbleBee tuna...I just bought a big box of them at SAMS a couple of weeks ago. It is gross but I will eat some, just be careful and will definitely let DH know. I found a BIG wad of hair once in a can of pork and beans...figured it was just an isolated incidence and still buy that brand today. But it is GROSS! About Ellen...there were some other things going on with her and apparently that wasn't the first thing that happened with her. Of course I found out first hand how she really is when she turned on me for NO reason and I thought we were friends. But then I thought a lot of us were friends and found out different so...a lot of ignoring going on which is kind of funny and very immature. Oh well, I guess that's life and we just deal with it. Anyway...

Not much going on today, doing some laundry and going to vacuum in a few minutes. Didn't WI today wasn't in the mood. I am thinking about weighing in only once a month again. Has anyone read the book Fit from Within? Good book. I've read it twice already and starting it again because I need to take the focus off of dieting and just living. Anyway, that's about all I have for now. Think this weather is making me gloomy, lol!

Take care ladies and have a wonderful day! Chat with ya later.

06-12-2006, 02:34 PM
Bep Congrats to you!! Awesome on the 5 pounds :bravo: :woo: :cheer: :dance: !!!! Thanks so much for putting back up the photo!! :)

Ginny Congrats to you!!:woo: :dance: :dancer: :encore: :ebike:

JulesCongrats on maintaining!!:D :hat: :dance: :cheer: :woo: I love my nylons...*sniff*...I could try what you do though. I want to just get back to where I can wear some of my cute clothes,,,,,,I love the idea that your work place is doing!! Or maybe I just love money??? :o :D

Cristi - I AM sorry....I know you put so much into those post. Hope you can cut and paste ......:hug:

I am down 1 pound!! yay...... I have to get to work,,,,,,chat in a bit!!,,,,,,,,,,,,omg, am I down 10 total??? YAY.....

06-12-2006, 02:41 PM
Good Morning Girlies:sunny:

JULES --- Sorry that you come back to work, which is hard enough to begin with, and you have a big pile of work sitting there!:devil: How dare them! Hope you still have a good day and are able to get back here soon!:hug:

CRISTI --- I'm doing laundry and dishes, then to get my shower and ready for the day. I have been putting off my WATP, but I told myself that I will never get this weight off if I just don't do anything about it, so I did 1 mile this morning. I'm feeling much better today and happy to say that the headache is gone!;) :hug:

SUSAN --- Hope your day is going great and that co-worker stays away from you today!;)

06-12-2006, 02:43 PM
SUSAN...yay to the 1 pound and the whole 10! :bravo:

JULES...WTG on maintaining! :bravo: Like I always say...maintaining is just as hard, if not harder than losing and so much better than gaining so you did well!

GINNY...WTG on your pound also! :bravo:

You ladies have done a GREAT job! Keep it up and off! :cheer: :woo: :cheer:

Okay, gotta go...DS, Jason is waiting for me to take him to the bank. Chat with you ladies later. Have a good one! :wave:

EDITED to say HI to MICHELLE: Hi MICHELLE! :wave: We were posting at the same time. I may do my WATP today rather than walk...I have to do something since I didn't go to It Figures...I will go my three days this week though. Have a good day!

06-12-2006, 02:43 PM
OH --- I forgot to say ~ CONGRATS TO ALL OF YOU LOSERS!!!:cp: :hat: :dance: :twirly: :encore: :cheer:

06-12-2006, 02:45 PM
Cristi :boxing: :boxing: I will fight my MaMa for Napoleon!! lol Naw, jk. I was soooooo excited because I got to turn over from May to June on my ND is a cute picture of him on the chicken farm. *sigh*:o
I am glad you got the telephone lines back up and working!
My Saturday was fine. The party picnic was cute.They had those....pinata's ????.....can't spell, is that right?? Anyway, where the kids whack the thing with a baseball bat and all the candy comes spilling out. They had 3 of those....the kids were soooooo cute and polite.

yikes....really need to get to work!! Chat after I look busy for :D ;)

edited for Michelle You sure sneak in!! lol Hi to you and hope your Monday is going well so far?? I was out in Gladstone this AM for the sitter. Gloomy out and my hair has fizzled......waaa, waaa. Chat in a bit!!!

06-12-2006, 03:55 PM
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I did something really bad:(

I ate 3 raisin bagels - gobbled alive......they didn't even have a chance! They didn't even have cream cheese on em!!! :dizzy:

I feel icky. .........I will dump the other 3 that I have.......:hug: :hug: :hug:

06-12-2006, 04:17 PM
Back for a few minutes ladies...wassup?

SUSAN...step away from the bagels! :coach: :drill: You heard me missy! Throw them away or give them to someone. If I was there I would take them off you hands, lol! Like I need them...glad you guys had a fun time at the party at the park. The kids were polite?! Wow, that would have been worth filming...never see kids polite where candy is concerned, lol! And ye that is how you spell pinata minus the little mark over the 'n'...know what it is called but for the life of me I do not know how to spell it. And if I looked hard enough I could even figure how how to insert it...used to know where all that stuff was on the 'puter but got lazy since I don't use it. So how's the Rock man doing? Made me think of V when he was in High School...they called him Rock because of his last name, some of the people still do. Anyway...

I probably should get going...took Jason to the bank and one drives my car but V once in a while and DD when she is in the mood. When she drives it though I am usually with her. But I won't let the boys drive it, especially Jason-he is hard on his cars and drives like a fool! Well, I am going to go look at some other threads and look check my e-mail. Chat with you ladies later. :wave:

06-12-2006, 04:24 PM
*sigh* It isn't like I ENJOYED the bagels cream cheese. lol

Kind of thinking about some chili now:hun: , sounds yummy. I don't think I have any room with this skirt on - starting to feel tight as all the bagel dough EXPANDS in my stomache - how do I get in these messes!! :bb:

Rock is fine.,,,some holiday in Hawaii, honoring some long ago king of the islands. He was sick yesterday and hacking in my ear *grrrrrrrr, hate men when they are sick.......hmmm, think I will get away from co worker and go to Wendys for chili....

chat in a bit!!

06-12-2006, 04:27 PM
Hi everyone! I celebrated my 5 lb loss by taking my kiddos for a 45 minute walk this morning. :lol: I couldn't walk as fast as I normally would because I had to push that big ole' double stroller. I wish I had one of those double jogging strollers so I could go faster...oh well. :p I still plan on going for my regular walk tonight. After this weigh in, I REALLY want another good one! I would love to be in the 'teens' next weigh in!!!

Well...the rest of my day I am spending cleaning up from the weekend! :p Every now and then, I will have a busy weekend that leaves the house in shambles. :p

06-12-2006, 04:54 PM
And I'm back again, lol! What can I say..I have no life and am bored out of my mind today!

BEP...keeping my fingers crossed that you have a good WI on Monday and that you get down in the teens! :crossed: And such a GREAT reward/celebration by walking! :carrot:

SUSAN...I too hate when men are sick...they are such BIG babies! Or at least DH#1 was, as is V. Hope he's not too bad though. Enjoy that chili if you get some...hopefully the skirt waist band is elastic, lol.

Anyway, better get going for the umpteenth time. I am just so bored. Was going to go and try to find a group of mothers somewhere that have a son or daughter in the service. Don't even know where to start to look. Started once and there were so many it was very overwhelming. But some there were only a few posts and they were old. Want something that someone posts on at least daily. I know when Josh goes to Kuwait/Iraq I am going to need to talk to someone who can relate.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

06-12-2006, 05:38 PM
Hi Miss Cristi Let me know if you need combat pay!! hehe.
ummm, I did get my chili- soooo good. I think I will drink tons of water tonight and maybe have a salad for dinner.
Men that are sick is soooo annoying - lol I don't know why just gets on my nerves.
Hope you find a support system for discussing your son and all the worries you must have as a parent!!!

Miss Bep You rock!!!! So inspiring to us all -

06-12-2006, 06:23 PM
Hi ya

I can't weigh 'cause I gots no scale :( However, it is on order and should arrive any day now. I used my visa points.....yay freebies. Been feeling pretty good about food and exercise overall, but I did indulge in some pizza this weekend and I working hard to stay on track today. It's a hard day...I stayed up way too late last night, watching the Tonys. Then it was up at 5am and off to the gym.. Now I am crashing big time and it is so hard for me to stay OP when that happens. I've had some graham crackers with a little frosting - leftovers from the Sunday School party..yuck. I haven't had many and the calories for the day still aren't too bad, so I am clamping down on dinner.

Congrats to all the big losers.....and of course I mean that in the best possible way ;) It's remnant from my TOPS days when we would award the Loser of the Week every week. Only support group around that wants everyone to be a big loser, hee hee

Today has been pretty schizo...have lots of little things to do and I am running from this to that and not much is getting done. I am finishing up the 5th load of laundry (yikes); I think I'll start loading up goodwill donations. I'm tripping over stuff, so it's time to purge.

Susan- that chili sounds good. I make a pretty good chili... I should make up some and freeze it.

Proud Grandma - care to identify youself? I don't think you are being very appropriate in a forum as welcoming as this your vitriol for another board, please. I understand the admins read this board - so I hope they address your flaming.

Cristina- Thank you for the lovely BD card... I can't beleive it's coming up so soon. I've been focused on my anniversary getaway this weekend, and completely spaced the birthday

06-12-2006, 06:28 PM
awwwwww. The MODS waved their magic cool.

Katy You want to make me some chili?? Or give me the recipe...I love chili!! I did make it down to Wendys and ate a good, especially on a gloomy day like today.
I cleaned my apt by shoving things in black bags....presto!! Cleaned.....looks so nice.

HUGS to you Katy - when is your birthday??

06-12-2006, 06:45 PM
The 15th - my anny is the 16th...AND its the end of the school year....could I have picked a busier time to have a birthday - I think not, lol

06-12-2006, 06:55 PM
I won't scare you and come pounding on your door Katy on your birthday but I will send you something. :D
The 15th is promotion for Rachel we found her a summery dress at Meier & Frank - need to get her some shoes. I was going to go out with my baby sister afterwards and get a bite to eat, if she makes it.

ugh,,,,,,,,I have these fruit flies flying around.....ugh - .....just one thing after another!!!!

Anyway....Cristi - yes the children were polite. They were showing all that they had learned through the year , I guess. Very well mannered children.....I was almost thinking we were all going to brush our teeth after the

chat later!!

06-12-2006, 07:59 PM
:preg: I am going home now!!!:dancer: You all can come out now and chat!!:gossip: :gossip: :gossip:
My office assistant just said that there are FRESH bagels in the kitchen! omg...I think I am a carb addict. I love breads.
:rain: It is raining again and my hair is POOFED up like a poodle.

Thought I would share. tomorrow or maybe after dinner.....

06-12-2006, 08:58 PM
hi yall,
sorry im so late posting today.....busy busy busy. i havent made it to the gym today to weigh i will do it tomorrow. congrats to everyone for losses and maintainings......and wtg bep on the 5 lbs!! :carrot:
ive had a pretty good food day, oatmeal for breakfast, grilled chicken salad for lunch, and baked chicken with green beans for dinner.
we got the puppy today, and dh has named her bebe, i will post a picture of her, she is so little!! the cat just looks at her meows and then runs off ....:rofl: im sure they will make friends soon.
i am going out of town tomorrow for a managers meeting, so ive been trying on clothes to figure out what to where finally getting back in to some of these pants wooohooo. well im outta here i have to get packed.
night night,

06-13-2006, 12:34 AM
Night Shawna!

That was exciting about Bep! I can't do smilies on this MAC!

I am taking Gab home. I feel down because my best female friend is moving to Everett, WA with her boyfriend in a month - he finally got a job! lol He writes grants, some high paying position. She is talking about planning for a retirement in 5 years and I am talking about my
Anyway, she won't be going to camp now!! argh......

k- bummed. I think I will get Gabster to bed and chat with Rocky - listen to him wheeze,,,,,,,:p poor thing.

chat tomorrow!

06-13-2006, 09:44 AM
Cristina--we were having phone troubles last week too--luckily DH is really handy--of course he is maintenace/machinist. Another thing with this wellnes program at work on Mondays and Wednesdays there will be a 20 minute video of WATP shown for anyone who wants to join in--DH says he will stay for me to do it one day each week or he will just drive separate that day.

Michelle ma belle--how's the headaches? My daughter was so bad her junior year in high school the doctor actually tried the shots in the back of her head--DD hates shots but was willing to try it--but she says the shots were as bad as the actual headaches--a homopathic doctor then told her that her blood sugar was out of whack--not diabetic but she had the potential to be (not to mention all four grandparents either have it (my Dad & MIL) or diabetes problems in family (my mom's aunt and FIL's aunt)) DD finds if she eats small meals or has a snack and doesn't skip eating she doesn't get the migranes as often--sleep is another factor for her--if she doesn't get enough (I am the same way--have to have at least 6 hours and I am better with 8)

Bep--good on the walk--pushing the double stroller should help burn more calories even if you are not jogging!!

Katy--you made me get my dictionary out--for those of you that also need to know..."vitriol":virulence (extreme bitterness of temper) of feeling or of speech. I used to do pretty good with the Readers Digest word/meaning section due to a really cool English class in high school and all the reading I do. I can usual figure out the overall meaning of a word but I love my dictionary--drove my kids nuts that I made them look words up instead of just telling them what the meaning was--my DS is a dictionary fanatic now too & reads alot --BTW Happy BDAY & Anniversary early!!! My DD's bday is the 20th she will be a whole 19!! I hate when the babies grow up!! What is your anniversary getaway???

SuzyQ--I guess the MODS want this to be a happy place!! My son loved Napolean Dynamite and now the director of it made the new Jack Black movie (who my son also loves) It looks really funny....DS says I have to come see Napolean!!

Shawna--your puppy is too cute!!!

Morning to Ginny and everyone else--gotta get to work!!

06-13-2006, 09:54 AM
Good morning everyone!!! And what a lovely morning it is!!! Beautiful!!!

Well...I did get to take my regular walk last night. I walked for just over an hour for just under 4 miles. YOWCHERZ!!!! I was stinkin' sore when I finished! Then I made the mistake of sitting down for a couple minutes...then I was REALLY sore. It's gotta be doing something good if I feel that sore! :lol:

There is this dog that always comes barking and growling and running up to the road when I am walking. Well...I have finally figured out that he won't actually go onto the road, so I 'probably' won't get bit if I walk on the road while going past that house. :p I always dread walking past that house, but I am getting used to it now. No stupid mutt is going to rain on my walk!!!

I won't be able to get my long walk in tonight because we will all be gone, so I hope to get the kiddos out for a bit of a walk this morning. I can't see wasting this beautiful weather!!!

Susan I am sorry your buddy is leaving! It's a bummer for a good friend to move away.

Shawna Congrats on the new little one in your house! I hope he is a sweet pup...and that he doesn't eat tooooooo many shoes! :lol:

Katy I think you had better bring a whole pot of chili with you next time you log on...that sounds SOOOOO good right now! Hmmmmm...chili in the mornin'....who'd a thunk it??? Laundry...pooooo....I did PILES of that yesterday too! What fun!!!!!

Christina Your son is serving our country? YAY for your son!!!!!! I am so thankful for our troops! I feel a huge burst of pride when I see someone in their uniform! You must be so proud of him!

Hello to everyone else!!!! I hope you all have a WONDERFUL day!!! Give someone a big ole hug today!!!

06-13-2006, 10:02 AM
Jules Good morning! We must have been posting at the same time and I missed you. Thanks for explaining vitriol! When I saw what everyone had written, I figured that someone had been on here and the post was deleted, but I never saw it. I just figured vitriol was some kind of drug that someone was on here trying to sell! :lol: :lol: :lol: Duh to me! I guess I should have pulled out that dictionary too, eh? ;) Do we know who this person is that hopped on or was it some random vigilante? :(

06-13-2006, 10:24 AM
Good morning!

Well, I was heading off to the 6am yoga class, but then I just decided a cup of coffee sounded better, lol! I'll go in later this morning and put my DD in the child care...she'll enjoy that more than sitting at home watching me clean. I really need to get a carload over to goodwill, so I'll most likely do that after the gym.

I've been tracking calories for the last two days and it isn't pretty..yeah I ate the chili, but I put some cheese and goldfish crackers on it - yum! but not good news calorie-wise. Today is a new day :) thank goodness

Bep - yeah I had all the laundry piled on my bed and there was so much of it it kept falling off! Good news - don't have to do any today. Congrats on the 5 lbs - you are doing such a great job! Keep up the good work!

Susan- How was Rocky - is he feeling any better? Sorry about your pal. Some of my gal pals have moved away in the last few years - :( I miss them but try to send off an email and pictures every now and then...

Jules - hee hee - really I just typed the words that came into my head - I have a vocabulary and I'm not afraid to use it, lol! JK But really I was online when the comments were coming and I just couldn't let it pass...:mad: BTW - we just had Jack Black two-fer. Saw King Kong and School of Rock in the last week or so. I liked them both. I've seen SoR before and got a big kick out of those kids, so I let my son watch it.

Shawna - you are making really good food choices - I need to look at your list more often - I'm sure your weigh in will be a good one. Have a safe trip.

For our anniversary, We are going to Ashland ( Southern OR) to see some plays at the Shakespearean Festival...will be gone Fri-Sun. We've been together for (gulp) 20 years, married for 16. I have been so slammed between sewing the drapes for the ILS and getting ready for VBS and finishing the vest for DH - I need to get away! BTW - I finished the vest - It looks good and just in time for Father's Day! I'll try to get a picture of him in it. My next knitting project is to use up all these leftover balls of wool from various projects. I enjoyed felting that little skull tote, so I think I'll knit up a big multi-colored satchel with all these leftovers and felt it. I could use a big knitting bag. It will be a good project work on during the drive to Ashland.

Hope everyone has a good day...Hi to Cristina, Ginny, Kathy, Michelle, and anyone else reading this...I have a busy day but might get back this evening to chat some more.

06-13-2006, 10:29 AM
Hey Bep! You posted while I was typing my novel, lol!

The poster has been banned - just someone trying to rile people up. Worked on me, obviously. Vitriol does sound like a drug name, doesn't it?

Have a good day!

06-13-2006, 11:57 AM
I did it!!! I lugged that double stroller out again and pushed those kids all over! I took my typical route this time which is 2.6 miles. I normally do it in 45 minutes, but it took about 50 minutes pushing that tandem stroller around. The kiddos really enjoy looking all around though. It is a great morning distraction for them. I think I will try to do it more often. Boy...sure am wishing I had one of those jogging strollers about now! MUCH easier to push those things outside than my tandem. Oh well...a walk is a walk!

06-13-2006, 01:34 PM
It's lunchtime!!! Be proud of me girls I gave blood today, the Red Cross comes to my work 4 times a year. With the combination of vitamins with iron and raisins I was able to give for the second time this year after being turned down 3 out of 4 times last year. The one time I was at an anemic level!! This time my iron level was high!!

Bep--are minds must think alike--at first I was thinking Vitroil was a drug too... You are doing excellent on the walking!!

Katy--DS has both those Jack Black movies and some others--his two favorites are "High Velocity" with John Cusack and Orange County. Hubby and I have been together for 20 years too-since May and married 18 on June 7th. I did it all backwards, had DS with a total idiot, met DH, moved in, had DD, got married at the courthouse with both kids and my Mom & DH adopted DS. It all worked out in the end. Sounds like you will be having a fun weekend!!

Well I gotta go!! Hi to everyone else!!

06-13-2006, 01:57 PM
Good Morning

Jules- Do you mean Billy Jack or Jack Black? I remember my dad taking us kids to the drive in and watching the Billy Jack movie. We would pop a bag of popcorn and spend the evening watching bad acting. lol

Edited: ok, I saw where jack Black is an actor - oops, I guess I should read more carefully!!

ewwwww, someone just came in smelling like smoke.I HATE that....I can't breathe!!! :smoking:

Bep I have lugged those strollers too! What a work out, I only did it once. :D I am sure pushing the kids means more of a calorie burning,,,,,,eww, can't even think with stinking :smoking: smoke....

Katy You can take the Goodwill bag over to my house. What kind of things are you throwing away?? Homemade chili would be delish on a day like this. Do you soak your beans??:o ;) that a personal question?? lol *sigh* Rocky is fine. We chatted last night about something.....he is always nice. We talked about my restraining order on Mike and my needing to renew it by the 19th,,,,and him wondering if I really needed it because I haven't heard from Mike in a year and me thinking I did and him thinking I didn't....and we did that for awhile....:shrug: :headache: :faint: :chin: :tired: my reasoning ( HUSH....I have reasoning!!! lol) is that the restraining order has,,,,,umm, restrained are so cool that you know BIG words Katy!!
Anyway, I need to figure out with the :censored: I am going to do PRONTO!:blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah:

I really need to get to work!! chat in a bit!!!

06-13-2006, 02:13 PM
Ick, I am back.

Gaby and I stopped at Starbucks and bought some coffee (her) and a bagel ( me) and some cream cheese (we shared ). I was almost going to stop at the cemetery to place some flowers on dads grave, but didn't . I figure I can do that Saturday morning.

Michelle, Cristi, Ginny,Shawna, Kathy,Mari, June C. Hello:wave: Just wanted to say good morning to you!!

06-13-2006, 02:32 PM
hi yall,
ok so i weighed in and im down to 252 woohooo!!! bep, your walk with the kids is great and is probably doing you more good exercise wise!!! well i need to get sydney, youngest dd to get her haircut then hit the road. ill talk to yall soon,

06-13-2006, 02:36 PM
SuzyQ--you gotta love those old Billy Jack movies!! There is a drive-in that I went to as a teenager opening back up for the summer season. DH & I want to go!! DOes Mike still need to be restrained?? Can you restrain yourself from his lankiness??? Does he even attempt to see the Gabster? How are Rach and Rebecca doing?? Is Rach staying away from her old friend that has the mother that buys smokes for her? Did the friend ever come back after running away?? DD's friend pregnant Brooke and her hubby are moving to Oregon in mid-July. When the baby is born she is thinking she will want to go for a visit--who knows maybe I can go with her and see all the Oregon girls!!

06-13-2006, 02:49 PM
SuzyQ--you gotta love those old Billy Jack movies!! - ok..... I don't know what Billy ever saw in that lady. She seemed kind of wooden to me or was that her acting?
Does Mike still need to be restrained?? gawd, you sound like Rocky!! lol....I think without an order he will run amok again.Also it gives me something to do at the courthouse.
Can you restrain yourself from his lankiness??? .......:o did I say he reminds me of Napoleon?? *sigh* YES, I can!! Bob the builder says I can, I can. Actually Bob is kind of cute. Remember my crush on him??
Does he even attempt to see the Gabster? No attempts in a year.
How are Rach and Rebecca doing?? They are good, school is over Wednesday.
Is Rach staying away from her old friend that has the mother that buys smokes for her? So far!!
Did the friend ever come back after running away?? Yes.
Who knows maybe I can go with her and see all the Oregon girls!! oh, come see us!!!! Would LOVE :o to meet you !!!!

ShawnaHi :D ;)

06-13-2006, 04:24 PM
Hello ladies...

Wow, I knew I should have gotten on last night. Darn it, I miss all the fun!

Was busy this morning too. Visited with my neighbor, Wanda. Her SIL just passed away Sunday and I just found out. He had lung cancer and from the start never did well with anything, chemo etc. The guy never smoked a day in his life either, sad, he was a nice guy too. He always came over and mowed her yard and took care of anything that needed to be done. After that though, I went to It Figures...skipped yesterday because I just didn't feel like going but thought I am paying for it so I am going today! I'll get my three days in and then walk the rest of the days. Since I didn't do anything yesterday, will take it as a free day.

SUSAN...glad you got your chili. I like chili but I am weird. I only like it in the winter time, the same with any kind of soup. The summer time I like to eat a lot of salads and fruits. That is all I would eat if I were the only one here and didn't have to cook. My hair frizzes with the humidity and rain too! And man it has been humid here. are welcome for the card! I was going to look up the word too but then saw that BEP did! YGG! Hope you guys have a GREAT anniversary/BD/Fathers Day get away! Just realized that Father's Day is this weekend. Hey, I thought you were the one shoveling manure, lol! Did you ever get all that done? I can't remember...:dizzy:

JULES...isn't it great having a hubby that can do stuff like that? I'm tellin' ya we have saved lots of money over the years. I am very proud of you for giving blood! Now tell me...was it bad? I have wanted to do it for so long and am such a big chicken. I volunteered at a hospital for years and once in a while helped with special projects. One of those was a blood drive and I watched the people give blood. It cracked me up how for some it was fast and others it went very slowly. I think that is why I am a chicken...afraid it will take too long and I will pass out. I don't like needles and can't even stand it when they take a little bit of blood-I really should go do it though. I think that is cool that DH adopted DS and all that matters as you said is it all worked out in the end, doesn't matter how you do it.

BEP...yes, my youngest son is in the ARMY and YES, I am very proud of him! I too support the troops and am very thankful for them...I think more so since my son joined. I love dogs but there are a few I pass when walking that I am glad they are in a fence. But good for you for not letting it stop you from walking, just be careful. And speaking of are doing an awesome job with it! :carrot:

SHAWNA...such a cute dog! I have been wanting another one for so long...but then I think about house training and all that. We never really had a problem with chewing but that's something else I worry about. So needless to say, we haven't gotten that second dog yet. Your breakfast, lunch and dinner sound good! :T And WTG to 252! :bravo:'s it going in your little corner of the world? Hope you are having a good day today.

HI to everyone else :wave:

Well ladies, not much on the agenda today. Already did my vacuuming, dusting done and a load of laundry done as well. Do one load a day at least to keep on top of it. So now just waiting until 3 to go pick V up from work.

Take care ladies and have a great day!

06-13-2006, 06:18 PM
:welcome2: Amy If you made it this far you are at the right spot!!! whew,,,,,,now you can rest!!:D

Cristi You missed all the fun!!! I am sure we will do it again though!! lol :dance: Sorry about your neighbors SIL. You had to go get Vince from work??

Gaby and I stopped for a slurpee last night. My mom thinks it will rot her teeth.:D I think I will go get my OA a going away card and pick up a salad at Trader Joes. I walked 1 mile on the treadmill this AM before Gaby woke up. I am NEVER going to get back on my old schedule. I use to get up at 5AM!!! ugh, that is going to be torture.

Ok, decided to let the order expire. I think it is the right thing and if he decides to get wacky again I can always get another one. I shouldn't live in fear.

k- late lunch!! chat later.

MichelleWhere are you?? Always miss seeing you post. :D

06-13-2006, 07:55 PM
tick, tock,tick, tock.......

Time to post again!!!: :bravo: :comp:

I went to Trader Joes and picked up this yummy greek salad. I bought a spendy packet (3.99 - ouch) of turkey. I took the 2 purchases and went to the back of a parking lot and ate. lol.......When completed I had this horrible onion breath and so I got out and opened my car trunk and took 2 pieces of gum out of an orbit box.
I don't always keep my orbit gum in the trunk - honest.
When getting back in the car I noticed Gabys powdered donuts (they go with the slurpee - lol) on the back window thingie.
I passed them right by!!! yay.....

Now I feel sick and am going to head to get Gaby and start the long drive home. It took me 2 hours yesterday!!

My former supervisor just offered me his HUGE cactus. *cough*....never mind - a REAL cactus!!! I said sure.....because I can sell it *cough*....don't tell him that though......yay. I love money.

Hope you all have a wonderful evening!

06-13-2006, 08:11 PM
SuzyQ--yes for passing the donuts and not stopping to eat--great NSV for you!!!!

Cristina--after the initial stick there is no pain--the trick to getting done faster is to drink water and not be dehydrated--at least that's what someone told me. I hate needles and DD hates them so much she has fillings done without them!!

Shawna--your doing great--what is your secret????

Hi to all!!

06-13-2006, 11:39 PM
Hello ladies :wave:

Did ya miss me, lol! :p Took me a while today to read everything I didn't have much posting time and did it in a hurry. So I am back for a few minutes. V is watching a basketball game on the telly...I don't mind going to the games but not a fan of watching it on t.v. The same with going, but seems so boring on t.v. About the only thing/sport I like watching on t.v. is football. Still, I haven't seen much in the past few years. Used to be HUGE Cowboys fan. Now they are okay but my favs are the Broncos, 49'ers, Raiders, and the Rams. Been a Rams fan since they were in L.A.

OMG JULES! Kuddos to your daughter! I hate needles too but would never have the dentist touch my mouth until it is completely numb. I get so tense and stressed about going I don't go as often as I should. By the way how is she holding up? I'll have to remember your tip...and not be afraid of donating blood. They are always needing my type and have blood drives at DH's work. I remember growing up my mom always gave blood at work when they had their drives.

SUSAN...WTG missy on passing on the donuts. :carrot: You'll get back on your schedule soon enough. It will be hard at first but once you get used to it again you will be fine. So what exactly is in a greek salad? Don't think I have ever had one. Yes, I had to go pick V up from work. Jason has classes M-F and has to be there at 9 a.m. and he hasn't found a car yet. Thinking about driving Josh's truck, V that is. We just don't like to drive except once in a while even though he told us to. Seems a waste sitting in the drive way though.

Hey, I remember those Billy Jack movies...went to the drive-in and saw them. Man does that make me feel old! High Velocity and Orange County are two of our favs too Jules! And School of Rock...that was cute. I haven't seen the King Kong one yet. Jack Black has a new movie coming out (can't remember the name of it) that looks so stupid that I am going to have to see it! He cracks me up for some reason. You know, he can actually sing too. Anyway...

Hi to everyone :wave:

Guess I best get going...want to read some before falling asleep. Read some while I waited on V to come out today and the book is getting better. It's one of those that you don't want to put down until you are finished...but I had to. Have a good night ladies! See ya tomorrow :wave:

06-13-2006, 11:51 PM are welcome for the card! I was going to look up the word too but then saw that BEP did! YGG!

Actually...Jules is the bwainy one here who looked it up in her dictionary. ;) Cwedit where cwedit is due! :D

06-14-2006, 12:04 AM
Oh my goodness!!! This afternoon & tonight I felt COMPLETELY sapped! I normally keep to about 1200 cals in a day, but today I upped it to 1400 hoping that would help me. I have been getting a lot of exercise lately and I think I just needed some extra cals in today. I hope I have my 'zip' back tomorrow...tons to do!

G'night all!!!!

06-14-2006, 12:06 AM
Good evening

Michelle - THANKS so much for the Napoleon pens, paper and magnet mirror!!!! They will go in my office so I can space looking at them. That was very sweet of you!!!! Hope you are having a good day, you brightened mine up!!! :D

Cristi- We aren't old!! We were just little kids - do you remember 7 Alone? I remember watching that as a child.

Hi Jules & Bep!!! Where are you Ginny & Kathy??

It took me 2 1/2 hours to get home!! tomorrow!

06-14-2006, 09:35 AM
Cristina--I had a kidney stone a few years back---very painful--I was rolling around on the floor it hurt so bad!!! I'm "O" positive blood type which they always need.

Bep--if I was the bwainy one I wouldn't have had to look it up!!! no cwedit necessary!!

Had a flat tire this morning--hope it's not a sign of things to come today and an omen that I should have stayed home!!! Hi to all, gotta go!!

06-14-2006, 10:07 AM
Good morning everyone!

I am suffering from burnout today. :p Not a "I am sick of eating healthy & low-cal" kind of a burnout, but my body feels burned out. I will not be exercising today. I don't know if I would have had time to exercise today anyway...I have to do my 'top to bottom' house cleaning today (someone remind me exactly WHY I have 3 full bathrooms??? :p ) Then tonight, I am going to be cleaning my carpets in the living room. So...I will be getting a form of exercise, but not my normal kind.

Do any of you get blisters on your feet from serious walking? I have been wearing out socks by the bucketfull and my feet get blisters. I can't tie my right shoe any tighter because I have a broken pinky toe that is not healing well. I can walk on it in my tennis shoes but it is really painful if my shoe is too tight. I have had this broken toe issue since December. It never completely healed and then about a month ago, I broke it again. I think it is never going to heal right (there isn't anything they can do for a broken toe), so I am not going to let it keep me from exercising. Anyway...why do my toes and balls of my feet keep getting blisters and why are my socks all wearing out on the balls of my feet???

06-14-2006, 10:27 AM
Bep--go to a sporting goods store and get the type of socks worn by hikers that wick the moisture away from your feet--we used to hike some hard trails on the local spots on the Appalachian Trail when the kids were younger. I got blisters until I got some good socks for the whole family. The socks are not the cheapest but the hold up well and have more cushion too. I am not sure but the moisture from feet sweating and then the sock moving may be what's causing the blisters.

06-14-2006, 01:38 PM
Good Morning -

I drank a venti and have a report of some reviews past due! No problem. I can get those done today.

Bep- Take it easy!! Jules had wonderful advice on the socks. I don't know why you have 3 full bathrooms - lol wow Gaby, me and the kitty share one. My ex has 3 in his townhouse, but only one shower/tub.

Hi Jules!!

I better get to work! My co worker is off and the assistant is buried in her work (and of course I am buried in mine ).

Cristi - Greek salad?? I will have to go look again for what is in it. I remember cucumbers, onions, tomatoes and some sort of cheese plus a purple dressing. It only had 130 calories in the whole thing!

chat later

06-14-2006, 02:49 PM
Learned Coping Skills

I had this email this morning that got me started thinking on how I have learned to cope. It was from a friend that sees too much humor and me not being serious enough or serious enough where they could trust me in not making fun of them.

I was hurt because that is not me at all. I can be serious and show compassion. I also have humor that I use to just *get me through the day*. What would I do without laughter?? Would I even want to live or get out of bed??

I know the struggles of life. I know hurt, pain, depression. I know the dark road of bulimia and the binging of chips, pizza, donuts! I know all that. Just because I choose to laugh about the absurdity of life please don't say I am not *acting* right or that I would make fun of others..or that you don't feel *safe* around me.

Instead maybe look inside of yourself and reclaim your own power of who you are - because I am pretty happy with who I am.

hmmmm, ugh,,,,,,maybe I should get a journal?? Sorry....I don't mean to spill...I just wanted to think that email out and I was too lazy to go to :D

06-14-2006, 03:51 PM
Break time--Yes!!!

Cristina--Panera Bread has a really good greek salad that I get almost everytime I go along with their french onion soup--mmmmm--here's the description from their website:
Greek Salad
Romaine lettuce, vine-ripened tomatoes, feta cheese, red onions, Kalamata olives, cracked pepper and our Greek dressing.

SuzyQ--I love your sense of humor--the humor thing is all that gets me through some days, you have also shown me compassion and understanding during my time here
--my kids tell me my life could be an episode of Maury--from unloved feelings from a mother that doesn't hug or say I love you (though I do know now that she loves me and we have come a long way and become friends) and a Dad that is the king of cutdowns(last time I talked to him was last December--hubby made me realize that I don't have to keep making an effort to be a part of his life when all I get for it is being cutdown and making me cry),being molested at 10,drinking at 12, pills by 16, rehab and best friends death at 18, first child at 19 by an idiot that said that he would pay for an abortion but not a child, DH physically abusive the first several years of our marriage...boy it's a wonder I am sane at all--maybe that's why I have the warped sense of humor I do!! I journal--sometimes it helps--actually the support from everyone on this website has meant alot!!

06-14-2006, 03:58 PM
Hello ladies...(I always want to start out with good morning for some reason, lol)

SUSAN...I am impressed missy...very well said post and who the heck said this to you? Let me at 'em...:frypan: :boxing: And what the heck is wrong with having a sense of humor. People deal with life differently...when DH#1 was killed after the inital shock, numbness, anger, etc.. wore off laughter is what got me and the kids through things. I was serious when I needed to be but I wasn't going to let anyone or anything get me and especially my kids down. Like they always say "Laughter is the best medicine." Why would anyone think that because you make fun that you are not compassionate or can't be serious? And spill all you want! That is what we are here support each other. :hug:

BEP...thanks for the heads up. :thanks: And I have gone through the burn out. Over the weekend I didn't walk at all...I started to on Sat and got about two blocks away and said to heck with this. I need a break. But I got back on track this week and am feeling better. Sorry about your feet and the blisters. I've been walking for a while now and not had any yet. I defintely would take the advice about the socks and your shoes fit good? I know shoes have a lot to do with your feet hurting too.

JULES...sorry about that...not sure why I thought it was Bep...must have been in a hurry when I was reading. :shrug: But thanks for looking that up. :thanks: I would have just kept thinking it was a drug, sounds like one doesn't it? I have heard that kidney stones are very painful. So are gallstones, ouch! Hope the flat tire didn't cause you to be late for work and hope the rest of your day is going well.

GINNY...hope all is well with you. I still haven't tried the bumblebee tuna but was telling DH about the maggot and to be careful when he eats it. He asked me if I had had any yet, and I haven't. He thought that it had too much mayonnaise in it. Did not know that these are already prepared for you...just have to put it on the crackers and eat. Really need to be more careful and read the box next time. Hope we didn't waste 10 bucks on that stuff.

MICHELLE...are you doing fine? How's your computer? Did you figure out the glitch? case you don't check in tomorrow I hope you and hubby have a GREAT weekend getaway! A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and ANNIVERSARY to you!
:val2: :val1: :hb: :hat: :cheers: :woo: :balloons: :woo: :cheers: :hat: :hb: :val1: :val2:

HI KATHY, SHAWNA and anyone and everyone reading this! Hope all is well with you in your little corner of the world.

Not much going on today. Watered the lawn early this morning and straightened the house before heading to It Figures. Then ran to Hallmark to get some more candles. Was there yesterday and they were having a clearance of some candles and one of those being the raspberry cream that I love. So got some and thought I better go get some more since the lady told me those too were being retired. :( I can still get them online for now but why pay extra for shipping. So I bought what they had which wasn't much. Don't know what I will do if I can never get my Wedding Day & Raspberry Cream candles. :( Guess I better start looking for a new scent soon. Anyway...doing a load of laundry and will do some trimming of some bushes in the back yard later. Too hot back there now so I will wait for the shade in the evening.

Take care ladies and hope you are having a wonderful day! :sunny:

06-14-2006, 04:07 PM
Hiya Jules :wave:

Yummy, the salad sounds good. Well, minus the onion and olives. I can eat (raw) onions if they are diced, very small...but olives...don't think I could stomach those. But the rest sounds good :T We have a Panera Bread place here, just haven't tried it yet. I sometimes forget about a lot of places since they are in Wichita and I don't go that way (where Panera is) often...ya know, out of sight, out of mind. Anywho...gonna go looking around and check out the other threads. Have a good day!

06-14-2006, 04:09 PM
Ditto - break time!!! I also forgot Napoleon in the car! :faint: :tired: I need to go get him.

Thank you again Michelle!! Gaby and I fought over the magnet mirror!! It is mine, she can get her own. :D

Cristi - I am also going to get another Greek salad and let you know what is in it. That is the kind of chickie I am :bubbles: During the planning of my fathers funeral there was laughter. It carried us through those horrible days. My father was funny and teased us. He always called me Mia and I was mad one day and said "you call me Mia because you don't know my name!!" ,,,,lol:hug: to you Cristi. Just a tidbit on that watering. Would evening be better?? Because my *reasoning* is that the day heat will dry faster. If you did the watering at night it would have a longer time to soak,,,,,lol - got that from my watering 101.....just a thought --- we did that when we lived on the coast. blah - blah....your candles sound so nice!

Jules - If you are Maury I get to be a Jerry Springer show! lol

better get to lunch......

06-14-2006, 04:18 PM
Panera Breads OH.....MY.....SOUL!!!!!!!!!! Stay AWAY from their sticky bagels!!! You know...the chocolate chip or cinnamon sticky ones....and their hazelnut cream cheese spread....oh dear me!!! Thankfully, we don't have one where we just moved to, but we had a few where we used to live. DANGEROUS territory there!!!

06-14-2006, 04:20 PM
Christina My shoes are just slightly loose so that may be the problem. The problem is that I have a broken toe that won't heal so I had to get shoes that were loose enough to not be painful. I also can't handle tieing the other shoe tighter...makes me feel lopsided...they both have to be tied the same 'tightness'. Looks like I will just keep dealing with this until maybe someday my toe actually heals. :p

06-14-2006, 04:33 PM
Hi Bep!!:wave: the panera bread sounds yummy!

I thought this was cute, reminded me of children in kindergarten with crayons.

We could learn a lot from crayons: some are sharp, some are dull,
some are pretty, some have weird names, and all are different colors
...but they all have to learn to live in the same box.

06-14-2006, 05:00 PM
That is so true Susan! And I like your siggy...perfect! I liked what they did at DH's funeral...they played a video that they made from pictures I gave them and put it too music and when it got to the one where he was at work...ALL the guys he worked with started clapping and wooing! Made my day! He too was a teaser and had a GREAT sense of humor and that is what everyone loved about him. So even though it was a sad was truly a celebration of his life..that is what the video is called. I honestly could not imagine a day without humor...I think I would be nuts if I couldn't laugh. And I LOVE wht you said to your he laughed about that too! Okay, about the watering...I've read that you shouldn't water in the evening because of fungus and other types of problems. And I can attest to the fungus...which I don't understand because I read the way you get it is when you water in the late evening and the lawn doesn't have time to dry out, from that and the humidity. Now granted it is and has been real humid here lately. So I water in the morning so it does dry out during the day. We had to put some stuff on the lawn because we had patches of the fungus/mildew. I don't know what damage it can do to your lawn but it sure looks icky. To tell you the truth...I never know what to follow because I read so many differnt things about taking care of the lawn. Who would have thought that it took so much work to have green grass?

BEP...I see about the shoes. Wonder why your toe won't heal that good, walking with your toe broke? Seems like that in itself would be painful, ouch. I hope it heals soon for you.

Okay, ladies gotta go. It's time to go get DH from work. Can't wait for DS to get his own car! Chat with ya later. :wave:

06-14-2006, 05:56 PM
Cristi I never thought of fungus -lol

My baby sister and BF went to Kinkos and pit 80 pictures on a disc of our father. It didn't play though and my brother had to have his neighbor burn for a dvd player. It worked! I think the playing of pictures and music playing (Mexican cd) was the best part. During the service it was stopped on dad up on a mountain standing. He looked on the top of the world. It was nice. Sweet about your husbands co workers cheering. :) All my kids eat olives by putting them on their fingers - lol

I bought the salad and it was Feta cheese, I bought a can of albacore too instead of turkey. It is sooooo good.

k- chat at you later!

06-14-2006, 06:15 PM
I have made lots of VCD's. I made 3 for a wedding and some misc family ones. I will probably make one of my kids soon. My SIL used to have a day care. She took a whole bunch of pics of the kiddos playing dress up. I took the pics and edited them to look old with vignetting. Then, I set them to some adorable music about memories and stuff...I can't remember the name of the song...I am thinking it was off the cartoon Anastasia. Needless to say, the parents of the day care kiddos were bawling. I made one for each parent...they were each different. It is actually very easy to do if you have software. You can change up the timing and paning. The most painful ones I have had to do is the ones where the pics are not digital and you have to scan every single pic before you can use took me about 6 months to do. :p I think one of my favorites was the one I made for my MIL. Her husband had died 12 years ago. I got all the old photos together that I could find of them and put them to "their" song. Yeah....she was crying.

06-14-2006, 06:21 PM
That is so sweet Bep!

I think it took my sister 2 hours for the 80 odd pictures, cost $30 or priceless - really. Still have tons of pictures to put on!
Can you make with the music on the vcd? We had the music playing from some other place. I had to keep getting up to *play* again. My brother wouldn't show me at first but we were there 5/6 hours. finally he *trusted* me enough not to screw

It is payday!!!!!

06-14-2006, 06:21 PM
SUSAN... Glad you got the package and you and Gaby had fun with it! I LOVE your joking around, laughter and fun loving spirit, so don't let anyone take that from you!;) :lol3: If anyone talks bad to you, just give em a:kickbutt: and:frypan: and then things will be all better!:hug:

CRISTI... I haven't been on the computer much, but I think it's working better. I've been feeling a little down and just haven't felt like being on the computer much. I have been keeping up with my WATP every day so that's making me feel better.:^: :hug:

Today was Brittany's last day of school, and since her last two classes they weren't doing anything, I picked her up early and we went out to lunch. Tonight we're going to my niece's 6th grade graduation.

06-14-2006, 06:25 PM
Yes....the music is on there too. You just pop the disk into your DVD player hooked up to your tv and hit play. I set it up so the pics change to 'match' up with the music. I think the funniest one I ever did was when my BIL was getting married. I was at his fiance's personal bridal shower and took all kinds of fun pics...then I set them up to "girls just wanna have fun". The bride-to-be loved it.

I also make a personalized CD label with one of the best actually looks professionally done, but it is just lil ole me and some software. :D They are a lot of fun to do. You just have to have patience to learn the software and do the tweaking to make them special.

06-14-2006, 06:31 PM
awwww, thanks Michelle You did something with your tracker & siggy?? It looks colorful!! Looks nice.

Gaby wanted everything you sent! I had to explain that Napoleon was her future daddy and I wanted to *show* him off at work because all the ladies would be jealous..and of course the guys too and if the guys were jealous maybe I would get an actual *date* and actually *go* out and I would find someone that made lots of $$$$ and have no *garnishments* (like mommy) and be able to afford slurpee's. She finally *got it* and handed the goods over. *sigh*......what I have to do as a mommy.

yay, school is out! Rach has her promotion tomorrow night and Beck was getting out her bike and putting air in the tires last night. I love summer. ....and did I say it was payday!! yay,..thank gawd.....

Congrats to Brittany!!:bravo: :dance: :woo:

edited How long did it take you to learn all that Bep?? Would love to learn. I was going to voluteer to scan the other pictures. It would be great to have pic's and music all on one disc. Exhausting the other way.

06-14-2006, 07:59 PM
I pretty much learned it in one night. When it comes to software, I hate sitting there with directions. I prefer just to start playing with it to figure it all out, then if I need help with something, I just look it up. There are all kinds of software out there to do this. Just pop into a Best Buy, Circuit City, etc and they will be able to show you what kind of software to use.

Oh yeah....if I ever get really stuck with a question on ANYTHING computer, I just ask DH....he talks 'puter' language. :lol:

OOOOO...I smell brownies baking!!! DH wanted some and I didn't have a mix so I had to make them from scratch...they :lol:

06-14-2006, 10:29 PM
You are just a computer/brownie baking wonder Bep :) Can you eat a brownie and be *ok* or do you have an urge to eat the whole pan? I am curious. Sweets sometimes are my craving but it is breads and rice (carbs) that are always my downfall. How can I find myself eating 3 bagels when surely 1 would have been goood enough. I can only guess that I eat when I am sad and trying to fill the emotional hole that never seems full. deep, huh?? and you were only making brownies .....haha :hug: :hug:

Computer stuff kind of scares me, I guess I should get over that and tinker with it. Kind of like going on a date. :o

I will visit a Circuit City and see what is all involved. I am sure I can do brain surgery a heck of a lot easier. :dizzy:

hmmm, I am tired. It took me forever to get home! 90 minutes today. It is from Sellwood to the SW area that bogs down and it is one stop sign after another!! I can't stand it! Drives me bonkers! Stupid, stupid cars - they won't get out of my way! waaaa.

Have a training in the morning so HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATY!!!! I will do it proper tomorrow with smilies, color and fonts. Darn, should have done that before I left work.

So how are you all doing?? It is HUMP day already!!! The week is going so fast.

k- chat later or tomorrow - going to take a fast walk around the neighborhood with the girls. They are sooooo happy school is out!!

06-14-2006, 11:56 PM
well made it home from the managers meeting. didnt do too bad on eating while i was away. we went to the outback last night, i shared a meal with one of the other managers and we got the porterhouse steak, with shrimp and salad. today for breakfast i had eggs with half a waffle, a luna bar for snack, lunch we went to a restaurant called demos, i had one of their dishes that comes with chicken breast with salsa and cheese on it with green beans for my side, instead of salad i got their specialty soup, baked chicken rice ......yummy!!! so i got my cheat meal out of the way for the week by eating the steak, but i didnt eat very much of it i get full so fast.
jules, i dont have a secret..............just healthy food choices and i work out 5 to 6 days a week. alot of discipline on both parts......i know my bodies limits and if i feel like im doing too much i slow down. i give myself a cheat meal a week, but most of the time i dont even do that. i eat alot of fiber and protein. i drink 120-130 ounces of water a day. from everything that i have read about water, for it to help you with weight loss, you are suppose to divide your weight in half and thats how many ounces of water you need to drink a day. it helps clean your liver out so it can do its job, so the kidneys arent picking up the slack for it and they can do their job properly. i read something everyday on nutrition and exercise to keep myself motivated. any kind of new idea or trick to help take off the pounds that sounds like its real i will try. anyway, its late and im sure everyone else is in bed im outta here for the night.
goodnight everybody,

06-15-2006, 12:12 AM
Susan I did have a brownie...just one. It was about 1" x 1". I don't have a problem limiting things when I want to. We ALWAYS have chocolate and sweets and junk food around (DH & kiddos don't have weight problems), so I am used to the stuff being around. I am not the type of person that has to clear the house of junk food while I am losing weight...I can do just fine even with it sitting all around. I want to lose this weight more than I want to eat 3 whole brownies. :p

06-15-2006, 12:29 AM
YAY...I got my living room carpets cleaned tonight!

I think this week I only want to lose 1 - 1 1/2 lbs since I lost 5 last week. I 'feel' I need to take it easier this week too. that is my goal for this week.

*yawn* it's late and I am getting pooped! 'see' you all in the mornin'!

06-15-2006, 08:52 AM
Bep--you are so energetic!! and talented!!

Shawna--you are doing so well!! I know when I keep up with more water I lose contrary to what some think. I think everyones different so it does work for some while not for others.

SuzyQ--hope you had fun on your walk!

Happy Birthday to KATY!!!

Good morning to everyone else!! Hope you will have a great day!

06-15-2006, 09:56 AM
Good morning!

Thanks for the birthday kind of snuck up on me. Told DH that my birthday wish was to not we'll see. I defrosted some chicken breasts, so I'm holding our for some BBQ chicken tonight - yum.

I'm a bit depressed. I got my new scale...and it says I weigh 188! I know I'm bloated and pmsing, so I'll try to put it in perspective, but darn it. :( I'll weigh in "officially" on Monday, and adjust my tracker.... I resolve to think good thoughts on my birthday!

Hi Jules - hope you have a good day!

Bep - I'm envious...I have a hard time with sweets in the house. I'm working on it. If I can cut out all sugar for a while and just get it out of my system, then it is less of a temptation.

Shawna - WTG on your program...I find I feel better when I drink all my water. I've heard that half-your-weight calculation before, too. I think I get close. I drink 8-10 glasses a day.

Michelle - hope you had fun at your niece's is a busy time of year, isn't it? Now, did your DD just graduate? Or does she have one more year..can't remember. What are her summer plans?

Susan- Hope you have a sun-shiney day :) I like your sense of humor. Your post got me thinking about a TOPS meeting I attended years ago. The topic was " What do you do for fun" So I took my tap shoes and did a little dance, lol. (Yes I did tap dance at the time) The point of the program was that the weight loss journey will go alot better when we can see the fun and humor along the way. Well, apparently, several members complained about the topics...weight loss is not funny you know! They felt their issues were not being taken seriously. Talk about missing the point! When we discussed it as a board, someone brought up a good point that I try to remember. She said that some people are in constant shock over the way their lives have turned out - they are stuck and the concept of fun is almost offensive. They are so mired in their issues ( the ones that made them fat) that they almost feel that they don't desrve fun or humor until they can get their lives humor is a scary and unsafe thing for them. That touched me and I felt a little more sympathetic...but personally - I go for the funny...laughter is the best medicine, right? Maybe the person who sent you that email is in that kind of place.....but don't let her sadness get you down....

BTW - your commute is yucky - do you listen to audiobooks? Hopefully you'll get a little break this summer when Rachel can babysit for you a bit.

Well, I'm off---the paper just arrived, so I've decided to skip yoga and relax withe the paper and a cup of coffee. Today I am hoping to settle on a knitting project for moi! ( Happy birthday to me) I'm thinking about knitting this
What do you think? I kind of like the chick's hair, too.. In fact, I may just move to New York and pub crawl, and pretend I'm 31, instead of 41, and and and - get a hold of yourself woman!

Ok -really I am spending the day packing for our trip tomorrow, then I take the kids for haircuts. Sigh.

Hi to Cristina, Ginny, Kathy!

Have a great day everyone! I'll try to get back on the computer this afternoon....

06-15-2006, 10:11 AM
Ya know...even the Bible says "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine, but a broken spirit drieth up the bones." Our attitude really does have a big effect on our health. It's been proven over and over again. ( my personal non-professional effect on the health of others)! Since that is the case, I say "laugh it up!" :lol: Have yourself a merry heart!

Hmmm...anyone have a really great joke today???

06-15-2006, 10:14 AM
Katy that mean ole' scale!!! I wouldn't doubt that it just weighs a little different than the other one you weighed on before so I wouldn't say that you for sure gained anything. When I bought the new scale I am using now, I put it side by side with my old one and weighed several times a day on both for a couple days. Sure enough...the new one registered at 5 lbs heavier each time, so I didn't let it bother me. Hey...what's a measley 5 more lbs when you already have to lose 100? :p

Oh yes....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

06-15-2006, 12:08 PM
KATY... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:hb: :hat: :dance: :cheer: :woo: :balloons: I hope you do get to relax and enjoy a BBQ dinner cooked for you! My daughter will be a Senior this fall; just out for the summer. Have a GREAT day!!!;) :hug:

06-15-2006, 12:35 PM
Happy Birthday Katy!!! grrrrr don't weigh yourself on your birthday! grrrrrrr My weight watcher scale is in the kitchen because my other one broke (I think because of kitty litter flying around - must have lodged somewhere in the scale - thus broke and thus another scale. - blah - blah....who gives a rip, right?? lol)Cute TOP story and thanks :) I will look at the knitting project when I get to work. No long drive today, Rach will watch her.......promotion tonight! yay

anyway, I came out this morning and kitty was sitting on it!! ugh...get off my scale!! Nutty cat.

I weighed and I am UP a healthy amount (we always want to be healthy, remember??? hehe) so have the rest of the week to get back down.

Which brought me to another thought (scary??? yes?? no??) that maybe I don't want to lose weight. I mean......I know I should be exercising but do I do it?? no.......little walk here, little walk there....I am not lazy. Maybe I like feeling sorry for myself and wallow in my bagels and candy bars (yes - king size - only one last night - I have self control-lol)??? Maybe food is the comfort zone and I don't want to get too far from it??

I feel mentally depressed with the kids, job and my fathers death. I did walk 1 mile on the treadmill . Yay.....lets do it again tomorrow too Susan. Lets get inspiration from Shawna - who has way too much energy!!! lol go!! I will lag behind you :)

BRAVO on the brownie Bep!! I was curious. I could disapline myself too and not mind that type of food in the house while losing. I am glad it is not hard for you.

Jules ((HUGS)) . It was (the walk)just around the churches here. Figured I needed to get close to God after cussing all the way home. argh......

Michelle - are you?? :)

I better go. Good Morning to Ginny, Kathy and Cristi and anyone that I have missed!! so sorry......
And if you are just passing through,,,,STOP and join us in our chit chat!!

06-15-2006, 02:09 PM
:wave: SUSAN -- I'm doing fine today, just that my joints are so sore from doing WATP that I had to take a break from it today. I'm getting ready for the day. I have to take DD up to Vancouver for her teeth cleaning, x-rays appointment, then we're going out to lunch and then to Walmart to get some pictures developed. If you just keep doing your treadmill, you will still feel really good and then you will be getting in your exercise for the day!:cp: :yes: :coach: :woops: :tantrum: I know YOU CAN do it and you do want to lose your weight and wear all of those cute clothes you have talked about.;) I hope you are having a good day, and that's great that you don't have to make the commute today since Rachel can babysit.:hug:

06-15-2006, 03:21 PM
Hiya Chickies!

SUSAN...why the long commute? Is it going to the babysitter's? Sorry, can't remember if you mentioned it. Hope you guys have a nice time tonight at Rachel's promotion. I think you are just grieving...I know from all I've read they say that people either turn to food or they won't eat at all. With DH#1 I didn't eat at all and lost about 35 pounds and I stayed with that weight for years, until I met and married V. I gained a little but then when we lost the baby...boy, that is when I turned to the food and gained about 25 pounds, yikes! Never felt like I was a stress eater but have found out that I definitely am. And sweets are my downfall so the only sweets I buy are the low cal snacks, those 100 calorie snacks, graham cracker stix and rice cakes. That seems to appease my sweet tooth.

SHAWNA...was wondering where you were missy. I think you did well with your meal at The Outback and I think it is a great idea to have a free day of eating what you want. I know some people think you shouldn't even have a cookie or brownie, etc...but I think it is okay to indulge once in a while. I think it keeps one from binging when they don't completely cut out everything that they like. Anyway, you are doing an awesome job!

BEP...I am impressed! I don't have a digital camera, yet! But I do know what a pain it is to scan pictures, ugh! That's what I do now. I think that is great that you did that for the day care kids parents, how sweet. And I know that they really appreciated it. I know some feel guilty for missing out on things their kids do and that is something they will treasure for life! The CD that they made for DH's funeral had music that played to it, it was really nice. At the time I never thought about ordering one for the kids to have and now I wish I had. The thing cost $175 15 years ago, yikes! Of course it didn't matter what it cost i woul dhave had it done anyway but now I have to find someone to make three copies of it for the kids, maybe four. I will one day. Good for you for only having one brownie! :carrot: Sorry I don't have a joke...could probably go find one though. I have always been a terrible joke teller...get things all messed up, lol. That's good about aiming for 1-1 1/2 pounds this week. I've always heard it's not good losing more that 2 pounds a week and the faster you take it off the more likely you will gain it all back. Of course I think with everything, everyone is different and what works for one may not work for another.

KATY...I wouldn't worry so much about the new someone said, it's probably just the difference between the two. That happened to me...I think my new ones were 3 pounds higher and they haven't moved much since! I've lost one pound, lol. You know...I never thought about laughing at myself, weightloss, etc. in that perspective. I totally understand how someone else can see it that way, thanks for sharing that with us. And I took a look at the site..I actually like both of them, the one to the left also. Geez, woman, you are so crafty! Did you get a picture of the vest? When you do I would love to see it and the skeleton bag. Hope you have an awesome birthday today! And anniversary tomorrow!

MICHELLE...I too noticed you siggy and I like how you did your name in red and blue. Thought about copying you, lol. But with different colors of course. Okay now, is that a new avatar or the one that has been there a while? You were changing so often for a while I had to do a double take after signing on...but I like this one. Glad you are keeping up with the WATP. I too always feel better after exercising. There are days I just DON'T want to do it and I force myself to and feel better and more energized for doing so. I am sorry that you aren't feel so good though. :hug: :hug: Sometimes it helps to if you come here and talk about it, we ARE here for you missy, just remember that. :hug: :grouphug:

GINNY...what's up with you missy? We are missing you here. I still haven't tried that bumblebee tuna yet, but did have a tuna sandwich a couple of days ago.

HI JULES & KATHY...hope all is well with you and yours.

I was up a little earlier than usual for the week. Did get a 2 mile walk in, grocery shopping and errands done this morning and got back early enough to do a few things around the house before getting on the computer. And...I have more time here. :cp: Feeling pretty good about that. Last week I didn't have much to get so went to the local grocery store and checked out their prices. Well, this week I went back to Wal-Mart and noticed that a LOT of their prices have gone up. I think in the end it equaled about the same as the local store so thinking maybe I will go back to them. I used to like Wal-Mart because you can get everything you need under one roof and especially stuff like shampoo, deodorant, etc. is or rather was a little cheaper. But if it is about the same in the end I guess it doesn't really matter. I may check out Target next week and just deal with them not having some of the brands I buy, probably time for a change anyway. I never used to comparison shop but with everything going up in price I am getting cheap in my old age, lol! Anywho...did my walk, took my vitamins, have half my water drank and doing good with the food. Thinking I HAVE to weigh in Monday. Forget about weighing in once a's killing me, lol! I'm so afraid of gaining an ounce. I am surprised I haven't gotten frustrated yet with not losing. It is a little bit...but I know I am doing good so for now that is all that matters to me. I'm feeling good and energized. And Shawna, I may try that water drinking tip...right now I am drinking 4 16.9 oz bottles of water a day, some days I do 5 and very rare but I have had 6 so maybe if I drink more water it will help. Honestly, I don't think I can get more than that but will try.

Take care ladies and have a wonderful day!

06-15-2006, 03:31 PM
CRISTI -- It's the same picture that I've had up for about a week now. I may put another one up after I get my hair done tomorrow, but I've been a little frustrated lately with my avatar shrinking down, but it only does it here.:?: I think the colorful name in the siggy area is neat. I saw someone else do it on another thread, and I LOVE red, white and blue stuff; they're my favorite! You should do a colorful siggy, I think it just add's a little something to brighten the area up!;) You have been one busy girlie today! We will be going to Walmart when we go to my DD's appointment today, because I want to get some pictures printed off of my camera. I know I should come here and talk when I get in a downer mood, but sometimes I feel that people don't want to here that stuff, so I usually just keep it to myself. Hope you have a wonderful day!:hug:

06-15-2006, 03:56 PM
Hiya Michelle :wave:

I too like the red, white and blue! Very patriotic and I have been since DS joined the Army. Okay, I thought it was but I think my eyes were playing tricks on me. :dizzy: Looked like a different pose but I do like the picture. Hope you have a nice lunch with DD and trip to Wal-Mart. Hope she gets a clean bill from the dentist and has no cavities. People think the kids and myself are liars because they have never had a cavity. Of course my mother thought I was a bad mother because I didn't give them junk (chips, candy, etc.) while growing up. I must have done something right, lol. Anyway, I have some pictures I will share so you can see my mug. I still haven't had a head shot taken. But I have to add them to Shutterfly...I might have some already on there-I'll look. About you not wanting to come here when you are feeling still should. We care about you and only want the best for you. And I think it is better to get it out than to keep it inside. Keeping it inside is horrible for you healthwise and mentally I think. :hug: :hug: :hug: Your hair...are you getting it cut and highlighted? I need to do something with mine. But for now the cut me and DD did will suffice. I cut the sides, about an inch off, and DD cut the back for me, evened it out. But I really would like something different. But I never know what...

Have a good day!

06-15-2006, 04:00 PM
Oh, Michelle...about the avatar...yeah, it resized mine too that's why the picture of the dog is so small. I didn't think 3fc did that, maybe it's something new. I can't keep up with all the changes. It's good in a way though because I didn't have to do it but I am afraid if I put a picture up it will end up being that small too. We'll see when I actually do it.

Ms. Susan...come out, come out wherever you are! You know, it's just like you to hide when I am here waiting and having time to chat. :D :lol:

Okay, checking out in a couple of minutes. Will chat with you ladies later I hope. :wave:

06-15-2006, 04:26 PM
:balloons: :belly: :dance: :hb: :gift: Happy Birthday Katy!!!! Wishing you the best!!!

06-15-2006, 04:34 PM
Cristi I am here!! Stressed beyond belief....coming unglued, need to take a moment for myself.
I had a training this morning. Supervisor said co worker was out again and I need to get "special things" for the meeting today which meant time at Freddies.
Needed to cash my check and buy Rachel her slip ons for her dress- grabbed a greek salad again,..........gobbled that down. Dodged construction...what a pain.
Decided I should do the restraining order but am backed up with appts and need to get that done by Monday, it will expire Tuesday.
People at me and I just want to go to the bathroom!!!!:stress: :stress: :faint: :censored: :faint: *&^%$#$%^&*

anyway , how are you all?? :D

I do that horrid commute because it is cheap babysitting but with gas (hey! not mine - haha) and the time I don't think it is worth it. I was thinking with my money I will get from my father I should take that and move over there. Thinking about that......

Hi Michelle Appreciate the pep talk!! Thank you sooooooo much.

better get in a bit!

06-15-2006, 04:45 PM
Bep I will look for a joke , ok?? I need to go make 50 cups of coffee *sigh* and it takes an hour to brew. Just a pain. lol

06-15-2006, 05:53 PM
Uh-oh...why am I not feeling oh so very chipper this afternoon??? :( I was cutting up some fresh pineaple for some cabobs I will be grilling at lunch tomorrow and I snitched some pieces of it. For some reason, it made my tummy feel really yucky :barf: . I don't know why though. The pineaple was good and it is healthy :shrug: I feel like my tummy is a time-bomb now. :barf:

Since I didn't go for a walk yesterday, I plan to go for one tonight. I hope I can 'walk off' this nasty feeling. :dunno:

06-15-2006, 07:23 PM
Bep Hope you are feeling better.
I bought a fruit platter and got pineapple all over me. Stinks along with the onion smell from the salad.
Need to head home and make sure the girls are getting ready for the promotion also need to get in bed early because tomorrow I am back on the 8 to 4:30 shift - ugh!
I will TRY and walk 2 miles in the morning. I will and no candy bars tonight.Promise to me.

Think of you all that are doing sooooo great on exercise!! Thanks a ton for the inspiration!! :D :hug: :D

06-15-2006, 11:28 PM
thank you everybody for the praises!! ive kind of slacked off this week because i havent been home, i need to do some extra working out tomorrow to make up for it. i have my regional mgr coming in tomorrow, so im going in early to make sure everything looks good when he gets there. also, we get to have a sit down with my two asst. mgrs about things they are slacking on. they got in to it the other day when i was off work, can you see a 50 and 58 year old going off on each other on the sales floor. ugh!!! two grown men acting like 2 year olds.....:rofl: well im off to bed, i will check in tomorrow.

06-16-2006, 01:07 AM
NSV!!!!!!!!!!! I felt bum today. I knew I had to get myself out of this funk and I knew exercise would do the trick. So...I went for my normal walk. I did 3.9 miles hoofin' it big time. muscles were killin' me for the first 2 miles. Then, at about 2.5 miles, I got the sudden urge to JOG!!! So I did! I haven't done that since college! It didn't feel natural. I had a hard time getting my vision right. But hey...I JOGGED!!!! :carrot: I did it as long as I could and then went back to my fast walking. Then after a few minutes, I wanted to do it again, so I did...and it was a teensy bit easier. Then I started walking again. I jogged one more time and it was even just a little easier. :carrot: :carrot: I am sooooo excited!!! And get this...I even jogged where people could see me!!! :o :o :o It was seriously a 'mind over matter' thing! :dizzy: I tried not to think about my butt jiggling around. :o Ah well. From now on, I am going to break out with my jog whenever I get that urge. Maybe before long I will be able to job one of my 'laps' around (1.3 miles). That would be too cool!!!

I am soooo pooped! I had some garden & landscape to get done after I finished jogging. Then some indoor stuff. It is definitely a late night here.

I may not be on much tomorrow once my company gets here. I hope you all have a great day!!!

06-16-2006, 01:31 AM
Hello ladies...

Nothing like getting a pm to cheer one up!

Well, I came here in a good/happy mood only to put in a bad one. Stupid high school BS that I didn't play in High school and I won't play now. So now, not really in a mood for this. I'm so tired of the treatment I have received from a select few which is so unwarranted. I hope you all are happy with yourselves because you have hurt my feelings beyond belief so thank you very much for that.I hope it makes you feel good about yourself. That's about all I have to say.

Hope everyone has a good evening.

Oops...I didn't mean to come in with a cheery post when something was wrong. I posted before I read up on the newest posts. I guess I haven't a clue on this one...I just hope everything is OK. I like this group of chatty ladies.

06-16-2006, 02:03 AM
Bep - You are fine :)

Cristi - :hug: :hug: :hug: I just sent you a PM, now I read this......

I will just say this lady has been a friend though some difficult weeks. I have known her for 2 years and the friendships she has made here has meant a lot to her. If there is a holiday or birthday Cristi never forgets with a card. I like to think it was a post meant for another thread. I am sorry if you have been hurt, I know you have and continue to be. My trust in your friendship has never wavered unlike some others if that means anything Cristi.

Many hugs.....:hug: and I wish I had your telephone number. I would call you because morning seems too far away.

06-16-2006, 02:09 AM
Shawna - forgot to say hi!! hi

Bep- Night :)

Katy - How was your birthday?

Cristi - I reread your pm, you don't seem mad at me!! :D I will PM my home phone, call me if you want.

06-16-2006, 02:10 AM
CRISTI... I hope you are not upset with me! I have been gone all day and just got done reading all of the posts, and then I come to yours where you are SO upset. You are the most kind and sweetest girlie, so PLEASE would you tell me what's going on??? Please don't leave, because afterall, you told me to come here when I'm upset and feeling down, and we can also help you. I am very upset now as I have no clue as to what is going on.:?: :(

BEP... At first the picture thing didn't take, and then all the sudden it showed up big on it's own, so I have no clue, but I'm leaving it.:^:

My daughter's dentist appointment went great, and she has no cavities. We went to Red Lobster for lunch and then to Walmart, Target, Old Navy and Mervyns. It was a long day and I was glad to get home. Did anyone watch the Britney Spears interview tonight? My daugher and I just got finished watching it, and I really do feel sorry for her. I hope all of you have a wonderful evening, and please come back Cristi and clue me in!:dizzy: :hug:

06-16-2006, 09:29 AM
Good morning!

I have some time, so I thought I'd get a post in before we leave for Ashland.

Cristina - I also pm'ed you last night - I hope you are feeling better today. I can't bear the thought of someone making you this upset; you always have a kind word and a positive thought for people on our thread...I hope to see you here and chatting again - SOON!

Susan- birthday was great very low key, just the way I like it! My kids bought me some treats at Baker and Spice. Yummy - but I am hitting the gym this morning that's for sure! How was the promotion? You are now officially the mother of a high schooler :yikes:

Bep - yay on the jogging! I have a hard time with that one - so I really admire you for getting out there and just doing it!

Michelle - glad your DD's dentist visit went well. You know, I have never had a cavity and I am 41 years just tell her to keep up the good work; you CAN go through life with no fillings - really! I watched the BS interview last night and I do feel bad for her, as you do. I think she is just falling apart. She looked terrible with the hair, bad makeup, and gum chewing - where was her stylist? I think she came off poorly with her responses to the parenting questions. She blamed it all on the paparazzi, but you can't really blame them for putting your 5 mo on your lap while driving on the freeway, or for facing them forward in the car seat. Those were just dumb and she would have been better off just fessing up and and saying she's learning and doing better. I guess her attempts to improve her image didn't really work for me, lol!

Shawna - Hi! Hope it goes well with your ***'t managers today....hard to soar with the eagles when you work with turkeys, eh?

Well, as I mentioned, we are leaving for Ashland today...will be back on Sunday. We are seeing The Diary of Anne Frank and Cyrano de Bergerac. Cyrano is outdoors in their beautiful Elizabethan Theatre. I was joking with DH, well maybe next time we go we can actually see some Shakespeare at the Shakespearean Festival....haha We just don't have enought time this visit to see everything we want to. It will be fun and I am looking forward to getting away for a few days.

Ciao ladies, hope you all have a great weekend!

06-16-2006, 11:52 AM
:wave: KATY -- I hope you have a wonderful time this weekend in Ashland! I have never been there before. I do agree with you on BS and how she looked last night; kinda dirty and just not put together at all; made me feel sad for her though!:( My DD only has one cavity, but she takes very good care of her teeth ever since she had braces, which I'm happy about since we put out quite a bit of money for her teeth.:o

Hello to everyone else and hope you have a good day today! Still missing you Cristi...PLEASE come back here SOON!!!:hug:

06-16-2006, 12:24 PM
Cristi--I am so sorry that someone was mean to you!! You have been nothing but caring and supportive to me since I started posting. I hope you come back at least to our little thread!!

SuzyQ--I know what you mean about work stress and then when you add stress at home it makes a sane person crazy!!

Katy--I am glad you had a great b-day and a fun anniversary weekend trip planned!! I loved the link to the sweater--it will be beautiful--what colors are you doing it in?

BEP--woo hoo on the jogging!! At this point I don't seem to get embarrassed so much anymore about my weight--as long as I know I am trying to get healthier who cares what someone I don't know thinks about me. My DS got mad last Friday--the neighbor's kid (doesn't look older than 7 or 8) yelled that I had a big butt while I was walking up the stairs to his son started yelling that the boy's mom needs to spank his butt or wash his mouth out with soap and he would be willing to help her if he ever said anything like that to me again...I told my DS I do have a big butt--my kids are blind to my size--they insist that I am not fat!! I tell them they are just blinded by love!! I tell them I have selective amnesia when it comes to them--they NEVER have done anything bad--so I guess we are even.

Michelle ma belle--glad everything went well for your DD at the dentist.

Ginny--I have missed your morning posts--sometimes I do a quick check in first thing in the morning but don't actually post.

Shawna--I had a employees yelling at another on the sales floor--she was being transferred to another store with the manager that had just been given a new store that was almost ready to open and I was taking over the one it happenned in--she continued being disrespectful even to me since I wasn't her "manager" I told her that it was my store now and I would not put up with temper tantrums especially on the sales floor like the other manager did and she needed to go in the office and calm down...she drew back like she was going to hit me and I quietly told her that she had 2 seconds to get into the office or she wouldn't be transferred because she would not be working at the company anymore..she went into the office and shut the door--I called the district manager and she was sent home that day and moved to a different store the next. I can't believe how some grown peple act..

Hi to everyone else!!

06-16-2006, 01:15 PM
Good Morning JULES -- Hope you're not too busy today, but having a great day!!! You know, I just have to say that kids can be so mean and cruel these days, and I don't think parents seem to teach them many manners anymore! My niece has been getting teased and harrassed so bad for the past few months, and that's why my sister and brother in law decided to move to a new town to try a different school, and she was also just diagnosed with ADD. She is only 12, but with the cruel comments kids have made, and one being her weight, has really made her very depressed, and I'm very worried about her. My sister just started, again, taking her to a counselor. My kids are also blind to the fact of my weight and how large I really am! I just recently told me younger daughter my weight, and she said there is no way I weigh that because I don't look it; they are so sweet!;) :hug:

06-16-2006, 01:21 PM
Cristi Morning! I hope today is a better day for you. :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: It won't be for us until you check in! Please call or email someone so we know you are hanging in there! We all miss you :)

Katy I had to spit out my gum on your BS comment. lol Ashland sounds great!!! The promotion was nice. It was at the HS and Rach was so happy. I hope that motivates her to stay in school and keep focused. The principal announced her leaving to another postion in the school district and we will get someone from Jefferson next year. Wilson also is getting a female principal - so that was nice to hear.

Bep How are you ?? Would love to hear about your awesome stroller walks! :)

Shawna How are you??

Michelle Hi. You sounded busy with all that shopping!! It must have been fun, I have never been to Red Lobster.

Jules I swear, I was sooooooo stressed yesterday. I was up til midnight doing 3 loads of laundry. The neighbor jumped me at 5 when I got home saying I bump his car with my door and cause paint marks. It had dents and marks all over his truck. I just waved my hand..."I don't have time for this....." ugh.....bother. He was also blaming poor Gaby one better even DARE do that. She is perfect. Anyway, I am at work until 7 pm.

Brought salad and a slim fast to work. Bought a box of orbit to chomp on...and my water bottle!! Going to do good today!!

Hi to everyone!!!

06-16-2006, 02:15 PM
You know.

I can talk to myself all day! You wanna see me?? lol

I have been awake since 5 am!! Lunch time!! I am starving. Still trying to find a joke but haven't so far.

If you are passing through STOP and chat with me!! :comp: :cheers: :cofdate: :beach: :gossip:

06-16-2006, 02:34 PM
SuzyQ--I am getting ready to leave work and go to the dreaded Walmart and other errands so I will try to pop back in once I actually get home!! How dare the guy blame the little Gabster--I take alot of crap from others against me before I blow my top but don't anyone think about going after one of my kids!! (I am one of the teapot temper people--boil inside then finally blow my lid at the pressure of holding it all in!!)

Michelle--Don't you just have to love our kids!!! Mine make me feel so loved no matter what size I am. I guess it's that unconditional love thing going on!! I must have done something right because the both defend others who
are picked on. I could stay here straight through until next week and still be busy!!! But I'll be okay--it's job security right!!

Hi to everyone else--somebody jump in and save SuzyQ from talking to herself!!!

06-16-2006, 03:26 PM
Jules Fine, of you would rather go to WalMart!! What did you buy there?? Ashland sounds sooooo nice. I wish I could go too.

*&%$@ on this stupid computer system we are using - it was upgraded and I have warning signs all over the place and supervisor is out for a week and assistant is out til Monday..................I am going to be forced to read *gulp* the manual!! :faint: :tired:

I ate my turkey salad, drank the slim fast and now an munching on sesame pretzels. Going to drink some water to get the taste of food out of my mouth.
I had 1 person cancel their appt so I am going to run down to CS and hand in my is due today....I am always running behind on this stuff!!

k- water drinking.......I will chat with myself later! Promise?? Yes, I do, are kind of flakey though Susan....WhatEVER.....who the heck do you think YOU are?? I am the better part of ...tata....adios....shut up!! ewwwww, you can get in trouble for that!!!

pretty wacked, huh?? lol

06-16-2006, 04:52 PM
SuzyQ--I ended up skipping Walmart today-(I was worried that you would start answering your own posts -- just kidding!!) -will have to go later this weekend--I HATE Walmart--but the prices can't be beat so I go. Stopped at a farmers market and got sweet corn and sweet peas for supper--just noticed the emphasis on sweet--guess I'll have to make some sweet tea!!! Got some tomatoes, onion, garlic and cantelope too. Stopped at the Dollar General and picked up laundry stuff and cat food for the 10,000 outdoor cats that come up to the food and water bowl we kee filed at the edge of the woods. Everything else can hold off until Sunday. I always "talk" to myself whenever the computer guys decide to upgrade my computer!!

I kind of like your wackiness!!! It gives me hope that my sometimes warped sense of humor may be okay after all.....I am not the only one like me!!!

06-16-2006, 05:13 PM
Jules I need to go to CS and claim my medical & child care cost. Thinking if I don't I will be the one to pay support for Mike....just my luck that would happen!!
I just feel pickled beet icky right now. I haven't finished my water and I am ummmmm kind of gasy....which reminds me of the time I sat on the loo :^: all day.

I will share that story when I get back!! Promise....don't wanna let you chickies down!!!

chat in a bit :D

06-16-2006, 05:19 PM
Jules Not to get personal or nuthin but your inbox is full *again* sure get a lot of activity!! :o ;)

06-16-2006, 05:40 PM
Jules Not to get personal or nuthin but your inbox is full *again* sure get a lot of activity!! :o ;)

oops!!!! all better now!!!

06-16-2006, 05:41 PM
Jules I need to go to CS and claim my medical & child care cost. Thinking if I don't I will be the one to pay support for Mike....just my luck that would happen!!
I just feel pickled beet icky right now. I haven't finished my water and I am ummmmm kind of gasy....which reminds me of the time I sat on the loo :^: all day.

I will share that story when I get back!! Promise....don't wanna let you chickies down!!!

chat in a bit :D

SuzyQ--what would we do without you!! Where is everyone!!!

06-16-2006, 06:39 PM
STOP your posting Jules and I shall answer that question on Back In Kindergarten #10!! (psst , can you beleive we are at around 1000 post??):encore: :comp: :encore: