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01-02-2005, 07:33 AM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies Club. :wave: We are a friendly group that provides support, not just in weight loss, but in all of our daily joys and struggles. Feel free to join us! :cofdate:

01-02-2005, 08:06 AM
Good morning, ladies,

Cristi - why are you going to be gone a couple of days? So glad your house is back to normal, and I bet it looks gorgeous! Not sure if I mentioned it here or not, but Mary and Dale are going to fix up the old house, not Neal and me. They need the room, and we don't. Plus, this way, they have no house payment at all so they can focus on renovation. She has some really good ideas about how to fix it up.

Marti - so sorry Tom's giving you trouble! Try to enjoy today with your family. Seemed like yesterday was Sunday, didn't it?

Ellen - aww, I so hope your DD gets things lined out w/DBF, if it's meant to be. Maybe she will confide in you soon.... Doesn't matter how old they are, we still worry and ache for them when they are hurt or sick, don't we? But you are right, something must have happened for her to come home before the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve.

Katy, Angie, Susan, Julie, Carree, Pam, Ann, and the rest... a big Hello!

A head's up to everyone: the administrators have gotten complaints of too many directly posted photos dragging down the system, and so now we will be asked to post photo links only, and use only small clip art. (That's why I deleted the photo of Neal and me on NYE.) I can see their point, and I know we'll all do our best to comply. URL links are still okay, so feel free to post those!

We went to see the new baby yesterday in Evansville, and he is a cutie! So small! Don;t really have plans for today yet.


01-02-2005, 10:03 AM
Hello everyone!
I've been posting around the other threads, so now I've run out of stuff for Chit chat :dizzy:

Hope the new year is off to a good start for you all. Mine started well...for the most part. I reminded myself of why I a) rarely drink more than one glass of anything alcoholic b) stay up past midnight and c) eat everyhting in sight just cause it feels like an "eating" day! I basically was a tired, listless blob all day yesterday. I did, however, stay OP, so I'm off to a good start in 05.

2005 will be a big year for us. I turn 40, DH & I celebrate 15 years of marriage, and we are planning an expansion to the house. Lots to look forward to...oh, and I am planning to making my weight loss goal - still hoping to do it by my birthday in June. 05 should be the year the Oregon JLs finally get together.....whaddy think?

I'll try to be back for individuals later.

da fat n da furious
01-02-2005, 02:06 PM
Arghh ladies I wrote this long post then hit some button and couldn't go back and retrieve,,,gotta hate

HAPPY NEW YEAR! May you be blessed with health, wisdom and good fortune!

Jane, sorry I mised your pciture would of liked to have seen you and congrats on the new addition to your family. I envy Mary and the If she wants to ever talk about decorating,,,get her to email me,,,I always have ideas and suggestions.....and love talking about renovating.
Cristi, I have sued stencils, and like the free hand,,,with using stamps, and a thin brush to make vines and such. I have used plaster and stencils too, and that came out awesome,,,did a ivy and then painted it the same color as the wall then high lited it with other colors...
Ellen, hoping your DD is feeling better, gosh I would of loved a set from La Senza too. Im glad you bought yourself some deserve it.
Katy, good to see you have plans,,,and great ones too...and ya I can see why you didn't mind a C section with James,,,geesh he was half grown.
We didn't do much for NYE, I infact was asleep by 9:30...I had worked early that day and with all the food I cooked once home I couldn't make the midnight hour.
Not much else happening around here,,,have theatre today.
better get showered and if I have time start taking down the decorations,,,yuck!

01-02-2005, 02:56 PM
Good Morning Ladies---

It's already the 2nd of January....where does time go?? :lol:

Jane--Should I go back and delete those photos I have? I'm not even sure how to post an URL, is it the same way? I will oblige to the administrators and figure it out! :)

Katy--Yep, this should be the year we meet. Think I can manage it sometime this Spring??? What do you say? Or even this summer...when ever the weather is looking MUCH better. Did you get snow up there?

Angie--I'm on a night schedule so staying up wasn't a problem....getting to bed was though. You have such a busy schedule, when and where is your family's next vacation?

Cristi--I have never done any stencilling myself. A friend of mine did her kitchen and it looks beautiful. Not only was it not a boarder, but she was able to add personal touches! Let us know what you end up doing.

Ellen--I sure hope DD is ok and that it wasn't something terrible between her and DBF. I know that when Jhanai is in her 50's that I will still worry!! That's what a mother is all about you know.

Hello to all the rest of you girls. I'm sorry if I missed anyone......

Not much going on today. The one morning I decide to get up so Jhanai isn't up alone....she sleeps in!! Silly girl. I figure I'll wake her up here in a little while. We've been getting to bed way too late ALL weekend and school starts back up tomorrow and she needs to get back into getting up early again.

I'm going to take a shower and figure out what I'm going to do today. You all have a great day and I will check in later.

01-02-2005, 05:50 PM
Happy New Year Girls!!

We didnt do much for New Years, we did go see Meet the Fockers!!! It was really hysterical.....We found it to be much funnier than the first movie: Meet the Parents!!
Im getting back on track today, bought a bunch of progresso soups for the week for lunches, Ive heard they are good for meals when on a diet....also stocked up on crystal light, yogurt, granola and salad....Im really gonna try hard here, gained 5 lbs through the holidays!!!!!Not happy about that, so its time to get serious here....
Going to the doctors tuesday to get my blood work results, dont know if thats good or bad. but I want it over with!!!
Well off to go workout with my video tape....I also wanted to tell you all to check out the discovery channel weight loss challenge, you can join online, it begins january 15th and runs for 8 weeks, they create an online personal challenge designed for you....I did it last year and so some results by following some of their stuff, but I just like the challenge, its at , in the health and fitness section....

Well happy sunday to all

01-02-2005, 09:45 PM
Does the forum look different to anyone or is it just me?? Something seems to be different........

Julie--Last year I signed up online for the Discovery Challenge Weightloss Challenge....I didn't even start it. I wasn't too impressed w/the amount of calories they wanted me to consume to lose weight.....only 850-900 a day!! Well of coarse I'm going to lose weight.....and the food choices they made for me was very bland. So I chose not to do it anymore. I want to lose weight, but I want to be realistic and do something that I can do forever. How did you like it? Did you lose a lot on it?

Not much going on today ladies. Watched the last of the three movies we rented for the weekend. We rented: Garfield ; Napoleon Dynamite ; and Dodge Ball. I liked them all, the second one not as much as the other but it was still stupid funny. I kept telling Jhanai that the girl in that movie reminded me of her babysitter. (as she does)

Been ABSOLUTELY horrible today food wise. I'm in a lazy mood and so I stopped on McDonalds for a quick dinner w/Jhanai. Somebody PLEASE kick me in the butt!!! This TOM thing is really putting a damper on the first week of the year!! But I'm determined to finally, this week, write down all that has worked for me, what prevented me from continuing it, and what my eating habit were while I was losing weight. I MUST change this year. are a role model!! And I want to lose just like you! And you too Susan!!

****Sigh**** I must be in a whiney mood at the moment. Please forgive me for being so blah right now. How about I go for now and clear my head and come back when I'm not so grumpy.

Ok...until then..................

01-02-2005, 10:18 PM
Hiya ladies,

Let's see... who's checked in since I was here last....

Katy - I am so impressed that you're going to do Fast Track all month! I know you mentioned it on the weight loss thread, but still, it is worth mentioning here, too. When I've done it, I've barely made it through a week, but the losses are good! Sounds like 2005 is going to be a good year for you - bet you'll be at goal by your birthday!

Angie - thanks for offering to help Mary. She's been hanging out at Lowe's, lol, and has a lot of good ideas. The house can be made to look so beautiful! Refresh my memory - which play are you practicing for now?

Marti - no, you don't have to delete any photos. Well, unless the administrators say so. I only gave the head's up to prevent more being posted, and took off my picture since I thought most everyone had seen it anyway. Suzanne says she will be posting a message about it, but I know links will be okay. Any IMG stuff will be discouraged. So sorry you're not feeling the best! And, no, I won't be the one to kick you in the butt, lol. When you're ready, you'll do it. But let me ask you this: what are you waiting for? In his book, Dr. Phil asks the same thing, and that question smacked me upside the head! Those 5 little words made all the difference to me.

Julie - Mary and Dale saw that movie and said it's so funny! I may try to go this week. The Progresso Garden Vegetable is my favorite! Only 3 points for the whole can. :cp: Processed stuff like that has a lot of sodium, though. Gotta drink extra water when you eat it, lol.

I have been a total couch potato all day. Not that I had any plans anyway, lol. Hope your day has been more productive.

Take care!

da fat n da furious
01-02-2005, 10:37 PM
Hello everyone,
I need a muzzle,,,mouth is open and everything going in.
Im working on Steel Magnolia's its alright they are almost ready for the stage. We have a voice coach to get the accent right. So now I leave there talking in a deep southern drawl. I was telling the girls at work about it and my accent came up they were They dared me to do an order using it,,,hilarious. I laid it on
I think our next trip is Hawaii...
Did I mention our old neighbours went to Thailand for 4 weeks,,,they left hours before the disaster hit. They didn't even know about it till they had a lay over in London. Tanner was freaking cause he couldn't remember when they were coming home,,,their daughter is his best friend. They are the people we always stay with christmas eve, except this year. I left a messege on their machine,,,saying you probably have a few dozen calls but if you can send me something to let me know your ok that would be great.
Anyways Im going to head to bed,,,can't get enough sleep...iron must be lower then normal right now.

01-03-2005, 01:30 PM
Hey Girls!!

Well kicked off the old new years diet today, hoping I can stick with it.....
Breakfast: granolaw/raisins and 1/2 cup of 1% milks
Lunch: 1 can progresso veggie soup, applessauce, whipped yogurt
Snack: pretzels..
Not bad...Ive had about 4 bottles of water to keep me full
Dinner: planning on a lean cuisine and a salad
Im gonna exercise for 45 minutes when I get home and pump the water so I dont snack before and after dinner........If I can stick with this, I should see some results...what do ya think????

Marti: As far as the discovery channel challenge goes, I didnt stick with the eating plan they provided, I tried the exercise schedule, but I basically just used the weight tracker tools to see my progress.....Ive also found a site called where you can track all of your food and exercise each day as well...So I guess I kinda do my own thing, dont really follow any certain plan.

QUESTION??? Now, seeing that Im drinking all of this water, do you think I should take a water pill each day to get rid of it>> Because I feel kinda bloated??

Well hope everyone else is doing well, we're supposed to go say goodbye to my friend with the kids husband tonight, he leaves tomorrow for boot camp, DBF isnt too fond of going though, so dont know whats gonna happen...Neither of us are very happy about his decision to do this, so we'll see.
talk to you later

01-03-2005, 03:28 PM
Hellooooo,(gruggle)We're drowning here in Ca. :rain: They claim it'll rain all week. I'm still trying to catch an occational walk in between storms.Bon Bon is more upset then I am.Didn't get to check in yesterday,was so busy. Started in am taking down tree and x-mas decorations,piled me the dog and blanket in the car and went to the "Collector's Art " sale at the Hilton. For me it's like a pilgrimage to Mecca I make once a year.An art gallery has an end-of-year sale. Paintings of every subject are piled up to choose from;all signed. Frames are also availuble at a fraction of what a framer would charge. Gorgous frames.I buy something every year. This year I got two small floural paintings in matching frames for a small patch of wall in the livingroom.(35$ each with frames)Then Bon Bon and I went to Pet Smart to stock up on the months supply of cat food. Came home to finish packing and putting away.I keep yo-yoing on my diet but thankfully haven't gained anything. Today I cleaned out the fridge again and got rid of everything not diet related. I"m so glad the Holiday feeding frenzy is over for a long time. Angie; So glad your friends wern't in the middle of "IT" . It's such a horrible tragedy.

01-03-2005, 03:53 PM
Hello Ladies--

I think I'm coming down w/something. My throat is all sore and my nose is kind of runny....AND....I keep waking myself up from my LOUD snores!! :lol:

I haven't had a cold in years....this is going to be terrible if I come down with one. I have been sick feeling every now and then, but a down right cold is something else. Must nip it in the bud!!

Jane--I don't know what I'm waiting for!! I have Dr. Phil's book that a friend lent to me. Maybe I should grab it again and read some more. Something is gonna budge this year.....I'm not sure when exactly, but it will happen. I want to at least be in the 130's by summer! That gives me 6months to get my butt in gear. And that is doable!! I think my biggest thing right now is that I don't have a membership at a gym (which I used to go to almost everyday) and James is no longer going to be there right w/me.....I always used him as my personal trainer. He was very good w/helping work out the correct way. But I got to learn that he won't always be there for me and I must do this on my own.

Angie--I pray that your neighbors are ok and didn't get into the middle of the Tsunamai!!! Or were you saying that they left to come back home before it hit?? Either way, I sure hope you hear from them soon or better yet, see them!!

Julie--The exercise part of the program was a good one. I wouldn't mind following that again.....but I don't have access to a gym right now and it would cost me money to join one. As for the water and a water pill....I would't take it. You need to let the water do it's thing naturally. You may feel bloated right now but eventually you will see results. Water is the best thing for our bodies. So...IMHO....I'd say put the bottle of pills away.

Pam--The weather around here is crazy isn't it? Oregon is having such strong COLD winds!! Just the other night we had freezing rain. Our poor dogs went out to do there thing and when they came back, their little backs were covered in what looked like crushed ice!! To bizarre!

Hello to everyone else out there!!

Today is monday...back to going to work. I really LOVED having a three day weekend!!! It was great. I wish I could have more of them!! This summer I may arrange to have more days off to spend w/Jhanai. But I guess I better start accumulating more time off!!

I'm going to clean up a bit. Get some coffee...I may check in later before I leave for work.

Until then.

01-03-2005, 04:45 PM
Hello all and Happy 2005!!
It will be a wonderful one for all of us.
I haven't checked in for so long. between work I have had a chance to try to read everything.
Sounds like this is our year of change. I knoe it is for me. I started my lifestyle change today and am so pumped about it. I am going to do L.A. Weight Loss. I need something that is very restrictive. I have an issue with food and have finally come to terms with that fact. Food is my addiction. The sooner I get a handle on it, the better. I am trying to visualize as much as possible as well. I have hung a pair of pants up that I will be in at -15. I have 50# to lose so I am figuring by the end of the summer.......however, I am taking it one day and one pound at a time. that is the only way I can do it.
Much love, health and happiness to all of you.


01-03-2005, 06:49 PM
Hiya ladies,

Angie - glad your neighbors are ok. I can just hear your Southern accent, y'all, lol. Steel Magnolias is one of my favorite movies. Two lines from it that I love are: first, when somebody asks Dolly what size shoes she wears, she says something like "I wear a 6, but a 7 feels so good, I buy an 8. :rofl: And the other one is when the Julie Roberts character says something like "I'd rather have 20 minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special."

Marti - is it possible that you can go to part-time this summer? That would be great for you and Jhanai. Hope you aren't getting sick! Between our house and Mary's, it seems like someone is always under the weather.

Julie - Check with your doc as I am not an expert, but I'm thinking your calories are a little on the low side... not sure that what you listed even comes to 1000, and you probably shouldn't have less than 1200 a day, ideally. The best way to get rid of water is to drink more. That sounds like an oxymoron, but its true! The water flushes out the sodium that makes you hold water, and before you know it, you won't be bloated anymore. Have fun at the going-away party tonight.

Hi to the others. :wave:

Didn't make it in here this AM, seemed like lots going on. For one thing, I walked the treadmill early and then I spent some quality time with the littlest grandbaby, Caylin.

Hope you're having a great day. Bye for now.

01-03-2005, 07:30 PM
Hi again Ladies!!

Ann--I think you're right...this IS the year for change. With all the wonderful ladies here support....we'll reach our goals and make a better lifestyle for ourselves. (hmmm......does anyone remember me saying something like this LAST year?? :lol: )

Jane--I probably could do a part time position during the summer but I don't think it would work out the way I would want it to. Plus, I would lose benefits. So what I want to do is accumulate PTO (paid time off) at work and take two extra days every other weekend. I may not be able to but I'm going to try. We accumulate 2 or more days off a month. It's the figuring out how to use the time and making sure someone else doesn't have the same time off that will be difficult.

Ok....James left for work an hour ago. He'll be home an hour after me! (poor guy) He was saying how this job frustrates him, yet he's also thankful for having a job that pays so well. He'll have vacation time in March (around our anniversary!) and I will take some time off to so we can spend our first anniversary together. Can you believe that it's close to being a year???

My house is officially Christmas free. I put the last of my Nutcrackers away. Which reminds me, that I forgot to tell you about mine and Jhanai's find at Walmart. We went to Walmart on Friday and I came home w/6 new Nutcrackers! I couldn't resist and they were 75% off so I got them all for $1.95 each. Not to shabby. I would love to do all my shopping that way! I must clean up and get ready for work. There has been ice on the roads in Eugene so I need to leave early when the traffic may be slower than usual. When I get off work, it's not so bad, there isn't any traffic going.

Talk to you gals later!

da fat n da furious
01-04-2005, 12:55 AM
Hi all, can't stay on, Brandon is standing over my right shoulder breathing heavy,,,swear hes going to fall on me...him stanind there like some bird with one foot up. whats hes saying,,,so hes reading as I type,,,Im getting nervous,,,so gotta go...
Neighbours are fine,,,haven't asked how their mental state is after escaping disaster like that with in hours.

This was my first day of Body For Life so far so good,,,drank lots of water,,,found tht I have to pee 2 times per bottle...Brandon is saying ewwww ,,,yes Brandon I do pee! ha
anyways gotta run

01-04-2005, 05:27 AM
Hello everyone… are you all doing?

We get to find out how big Brandon is getting! The public health nurse is coming out here later today at 2pm. So we will finally know for sure how much he weighs and how long he is!

Other then that nothing really new here. I still haven’t gotten AF, so we are still waiting on that one. Oh yeah….I have the mystery of my chart all figured out! I had the settings on it all set up for the wrong time, so now they are set to where they should be! It has me at being 17dpo, so maybe we did get lucky after all! I am planning on testing in the next coming days, unless AF beats me to it.

I promise I will be on later to give personals! I am just so tired, and I am trying to catch up on some things.

01-04-2005, 09:51 AM
Wish I could remember the physiology of the water thing...because I have had it explained to me before...but it is true that the more you drink the less you retain, which really doesn't sound like it should make sense, but there you go. Your body does adapt to the larger amounts and you don't have to pee as much after awhile. And your complexion improves...and you sleep better......and you get fewer headaches...the list goes on.

I got a call from my brother last night ( age 37, lives in Eugene) He said he lost some friends on the beach at Phu-ket and will be in town with some other friends to help sort out their apartment. So he needs a place to crash and I of course said yes. It's just hitting home how awful a disaster this all is....I have friend who escaped an abusive former s.o. and fled to Singapore...there were some casualties there and in Malaysia but didn't have nearly as many as on the east side of Thailand. I have no idea wher she lives because she didn't want anyone to be able to track her down ( ie the abuser) I am assumed that she is ok because she is a documented American and the news has been reporting the names of anyone known to be missing. I am just taking deep breaths and saying little prayers under my breath every time I look at a paper these days.

Marti - hope you are feeling better... hey, spring or summer would be great for getting together. We are remodeling this summer and I need excuses to get the kids out of town and out of the way, kwim? Is Salem a good halfway point? They have a nice waterfront area with a children's museum, carousel, and could play...we could chat....Maybe we could round up Susan if she hasn't moved to Hawaii by then...

Speaking of...Susan..was your mediation this week? Hope it went well... I know it would be nice to get this all behind you. Happy New Year to you and your girls!

Julie - I registered for the Discovery channel body challenge. Figured why not? I need to do something different now and again to keep me motivated, so thanks for the tip. It said on the site that it doesn't start until the 15th, and I couldn't get into the link for the diet and fitness profile, so I'll try back later. Heads Up....they are giving away 8 week passes to Bally's if you sign up for this challenge....I work out ok at home so I'm not going to use it, but thought I'd give it a plug nonetheless. Hope you get some good news about your PCOS

Mindee - Brandon is probably growing like a weed...they are amazing ( at any age, really) I'm impressed by your meticulous charting....hope it works out for you guys this month....

Angie - glad your neighbors are ok - what a relief. Steel Magnolias must be lots of fun to work on - lots of great lines... can't remember the exact wording " what separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize" anyway that was one of my favorite lines from the movie...that and just about everything that came out of Shirley MacLaine's mouth, lol!

Hi Jane! Hope you had a lovely visit with Caylin - yay for getting on the treadmill. I started doing my weights and yoga yesterday... and feeling a little sore today. I'm taking it real slow because my shoulder is still a problem and I dont want to irritate it.

Ann- good luck with L.A. Weight Loss - I, too, am restricting right now, but not to a drastic degree. I need a kick in the behind and read in Thin for Life that many successful maintainers did lose with restriction and kept it off as long as they made the lifestyle changes. I figure I've done alot over the years to change my lifestyle but need to buckle down and just do it. Most likely I have the good habits necessary to keep it off if I can just get it off.

Pam - are you managing to stay dry? Our geography is absolutely backwards this year. Oregon is supposed to be getting all the rain - yet it has been sunny and clear....tho' I do hear we might get snow by the end of the week.

Hi to everyone else!

On to Day 4 of Fast Track..not much to speak of scale-wise yet, but I did start TOM today and so I'll just stay off the scale for a few days. I walked for 45 minutes, did 15 minutes yoga video, then 8 minutes weights and drank 9 glasses of water. today will be a challenge becasue of the hormone factor, but I am going to do my best!

Have a great day everyone.

01-04-2005, 10:59 AM
Good morning ladies!

Marti - it's great to get the house back to normal, isn't it. Sounds like you got some good buys on the nutcrackers. JLs do love a bargain, lol. Oic about the PTO. That's a good way to accumulate some days for your DD.

Angie - lol, Brandon would have a cow if he read some of the other things we've said in here, lol. Not a place for the squeamish, lol. When does he get the other foot done?

Mindee - have you seen some of the cute spring and summer clothes for kids they're putting out already? Boys have stuff just as cute as the girls!

Katy - I kwym about the disaster. It makes me ill to think about it! So sorry your DB lost some friends to it, and I hope your friend who fled is ok. You are doing so great with the weight loss efforts! Wait 'til you go try on clothes - it's mind-boggling. There was more than one time that I wanted to just stand there in the dressing room and cry with joy. You asked me about a before and after photo - I am in the process of putting a before and now (hesitant to say After) in my profile here.

Ellen - hope all is well with your DD. Come out, come out, wherever you are.

Cristi - hope you're having a good day. Did you hear anything about the job at Goodwill?

Sophiegoren - come on in and post with us!!

Hi to all the Jaded Ladies! :wave: Who all here is going to participate in the book discussion that starts soon? I think I will.

It's rainy here again in Indiana with temps getting close to 50. I am starting to be affected by all the gloominess, so I'll turn on lots of lights today.


da fat n da furious
01-04-2005, 12:20 PM
BRRRR its cold outside. I had to get up early to drive Tanner to band and I shivered all the way there and home,,,sitting with ahuge cup of coffee a book blanket and fireplace on. Im a lazy but hey that was at 8 now I have taken all the stuff off the tree, and will wind my way around the house taking the trinkets away. Replacing with other trinkets,,,arghhh
Katy, I am sorry for your brother's loss, there are a couple of people from work who have lost family...Ive gotten to where I don't want to watch tv...listen to the radio,,,or read the papers. I cried one morning at work reading about that mom having to choose between her two small boys. If didn't let go of one they would all die,,,luckily the boy who was let go of survived. But years from now, what would he think hearing that his mom chose his brother?
Jane have you heard of them mood lights? You can buy them from I think Walmart where you plug it in and warm colored lights help with gloomi light syndrome...I think its called SAD?
Also something I saw at Walmart,,,these pictures,,where you can see lets say a tree,,,you are to one side of it, it has no leaves,,,move a bit and it has leaves,,,keep moving the leaves turn yellow and fall off. There was lightening, FOOTPRINTS,,,and a few others.
Brandon won't get the other foot done till this cast is gone, and a walking cast in on then gone then physio. 6 months? He fell again the other day and took a bunch of skin from his arm off,,,banged his head,,,poor kid.
well should try to finish this dechrsitmasing today.

01-04-2005, 01:56 PM
Hi Ladies~

Not much going on. This weather is HORRIBLE! We are having a lot of ice today and while it looks pretty hanging off the trees and such boy does it wreak havoc! I am so worried about DS#2 and DH driving home in it. I know they keep the roads pretty clear but even with the mixture they put down a lot of the bridges are still icy. Tomorrow is supposed to be worse with more ice and snow. Know what ya mean Jane about it being gloomy. Should have waited to paint the green till after winter! LOL It is so much darker upstairs even with all the blinds open and the lights on. Definitely need to add at least another lamp. Took some pics of the new paint job but that was last night with the lights on and am thinking it is too darka nd they won't turn out so great. Was waiting to finish off the roll of film when the sun was shining in there to show it off better. Funny, we went from tooooo bright to toooo dark! But in the summer time it will be fine. I do like the new color so it will be staying. Just won't go that dark in any other room. Anyway...been reading a lot and getting things done around the house. Other than that not much going on here.

Take care ladies and have a good day. :wave:

01-04-2005, 02:02 PM
Just a quick Good morning to say Hi and I am thinking of you all. Katy, I am so sorry that this disaster has struck so close to home for you. I'm glad that you are there for him.
Have an awesome, healthy day girls


da fat n da furious
01-04-2005, 04:50 PM
something funny....
my dog is such a girl that when she has to go outside she runs back in and crawls into bed and puts all her paws on Monte or Brandon. Something Monte hates that I and now hes all cranky cause I *taught* our dog to do

Cristi, good reason to light more candles! We had one house that was dark and I went and bought a couple of funky small lamps,,,and lite more candles...this living room is kinda dark too...

Well I got everything packed away...10 containers now. House is a total mess,,,did dust as I went but still have alot more dusting in areas. Then vaccuuming,,,and then washing the floor,,,argh is it ever ending? I think Im going to go out and buy a pair of

01-04-2005, 05:51 PM
Hi gals!!

It's absolutely beautiful outside today!! BUT----I'm hearing that Angie & Ellen are trying to send us snow!! :yikes: Ok ok, so it's not necessarily Angie & Ellen, but Canada. That's what is in the newspapers today. I'm hoping it will just be some flurries!

Angie--You're being more productive w/putting your decorations away than I was! I put the stuff up.....who thought about dusting as I went? :lol: While you're out buying shoes, feel free to pick me up a pair also, I wear a size 6 1/2!!

Ann--Hi there! I hope you get a chance to stop in longer! Have a wonderful day.

Cristi--I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your house. (are you going to share?) I am ALWAYS thinking of ways to spruce up my house. But I don't have the ambition to go any farther than thinking! :dizzy: I am SO wanting to get this office fixed up to where I can do my scrapbooking. I received so many things to help me w/pages now that I got from James......I want room to do it!!

Jane--I got a GREAT deal on the Nutcrackers. James doesn't particularly like them, so I asked him why he lets me buy so many. He said because they make me happy and that makes him happy. What a great guy! I understand the feeling of the gloominess. I think that's why it's so much harder for me to be motivated for anything in the winter months. I'm really looking forward to spring. Hope you feel better soon.

Katy--I'm actually feeling much better today. I went to work last night not being able to hear a thing! All clogged up. As for meeting in Salem...that would be good. Not too far. (still an hour away but I can handle that) I would definately need directions when the time comes because I'm not good driving in area's I don't normally drive. We'll figure it out when the time comes and hopefully Susan will be there, but I won't blame her if she's in Hawaii by then.

Mindee--Took a look at your family photo. Brandon is getting so big! Handsome little tyke!

Ellen--Where are you?? What's been happening?? Are you stuck in the snow??

Susan--How about you?? Did you go to Hawaii already and not tell us??

All the rest of you are you all doing?

I don't have much on my agenda today besides go to work. James took a much needed day off. Too bad I don't have the day off w/him. Next time. I'm wanting to buy a book about how to manage money better. I told James that I would love to have lots in our savings by the time I hit 40! So that give us 6yrs. (boy......I don't like the sound of that! Only 6 yrs?????)

I hope you all have a marvelous day....and Jane...I hope some sunshine comes your way!

Take Care

01-04-2005, 05:55 PM
Helloooo. All this talk of water. Last nite on the news they reported that to much water while your working out is a bad thing. UGH. How on earth are we to keep track of everything. Whats good today is bad tomarrow. It makes me dizzy. :crazy: I've desided to stick to the basics. Stay away from fat and sugar;drink when I'm thirsty and keep an eye out for low-flying objects. :dizzy:

Tea Rose
01-04-2005, 08:47 PM
Hi Everyone:wave:
I guess I can't post my cute pictures anymore, that means half of my purpose for living is gone :lol: but its true. Sorry I haven't been here for a while ,I'm not stuck in a snow bank, actually I have none at all. and I'm not responsible for the impending snowstorm , , so blame Angie:lol: I haven't been feeling well for a while now, trying to wish it away ,but it seems now I have to get it checked out , symptoms suggest it may be a hiatal hernia .but thats only a guess on my part since it feels like something inside is torn and It feels like a have a lump in my upper abdomen,along with it goes severe heartburn, vomiting, persistant dry cough, and pneumonia like congestion when I eat or drink anything,Oh and did I mention severe pain in my upper abdomen and back. I really hoped it would go away , but it didn't . I have had over 15 major surgeries in my life and numerous little things including 3 car accidents, two of which were serious. Going to the doctor for me is something I don't like to do, always ends up being something, and I just don't want to hear the word operation again.Hows that for a Happy New Year Start. I have been so exhausted , first I just thought it was the holidays and decorating,but soon discovered this was different, I haven't been able to even get my house cleaned up from Christmas , and everyone is back to work ,my daughter works two jobs so she hasn't been able to help much and me I can hardly get out of bed. I made the much dreaded doctor's appointment ,for Friday afternoon so I guess I will have to wait awhile to find out whats going on, and I'm sure from there it will be being prodded and poked and drinking yucky thick goup. Hows that girls , am I not a cheery ,peice of news. Ahhh maybe she will send me home and tell me I have gas or something :lol: I hope ,I wish. I really have no news other that that , sorry , the babies went for their first checkup today, my son took them before work , turns out they are doing well , and the little tan one is a boy and the little black one is a girl ,so I have one of each, they have already doubled in size , I will post the pictures when I get them ,if I can , can I, I don't know whats acceptable and whats not, so maybe someone could explain to me please. Who has S A D , I have struggled with that for years .I have seen those lights but never got one, my medication helps somewhat, but I have been unable to take that since my sypmtoms progressed, it seems to aggravate on top of everything else I am going through withdrawl and depression. Oh I'm depressing myself more. hopefully not you girls , just don't listen to me ok. I have tried to get a quick update on everyone, I am sorry for everyone who lost friends and loved ones in that tragic situation its still so uncomprehensible . Angie ,so sorry to hear about Brandons fall , I feel so bad for him, he is going through a lot in his young life, give the boys Hugs and Kisses from Auntie Ellen whether they want them or not :lol: and nice trick by the way ,maybe Monte will insist they wear mittens :lol: Mindee how is Tommys hand doing and what was the outcome of the nurses visit today?Poor Cristi all that enthusiasm and now a downside to the paint I hear , I agree with the advise pretty lamps and lots of candles , You know what I think would look really pretty in your room a tiffany style lamp.It has that warm feeling that would lend itself to your room do you think? I hope your family got home safe and sound , Ice does scare me to when people are cought in it.Just think that its only 3 months till spring and that should take care of the ice problem, the paint problem, and the blues problem ,so smile,its closer now than it was a month ago:lol: I'm a big help huh? Hey whats this I hear about the meeting of the Oregon minds, I want to come, how come no one said Ellen do you want to come, guess you don't want me there:lol: I'm hurt and offended looks like Angie and me are going to be left out in the cold and I mean that litterally, unless of course you invited Angie , Hey Angie are you going,without me,??:lol:Hi Susan , am I still going to Hawaii with you, I packed my new undies and everthing,their pink did you hear. I don't think they are ever leaving that lingerie drawer.How are you and the girls , did you get anything straighted out yet, If you don't respond I will have no choice but to write another poem to you.Hi Jane the situation with my daughter seems to be alright,at this point. maybe she really just wasn't feeling good , I don't know, I just figured he should have called her regardless, it was New Years Eve, but as a Mother I tend to over react to these things,I want my kids happy all the time, and I am a little touchy where she is concerned ,since her last relationship. I will mind my own business , she knows how I feel and she also knows I am always here for her, what more can I do.Marti , sounds like you did well with the nutcrackers , its the best time to buy things like that, they are the kinds of things that go through the years, without changing. I only wish I had some money to go shopping for after christmas bargains, but knowing me its better that I don't,:lol: can't get the stuff I have put away this year, and anyways this is my year to groom and primp, great start I have had, I feel so depressed everyone is doing so well , starting off the year and I can't even get out of bed.Marti , thats a great plan ,for your savings good luck , savings what is that anyway sound nice,:lol: so does the by 40 :lol: I'm crying now, you went and made me cry:lol: Hi Pam there are so many varying opinions out there , they make you crazy , I am not sure how water could be bad for you, under any circumstance but I'm no Dr. Ellen , I leave the expert advise up to Dr. Katy. Marti ,have you ever seen than financial expert on tv her name is Sue , I can't think of the name of the show , but I would think any book by her would be intelligent advise, even I got that from her and I'm not to smart:lol: thats why I can't remember her name:lol: but I will find it , its my promise to you,:lol: Hi Ann good luck with your weight loss program. Hi Julie, sorry I didn't read an update on your progress, but I hope that everything is going well for you, I am sure I have missed someone, Oh Ellen get you butt out of bed , life is passing you by girl.:lol: I know I'm a nutcase but you may and I say this lightly with tongue in cheek , miss me , if my tummy needs a fixing, or maybe not I can understand that you may need a rest from me from time to time.:lol: but I'm not going yet unless they ban Me as well as my pictures,:lol: Well I need to go make me some soup or something , haven't eaten much today, to tired to open my mouth,its a good thing , all I have to do is type , cause I couldn't have talked this long,:lol: I will try and come back later, I bet you wish now that I would go back to that snow bank you though I was stuck in don't you, I know thats whats you guys are thinking. but I don't care I'm coming back whether you want me or not :lol: Marti I just remembered Suze Orman she has quite a few books out ,A few comes to mind The nine steps to financial freedom, Road to wealth , You earned it, don't lose it, Courage to be rich, Laws of money. Lessons of life, see just partially not smart,:lol: I have enjoyed watching her show many times and its not really to entertaining talking finances , but she makes it so , Maybe it would be worth picking up her book, and thats all she wrote.

01-04-2005, 09:06 PM
Happy New Year to everyone.

Just popping in really quick to say hi to everyone. We are still trying to get settled.

Thanks to everyone for the cards, I will try and get some sent out soon.



01-04-2005, 11:30 PM
Hiya ladies,

Angie - lol, I can just see Skittles putting her cold paws on the guys! Come on... you know you taught her to do that, lol. I do believe I need some new shoes, too, and a purse to match! About the Asian stuff going on, I just can't watch it anymore. I got the same way when the 9/11 disaster happened. Our birthday was awful that year, wasn't it?

Cristi - good idea about the lamp and candles. Another thing to try is a mirror or two. They will reflect the light you do have. I think the green sounds so pretty, and once you get used to less light, it'll be better, ok?

Marti - yep, Suze Orman is the experts name. You can probably get her books at the library. One thing she and other financial pros say is to Pay Yourself First. As though it is a bill that HAS to be paid, you should put 10% (or more) of your salary in the bank for retirement. Some people (like Neal) have it taken out of their checks so they don't ever see it. Neal says an IRA is a better way to save, but you need the flexiblity of a savings account, too, so try to have both. Don't you just love how I discuss the JLs with him, lol. It's safe to say all of our families know about the JLs, lol.

Ellen - so glad your DD and the kitties are doing well. And I'm very glad to hear (read?) you say you've got a doctor's appointment for Friday. I imagine you're right - they'll poke and prod and make you drink yucky stuff. But it will be better once you know what's going on. Hey, no one invited me to the Oregon meet-up, either, but since we don't live in Oregon, that could be why, lol. Which US state do you live north of? How close are you to Indiana, Oregon and Kansas?

Hi to Ann, Pam, and Kathy, too.

I ended up having a good day, after I turned on some music and lights, lol. As I've said, I'm really in a mood to change something around here. Maybe my living room border, or something. Maybe my kitchen curtains! I think I need a change of scenery, lol.

Neal and I went to see Meet the Fockers tonight. It was cute, but not nearly as funny as I thought it would be. And by the end of the movie, I truly couldn't take one more Focker joke. But it was fun to get out, even though it is still raining.

Hope you've had a good day!

Tea Rose
01-05-2005, 02:19 AM
Hi Everyone:wave:
Marti see I wasn't so dumb after all.:lol: Cristi I don't know if you noticed this on my Christmas pictures but I did a little light adding trick. My living room doesn't get much light and it drives me crazy.My other house was all big beautiful windows with sun streaming in from every angle , this house the way its facing and the fact that I am surrounded by big beautiful trees prevents the light from coming in. I find this a little difficult sometimes to live with even to the point of wanting to move , if not for the property and the lack of enthusiasm of moving and starting from scratch, I will stay. When I moved in here this house was a shell. The staircase was dark it had no windows and the front entrance was also dark ,because of this. I had to have the lights on even in the day I painted light,then lighter, and nothing helped.After a year I had the two small windows you see in the pictures put in , that made a huge difference,then I replaced the solid front door with all glass, and that also , helped tremendously. I added those two little mirrors on the wall by the front door and the light reflects off of those making the entrance even brighter, In the living room beside the fireplace I had put in the light sconces . I had two oval pictures that were the perfect size, so I took the pictures out and had mirror installed, with the center cut out to put the electrical through and had the mirrorred frames put in behind the lighting fixtures,initially when I said I wanted to do this everyone thought why??? after it was done , they said great idea, I remember when I told my son of my plan and I asked what he though about it , he just looked at me and laughed and said Mom, why do you even ask , you will do it regardless what I say :lol: true but I still asked,:lol: I can't believe how much light reflects into the room now, not only from the lighting fixture but from the window in the landing directily across from it.I am always trying to create places to bring in more light,in my house,because I am one of those people who desperately needs it. Now as a matter of fact I am trying to figure out a way to do the same in my kitchen ,which has a patio door and window but still lacks sunshine,which I want , The mirror over the fireplace helps. but not enough, so as usual to make a short point a novel yes mirrors and lights and candles help Cristi :lol: Jane,I don't know what it is once the Christmas decorations came down I went into shock,thinking of what I needed or wanted to change ,maybe paint, floral arrangements, plants ,something ,anything,but maybe I will get that change of scenery like it or not . There is so much I want to do ,paint , spring clean , empty cupboards, closets , freshen things up , but I can't even bend or lift my arms up right now,which is making me even more restless,I had so many plans for this new year now it seems to have to be on hold for a bit till I figure this all out.Forgive me I don't mean to harp on this over and over , it has just set me back a bit, and I so wanted to get going right away, so I feel a little down , actually a lot down. Hey I need new shoes and purse to ,lets all go together. I bought a really nice one a few months ago , I don't remember if I told you, the kids kept saying Mom would you like a new purse that one you have is like what 10 years old now :lol: and yes ,it was. I bought the new onei at winners it is a really nice black leather designer bad for a great price, but I find it quite heavy to carry and I haven't even put my huge wad of cash in it:lol: so I feel now like the good deal wasn't so good,and I might either have to build up them muscles or get a lighter purse ,I think thats why I kept the old lightweight one, which the kids don't know is still in my closet,don't you dare tell them its there or they will take it from me :lol: I just got the new spring/summer sears catalogue and the clothes are so pretty and colourful for the season, lots of pinks and floral prints in every colour.the shoes are so pretty to in shades of pink and turquoise ,I was getting excited looking at the clothes planning a bit for the spring, hoping I will have met my goal.Even if I spend a good deal of my time in the garden a few pretty t-shirts and tanks will do.I really like sundresses and pretty sandals ,haven't had any of those in years. Its sad how much I have let myself go, can't even remember the last time I wore a dress, and I wonder if I will feel uncomfortable now.being its been so long, since I felt the least bit feminine. I was always a girly girl, and now I feel more like a hobo. I am really depressing today aren't I. I named my kitties Maddie, and Maddox , they still haven't opened their llittle eyes yet but you can see a little teeny tiny itsy bitsy slit,they are so cute. Jane can you believe I have to baby proof my house now,:lol: Are there special pills or tonics for grandma's LOL .Jane I'm not close to any of those states I am across the border from Niagara Falls, New York.I am about 61/2 -7 hours from New York City.So if I start walking now I might get to your house in time for Christmas .:lol: Angie I am still laughing about skittles , I can visulaize it perfectly, and I like Jane believe you taught him that nifty little trick or could just be , he knows where the warm spots are on a cold day :lol:
Jane are you going to get Barbara Taylor Bradfords new book Unexpected Blessings, its out now, I pre-ordered mine months ago so I am waiting for it to come in the mail. I have been looking so forward to getting and reading this book,I am so happy that I started reading again. I so enjoy sitting down with a good book , listening to music, with a cup of coffee or tea its so relaxing.I have realized lately how many things I gave up, that I enjoyed doing.Any way I know its late and no one is listening to me anyway, I guess sometimes I just feel like rambling on and on,takes my mind of things I cannot change for the moment. I know its time for me to make my lists of things to do, I do this every few months ,and one by one I elimate the tasks at hand,I know I should probably get some sleep, my routine is way out of wack right now.I think I will make me some tea and try and read a little and maybe that will help me to sleep, I think you will know ,if you come back tomorrow and I have written a book ,without pictures I might add , do you know how difficult this is for me, all those pictures , just sitting there waiting for me,to use ,after meticulously picking them one by one, what can I say its sad devastatingly sad:lol: Ok Ladies I will leave you ,for now ,but sure as the weeds come back so will I :lol: After all that yattering I forgot to say Hi to Kathy, so Hi Kathy although I am wounded that you didn't respond to my sleigh ride request :lol: I think I will forgive you though considering the move and holidays and all but don't let it happen again :lol:Have a wonderful night although your probably all asleep anyway by now, but Hi to everyone and good night , yes I'm going you don't have to tell me three times,:lol: night all .:wave:

01-05-2005, 02:24 AM
Hello everyone… are you all doing?

We now know how big our tank baby is! He is 20lbs. 5oz. and 28 inches long!

Kate~ Yup he is growing like a tumble weed!!! He is less short and squatty like his mommy and more long and lean like daddy. But he has the true German big bones!

Jane~ I haven’t seen the new spring/summer clothes out yet. I can’t seem to find any little boys clothes, all I seem to find are the racks of girls clothes. Maybe a premonition about the sex of our next baby in the future?

Marti~ He is definitely getting bigger! He is growing every day.

Ellen~ Tommy’s hand is doing much better! It is healing up nicely all on it’s own. The outcome of the visit is up above.

Tea Rose
01-05-2005, 02:33 AM
Hey what are you doing up young lady get to bed:lol:ahh it seems like only yesterday I weighed 20 lbs and was 28 inches long , oh wait I'm still 28 inches long :lol: Next baby what did I miss something . you get out of that bed missy and get dressed:rofl: Ok I need sleep can you tell , glad to hear Tommy's had is healing well, could have damaged the nerves , he was lucky. night Mindee (((HUGS )))

01-05-2005, 11:34 AM
Hellooo,Girls. Wow,20lbs. Thats a big baby. He sure is a cutie. I see football in his future. Is Dad a sports fan? The rain has let up today and they say it won't return till Thurs so I'm very happy.I get to walk to day.Ellen, you have some babies to,how are they doing?My son is very excited. He just found out that a "Transformer" live action movie is being made. When he was little he was a BIG Transformer fan. They are the cars that turn into robots.He had a huge collection and loved the cartoons. The main hero was a simi truck named Optimist Prime. His father was a disapointment so he transfered his affection onto this charactor. I wasn't to concerned because it was a very moral hero and better this then nothing,right?We even watched the cartoons together and I could talk to any litle boy about them when most growenups had not a clue. We both still share this love for these charactors so we're very excited about this movie.Ever sence he was a baby he's loved trucks and cars. When I would ask him what he wanted to be it was a truck driver,not my first choice.So when Transformers came along he naturaly became involved. Infact he drives a truck today.Ha. :coffee2:

Tea Rose
01-05-2005, 12:08 PM
PAM. I know all about transformers and optimus prime since our sons are the same age, it was also a passion of my sons when he was a little guy , but left the truck driving to his Grandpa, who was a truck driver all his life.I know he will be also be more than excited when this movie comes out ,,considering todays technology it should be amazing.did your son also like spiderman and batman, and how did he like those movies if he saw them. My son saw them all but he definitely more into Lord of The Rings movies,now.My babies are doing fine they had their first checkup yesterday.everything is fine they have doubled in size and one is a boy and the other a girl ,their names are Maddie and Maddox ,Mom is Amelie siblings are Bri Kobi, Baby(original huh) Emma ,Baggins, Paris ,Grover,----Ty and Thor , are the out door kitties one comes in one doesn't as of yet, One bird named Galadriel and two kid who will remain nameless although they do have names :lol: I think I will go and make some coffee, haven't had any yet, can't drink much of this beloved drink right now, but I will return , and I will sit here with my big steaming cup of hot coffee,and talk somemore about nothing at all, hows that sound , where is everyone by the way still reading my 1;00 AM post, I knew know one was listening to me as I sat talking away to myself, I could get easily wounded you know,but I will save that for another day :lol: see you soon, but YOU BETTER BE LISTENING TO ME , no point of me wasting all this hot air if your not listening.:lol:

Jane is that picture ok say it is , I am suffering here:lol:

01-05-2005, 12:42 PM
Good morning! A quick hi from me today...anybody going to chat today? I am going to be home, Little LeeLee has a cold so we are taking life easy hope I seee some of you there - I'll be checking in.

Jane and Marti - I have read alot on money management over the years because our main financial goal was to be able to keep me a SAHM until the kids are in school full time, then be able to work part-time around their schedules. One book I liked recently was Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover. Very basic but good common-sense advice. I like Suze Orman's books, too. I'm glad Neal recommended IRAs, because I agree they are a good idea, particularly if your job does not provide a 401k or something like that. I save in a Roth IRA and it has more flexibility than conventional IRAs as you can withdraw you contributions at any time with no penalty, you just can't withdraw the earnings until you retire. You put in after-tax income, which is perfect for me, as I have no income! It's all my sugar-daddy....hee hee yeah right. He makes it, I manage it.. and a good thing, too I may add, as he keeps eyeing really expensive computers and other guy toys on a regular basis.

Gotta go and get a workout in before see you chickies later

01-05-2005, 01:15 PM
Good afternoon ladies,

Ellen - hey, how'd you get a Sears catalog?? I thought they quit making them! The nearest Sears store (other than appliances) is in Evansville, so I'd love to have a catalog. If there's a USA toll-free number for it, PM me, ok? About the photo - I don't know. I thought the administrators would have posted a note about it by now. I do know thumbnails will be allowed.

Mindee - I've seen spring clothes in just about every store. Maybe since I am a lot further south than you they put them out sooner?

Pam - my son also will want to see the transformer movie, lol.

Katy - sorry Leigh has a cold. So does Katie, and if that isn't bad enough, now she's got some intestinal stuff going on. Poor kid! Did you get your workout done?

As I told Katy, my Katie is home sick. And I have Mackenzie here. I'll be picking her up from kindergarten the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month until school is out. This gives us some quality time.

Not sure if I'll make chat or not, depends on if Mackenzie is up from her nap or not. That's at 2 pm here.

Have a good day!

01-05-2005, 01:18 PM
Good morning ladies~

Not in such a good mood this am, spent 1/2 the night without electricity. Thank god we have a fireplace otherwise we would have been freezing. Had an ice storm and man what a mess everywhere. It is still going on today and add some snow on top of it. I hate KS! Let's see where can I move-must beno snow or ice?

Anyway...about the mirrors, light and room what-so-ever for any mirrors on the wall. I have one main wall to put something on in the living room and don't think I would like a mirror there. I actually have a curio cabinet that has a mirrored back and a mirror by the door. Now if the window weren't above the fireplace I could put one there. Well, there is more wall space but I have things there already and don't want to change it. The big wall going down the basement is my picture wall. I did a collection of pics of the kids, and family. Still have more to add to it. Have plenty of windows tho-three in the living room with two from floor to almost the ceiling with one in between at the height of the two, above the fireplace. Since the kitchen, living room, and dining area are bascially one room..the sliding door is on the same wall as the three windows, with a big window on another wall plus a window in the kitchen so there are plenty of windows in the room(s). And the curtains are white, as are the blinds, nothing heavy except the valances-it's just so gloomy because of the weather and a little darker because of the paint. I am not even sure where I would put another lamp. Maybe have to paint again! A lighter color, just not yellow-too bright. :lol: Just kidding of course. Wouldn't V die if I were serious?! Anyway...enough about that.

Ellen~I am glad you are headed to the doc. Even if it is nothing at least you will know. Better safe than sorry. I am about headed there myself. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Wow Mindee, 20 pounds?! Little Brandon is not so little is he? They grow so fast. I'll have to go check out the new pics.

Marti~I will share pics once I get them developed and if they turned out fine. Haven't done a border yet but will soon-just have to find one. WTG on all the nutcrackers. I used to shop the after christmas sales but not anymore. Just end up buying stuff I really don't need.

Jane~glad you had a good day yesterday.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Did anyone happen to catch the football game last night? The Orange Bowl...oh, that was a sad day for the Sooners. :( USC slaughtered them. I like both teams so whoever won was fine with me but I am a little disappointed in the Sooners. Have been a fan since living in Norman-home of the Sooners. Oh well at least they made it to the bowl. Maybe next year.

Take care ladies and have a good day. :wave:

Edited to say Hi to Jane. See ya posted as I was typing away. Hope your Katie gets to feeling better. have they already got spring clothes out? I haven't been to a store other than Wal-Mart since I finished with christmas shopping.

And don't know how I missed you Katy. Hope little Leigh gets to feeling better also. I know I won't be here for chat have some much needed laundry to get to among other things. Was in the middle of it last night when the electricity went out so I have two loads I need to rewash and two more on top of it. Glad I had the chili cooked and in the crock pot last night and glad we have some laterns and lots and lots of candles.

Again ladies have a good day.:wave:

01-05-2005, 01:56 PM
Hi Ladies!!
Well Im so proud of myself!!! No snacks yet this week at all, if I feel the urge I have a couple of graham crackers before bed!!! Im really proud of myself!!!
Last night I got DBF takeout for supper, and I passed it up for a salad, now thats surprising for me....Im loving it.
As far as the doctors yesterday, all my bloodwork came back perfect, so this think this ovary issue is just gonna be the norm for me!!! So thankful that I dont have something really wrong, especially fertility wise....The doctor was concerned because she thinks Im obsessive over my weight, which I thought was totally ridiculous...Considering this size 1 doc was trying to tell me about weight loss...I mean all do respect, I know she's studied that but I dont believe you really know about weight loss till you've struggled with it..So it was kinda like a slap in the face when she told me I should try working out more!!!!UGH!!! She did commend me on the 50 pounds already lost...but then said I should lose about 35 more to get to my ideal weight, so I guess we'll see how I do..

Hope you are all doing well and trying to keep on track !!!
Have a great day

Tea Rose
01-05-2005, 02:16 PM
Cristi I put a mirror on a picture easel in my room ,that works to, not that my room is small , I just had a really nice framed mirror and no wall to hang it on,always and forever thinking of new things to do. When do we see the pictures I am excited waiting,so hurry up girl, Is you Doctors appointment routine or you got some troubles brewing in there.

01-05-2005, 02:39 PM
Back again ladies...may be here for chat afterall. I know I have things I should be doing but we have no cable and I was ready for a movie without having to dig out the videos. Not sure when we will have tv again-bummer. :(

Julie~maybe your doc has struggled to get where she is at today-you never really know. But I do doc was overweight and cracked me up when she said I need tolose weight. Ummm, yes I know this. Glad they found nothing wrong. WTG on staying on track!

Ellen~good idea about the mirror and easel. Oh, the's my arm. When I had the MRI last year they said it was arthritis but what cracks me up is the pain shifts-didn't think arthritis did that but I guess so... It is usually my right arm, wrist and shoulder and it switched to my left side and I am so tired of the pain/ache. It is constant when it starts, this time for three weeks straight. Tylenol Arthritis helps somewhat but I want something to make it stop or at least let me get a good nights sleep without tossing and turning because of it. Took Vioxx for a while but quit because the side effects scared me. Didn't have any but just kept thinking about the possible heart attack. Guess that was a good thing as they took it off the market. The cortisone shot didn't help the last time I got one and ibuprofen helps but can't take that for more than 3 or 4 days-upsets my head and stomach bad. But would rather take that for the 3 or 4 days than not at all. And also my foot-that has been bothering me off and on for a while. Not sure why but it gets so bad that it hurts to stand on it for long. it kind of is routine in that I have been to the doc so much for it (arm & shoulder).

I have got to find something to do today. Can't stay on this all day, don't feel like reading, in the middle of doing laundry and I am bored! Boy, don't I sound like the crab apple today?! This weather totally sucks! Okay, won't keep blabbing about nothing. See ya...:wave:

01-05-2005, 02:51 PM
:wave: I'm back. Yes, Eddie,my son, loves Spiderman, X-men,ect, but Transformers held a special place for him.He's still collecting them and serfs E-bay for bargins.When the cartoon movie came out years ago he went to see it and came home VERY upset because they had killed off Optimist Prime.He insisted we write to the toy company and tell them how unhappy he was.No matter how old they get the litle boy they were can still be seen.Now that he's a man he doesn't need me and we don't share as much as we did. Thats how it's suppose to be, but once in a while something comes up and we connect again like when he was little. I love those fleeting moments.

Tea Rose
01-05-2005, 04:30 PM
Talk about fleeting moments , just as I think everything is going somewhat ,well another crisis hits, Amelie who had her clean bill of health checkup yesterday , began breathing and panting really hard this afternoon, ever since she came home from the vet yesterday she has been following me everywhere and meowing at me ,I thought maybe it was a little seperation anxiety , but it turns out to be something more.It seems this is becoming never ending , I am so worried, my son just took her and the babies to the animal hospital and Now I must wait. This is all becoming very hard on me, I don't even want to think of anything bad that could happen.I just want to cry. My son just called to say the technicians have begun x-rays and blood tests on her and they will call as soon as they can put some preliminary results together. I must sit here and wait and pray,that I don't lose yet another baby. Forgive me that all my news has been so negative lately , its just if I don't let some of these feelings out I will explode, i will let you know when I hear , right now I think I will just go to bed and cry.

01-05-2005, 05:04 PM
((((((Ellen)))))) That's what we are here for.

01-05-2005, 05:49 PM
Ellen, am praying for your babies. Cats can get "colds", they call them " upper or lower respiratory infections,depending on where it's located. Hopfully this is it and they've caught it early because antibiotics will take care of it. Have your kitties had the sniffles?Sneezing or blowing bubbles?Did you get shots yesterday?My vet says never give your cat the feline aides or lukimia shots before having them tested for it first.They are live vaccines and very dangerous. Look them up on the net before you give them to any of your cats.

Tea Rose
01-05-2005, 06:47 PM
Hi Everyone
Just a quick update , got some results , Amelie does have a fever and an infection ,she will be coming home with antibiotics, they were concerned about a remaining fetus, what I didn't tell you girls is that two babies didn't make it, and there was the possibility of something being there.She is home now but not very comfortable , I am going to try some warm compressess on her tummy to see if they help ,she is sore and still panting and breathing hard. and having a difficult time letting the babies nurse . I wish there was more I could do, waiting to hear back from the vet if I can maybe bottle feed them every other feeding to give her a rest , I know nursing does promote healing but she is suffering so, and I would like her to be a little more comfortable , just wanted to update you for now, Pam no shots too young I just insisted on a checkup , since they told me that , they didn't need one if everything seemed fine, didn't like that advise much so I made an appointment to take them in yesterday. It seems that they missed the fact that she was suffering, and having difficulty breathing,I am presently in the process of changing vets as this one isn't in my opinion doing the proper care, I went through this with my Snookie to ,but thats another story I don't feel like talking about right now. anyway Amelie is home not feeling well but I wil keep her close ,I put their bed on mine , so I can watch them .I will ket you know,

01-05-2005, 07:24 PM
Running out of time (did go to chat....)

But I had to come in and say:

Ellen--Don't ever worry about coming here to talk about your babies. We all have babies at home (I have 2 chihuahua's and 3 kitties) and they are all pampered!! Better word would be spoiled.

I'll keep your little kitties in my thoughts today!!


01-05-2005, 09:54 PM

It is really hard to post. I am just torn in too many directions it seems but I wanted to say hello.
If I don't reply to everyone I am sorry. I truly can't keep up.

Mediation on Monday went so so. Mike and I did agree on a mediator. She was there giving the spill on what mediation is all about and since we had to decide on one out of 5 choices she was the one I felt comfortable with.

Mike and I chatted - this after he never returned any of my phone calls. He said he isn't working and there would be no support this month. Blah- blah.
I mentioned that before mediation he should decide on compromising on his 6 month notice if I ever wanted to move.
Because I did plan to move.
He got upset about that and I probably should have kept my mouth shut.
Anyway, he stormed off after saying he didn't care what I did as long as I left Gaby behind. As

Working on my newsletter tonight.

Having a mental breakdown. lol.........My car is fixed and I owe $500 now on the deductible. My mother backed out after saying she would help, so I was stressed on that.
I told Rocky and he never skips a beat......said he would pay on his credit card the deductible in the morning.
I cried ............he said don't. He says I am his sweetie and he loves me. awwwwww........he really is so nice to me. I will pay back 100 a month until it is paid though. It is a loan.
Doug agreed to babysit Gaby for free for a month and that will save me $400 there .
I just HATE asking for help..............hate,hate,hate it.

Feel like I am going to over burden Rocky and he will run,,,,,,,,*sigh*.

anyway- that is my update .

Weighed in at 143 today, so am maintaining - totally hungry for beans :)

Tea Rose
01-05-2005, 10:17 PM
Hi Susan
I guess we are all having a difficult time at the moment, wish it was different , but we take what we are given and do the best we can. Be thankful for Rocky's help thats what its all about sharing each others happiness and difficulties , that is what life is full of. If he runs, he wasn't the man for you , or your children, so its not the best way to start out, really what is , no one has the perfect life ,everyone starts from the last relationship .for whatever reason it ended, we all have baggage. its to bad your Mom backed out on you,I'm sure you didn't need the added stress ,but if Doug has agreed to help out and it will save you 400$ thats wonderful ,see when a door closes a window opens.Sometimes it feels like its all to much , and it does seem unfair that some people seem, and I stress seem ,to have it better than we do, but I believe that there is a purpose to this , and we do gain strength ,that we didn't know we had, and we do need all we can get , as we continue through this life. As I have always said I hope that soon you and the girls will have the life you deserve ,and that happiness is just around the corner.Keep hope alive , inside your heart , it gives you something to look towards, thats my sermon for today. Now all you need is Cristi's rendition of Don't worry be happy :lol: ((((HUGS TO YOU AND GABY AND THE GIRLS)))))

01-05-2005, 10:42 PM
Thanks Ellen.
Rocky is a sweet man. Thought I would share a post he did a few days ago on our parents club.
So blessed to have him in my life.

From Rocky:

Well here is the story on how I became a single parent. Kind of
why I am so mellow.

I wrote a letter to Kenny Loggins thanking him for helping us choose my
son's name or should I say how my son chose his own name. After
reading my
email my sister send Kenny an email and he posted them both on his

Grab some kleenex.
Letter to Kenny Loggins
Been wanting to send you an e-mail ever since I saw your concert on TV.
is when I found out that you actually read your e-mail from your fans.
I grew up to your music since I was in Junior High school in the 70's.
wanted to thank you for helping my wife and I choose our son's name or
should I say how he chose his own name.
I met my wife Debbie in Aug 1983, married her on Sept. 3, 1983. We
wanted to have kids but it was never to be or so we thought. Then
almost 10 years Debbie finally got pregnant. We were so happy, and
waited for the blessed event. Debbie had been sickly for about 2 years
before she got pregnant so I was really concerned for both her and our
Due to this the doctor considered this to be a high risk pregnancy.
Jan. 1994 the doctor put our baby on a "kick count," that meant the our
would have to kick about 20 time in a 2 hour period so we knew that it
was doing O.K. Debbie was really concerned because our baby wasn't very
active. So I put my mouth up to her stomach and started to sing
"Christopher Robin and I walked along under," and before I had finished
first verse he started to kick and move all over. Debbie said keep
but I got up went to my old record collection and pulled out my old
and Messina album, (I had to blow all the dust off it first) so I put
record on and before the middle of the first verse he had his 20 kicks
then some. So Debbie cradled her stomach and said "Well you just
your name." We didn't know if he was a boy or girl yet, but Debbie had
6 th sense and could sense the future in more ways that one.

In Feb. 1994 after going to our family doctor, the doctor became
because Debbie's heart beat was beating to fast, at 200 beat per
(normal is about 80 beats per minute). So the doctor instructed us to
go up
to the emergency room, so we went. After we got there they admitted
her and
took her up to ICU floor. Our hospital here in Hilo wasn't equipped to
handle a patient that was in critical condition and pregnant so they
insisted that they evac Debbie to a Hospital on Oahu, so she was
transferred. While there she was confined to the hospital for about a
then she was able to leave the hospital, but we couldn't fly back to
home in Hilo. So we found a place in Waikiki. She was in and out of
hospital for the next 7 weeks. Until Mar. 24, 1994 that's the day our
was born, it was the happiest day of our lives. When it was time to
the baby, Debbie wrote Kristopher-Robin. She changed the CH to Kr and
that's how Kristopher-Robin got his name.

About 4 days after Kristopher-Robin was born we were on a plane back to
Hilo. We couldn't wait to get back home, and to show all our friends
relatives our boy. It was the happiest we had been, all 3 of us living
as a

Early in the morning on Apr. 16, 1994, I heard a gurgling noise and
when I
got up the noise was coming from my dearest wife Debbie. I tried to
her but she wouldn't respond, so I called 911, and started CPR. When
rescue squad arrived they hooked her up to the EKG machine and there
was a
beep, beep, beep. After they got Debbie in the ambulance, I noticed
the paramedics were doing CPR again. They continued CPR all the way up
the hospital and continued in the emergency room. My dear wife Debbie
pronounced dead, I started to cry. I couldn't believe it. I went from
the happiest to being the loneliest person on earth. When
arrived at the hospital I just hugged and hugged him. I was feeling so
for him because he would have to grow up without a mother.

After we buried Debbie, her brother Jeff asked me if I wanted to take a
cruise down by the beach, so we did (Debbie loved to cruise by the
After the cruise we ended in the graveyard. I opened the truck door,
to get out and just before Jeff turn off the truck, on the radio, I
the beginning of your song "Return To Pooh Corner," I sat down in the
doorway and listened, as I listened I cried, and cried. You see it was
first time that I'd heard the song so you know the emotions that I was
feeling. Then when you got to the last verse, you were singing about
Again I want to thank you for the those precious memories.

I also want to thank you for you uplifting words on your web page, just
the world was starting to get to me your words reassured me. Thank you
being, being you.
Mahalo, Rocky

Kenny Replies:
Wow, Rocky!!! Thank you for your touching e-mail. May God bless you and
Kristopher-Robin. I believe Debbie is watching over you both now.
Love to you ... Kenny

Letter from Rocky's sister

Checking my email today I found one from Rocky telling me to go to your
site to read the letter he had written regarding Kristopher-Robin and
Debbie. It stirred up all those old feelings of that tragic time in our
lives and I began to sob so uncontrollably. It's been six years but the
feelings and hurt, I'm surprised, are still with me.

Rocky didn't tell you what a sweet spirit Debbie was, inside and out.
was beautiful, thoughtful, caring, talented, crazy and funny. She had
voice of an angel and an incredible smile. (Kristopher-Robin has her
She was like my other sister, not an in-law. Always the loving and
wife, she made Rocky so, so happy. He, likewise, was happy just keeping
happy. They were inseparable, so in love, and I believe even in death,
through our Christian faith, she lives on.

Ecstatic, elated, thrilled, are not enough to describe their feelings
they learned they were pregnant. Due to Debbie's health, this was a
Debbie wrote (pre e-mail days) so often to keep us apprised of their
progress. So proudly, she included Kristopher's ultra-sound photo in a
Christmas card! (I still have it tucked away with her letters).

Since Kristopher was born, she said to me "Maybe God has given me a
at being a mother." I remember crying happy tears with her over the
from Southern California and saying she would be a great mother! Never
the loss of anyone so profoundly impacted me. I can only imagine what
and Debbie's parents and family must have felt. Compounded by the fact
she had just become a mother, and that Kristopher would grow up without
that was the most heartbreaking.

I am happy to say that while Debbie is not physically with us, Rocky
kept her spirit alive and well. Kristopher does know his mother. Thanks
Rocky, Kristopher-Robin has many interests and has been exposed to a
lot for
a soon-to-be 6 year-old. He is funny, gregarious, sweet, and 'all boy'!
have always known Rocky would be a great father. I just didn't know by
circumstance. If I know Debbie, they are not alone. She is the one
the fish on Kristopher's line. She will be carrying the ball out of the
and be rooting Kristopher on from the sidelines when he's sliding in to
homeplate. We all have a guardian angel. They just have a special one!

Thank you Kenny and Julia for having a platform upon which Rocky and
others can speak from heart in a warm and friendly environment.
Love to all.... Kristopher-Robin's Aunt

from Rocky

My wife was the love of my life, my soulmate. When she died I was
devastated (SP).

Well, what are the odds of finding one soulmate in your life?

What are the odds of finding one soulmate?

Well, what are the odds of finding 2?

Well, I must say I am a lucky guy for finding 2 in my lifetime :)

Well, I pray you all can find a true soulmate in your lives one. :)

Aloha Ke Akua, Rocky

Tea Rose
01-06-2005, 01:07 AM
Hi Susan
If thats not something to have hope for . I don't know what is, It sounds like he has a beautiful spirit inside and out, and he see's the same in you , I can't think of anyone you would want, or to have your children grow with more ,than a man that so cherishs his own child and wife so passionately , it gives a greater insite into the reasons why Kristopher is so protected and cherished,by the family ,as all children should be. You have found something , a lot of us never find, thats what I meant when I said it only seems sometimes that others are better off. most would say you are the lucky one,((( sweet dreams to you and Gaby))) night Susan

01-06-2005, 01:33 AM
awwwww, thanks Ellen.
He is incredible and another sweet thing is he emailed that to me and asked if it was ok to post.
He never makes me feel like I am living in her shadow - he makes me feel just as special as what he had with her.

He really is my best friend.

k- pooped - hope to chat tomorrow.....

Tea Rose
01-06-2005, 02:17 AM
Hi Marti ,Pam , Ann
Thankyou for your thoughts and prayers for the babies, Amelie is resting a little better tonight , she is happier being closer to me than in the closet for now.She doesn't breathe as hard when I am there beside her. the babies are doing fine right now,she is still feeding them and being a sweet little mommy , I fell asleep as I waited for the vet to call back about the bottle feedings and they never did return my call, they treat these things like I am an over anxious new mom , which is not the case twice now they sent my kitties home with either a clean bill of health or minor ailments, Nisa last fall had some problems and they sent her home with antibiotics for a abscess tooth they thought the never x-rayed her mouth , and she died a few months later with cancer , I was devastated ,thinking of how much pain she was in all that time,without proper pain medication it still haunts me . Snookie was never given a clear diagnosis and after being sent from animal hospital to emergency clinics for a few weeks they sent her home saying she was improving and she died in my arms,so if I am over anxious when my kittie is having respiratory problems I have plenty of reasons,I am really sick to death of their nine to five ,five days a week mentallity, yes I know everyone deserves a life outside of work ,but in my opinion this isn't just a job ,its something you choose out of love for animals and if it takes an extra few minutes to pick up the phone to reassure a frightened concerned pet owner you do it, I don't know maybe I'm wrong, I just don't know how they treat living things with so little compassion, I am ranting again I am so sorry, I can't even write an appology without bitterness flowing out of my mouth. I am having a bad week and not being able to take my medication isn't helping to much, as you can tell, my evil twin has escaped, :lol:Well I should go back and check on the little ones,Maddie eyes are opening a little, I can hardly wait to show you the pictures, they have grown so fast, its hard to keep up ,since I have to keep borrowing the camera.I really need to get me one of those someday.Where is everyone tonight did you all get chatted out in chat today, did you girls gossip about me :lol: :gossip: I bet so. No I'm not insecure :lol: Cristi I never asked about your heat and ice problem is everything ok now, sorry I have been so wrapped up in my own problems.
Katy how is little Leigh (((HUGS TO THE SWEETIE))) and Jane how is your Katie feeling,((( HUGS TO YOUR SWEETIE TO)))) Sorry if I have neglected anyone , I will try and catch up tomorrow if all goes well , I should go my Amelie is calling me back, so I will talk tomorrow and I will try not to rant and rave, so unlady like :lol:night all

01-06-2005, 05:16 AM
Ellen~ You really haven’t missed much because I don’t know for sure. But it is looking more and more like this will be the year for Brandon to get a sibling. LOL, he will be taller then me for sure! He was lucky! We went back the following Saturday so the doctor could check out his hand, and he (and the nurse that helped out) said that his hand was the fastest that they have seen heal. I hope the little kitties are better soon!

Pam~ Yup, he is a big boy! Daddy is a sports fan. We see hockey in his future, if they ever come to an agreement! He loves to bang his head, which I can thank one of my younger brothers for. My older sister Katy would always watch the transformers cartoon in the morning while she was getting ready for school!

Jane~ I really haven’t been to that many stores with kids clothes lately. Tommy says I cost him too much money when we go into stores like that. LOL I wouldn’t be surprised if they already have spring/summer clothes out around here. They seem to have stuff out for the next three holidays before the next one even comes.

Cristi~ Keep the ice with you! Yeah, he is not so little any more! He is our little tank baby.

Katy~ I hope little LeeLee is feeling better!

Julie~ Is this doctor your normal one? Or was she your GYN? I have never been told by any of my doctors, except one and I only saw her once (mind you I was like 10 or 12), I was always told that as long as I ate healthy they weren’t worried too much about it. Mind you when I was in high school the highest I weighed was about 180lbs. So this weight that I am at now, it really disgusts me being this heavy.

Susan~ My word girl, you have your hands full! I read your whole post, and I needed to dry my eyes on numerous occasions. He is the sweetest man and I am so sorry for what all he and Kristopher have been through.

01-06-2005, 10:00 AM
Oops, don't post here - see ya at chit chat #102!