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06-24-2004, 05:46 PM
I am looking for suggestions of dance/aeorbic type videos to use at home? When I was over 300 lbs, Richard Simmons tapes were what I used for exercise. I really enjoyed them because they had great music you could sing along too and were more "dance" like than aerobics.

Now that I'm 170 lbs lighter, the simmons tapes are too easy for me and not enough of a workout. I do go the gym but I need tapes to do at home when I can't get there.

So I'm looking for suggestions... anything similiar to richard simmons but of higher intensity??


06-24-2004, 06:30 PM

Check out collagevideo.com they have a wonderful selection and you can preview them too! I hope this helps :)
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06-24-2004, 08:58 PM
Thanks, but I've tried collagevideo.com. Still can't find anything I really like.. It is either basically just exercise with music in the background or it is too much like dance instruction to be a good workout. I know I'm fussy but I'm looking for something with more choreographed routines directly related to the music.

06-24-2004, 09:03 PM
Perhaps check out the MTV workouts? I think they have a hip hop video, other than that perhaps you should look into dance classes, just a suggestion but if its more dance you are wanting I would look into classes.

06-24-2004, 11:28 PM
Take a look at Kathy Smith's workouts. While she doesn't have any that are exactly like Richard Simmons (I don't think anybody else does workouts like that), she does have a wide variety of styles. Most of her aerobic videos have interesting choreography and are good workouts. She also has a kickboxing workout and a latin dance workout. The newer ones will be better and more "up to date" than the older ones.

I'm not much on "aerobics" because I can't follow two dance steps in a row. I like Susan Powter's Burn Fat & Get Fit for that reason -- the choreography is not dancey but basic, but it's adaptable to different fitness levels and has a variety of types of movements.

06-24-2004, 11:54 PM

I have always liked Tae Bo tapes. I know they are more kickboxing but are really good high intense workouts!

I personally use Walk Away the Pounds walking tapes now.....
Hope you find something you like :)

06-29-2004, 03:39 PM
Maybe Jazzercise would be up your alley. I attended classes, but I think they have videos too.

06-29-2004, 05:57 PM
There was a really good one several years back by Donna Richardson. It was a big dance group grooving to Motown songs. I can't remember the name of it. I just went to look for it and couldn't find it. You can try looking for Donna Richardson aerobic dance tapes...those are the closest I can think of to Richard's (but probably more hip-hop nowadays) and they are more advanced. I would suggest looking at your public library or renting a tape at the video store to see if you like it. You've done great!

P.S.: I'm editing this post...I found the name of the tape...it's called Donna-Mite...it's the closest thing to Richard's oldies tapes because they dance to old Motown songs. I don't know if you can get it anymore though. :( It was made in 1995!

The Deej
06-29-2004, 08:31 PM
I'm rather fond of Leslie Sansone's indoor walking videos. I have a VHS of the Fat Burner walk 2. It's a 2 mile indoor walk + strength training workout that used hand wieghts. Only a half hour and it's very satisfying.

I've also bought the DVD + Walk Away Belt package. One DVD has a 1 mile (15 minutes) 2 mile (half hour) and 3 mile (45 minute) workout that includes reistance training with the included belt. I find it's great with the three different programs for if i have a really busy day I can do the 15 minute version or one of the longer ones when I do have more time.

06-30-2004, 12:24 AM
You should really try the firm. I have had great results from it- just like it says on the cover after 10 workouts you will visibly see results! The Cardio Sculp works best for me, but there are many to choose from.

07-30-2004, 10:10 PM
I think I have all of the Richard Simmon's videos and there are some much more challenging than others. For instance, I did "Dance your pants off" last night and it just about killed me...but then the "Blast" videos are a bit on the easy side (Disco, Latin, Mega). "Sweatin to the Oldies 3" and "Sweat and Shout" are also a bit more advanced. I did Jazzercise many years ago and am sad that they do not have the classes in my area. :(

07-31-2004, 10:36 PM
You might also consider trying DDR if you like to dance. I don't know if you've heard of it, but I'll explain.. :D

You'd need a playstation 2(~$150), a pad (~$40) and the game (~$50), so it IS a big investment if you don't already have a PS2. There might be a version for playstation 1, also, and you can probably find all of these things for much cheaper at ebay, etc.

You can also go to most arcades, and chances are they will have a DDR pad set up and you can test it for like $1 a song or something. That way you can see if you like it! It has a calorie counter, and you can change the songs, monitor your weight progress, and adjust the speed of the songs.

Basically, you dance on a pad and try to match the steps that the game shows you. There are a bunch of different moves, and it takes a lot of skill to keep up. It's very challenging, and if you like to dance, this might be something you could check out. :D

08-01-2004, 11:41 AM
I agree that the Firm is worth trying. I have a HUGE collection of their tapes, and have found that they've had the biggest impact on my figure. But for high intensity with fun I love Kathy Smith, and Karen Voight. The one that's killing me lately is Karen Voight's Energy Sprint. You need a bench step. Denise Austin has some good ones that are fun and make me sweat, but her cheerleaderish style makes me want to slap her face sometimes . . .

08-05-2004, 08:34 PM
I agree with the Firm. They are the BEST! The only thing I don't like about most of their tapes is that they are rather long ~60 mins. Sometimes I really don't feel like spending that much time with aerobics. But what a workout! You will REALLY see some changes using those tapes. I've just started back using them again and really feel a difference with these tapes, rather than what I had been using. The investment is a little much at first (for equipment) but you will use it for a while because you won't get bored and the tapes are good for all levels, even advanced!

08-06-2004, 05:27 PM
Hi all:

I'm new to this thread, but need some help. I looking for good at home videos for my stomach (especially the lower stomach), and a weight lifting as well. If anyone has suggestions please feel free to share them. Thanx!

08-06-2004, 07:09 PM
hello! i am new to this thread as well. i usually hang out in the jaded ladies forum. anyway, if you need something turn melt that belly. try taebo basic with billy blanks and pilates. both work your midsection like noones buisness. also, leslie sansone has a walk away the pounds for the abs video pack. it comes with a belt like contraption and 3 videos. (1mile, 2mile, 3mile) i like her videos because she talks about different things about diet and exercise while your exercising. i think these videos were mentioned previously on this thread but i wanted to highlight that i agree with the other ladies and they are good. hope this helps.


08-07-2004, 12:23 AM
I agree with Pilates. Pilates work ALL areas of your stomach, sides, back, everything! It is a much different workout that say crunches or tapes that involve things like that. I love Pilates because you're working on your core, flexibility and strength! Almost makes you forget that you're working your muscles! :strong: But I tell you, after the first couple of times I did Pilates, I was sore in places that I didn't know I had!! I have a Denise Austin Pilates/Yoga tape that I love because it's a good 20 mins and doesn't get my heart rate up too fast so I can do it anytime, sometimes before bed too!
Good luck!

08-07-2004, 09:48 PM
If you're looking for Donna Richardson's video Donnamite, try ebay or half.com. I've seen it at both places. She also has three other dance dvd's, brazilian dance, sweatin in the spirit and a hip hop one (forgetting the title-oh, it's Old School Dance Party.-look on collagevideo.com.

There's also a brazilian dance dvd by Vanessa Isaac that I really like. There is a clip of that one on Collage, also.

You may also like workouts by The Method, like Dance to Fitness and Afro Brazilian Cardio.

Also, have you tried Christi Taylor-check out the clips on Collage video.

Another one is Lisa Nunziella's Red Hot Salsa, or Tru 2 Form Latin Grooves with Gloria Quinlan.

If you like funky dance, try the instructor Althea-also at Collage.

Hope some of those suggestions help.

Also try the website videofitness.com-there are a ton of reviews of videos.