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Default Best Video Suggestions

Hi all! I am looking to increase my library of fitness videos and I was wondering if everyone could tell me their favorites?
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my favorite is power yoga by rodney lee great aerobic and strenght at the same time...and if yoga isn't your thing i really like the workout from Dennis austins boot camp dvd (warning...denis austin can be a bit too chipper for some...but her workout on this dvd is GREAT!
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I like Walk Away the Pounds and Dance Away the Inches series. They are both great workouts and keep my interest.
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All time favorite:

Turbo Jam: Punch Kick Jam
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If you love to sweat in a workout.. I love sweating and dancing along with Richard Simmons!! My all time fave fitness workout!!

Good luck
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I second the Walk Away the Pounds series--especially her newer ones (Walk Slim, Walk Away Your Waistline, and 3 Mile Weight Loss Walk)!
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I love the Zumba dance DVDs. They are a lot of fun and it's a great work out! If you don't want something too intense, I think that the Belly dancing DVDs by Rania are pretty good.
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I like "the Firm" videos, probably their older ones, such as "Calorie Killer" and "Cardio Sculpt Blaster" (perfect when I'm time-crunched). Some of my favorite DVDs are "Caribbean Workout" ones...the kick-boxing/step one is really a lot of fun.
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Some of my favorites-

**For strength training/toning:

Leslie Sansone Shortcuts series of dvds (lower body, upper body, abs)

Tamilee Webb's I Want That Body

**For Pilates:

Denise Austin's Matwork Pilates dvd

**For Pregnancy:

Crunch Yoga Mama

**For Belly Dancing:

Ruby Jazayre's Private Lesson Series (true belly dance instruction for proper form-it's not an exercise workout)
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Have to admit I love the Richard Simmons Sweating to the oldies.
They are fun, they keep you moving and pretty easy to do when you aren't feeling your best. The Walk Away The Pounds With Leslie Sansone is nice too.
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My personal favorites:

(probably can find at a store)
Dance off Inches
Denise Austin Personal Trainer
Denise Ausitin Ultimate Fat Burner
Denise Austin Blast Away 10lbs

(have to order)
Turbo Jam
Hip Hop Abs
Slim in 6
The Core series
The Katami series
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I love to use my aerobic step and my favorite videos are Christi Taylor, Fantastic 4 and Carol Paradise, Step by Design. They're both tough, but I don't get bored by them.
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turbo jam is a really good workout i like walk away the pound cindy next challenge is really tough she really push u to ur limits its a really amazing aerobics work out
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I love Minna Lessig's "Tank Top Arms, Bikini Belly, Boy Shorts Bottom." Kind of gimmicky in that it's the "it" dvd of the moment, but I really like it. Each segment is only 20 mins, so I can ALWAYS fit one in every morning before work, and I use each segment as my focus for the day. So if I do Tank Top Arms in the morning, when I get home from work, I'll concentrate on arms when I'm at the gym. Provides me with a good three day rotation so I allow my muscles to rest while still doing a good workout every day.
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I started out with the
Walk away the pounds series

then moved on to...
Prevention fitness Series (only the ones with Chris Freytag)
Jari love (strength training, high rep, low weight)

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