General Diet Plans and Questions - Doing your own thing-February 2004

02-02-2004, 08:36 AM
Ok, here you go ladies the next month's thread.

Good gravy, everytime I have time to post daily, you guys are quiet as a church and when I can't get back here you get all talkative!

DNW: Whoo, you did some snowshoveling job. Worked those lbs right off. Ok, I'll bite what is an "electric" shovel for heaven's sake?

Jello: Hope the pizza and cookies didn't bite you in the heiny and that you were STRONG! I totally blew it yesterday and ate like a little piggy so I can hardly say anything. It was one of those days when I just wanted to eat junk food so I did!

MRS: Most of the time I look forward to going to the gym now. Maybe because I want to get this weight off so bad and look good again. I have kind of pestered my dh about "do I look like I have lost weight" "do you think someone could tell that hasn't seen me" etc so we took a pic of me and put it next to one from last year at this time. They are enclosed at the bottom. I no longer question whether or not I look visually like I have lost, it is pretty obvious. So, that is why I work so hard at it.

Welcome to sweetmagnolia. We are all not wound too tight, but everyone is nice here even being crazy! :lol:

I went shopping this last weekend and whoopee did I have some great suprises. I am trying to get some new clothes here and there for the Vegas wedding/vacation. I almost always shop either online at the "big girl" stores or here in town at Lane Bryant or Catherines. I went into Target on Friday and bought 2 t-shirts in an XL!!! and my biggy, a pair of zip up khakis and a pair of rayon style dress pants. I haven't worn zip up pants for 30 years nor have I been able to wear non-knit pants. I know the people in the dressing room thought there was a mentally unstable woman in there with them cause she was having a conversation with herself. >>>"Ok, now be prepared, these aren't gonna fit. Don't get upset, you will lose enough for them to fit one day. Oh, my God, oh my God, they fit, you can zip them up, they aren't too tight. Ok, now the other pair don't stretch so they are probably not going to fit up over your butt...." You get the idea. I know everyone heard me, but I didn't care!

Tig: I talked to a friend who says it is so cold up there that you can't clear the roads completely of the snow on them to the pavement. I hope that by the end of the month at least most of it is gone. I no longer have "winter" clothes to wear. We will freeze to death!

Well, I gotta go. You girls all have a good day. Rainy here today but in the 50's. Tomorrow back to the 30's again.


02-02-2004, 10:16 AM
Greetings from Pennsylvania - just across the state from Punxatawny where that little groundhog saw his shadow this morning and predicted 6 more weeks of this weather. :( Grumble. Yeah, well. The cold will preserve me and make me age more slowly, yes? :^:

So GO PATRIOTS!!! What an exciting game ... with or without Janet Jackson's, uh, entertainment. Of course, I was at the VFW with lots of other people and lots of food and beer. :sorry: I was not such a good girl and the scale says so this morning. :eek: I did take some bottles of water and drank most of them during the evening so I guess I did better than I would have. But still.... Oh well. It's a new day, right?

Boss is here and in quite a mood this morning. :mad: How on earth can a grown man be such a baby!?! :bb: Oh, had my review on Friday, can't remember if I told you. I stood my ground. I spoke my mind. I got it all off my chest. :encore: Not sure if it'll do any good whatsoever but I'm feeling so much better about it. Last night, I actually got a good night's sleep and didn't dream about this place!

Of course, I did dream that I got on the scale and it was really good news! :yes:

Then I woke up. :no:

Ah well.

Faye, good job in getting us started on a new month! It's February and just that much closer to spring time. And I see that Ash Wednesday is in Feb. this year (the 25th). Time to start thinking about what I'll give up for Lent, I think. :chin: Maybe staying COMPLETELY on program!

And maybe I should start practicing now. ;)

Have a good Monday Funday all!

02-02-2004, 11:25 AM
Darn it! I sure was looking forward to an early spring. Need to have a talk with that groundhog. I'm already tired of winter and I live in Houston so I can just imagine what you in the North are going through.

Have a great day, will catch up with you all soon.


02-02-2004, 11:58 AM
Going to make this short and sweet, lost two post already this morning trying to post here. Ughh.
Faye, Awesome job Girly!
Welcome, SweetMagnolia, are you from the South or just love the tree?
MRS, I started the new February Exercise challange, it's a good tool if you need motivation to exercise. Invite open to everyone.
Huntress, so glad to hear from you, hope you will be back more often.
Jello, so what was your boss' response to your conversation?
Back later.

02-02-2004, 12:07 PM
Hi. Monday Funday. So, where's the fun? I have a sick kid home from school and weather forcast of snow, sleet, freezing rain, topped off with a couple more inches of snow tonight. :dz:

Jello, Good game last night. I cheered for NE. What I heard about Janet Jackson...Justin did that to prove he wasn't dancing with Micheal. :^:
Funny thing, I didn't even notice. I'm not much of a Janet fan and guess I was zoning out. :dizzy: I did like the budlight/dog commercial. What can your dog do? :D

I pretty much ate everything in sight and starting fresh today. Monday Freshday. Nah, not a good ring to it.

Faye, congrats on the new clothes. :high: I keep telling myself it would be cheaper to loose the weight for me since I have more clothes that are too small than those that fit.

Did anyone stay awake for Survivor? I tried. :tired: Hope they air it again.

Well, the sick DS who claims to have a stomach ache is hungry. Duty calls.

02-03-2004, 01:57 PM
Allright, am I not paying attention? Did everyone go away on vacation? :dunno:

Sick kid back at school today. I think he was more tired than sick. By last night, he was running laps with the dog...expending all that energy he built up during the day laying around watching cartoons. Unfortunately, the laps were IN my house and I wanted to ring his little neck. Seven year old boys. :devil:

Huntress, geeze...Houston poor thing. :s: My aunt just flew in from Garland. She's getting a real treat with the weather here. :fr:

Hope eveyone is having a good time on vacation. :doh:

02-03-2004, 02:41 PM
Hello, ladies - it takes me a couple of days before I realize a new thread is started and that's why there are no messages ... duh!

Faye - a fabulous job, the pictures really tell it all. Congrats on the new clothes as well.

I am sorry to say, I was not good for the past few days - in fact I was horrid. What have I been over-indulging on - ITALIAN BREAD and real butter. Ate a whole loaf in the last 3 days except for a few slices my husband managed to grab. As a result, I am bloated. Back on track today.

It's raining now - hope it washes away the snow that's still hanging around. 56 degrees this morning so that should help.

Boss is in for awhile - Jello, want to trade? At least we'd have someone different to make our lives miserable.

02-03-2004, 02:52 PM
Yes Tig, I'm lying on the beach with a whole line of drinks with pretty little umbrellas in the glasses. Oh and Iím in a size two bikini too! Okay back to reality, working in this dump of an office and freezing from the knees down. I donít have to worry about getting a tan on my right leg as it is cooked to the bone from my electric heater while the left leg has ice hanging off it. Have I mentioned that this old building has no insulation! Maybe it was WHINE I was having instead of mixed drinks. Ha

Nothing going on here, started putting out a little fertilizer until it started raining, weíll gear up again when itís dry enough to get over the fields. Going to get my monthly haircut after work today. Iím trying to let it grow out enough to be able to wear a pony tailÖ. My hair dresser laughs every time I say that Iím going to let it grow.

I didnít get to see Survivor the other night, donít guess they will re-run it, anyone heard?

Jello, I got my pay raise, after the increase in our insurance Iím bringing home a whopping $2.07 more a week. Sure hope yours is better, oh and I had a perfect evaluation.

GeeWhiz, guess Iíll go have some more WHINEÖÖÖ. :lol:

02-03-2004, 03:34 PM
:D Big Cheese! We have posts!

Semo, Survivor is being replayed tonight. I'll be watching, considering what I did see the other night was with one eye open. :dizzy:
On the beach with a line of drinks.... :cloud9: I could really go for some intense sunshine. I need to remember to at least sit in the window to feel the sun on my face...if it ever comes out again.

Quilter, gotta laugh about not realizing there was a new thread. I do that.
Just how did that evil Italian Bread get in your house?
That's where my efforts break down...letting it in the house to begin with.

I'm suppose to be typing a science paper for my oldest son....

02-03-2004, 03:47 PM
Hello all. Haven't been able to check in. Just too busy. :mad: Geez, I hate having to work instead of being a millionaire that can just lay on some sunny beach with rows of drinks with little umbrellas in them in my size 2 bikini....

Oops. Sorry. Someone else's fantasy there. Ah Semo, it's a good one! But how sad am I that I have to steal someone else's daydream? :sorry:

Tiger, to answer your question, the boss disagreed with just about everything I said in my review. :p Jerk. Know what though. I don't care! I got it all off my chest and no more being stepped on for me! He claims that he only yells at me because I'm his right-hand and he feels he can confide in me, etc. Big dumb dummy bozo..... Rant rant rant.... Oh whatever. At least he admitted he'd be lost without me. :smug:

Meanwhile, some good news. There MAY actually be raises this year! Hey, I'm grasping at any ol' straw here. Don't know exactly what they think they're waiting for though. :rolleyes:

Faye, I did well during the pizza/cookie attack last Friday. :yes: Unfortunately, since then it's been pretty darn ugly. :no: I'm going to weigh-in tonight (in the sleet and freezing rain :( ) and I'll bravely face the music. Just gotta keep picturing myself on Semo's beach there. :cool: Yeah, that's what I gotta do.

Gotta run. Big dopey dummy bozo jerk is coming. Whew! I'm winded!

02-03-2004, 04:13 PM
OMG, I'll have to run through Wally World to get home in time to catch Survivors. Everytime it starts up, I say that I'm not going to watch, but I'm addicted! If I weren't afraid of big water (not swimming pool) I think I could be a Survivor. My mother's brother died in a swimming accident and I guess she instilled that fear of water in me. You should see me when I'm really at the that toe out there checking to make sure I don't step in a BIG HOLE. LOL

02-04-2004, 08:53 AM
Toe out there checking :lol: I'm not real fond of "not touching bottom" myself. You should see me with my boys in our pond. I don't even know why they want to swim in it. It can't be too much fun with ME. Don't go over there. Get back here. Stay by me. Can you touch?

Hmm, are raises in the air? I keep telling DH he needs to ask. They don't just hand them out at his place. Of course, it's easy for me to tell him to ask. Vision of me going into his workplace asking for his raise....

Is it just Semo and me watching Survivor? I managed to stay awake last night. Tina got the boot. I don't feel too bad for her since she already won once.

Today, shopping. :D I'll make sure to look at everything so I get in lots of walking. :p

02-04-2004, 10:05 AM
Well, girls, last night's weigh-in wasn't great. :( But I guess it could have been worse. I was only up half a pound. :^: And you know what? It gave me more incentive to really work hard this week. So here's my very short term goal: count points and write them down, drink at least 64 oz. of water a day, Curves 3 times this week and treadmill or walking the other days, keep myself busy over the weekend so I'm not eating for 48 hours straight....

What have I missed? Well, I'll start with those, I guess.

Weather has cleared after a full day of rain and sleet yesterday. Roads were a little tricky this morning but it's supposed to go up to 42 today with lots of sunshine. :sunny: Hope it melts away some of that white stuff. And the sun is not a moment too late. I was really starting to feel cold and gray myself. Anyone else here suffer from seasonal emotional problems?

:flow1: Think Spring!! :flow1:

Watson's going to the vet tonight for his annual shots and poking and prodding. Poor guy. He hates it so much. And I'm sure the vet will say he's overweight. Yeah, yeah. Where've I heard that before? :rolleyes:

Gotta run. Hope you all have a great day!

02-04-2004, 05:35 PM
Jello, my cat weighs 22 pounds. You know what the vet says about that. However, he really doesn't eat that much - he also sleeps 20 hours a day. Wonder if I could somehow apply that to me - no exercise = fat? Anyway, Cupid is a Maine Coon Cat and they can get up to 30 pounds.

How did the Italian Bread get in my house - it was brought in by a man who said I didn't need to eat it but he wanted it. So I had to eat most of it to keep it from going to waste because he only ate a little of it then left it unattended and crying on the counter.

02-04-2004, 06:47 PM
Hey all!

Faye - Lurvs the pictures - they tell the whole story. Congrats on your progress up to this point!!!

I wish I had checked in yesterday - I could have told my friend in CA that I'm shipping the survivor epi to that it was showing again! Oh well, maybe she caught it. I'm going to have to ask her.

Jello - Yes on the winter blahs. But I'm standing up behind my tanning booth strategy this year. I've gone twice a week since the beginning of January and so far, I feel good. Tuesday and Friday or bust! My family is all going to Hawaii next week and I'm not... and I'm not even depressed about it! I know this because if I was depressed, I would have said "death, or credit card debt?" and charged it regardless of the consequences! But I didn't, and I'm honestly OK with it, so far.

Mom and Dad are going for 2 weeks and SIS, BIL & DNephy are meeting them there for the first week.

It's a tempter. DNephy who is 6 wants to be a volcanologist so they are all going to explore Kilauea (sp?) Did I say that before?

OK, they are keeping me busy here so I gotta run.

Hugs around!

P.S. - with enough of those umbrella drinks, I wouldn't even care about the size 2 bikini!! Line 'em up by my lounge chair, anywhere in the sun by the ocean.

02-05-2004, 09:02 AM
Hey ladies! I have been having a horrific time with arthritis since Monday so I have been persona non grata. Sat in a chair wrapped in a blanket and read all day yesterday. For you readers, it is a great woman's book, Angry Housewives eating bon bons. I laughed and cried all the way through it.

Man, size 2 bikini, well the bottoms would fit over ONE of my boobs probably with most of it being covered anyway! :lol: The drinks sound good, but booze is awful fattening ya know. Wonder why that is??????

We are getting pounded with rain big time today. I am going to the gym today if I have to limp there and do 5 minutes. I have missed 2 days now and I can't miss more.

Jello: So being his right hand gives him the right to YELL at you? BOLOGNA! Men are such pigs when they are in authority over women. I had an attorney I worked for that brow beat every secretary he had. I did all his filing and he tried it with me, I told him to $%^&*#@ and he and I got along after that. In fact, the last time I went and visited people at the firm, he ran out of his office, gave me a huge hug and KISSED me! I guess he liked the abuse I fed him all the time.

Well, girlies, I need to get started on my morning chores and get some breakfast in me. Something good not junk like I have been eating the last couple days.


02-05-2004, 09:58 AM
Ladies, once again I'm asking for your prayers. My best friend's daughter got married in November, just found out she was pregnant a week ago, and her new husband died yesterday - only 32 years old. A real tragedy.

Have to get to work before HE gets here!

02-05-2004, 10:49 AM
Susan, how terrible for you friend..........prayers going up for her and his family too.

Faye, we got snow last night but raining now making a good slush everywhere. Hope you are feeling better today.

Guess I'm lucky having the boss that I do, he's pretty darn good to me. Since I'm the only female that he's every worked with and he lives in an all female house, he's pretty easy going. I tell his wife that she and the girls have made it easy for me! She's pretty rough of the poor fella.

Survivors on tonight, who are ya'll rooting for?

Guess I'd better get going.

02-05-2004, 11:46 AM
Susan, my prayers go out to your friend and her daughter too. I sometimes wonder why things like this happen.

Faye, yeah, I sometimes think the same about my boss as you do. :mad: Then again, maybe he doesn't mean to be a jerk - he's just stupid. What I mean is, he just doesn't know any better. If I were to someday be someone's boss, I'd use my personal experience to be a good and kind one because I know what it's like to work for a jerk. For example, the old *itch here used to bother me and I'd lose sleep over her rantings and harrassment. But I've come to realize she's getting older, has lost her professional edge, she's insecure and unhappy both at work and in her home life. (Rumor has it that her husband doesn't always ... uh ... shall we say, sleep in his own bed.) I can't feel anything for her but pity.

.... well, usually. ;) Sometimes, I just want someone to knock her off her high-horse and stomp on her head. :sssh:

Cafe, there's a couple of gals here who swear by their weekly (bi-weekly, tri-weekly) trips to the tanning booth too. I admit that it's tempting. But for now, I'll stick to my strategy - drag myself out of bed in the morning and, by the time I leave for work, every single light and half the TVs and radios are on. Just trying to keep things bright and "alive".

Hm, my electric bill probably costs more than the tanning salon would! :lol:

Nah, I'm still likin' Semo's beach with the little umbrella drinks idea. Yep, that's it. I'll just have to quit my job and move to my own tropical island. What'd you say guys? Wanna come? I'd never kick you guys off my island! :lol:

Reality check. Count to ten and reopen my eyes. Nope. Still here. :(


02-05-2004, 12:02 PM
Susan: Can we get the young woman's first name? I would like to put her on a couple of prayer chains. The more prayers the better I always say. I promise to diligently pray for this young woman. You can pm me her first name if you don't want to post it. Thanks, Faye

02-05-2004, 01:02 PM
Her name is Tanya. I just spoke with her mother a few minutes ago and he had a massive stroke! Unbelievable in one so young. Her grandmother died the week before Christmas so they were still recovering from that. Hopefully everything will be alright with the baby.

02-05-2004, 09:32 PM
Sorry I haven't been in all has been really busy at I really didn't want to discuss my weigh-in last Saturday. I was back up the 2 pounds I just lost....AUGHHHHHHH....I believe it was the diet coke binge I got caught up in. I know there are no calories, but the stuff is full of sodium....causing (my theory anyway) water weight gain. The good news is that by yesterday, I was back down 1 pounds....and crossing my fingers for Saturday.

Love and prayers go out to Tanya. I certainly hope she has a strong family/friends ties to give her strength to face the future.

Faye......woohoo! great pics there, girlfriend! I have a lot of "before" pictures to choose from.......still working on the "after" pictures. Maybe I will just take your picture and put it on my fridge for inspiration!

Jello......condolences on the jerk boss. I can't imagine the stress and headaches he causes you in a days sure you need this crap?

I don't think the Pennsylvania groundhog has any effect here in Michigan.....we get 6 more weeks of winter whether he sees his shadow or not. The weather report tonight is called a 'winter mix'.....freezing rain and up to 3" of snow...just another day in paradise.

Semo.....just checked out the exercise challenge and thanks for the invite. I will have to calculate my minutes.....starting slow and easy, but moving it nonetheless!

Laundry calleth......have a great weekend, ladies! :wave:

02-06-2004, 09:53 AM
OK, I'm officially fed up with winter! :mad: Sleet and freezing rain this morning. A little snow mixed in for good measure. Temperature just at the freezing mark to make a nice slushy, frozen mix. Great for margaritas - not so good for driving. It's gray. It's ugly. It's darn cold. I'm not happy. :(

OK, I've vented. Sorry. At least I can say TGIF, eh?

Found myself possessed at Curves last night and worked extra hard. :strong: Felt so good! There's one woman who works there and she's a real cheerleader. :cheer: It's always fun when she's on duty.

Quilter, your friend's daughter is still in my prayers. It's going to be hard for her but with loving support, she'll get through it. I wish there was more that I and others could do for her. :grouphug:

MrsRD, yeah, I've learned to just laugh at the boss when I should get angry or cry. Well, I don't actually laugh AT him, just behind his back. :devil: It also helps that everyone in the company knows what he's like and think that I'm going straight to Heaven when I die. :angel:

Well all, I've got to go. Only 8 hours until the weekend. :lol: I'm making a list of possible projects for both Saturday and Sunday to keep me busy and out of the kitchen. If the weather warms a little, tomorrow will be clean out the garage day. Oooh. Ahhh. Do I know how to live or what? :queen:

Have a great weekend!

02-06-2004, 10:49 AM
Good Morning and Happy Friday! Thinking about taking off at noon again this Friday. Not much going on, so if the boss is going to be here I might as well split. I'll use comp time for working New Years Eve, don't want to use my official vacation days. Next January I'll get three weeks vacation instead of two, woohoo!!
Anyone do scrapebooking? That's one thing I said I wasn't going to do, well youngest son's girlfriend gave me a scrape book for X-mas and well you know the rest of the story. I've bought a bunch of die cut cutesy stuff from ebay and am going to try and start this weekend doing a few pages. I've got pictures stuck everywhere and need to go through them anyway. My problem with any hobby/craft is that I feel I can't start until my housework is done.........see a problem with this picture............tha's why I buy all the stuff and never get to actually do any of it. :(

02-06-2004, 11:24 AM
Jello: Spring will come sooner or later, just hang in there!

Susan: Prayers are being circulated even as we speak for your friend's daughter and family.

SEMO: I am a BIG scrapbooker even have a weight loss scrapbook I started January 2003 and do a page for every month. I also have baby scrapbooks for ds and dd, one for grandson, a general one for all family stuff, a ballpark one where I do just the baseball parks we have visited and my dd and I are doing this beautiful one for my future dil for a wedding album...DD took me to the Michaels close to my house and they have the MOST fantastic stuff there. We found this beautiful yellow album for the wedding album with like daisys etc on it and it has matching paper for it. We are getting her husband to contribute a letter to her, one from her mom and one from me to put in there. Getting Jay to write a letter is going to be like pulling teeth, but I am going to threaten him! The Michaels we have in Indiana was crappy with regards to scrapbooking stuff. I don't buy Creative Memories stuff because it is too expensive and I can get the same stuff at other stores. Hobby Lobby, if you have one is another store that usually has a pretty good selection of stuff.

Keep the Brucia family in your thoughts today. What a horrible consequence. Jack and I were discussing it last night and he said, "Honey, this guy is not talking and most likely he has already killed that little girl." How I wish he had been wrong.

Take care everyone and have a good day!


02-06-2004, 01:16 PM
Hey all!

Oh, Jello! I turn everything in the house ON too! DH has finally learned to let me do it and quit complaining about the electric bill. He can live in the dark when I'm not around. It keeps me "up!" I don't care what it costs.

I don't have much to add to the discussion today. I'm afraid I'm a little distracted and self-absorbed since I learned that my favorite boss (I've got a few bosses, but he is the special one) is leaving. Same company, better job, different state. Still, it's good for him, good for his family, and fine for me. I've got my own life. Silly, but I get attached to people. :shrug:

Other than that... it's FRIDAY! woo hoo!!!

Happy trails - hope you all have a great weekend.

02-07-2004, 08:11 AM
7AM Saturday morning. Got to head off to Curves in about an hour but thought I'd pop in and say hello. Hm, interesting how much easier it is to get out of bed on a Saturday morning than on a weekday. :) After Curves, I'm thinking it's house-cleaning day. Rich is going in to work (the dummy :lol: ) so I'm going to clean the inside instead of the garage as originally planned. Too cold and gray out there anyway. So instead, just some general straightening up and maybe scrubbing the kitchen floor - it needs it. And if the floor is wet and/or freshly waxed, I can't go in there right? ;)

Hm, maybe I'll have to go wax the local Burger King's floors too. :rolleyes:

And the pizza place. And the taco place. And the bakery....


02-07-2004, 11:46 PM
Semo......I found this quote recently that might help solve your housework vs hobby/craft dilemma:

"Begin doing what you want to do now.
We are not living in eternity.
We have only this moment,
sparkling like a star in our hand -
and melting like a snowflake.
....Marie Beyon Ray

02-09-2004, 08:42 AM
Morning ladies!

MRS: I watched a program last week and the lady was talking about diet myths and how to avoid them and one of the things she really harped on was staying off the scales. She said we bounce around everyday depending on our bodies, water retention etc and she said it is fine to use the scales as a tool, but to quit depending on them. She said a better thing to use is good ole tape measure. She said, inches not lbs are a better indication of whether or not you are losing.

Jello: Get all that work done? I am halfway done. I am doing the downstairs today. We have a netflix account and my movies came in Saturday so I sat around and watched all of them instead of cleaning the downstairs.

Ok, ladies, your opinion please. My son and his fiance, both have their own homes. They are registered at Bed Bath and Beyond and I think Target, but I am thinking of doing something personal for her for her shower. I thought a nice pair of diamond studs for her wedding and a gift card to Victoria's secret to get those honeymoon unmentionables, what do you think? They have so much already with them having homes already set up that I thought it might be nice to get her something personal for her shower and then their wedding gift something for the both of them.

Well, I need to start on those morning chores, the first of which is to dump the Hershey cake I baked yesterday. I got bored and made this beautiful cake with ganache and the whole nine yards, but if I keep it I know I will eat it so out it goes! (I have no one to give it to or I would give it away)


02-09-2004, 09:50 AM
Monday Funday? Not. More like Monday Yuckday. :p Yeah, I know it doesn't rhyme but....

I'm in a p*ssy mood today. Don't know why. Must be a hormonal thing but I'm catching myself snapping at people already today. Yeah, I blame the hysterectomy. :sssh: Gotta blame something. Can't be sweet lovable me! :angel:

Oh, I'll try to snap out of it. :crossed:

Faye, I like the earrings and Victoria idea for the shower. As for the wedding, well, I'm guessing gift cards from Bed, Bath and Beyond and/or Target is a good idea. That way, they can get what they need, whenever they need it. When my niece got married last month, they got $$$. Always a good gift. I arranged bills in a very artistic way (if I do say so myself) in a picture frame. After they get the money out, they can still use the frame.

MsRD, loved the quote! I'm making a copy of that! :)

Well, I got a lot done on Saturday. Must have been up and down both sets of stairs at least 100 times! I was pooped. Never did get the kitchen floor cleaned but the rest of the house looks pretty darn good. :cool: Then I spent Sunday out spending money. Also very exhausting but a heck of a lot more fun.

Fun ... funday ... Monday ....

Nope. Still doesn't work for me.

Ah well.

02-09-2004, 10:33 AM
Good Morning Ladies. Faye I like the idea of the earrings and the gift certificate. What about a gift certificate for a weekend get away for the wedding gift?

MsRD, loved the quote, but if I did that I wouldn't go to work, or get much of anything else done at my house. :lol:

We went to see Mona Lisa Smiles Saturday night, must say I was disappointed, DH and I were both let down.

Jello, are you doing the harmone replacements? I tried getting off mine not long ago and when one of the fella's here said something to the effect that I sure was getting "Touchy", I got back on them. Later found out that you aren't supposed to guit "Cold Turkey".

Hope everyone had a good weekend, gotta get payroll in.

02-09-2004, 11:55 AM
Monday F-f-f-funday! LOL.

Well, gals, all I can say is it's good to be alive. It might be gray outside and not much brighter inside, but there's a 3-day weekend coming up and that's got to be a good thing.

Not much to say today - just trying to get motivated.

Hey, how about a water challenge today! Everyone fill up those water bottles and report back when you've got your water in. Yes, you can report success tomorrow if you'd rather. But do it! Drink that water today! Good, bad or just plain blah there's no excuse not to drink.


02-09-2004, 01:24 PM
Cafe: We only have to report what goes in not out, right :o :D :^: I'm game. I keep track of my water everyday anyway so it isn't like I have to do any kind of new math or anything!

Jello: It is February, cold, snowy or rainy and EVERYBODY feels crappy so it is not just you. The majority of the country has had rough weather this year. Sometimes, we just feel the need to snap and just hang in there as it will pass and you will feel back to normal.

Ok, I walked around the house yelling at myself this morning. I talked to myself in the mirror, I chastised myself, and told myself last weeks eating was not acceptable! I DID HOWEVER TOSS THE CAKE FIRST THING! I got on the scales as Monday is my personal weigh in day and the thing jumped right up there so it is back to square one for me. So far so good today.

Oooh, I like that weekend idea but my son works every Saturday so it might be tough to get off within the time allotment. I have some good wedding ideas so I am working on them. I know one thing, I AIN'T ABOUT to take a gift on the plane! We have decided to fly instead of drive because the prices went down and we can get a direct flight out both ways. The wedding reception is at Tony Roma's so I hope they don't have it right after the wedding. I don't want BBQ sauce on my good dress and knowing me to the boobs it will fall first thing!

Well, gotta go


02-09-2004, 03:21 PM
Cafe, ma'am! Water all in for the day, ma'am! :drill: Actually THANK YOU!! I read your post and picked up my water bottle and chugged it down. I have this water bottle that's an odd size. It holds about 3 cups and that was my third refill of the day already. So I've gotten in 9 cups, not counting the refill that's sitting on my desk now and not counting the can of caffeine free diet Pepsi I had with lunch. :cool:

And, just for Faye ... I've made 5 trips to the ladies' so far. :lol:

BTW Faye, good job on giving that cake the boot! :cheer: Now if I'D given a chocolate cake the boot ... I'd be licking my boots afterward. :rolleyes: Seriously, score a big one for YOU!

And I don't blame you for not wanting to take a gift on the plane. Security is tight with things like that. They've been known to make people unwrap wrapped gifts. Just too much hassle. But you sound exactly like me when it comes to, shall we say, messy eating. I never wear light colored clothes if I'm going out to eat and never eat anything involving tomato sauce or gravy if I do get caught wearing something light. And still, I feel like I'm wearing a bulls-eye on my chest. :o

Semo, I'm not doing HRT. The doctor basically said that unless the hot flashes and other fun stuff get to be too much, I don't really have to. And I'd rather not. There are a few over-the-counter things out there I might try if it gets too bad. But mostly I'm a happy camper. :D Even feeling better today. I took a couple minutes and stepped outside the side door earlier. It's sunny and almost 45 degrees out. A little chilly in the wind but it's still amazing what the sunshine and fresh air can do for the brain cells.

I gotta run. Trying to get lots done today and tomorrow because I'm going to an all day seminar on Wed. and it's scary how things pile up while I'm gone. Still, it'll be nice to get out of the office for the day. And the seminar is up near where mom and dad live so I'll probably get a home-cooked meal out of it too! Do I know how to pick 'em or what?


02-09-2004, 05:44 PM
PLEASE no potty reports! OK, I guess Jello doesn't count. ;)

Well I'm on the 2nd half of the water today. And I'm feeling more motivated, so there! It's not too late in the day to start over, either, for anyone who hasn't posted.

Faye - let me second that "ATTA GIRL!" on the big cake Adios. Not sure I could have done that unless it wasn't very good. The word ganache turns my knees to... ganache. ;)

Today I walked through the local department store and they've got a big display of a new perfume called Island Dream, or something like that? It smells like you're laying out on the beach in the sun and spilled a tropical drink on yourself. SEMO, I thought of you and all your little umbrellas.


02-09-2004, 06:08 PM
Just a quick check in before I leave, I did get in about 40ozs so far. I'll get another 40 or so when I get home. Exercise makes me thirsty. heehee...... Cafe, I'll have to look for the perfume......

02-09-2004, 09:36 PM
Evening all......a relatively quiet day at work today, so it is kinda nice to come home relaxed!

Faye - :bravo: You dumped a chocolate cake? I am in awe. We had a half pan of brownies left this weekend, so I cut them up and put them in the freezer......keep your fingers crossed that I can keep them there! Grandkids and I made Valentines cookies this weekend.....and I sent them all home with big packages of them.

I think you are right about weighing in too often......maybe I will cut it back to once or twice a month. The thing is.....when I do lose a pound or two, it gives me such a lift and it is easier to 'behave' for the next few days.

Semo - I got off my HRT last year, but did it veeerrrrryyy sloooooowwwlly. Doctor had me go to every other day for a couple of weeks.......then every third day for a couple weeks, etc etc. I think it must have taken me 6-8 weeks to wean myself off them entirely.

Cafe - Water tally: I drank 6 cups of water during the day, plus another 12-oz on the commute to/from work. Also 2 mugs of tea, a large glass cranberry juice at dinnertime......and probably some more water between now and bedtime. I know water is good for there a rule of thumb as to how much we should have in a day? :chin:

Got to get some housework done tonight
Later ladies!


02-10-2004, 10:52 AM
Good morning!

MsRD - Good question re: how much to drink. Seems like the experts are arguing about it these days. :rolleyes: I try to get at least 48 oz. of plain water a day but shoot for 64 or more. I'm still a water believer, rolling with the idea that the brain is mostly fluid so it makes sense to drink. Need all the help I can get. :yes:

And I'm proud to say that I got my water in. I needed something EASY to strive for yesterday. Holey cow! It just started to snow again. I didn't expect that - it's probably just a little shower.

It's almost time for my light therapy, too. I'm glad I don't have to go outside to get to the little salon. :hyper:


02-10-2004, 10:57 AM
MsRD, you drink all that water during your commute!?!? Now "I" am in awe of YOU!!! :o I have to be very careful when I drink what. I know every rest stop on every freeway up and down the east coast. :lol: Anyway, good luck with the brownies. That's probably what I would have done with them. And then hope they get "lost" waaaaay in the back of the freezer.

The Weight Watchers program recommends 8 glasses of water a day, I think. People usually think of a glass of water like a big ol' 12 or 16 ounce glass and then panic at the thought. But WW means 8 8-ounce glasses (that is 8 cups) of water and that's really not so bad. Half a gallon a day really isn't too hard. And half of those ounces can be diet caffeine-free soda or tea or coffee without sugar and cream. I think that's the rule. Me, I usually do at least 64 ounces of water in addition to any tea or diet soda or whatever.

Cafe, sorry. :sorry: Actually, I misread Faye's post and thought she was saying we SHOULD report "in" and "out". :lol: And being the good little order-follower that I am.... :coach: Hey, I'm just following the rules.

OK, if I keep up with the "theme" of this post any longer, I'm going to have to make another trip to the potty! :rolleyes: And no one needs to hear any more about that, eh?

Meanwhile, it's weigh-in day and I'm thinking I'll do OK. I've given up hoping for big ol' 2 or 3 lb. losses each week. Don't think that's ever going to happen any more. I'm just going to be content as long as the scale is moving in the right general direction, even if it is "only" 0.2 or 0.4 lbs at a time. :^:

Yeah, that's my story....

Lots of work to do so I'd better go. Hope you all have a good one!

02-11-2004, 01:04 AM

I got in 80 on Tues and 64 today. As for how much, believe it or not the experts suggest 1/2 your body weight each day! D*#& I would seriously be in the bathroom every moment if I had to do that!

Actuallly the cake was scrumptious and that is why it had to go! Jack won't eat chocolate cake so it would be mine to dispose of! I made us a nice lowfat blueberry crisp instead.

DNW: Just for you! Thought you would like to know Jack had a cardiology appt today and the results were way fabulous. He is down 27 lbs, his cholesterol is 120 (20 pts lower that what they consider good) his tryglicerides are 160 and they like you to be at 150 or below, but she said it is possible it will continue to come down and that genetics play a big part in it so he may not get much better but with the cholesterol being such a great number he is fine. Said his pulse was 68 and his blood pressure is 107/74. She said his heart had a good strong beat and good rhythm. His good cholesterol is a little low she said but his bad cholesterol which is 60 is phenomenol for someone that had a heart attack in November. We got new 90 presriptions so now it will only cost us $30 per 90 days for total meds instead of $30 a month. Can't beat that! (I must be doing something right with his food, thank goodness!)

Well, I should go to bed. I had gone to bed and was asleep and the dog jumped on top of me and scared the heck out of me and I pulled a muscle in my neck! :lol:


02-12-2004, 08:44 AM
Is it Friday yet? :dizzy:

Faye, how's the neck? Not funny, but is funny the dog caused it. My dog always decides to bark like someone is here when I'm in the shower. Talk about pull a muscle.

I finally took the pedometer I bought a month ago out of the package. I'm not convinced it is accurate. Is it suppose to count EVERY step? It's from Target, and it wasn't the cheapy one. :shrug:
I have a case of the "blas". Bla, bla, bla. I think I need sunshine and a warm summer breeze. Instead, single digit temps and chance of flurries. Bla. :dz:

Hope everyone is doing great! :wave:

02-12-2004, 09:36 AM
Good morning! A busy week here so no time to post. I thought the following might be of interest to you since heart disease has taken its toll on our members' families.

As part of their campaign to educate women about cardiovascular disease, the AHA recently issued new guidelines to help women take control of their heart health.

The AHA advises women to:

Quit smoking.
Participate in 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise, seven days a week.
Eat a heart-healthy diet. Limit saturated and trans fat, and increase fiber and vegetables.
Maintain a healthy weight.
Increase consumption of omega-3s and folic acid.
Seek treatment for high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
Avoid hormone therapy post-menopause for treatment of cardiovascular disease.
Avoid antioxidant supplementation to prevent heart disease, as this has not been proven effective.
Avoid routine use of aspirin except in high-risk cases. (High risk is considered a greater than 20 percent risk of having a heart attack in the next 10 years, or a diagnosis of heart disease. See your doctor if you are concerned.)

Have to run but more later.

02-12-2004, 10:48 AM
Hello ladies!!! La-la-la-la-la..... :) And how are we today, hm? La-de-da-de-de.... :) How lovely to see you all! La-de-da-la-de-da.... :)

Hm? Oh me? Why yes I am in a good mood, why do you ask. :lol:

Oh nothin'. Just talked to the boss, that's all. What's that? Oh, yeah, I got a HHHHHHUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! raise. Did I mention that?

Pardon me while I dance.... :cb: :cb: :cb:

Ahhhhhh. So, let's recap. Weighed in Tuesday night with a 1.8 lb. loss. Went to a seminar yesterday that was really great and was so fired up this morning that I've pretty much convinced the boss to buy this $700 software. (Photoshop - fun fun fun software for ME.) Oh and then this.

A little more dancing ... :dancer: :dancer: ... and then I'll go. Not even this overflowing in box can get me down today.

P.S. Oh yeah. My brother emailed me a family photo from my niece's wedding and I look sooooo skinny in my black dress. :D

Does it get any better than this?

02-12-2004, 10:54 AM
Congrats Jello! Money and weightloss! And fun software! That does require a lot of dancing. So, um, you are going to share the photo w/us aren't u?

02-12-2004, 11:38 AM
Jello, if I PM you my email address will you send us a copy of the picture? We wanna see ya.

02-12-2004, 02:50 PM
OK, but just remember that you guys asked for it! In case you care, from the left: ME :cool: , bride's mom, bride's dad/my brother, bride's sis, happy couple :) , my mom, my sis, my dad, my "baby" bro. (My other bro couldn't make it to the wedding.) BTW, yes it is a B/W photo. Don't ask me why.

Hm, now that I think of it, the seminar I had yesterday was on Photoshop. I should probably "fix myself up" a little for I let you guys see this. :lol:

Now let's see if this works...

02-12-2004, 04:24 PM
Hey, Jello, you're looking good - WW and Curves must be working for you!

02-12-2004, 05:05 PM
What a nice family and quite the cutie you are.

02-13-2004, 11:11 AM
Happy Friday the 13th............oh my :dizzy:

Happy Valentines :) DH and I bought a treadmill :tread: and that's our :) Gift to each other and will go out for dinner and a movie...... same as every weekend.

Nothing much to report, left early yesterday and got some stuff ready to list on ebay. It's really time consuming so I hope it will sell.

Gotta run, have a great day and sweet to your sweeties.

02-13-2004, 12:06 PM
Friday the 13th :fr:
My youngest son was born on a Friday the 13th. The doc asked if I wanted him to try to delay the birth...yeah right...Owen was born on noon that day.

Jello, nic pic. I love black/white photos. I've taken some sepia prints of my boys that are my favorites.

Faye, weather report for end of next week has us hitting 40 degrees! So, maybe it wont be the frozen zone when you make your trip if the trend continues.

I just got home from sorting/handing out carnations at the elementary school. For a fundraiser, the kids order flowers for each other, teachers, parents. I always tell DH not to get me flowers for Vday. I'd rather spend the money on something that lasts new shoes. :p

One the diet front, I'm on the "nausea can't eat diet". Got bad news concerning my dad's cancer this week and my appetite is gone. Nibble here and there and trying to drink my water. Not a good way to lose the weight I know.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend! :df:

02-13-2004, 01:01 PM
TGIF all. And I mean that sincerely.... :rolleyes:

Tiger, I'm sorry to hear about your dad. Hang in there and know that we're all here for you. We'll help in any way we can. :grouphug:

Semo, GREAT V-day present! :yes: No one needs flowers and chocolates (especially chocolates!). Rich bought me another cordless phone and base for my basement workshop so I don't have to bound up the stairs if the phone rings while I'm down there. Very "romantical". :love:

Quilter, thanks for the compliment! But you know, I was looking at the photo and thinking about how OLD I look! How'd that happen? :?: I guess that's just another price I pay for not wanting my picture taken too often.

Well girls, looks like Rich is going to be working all weekend again so I'm left to my own devices. As long as I keep too busy to sit and eat, I'll be fine. But I think he's a little worried about the house. I've promised nothing more sinister than some paint and/or a few nails in the walls but we'll see, won't we.... :devil: Oh what kind of mischief can I get into.....???

Stay tuned. :s:

02-13-2004, 03:30 PM
Jello - you look just mah-velous darling! :) Glad you're having such a good Friday to top off the week.

Tiger - I am sorry it is bad news! I wish there was something I could say to make it better. Hang in there. {{{{{{hugs}}}}}}

Sheesh boss is lurkin'. How did that man get here with such poor timing in everything? ;)

02-14-2004, 03:26 PM
Yeah, Saturday afternoon. Spent most of the morning running errands and getting, oh, pretty much nothing accomplished. But it was too nice out to stay inside and clean like I'd intended. Yeah, that's my story. :D

It's supposed to go up to almost 50 degrees today but there's a wind that makes it a bit chilly. Don't care. At least it's sunny. :sunny: Tomorrow the high is supposed to be something ridiculous like 22 so I'm living it up while I can.

I bought a computer DVD (spent an obscene amount of $$$ for it) at the seminar I was at on Wed. CANNOT get the :censored: thing to run no matter what! :mad: Guess I'll have to get the local, friendly 'puter geek in to take a look. Good thing he lives here. ;)

Well, I've got to get back outside and refill some empty bird feeders. Stupid squirrels think they're birds and eat it all. I own only "squirrel-proof" feeders and I've learned one thing.....

Ain't no such thing as a squirrel-proof bird feeder!!! :headache:

And it doesn't help that the next door neighbor loves to feed them peanuts and corn and keep them in the area. Every year I dig my garden and find buried nuts all over the place.

Oh, speaking of that! I've noticed some buds starting to poke their little heads out of the ground in my front flower garden! :flow1: Can spring be far behind?????

Hope you're all having a good weekend!

02-16-2004, 11:52 AM
So where is everyone? Happy Monday Funday!

I guess lots of you have today off. Not me. Holiday? What's that? :?:

Rich worked all day Sunday as well as Saturday and I spent the day feeling pretty sorry for myself. :cry: What that means is Jello ate and ate and ate and ate...

... and ate...

... and ate and ate and ate.....

Well, you get it. :eek: Not pretty.

Trying to get back on track today but it's tough. It's Monday and it's cold and I just don't wanna do anything at all. :yawn:

OK, enough whining. Hope to hear from you guys. :^:

Sittin' here (im)patiently waiting for springtime...

02-16-2004, 01:22 PM
I'm working today, DH is off. Sigh......... Don't want to be here, not sure what I would be doing if not working but I bet it would be more FUN. lol

We went to see "50 First Dates" cute movie. Nothing exciting to report, just wanted to let you know that I am here. (:O)

02-16-2004, 03:06 PM
Hi, ladies - we're working today as well. Had about 4 inches of snow yesterday evening but it's all melted now. I had high hopes for a day off. At least there's little traffice - that's from so many military being off today.

02-16-2004, 08:58 PM
:) Hi Ladies!

It has been sooooo cold here, with gray's enough to get one down in the dumps! Then, for Valentine's Day, DH chucked his plans for the day and we went for a drive....out to a little Amish town near here, full of shops and stuff to see. It is amazing how a little change of scenery can make such a difference! Maybe I will be able to make it to springtime after all!

Quilter - Thanks for all the info in woman's heart health. Education is the first step in solving problems.

Tig - I have tried your 'nausea diet'....and it's not a good thing for anyone. I'm sorry you received bad news.....wish there was something one could say or do to make it better. In the meantime, you must force yourself to take care of you.....others will be depending on you and you have got to be strong.

Jello - it is good to hear some good news finally! A loss and woohoo! do you ever look great in the photo! Guess I will have to add you to my 'inspiration' list!

02-17-2004, 11:17 AM
Tuesday Funday? No, it doesn't work. Just tyring it on.

OK, so nothing much to report here. Got my hair cut - spur of the moment yesterday because I was walking by the place. I'm glad to have got rid of some dead weight - I think we took about 8 inches off. Maybe that will help inspire me to get rid of some OTHER dead weight?

Other than that... sorry to those who had to work yesterday.

02-17-2004, 04:57 PM
Pop'n in so I can keep up with my reading. :p
Not feeling very "posty".
Thanks for the hugs concerning my Dad.
I'll be back. :wave:

02-17-2004, 05:28 PM
Pant, pant, pant. Huff...puff.... I'm winded. And not in a good way. ;)

Just really really busy today but I wanted to stop in and say hello.

HELLO! :wave:

Now I gotta go. Last minute project in the works again. :rolleyes: And then I'm outta here to go get my hair cut! :) Yay! It soooo needs it.

Talk to you all later! Smooches!

02-18-2004, 09:24 AM
Wanted to let you chickies know that DH is getting satelite internet hooked up at the house today and I might be MIA until he gets me trained again. :o

Not much else to report. Dad getting more tests, trying to decide if they are going to continue treatments.
I went on a cookie binge. I don't know how I can go from no appetite to a bag of cookies? :?: But, my head is feeling a little straighter today and hope to do better.


02-18-2004, 11:20 AM
'lo there ladies. It's a little gray, foggy and relatively warmer here in the great white north today. Shhh! It's that kind of day where noises are a little muffled and if I was a mouse I would stay in my warm nest.

But I'm not a mouse! So I've got a strong, black cup of coffee and I'm sipping it on the 15th floor and feeling not overly inclined to dive into the next project.

Not a darn thing interesting to add so I'll just give all a friendly wave and pass by on my way back to work.


E.T.A. - Tiger, didn't see your last post before I typed. I'm glad you're feeling a little better! {{{{{hugs}}}}}

02-18-2004, 11:27 AM
Ah Tig, Big, BIG, BIG HUG out to you. Our little group has had a lot of health issues that our loved ones are going through. DH and I spent the biggest part of the night at the hospital, BIL is in ICU and will have to improve a lot to just get to a stable condition. Please remember him. We should all remember that we should take care of ourselves NOW, and not wait until we are having health problems. I've got on my FAT jeans today and they are tight in the waist........ not a good sign.

Gosh everyone's getting haircuts, wouldn't you know it, just when I decide to let mine grow........... It's starting to BUG me.

Everyone's in meetings today so I'm covering the front and watching tv. heehee.

Have a good one.

02-18-2004, 12:00 PM
huh, didnt think i would be able to get back in there today. satelite hooked up. not noticing any difference. :shrug:
Semo, I'm growing my hair too and it's making me CRAZY! I've got the bangs down to my chin...basicly no bangs anymore. The back is the same length as the bangs except with layers. Still unable to "ponytail". :( I want to ponytail one more before I feel I'm too old.
Satelite guy still here...gonna zip outta here before he comes back in.

02-18-2004, 03:29 PM
Everytime I have loads of time, no one posts and when I am busy I come back to tons and tons!

Jello: Gorgeous! You do look wonderful! I promise to reciprocate with a pic from ds's wedding. Only 51 days to go! Congrat on the big raise. I have to say I dislike photoshop. We have it on our computer but Jack bought a program called iPhoto Express and it is really easy to manuever around in, crop, resize and such. I think Photoshop is kind of difficult, but then considering the dumbie that uses it!.....

Tig: I am so very sorry the news on your father is not better. Prayers coming your way for you and your family. It is 62 degrees here today and expected to reach 70 tomorrow so PLEASE PLEASE melt the d*&%$ snow and warm it up in SB before I get there next Friday! My sister called over the weekend and said it was like zero or something so I go out to buy a winter coat as I don't have one anymore. Well, no coats anywhere so I end up with a blue men's Land's End down jacket which I think makes me look like a frostbitten Michelin man! Jack says I look great, but this is the man that thinks I look sexy even with my SharPei skin, big boobs and butt! At least I will stay warm up there.

Had the cat neutered and declawed last Friday. The antibiotics gave him the runs, he refuses to use the newsprint style litter all the time because it isn't sand like, decided a nice spot to start going was in Fortune's expensive dogbed, which getting the urine out of the sponge was H-E double hockey sticks. I took off the lambswool cover and cleaned it, then decided the lesser of 2 evils was to let him continue to go there instead of somewhere else in the house, so I cleaned the sponge really well and Febreezed it several times, then laid a layer of puppy pads down on it to soak up urine and then old towels. That is working fine and we only have two more days and then he can go back to his regular stuff. They changed his antibiotic so I am hoping he will "firm" up too! Like having kids all over again. One thing is he has really really calmed down without his you know whats. He used to prowl all over the house at nice meowing to beat 60 and now he sleeps!

Well, I better run. Have a great day ladies.


02-19-2004, 01:42 PM
Tiger, just wanted you to know that the UAV is no more. :cry: We had to have it towed this morning (from where it stopped running on the way to work thankyouverymuch) and the mechanic says it's had it. Something inside the engine or something. Rich is actually there right now cleaning all his stuff out of it. I just couldn't quite face it. :stress: Too sad to watch it "go to the bone yard" as Rich puts it. Sigh. :sorry:

On a more serious note, Tiger, I'll be keeping your dad and YOU in my prayers. Let us know what's happening.

Faye, I got my Photoshop in yesterday and have just installed it. Haven't had time to play with it yet but I'm excited. I've used an old old old version of it and can't wait to try the new bells and whistles. :twirly:

Well girls, I didn't get to weigh in on Tuesday but like a good girl I went last night. Up :censored: pounds. But I'm trying to get back on track, I swear. :crossed: As usual, the weekend will tell.

I've been interrupted half a dozen times since starting this post so I'd better go. I'll be back when I have time for important things like this without these yo-yo's bugging me. :s:

02-19-2004, 03:50 PM
Jello, awww, poor UAV. Have you already looked at new vehicles? Ya know, Ford has a new "concept bronco" on display at the auto show. I have no idea if it's going into production. I'm in trouble if it does. :devil: Bronco fetish. Worse than foot fetish.

My dad is getting a throat biopsy today...then more tests/results over the next couple weeks will decide what the next move to fight this lung cancer will be. He's strong, positive and absolutely amazing dealing with this. I don't know how my Mom even gets out of bed in the morning. She's right by his side. Both of them still go to work...only missing for doctor stuff. Me, I'm the crybaby child. :bb: Too much free time on my hands to ponder. I need a job. :shrug:

Kids will be home shortly. Better go figure out what they are having for their after school snack. Youngest has school lunch at 10:30am. The kid is ready to eat the sink by time he gets home. :wave:

02-19-2004, 04:35 PM
Tigerlily, your parents are in my prayers.

Jello, maybe you could put the old SUV in the front yard and make a planter out of it - then it would always be near.

Well, my boss sheepishly came to me and said I need to get the office set back up that he just had me dismantle last month so we could rent it - seems we aren't downsizing after all, we are hiring and the new guy starts Monday - with me on vacation Tuesday thru Friday. God knows what he'll do because I have to teach the database and stuff hand how we do things. I would have thought he'd have him start on March 1 since it's only a week later...dumb me. And he told me to get a quote to get eveyone a new computer. Does this sound like we are retiring anytime soon? I really don't want to for at least 4 years so hopefully we'll keep on that long.

Jello, I got Dragon Speak 7, Professional Version for the boss. We are having fun learning it since he only has 2 minutes a day to do it.

I'm so ready for Spring - I really want to get out and get walking again but it's still a little too cold for my asthma. But I know Spring is coming - tree allergies are starting!

02-19-2004, 05:54 PM
Hi all, I'm trying to be consistent in excersizing this month, but I'm not consistent at anything really, so we'll see how that goes. I'm also TRYING to count some calories for the first time in my life...not because I didn't need to, but because I'm lazy! :o So wish me luck will ya? I'm trying not to get discouraged......
My beautiful daughter turned 2 in January (I'm always a little behind can ya tell?) I told myself on her birthday that I would NOT be a fat mommy. I started walking that day, and have been fairly good. Problem is, I'm not seeing anything happen....not completely true. I do feel better and have some more energy, but I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT!!! :)
We had our family pictures taken right before DD b-day and I HATE to have my picture made. I swore to myself I would lose as much as I can in 6 months and have mine taken with her again in July.....I'm not getting very far so far. I need something to jump start it I guess, any suggestions?
The weather here is trying to shape up, but to be cold again this weekend, oh well :p
Well I guess I'll get ready to go walk....almost done with another day at work. Wouldn't be here if money were no object !!! heeheeheehee :D Take care all......

02-20-2004, 09:16 AM
Loribug, you've already learned what you have to do - eat less and exercise more. Exercise will not cause you to lose weight by itself unless you are doing way too much of it. Walking keeps your metabolism humming and gives you energy and burns a few calories. Try drinking more water. If you can't get into it all at once, do it one meal at a time. Concentrate on a healthy breakfast and when you have mastered that go on to lunch, etc. Do each one for a week and at the end of a months you'll be well on your road to losing weight. Losing more than an average of 1-2 pounds per week is not healthy. Hope this helps!

02-20-2004, 11:03 AM
Happy Friday, y'all.

Tough one for me. Had EMOTIONAL pms for 2 days and today aunt flo hits. The streets are full of slush and wet, heavy snow is falling down. Boss coming into the office today to pack up and say goodbye. Skipping his farewell gathering b/c of a small wedding I need to attend - to which I will have to wear a dress that is far too lightweight for the conditions - and that's not speaking of the cute shoes I will ruin. To top it off... woke up to a broken hot water heater! I was risking hypothermia just washing off the important parts - we are talking about some COLD cold water here in the frozen north.

I think I'm going to go and cancel my tan because I'm not feeling as fresh as I would like. :p

02-20-2004, 11:10 AM
Well, girls. About 4:30 yesterday afternoon, the boss had me get him plane tickets to fly to Boston TODAY. Hey, let's not wait until the last minute or anything. :rolleyes: Fortunately, I was able to do it (let's hear it for e-tickets!) and he's gone today. :D Now once I dig through all the :censored: he left for me, I'll be able to play around with my new software.

Quilter, LOL!! I already made the planter suggestion. :lol: He was not amused. Men. No sense of humor....

Tiger, yep, we've looked around a little but I guess now it's become very important. Now we have to practice talking to car dealers without looking too desperate. :^: The bad news is funds are a little tight at the moment. The good news is that he's not being too terribly fussy - "I WANT A BIG TRUCK", etc. All we really need is a nice, used sedan - front wheel drive, preferably automatic, not too terrible a color, etc. We're looking this weekend.

Loribug, it's like Quilter said, sounds like you've got a plan. Count those calories and move that body! It's the best way to fight this weight loss battle. :strong:

That said, I'm going into the weekend with yet another plan to keep busy and stay away from the proverbial cookie jar. I've given Rich orders to help me stay in line and crack the whip :o if necessary. I want to dump those big ol' ugly pounds that somehow tracked me down this week.

Yep, it's the pounds' fault. Couldn't have been all the junk I shovelled into my mouth. Simply couldn't have been MY fault.... :sorry:

Have a great Friday all!

Edited to send this to Cafe .... HUG!!!! {{{Cafe}}}

02-21-2004, 10:30 PM
Happy Weekend All! :bubbles:

Been kind of a quiet week on the diet front......eating (or not eating - depending on how you look at it) was ok - room for improvement, but acceptable. I hurt my foot last weekend......bruised? sprain? have not been exercising like I should. I know, I know, with a hurt foot, I could still be doing situps.........but I'm weak.

Loribug......we all go thru it...wishing the poundage would just melt away....reality sucks, girlfriend! If you need some support.....go to the forums message boards here at 3FC. Just read some of the posts and you will realize that you are not alone.....and you may pick up a few tips along the way.

Tigerlily......((((tig)))......hugs and prayers for you and your family.

Quilter.....walking sounds so wonderful right now. I am up to my forward flange in winter here. We live out in the country, so there are no sidewalks to walk on......and there are still drifts of snow back in the will still keep up with the indoor exericise for a while yet.

Faye.....sorry about the cat problem.....hehehe. I have 2 cats, so I know what you are going thru. We have an old old cat, who, I swear, is senile.....and sometimes misses the litter box (probably can't remember where it is). We got a new kitten this summer....who thought the litter box should be under the couch for the first month. :nono: Yikes! Anyway......Woolite has a spray that will take care of the worst of it and save your happy home.
Have a great weekend!

02-22-2004, 10:21 AM
Congratulate me - I'm a new mommy. :bb: 1999 Ford Taurus - low mileage, great condition, good price ... well good price after we "dickered" a little. We pick it up after work tomorrow. We bought it about 10 minutes before the car dealer closed yesterday after spending the day going from car place to car place, looking, test driving, trying to get rid of pushy salespeople and getting more and more discouraged. :tired:

In fact, here's something really interesting. The only reason we stopped at this particular dealer was because it was next to a Home Depot. And the only reason we stopped at the Home Depot was because they had a ladies' room. And the only reason we needed to find a ladies' room was because Jello really really really really had to P! :stress: And I had to go because I was drinking my water like a good girl! :angel:

See? So if you drink your water, you'll not only lose weight but you'll find other things that you seek. :wizard: (That smilie is supposed to be me wearing my "oh great and wise" hat, OK?)

Anyhooo, I'm relieved (and not just because Home Depot had a ladies' room :lol: ). And Rich is very happy with the way the car looks and handles, etc. Darn thing has more bells and whistles and cool features than my 2001 Tracker! Hm....

Well, I've got to go. Lots to do - laundry, empty the dishwasher, vacuum the carpets. Oooh, ahhh. Hey, gotta do it today. Tomorrow, I'm gonna be driving around looking cool. :cool:

Well, if I can wrestle the keys away from him briefly. :s: Talk to you all later!

02-22-2004, 01:06 PM
Hi guys, happy weekend! The weather is much more great than I expected today, and I'm sitting at this computer WHY? :dizzy: Hmm good question, but I just wanted to say hi to my new friends.
Faye...funny thing about cats, as soon as you think you have them figured out they'll spring something on you! We have 4 (yes four) house cats, and they're all different and all do some crazy stuff expecially when I really don't want them to. Your boy will straighten out a bit after he gets better, but don't expect him to keep sleeping all the time....I'm afraid mine sleep all day, and then at about 4-5 in the am decide that is time to rumble. I swear I thought they were killing each other this morning, and then all came running in to the bedroom as fast as they could go, b/c our bed is homebase you know!!! then went running back out just as fast, but somebody didn't make it through the door, but into the door, loudest crash ever. I actually got up to make sure he wasn't dead.... :p Its like having a house full of 2 year olds, and I have one of those too!!!! I've been around animals my whole life and they will always keep you guessing!!!
thanks for the support guys....I believe I'm going for a walk OUTSIDE!!!!!! talk to ya later!

02-23-2004, 01:31 PM
Ahh, the days of cat ownership. Our last cat found a new home after he wizzed on a new sofa. I really do like cats, just can't live with one anymore.

Jello, we must have the same "vehicle Karma". We traded in my '99 Taurus on DH's new truck. Your's isn't Tan, is it? I liked mine. DH just needed...wanted...a new truck and I didn't want two car payments so the Taurus went byebye.

I just got home from grocery shopping. My only weak moment resulted in a half gallon of chocolate milk following me home. :p Later this afternoon, I'm going to wash grapes and peel oranges so they are ready to go! But for now, I'm heading downstairs to the storage room. New shelves and containers begging to be put to use. :cb: Lift, Bend, Stretch...

02-23-2004, 01:40 PM
Lori - Good for you! You get outside and get that walk. Loved the cat stories. I'm a cat girl too. My boy cat is yowling a lot lately for no good reason except that it's winter and the balcony is too cold for his taste. I threatened to get him a kitten if he doesn't stop.

I'm SO much better after a weekend. Also, I took a long hot shower over at the gym (what a concept!) before the wedding on Friday and by the time we came home at night hot water was back in season- so all is good. And ya know what? There is only another month left of winter. OK, I admit I have seen April snow the last 2 years in a row, but I'm looking on the bright side here!! Besides, April snow doesn't count because you know it's just for play not for reals. So only a month to go - woohoo!

Hey, anything gets a 'woohoo' on Monday Funday! :lol:

OK, so I'm off to check my latest query and see if it will satisfy my boss. Can't linger but just wanted to give you all a "Hey ya!"

02-23-2004, 06:02 PM
Yes - it's finally here! Mid-Atlantic Quilt Fest starts Wednesday. I can hardly wait. I did not have a good weekend, food-wise. Seems like periodically I just go crazy and can't stop eating. Back on track today. I would lead a demonstration to get weekends outlawed, but that's when I do the bulk of my quilting so can't have that. My problem is not eating junk - it's eating too much of good things.

02-24-2004, 10:25 AM
Hey girlies, how is your Tuesday going?

Jello: Are you going to send out "adoption" announcements? Are we obligated to buy a gift; steering wheel cover, floor mats, Armour All? :lol: Glad you found something reliable to get you where you are going. Scary when you are driving something that isn't. Had that trouble for years and years!

Tig: Three days and I will be up in your neck of the woods. One of these days I am going to make sure I have enough time to get together with you. I don't even have enough time to go down to my mom's grave this time (she is buried in a little cemetary out in the country in Argos). I went and bought this big ole coat and now it looks like you guys are warming up!

Lori: Butterscotch is doing fine now. At least he is not catterwalling (must be where the term came from, ya think) like he used to at night. It was awful, he would prowl around the house looking for nooky probably! :o He sleeps in bed with us as does the dog so we are this big happy family. I am certainly looking forward to this weekend, no dog or cat for 3 days in bed with us. Romance is almost comical for us, toss out the dog, toss out the cat and listen to them meow and bark....Does effect the mood! :^:

I have an eye appt in just a little while so I guess I should go and get cleaned up and dressed. I am doing really well with treadmill work at the gym. I go 2 times a day when Jack goes and once a day when he doesn't. I really LIKE the treadmill and didn't ever think that would be the case. I went this morning with one of my oldies, "Singer and Songwriters" cds and the second song was "American Pie" so you know that took me through a good third of my workout! :lol: That is one longgggggg song!

Everyone have a great day. Susan hope you have a spectacular time at your Quilt Fest thingy. Sounds neat!


02-24-2004, 04:23 PM
Man oh man. Just got the boss off to the airport FINALLY! Thought he'd never leave! I guess the good :?: thing is that it's snowing here and I convinced him he'd better get going. :devil: Whatever.

Tiger, actually the Taurus is beige - close enough!

Funny story. We were just about to leave to go get the car last night and an email came in from Rich's mom. It said, and I paraphrase, "Son, your dad and I have decided to get a new car and wanted to know if you wanted the Explorer." That is, they were going to GIVE it to us. As in free of charge. :eek: Some people are insisting that we should have called the car dealer and cancelled the whole deal but we decided to get the new one and let his parents get some money for theirs. But, oh what timing! :rolleyes:

Faye, glad kittie's feeling better. I would guess that it takes a few days to recover from "that" surgery. :o But they usually feel and behave so much better afterwards!

Quilter, have a great time at the 'fest! :D

Cafe, you're right. April snow doesn't count. And the stuff that's currently falling here isn't sticking to the roads so it doesn't count either. :P Now if it starts freezing later as the temperatures drop, that's a different story.

But I'm off tomorrow! Mental health day. I simply cannot decide what I'm going to do with my free day but I'm taking it anyway. :smug:

Better go and finish up so I can get outta here at 5. Hope to be able to check in with you tomorrow. Weigh-in tonight :crossed: so send good vibes!

02-25-2004, 09:36 AM
Hump Day. And it's a tall hump! Hope the ride down to Friday is easy. :dizzy:

Jello, wondering what you are doing for your mental health day. How was weigh-in?

Faye, weather is improving here. Suppose to get into the 50's Friday. :faint: The only drawback is all the mud that comes along with it. Bring on the green!

Quilter, you make me want to quilt. I have two old sewing machines that have been given to me. Evidently, I'm not the only one that thinks I should sew. :p I have a fantasy of making quilts for my family for Christmas.

Does anyone know anything about the weightwatchers online program or the at home kit they sell?

I'm off to run errands...

02-26-2004, 10:41 AM
Hey all! Remember my story about how we found our new car because we stopped at the Home Depot so Jello could use the ladies' room? Well....

Yesterday, I decided at the last minute to go to Delaware Park and play the slots for a while. So there I was, just wandering around, playing a few machines here and there, having fun :yes: but not winning :no: . Finally, I decided I should just go home - I've lost enough of the grocery money for one day.

Well, I was actually at the door but then I thought about the hour-and-a-half drive home and thought I should use the ladies' room quick before I go. So I went back in and on the way to the bathrooms, I saw there was no one at this machine that I'd played and won at before so I thought I'd throw a $20 bill in....

... and I won $250! :D Got my money back and then some. :cb: Not bad for a couple hours' work.

OK, so add that to the 2.8 lbs I lost at my Tuesday night weigh-in and I'm a happy camper. :encore:

Girls, I highly suggest a day off mid-week just to do whatever comes to mind. :cloud9: I'm thinking I'm going to do that at least once a month. Didn't get the housework done that I'd hoped but .... well who the heck cares!!!! :devil:

No boss today :s: but I've got a guy coming in at 10 to try to sell me stuff. I hope he's a good salesman 'cause I'm feelin' ornery. In a good way. And lookin' forward to a warm (OK "warmER") weekend. Time to start thinking about gardens and flowers and such. :flow1:

Have a great day everyone!

02-26-2004, 01:35 PM
Jello: Congrats :cheer: on your win and the weight loss!! It's nice to come back and see you here, and as funny as usual.

02-27-2004, 01:45 PM
Okay so where is everybody? Was it something I said?......

02-27-2004, 01:57 PM
Hi Dyan! It's been on 'n off busy 'n slow around here lately.
How are all those kids? Have you been OP lately?

I'm trying to clean house for guests coming tomorrow. I'm not making too much progress and can already see myself running around the house like a chicken with my head cut off in the morning. :dizzy:
I'm gearing up to start WW. I guess I'm going to do it on my own to begin with. See how that works for me. Monday is going to be Day One.
I guess that leaves me open for cake and icecream at the birthday party this weekend. :devil: I know, I know...I wont over do it.
Messy house calling my name.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

02-27-2004, 02:57 PM
Tig: The kids are fine. Getting on my nerves, every chance they get, but I love 'em. I was holding my baby (Zoey ~ 2 months old now) last night and thinking about how lucky we are and she is. I got a morbid thought in my head, about all the poor children that were screaming their heads off, because no one's feeding them, holding them, or caring for them. All the children that were being abused. I got tears in my eyes and then on the 11 o'clock news there was a story about a teenage boy killing his girlsfriend's 22 month old daughter. That kind of stuff really gets under my skins and deeply saddens me. I had to change the channel quick. But on a brighter note, I am doing well OP. Slowly but surely I'm working on it. It's all about the baby steps. Trying to walk 3 miles a day, but haven't quite got there yet. I am up to 2-2 1/2 miles.

Like you I should be cleaning. We're having a birthday party for Lucas (he'll be 3 on the March 20th) and Kaleigha (she'll be 2 on the March 8th), NEXT weekend. We have so many birthday's in March that every weekend is pretty much booked! I SO need to shampoo this carpet, it's gross and totally getting on my nerves. I find alot of things are starting to get on my nerves :D , oh well. We have so much to think about. DH flew to Utah on Monday for a job interview and he accepted the offer that they gave him. So they are moving us out there. He starts work March 15th, but the kids and I are going to try and hang out here (California) until the end of May. Cheyenne, my oldest is in dance and has her retical in May, and we got other things going on. Not only that, our lease isn't up until July, so this should be fun. We haven't even been in this house for a brain is on over lead. But right now I'm making my weight loss #1 on my list. I want to be around to see rug rats, have rugrats, ya know? ;)

02-27-2004, 03:09 PM
LOL. Actually Dyan, I've poked my li'l nose in here at least half a dozen times today meaning to post but got interrupted. :mad: How dare they expect me to do work ... and on a Friday! Humph! :snooty:

Boss is back in the office today after flying the red-eye from Calif. overnight. He's tired and moody and grumpy. More so than usual. What a baby.

Anyway, it's great to see you here Dyan!

Tiger, aw gee, you don't have to clean the house for ME! I'll be over first thing in the morning! Seriously, good luck with the new WW plan!

I was at Curves and they're doing some sort of food drive thing. The sign (I was only able to glance at it and not get all the details :?: ) said 1. Bring in a bag of groceries. 2. Come to Curves 3 times a week for the entire month of March. 3. Lose 5 pounds or 5 inches. Win a T-shirt. Now I don't know if you have to do all three of those things or just one of the three but I'm taking it as a challenge to do them all. :strong: So that's my goal for March.

And I've vowed to get in all my water every day during Lent too. And we all know that good things happen when Jello drinks her water! :lol:

And suddenly, I have to run. No, it's not the water. :o It's the boss man.

02-27-2004, 11:43 PM
:dancer: WOOHOOO The weekend has arrived! I logged on and it said I had not been in here for a week......and that kinda tells you about my week! Seems like there was something going on all the time.....and someone/something that needed my attention every spare minute......but that does make the week go faster! Hardly had any time to eat! :lol:

Jello.....with the weight loss and the slot winnings, you had a great week too! A mental health day sounds like a good idea.......though I am never that lucky in the casinos!! you sure have your hands full! How many children do you have? did I count 4 in your post? I am impressed.....always said there was a reason the good Lord only gave me 2 kids.....and He was pressing his luck even then!

The weather this weekend is supposed to be in the 50s :cb: and yes, Tig, I know all about the mud......don't dare slow up coming in the driveway here or I will be stuck until spring! Tomorrow, we have lunch with friends and are going to a play....then Sunday the kids & grandkids will be here to celebrate birthday #4 for youngest.

Well.....just heard something suspicious hit the floor in the kitchen.....better go check on the cat!

02-28-2004, 11:51 AM
Hola Chicas!!

Jello: I've been thinking about joining Curves, how's tha working for ya? I had lunch w/ an old co-worker. I hadn't seen her in 2 1/2 years. She goes, and was telling me that she's only lost 5 pounds, but she's lost 17". I was blown away. As a matter of fact my sister is thinking about appying for a job at one. Maybe she and I should take a trip to one and check it out. I am assuming that they would give a free pass for the day to see how we like it.

MsRD: Yep, I have four children :dizzy: ! The oldest is 5 and the youngest is 2 months. I have no idea what happened :^: . Had to see a specialist for my first two (Cheyenne & Lucas) and then when Lucas was 4 months old, I discovered that I was pregnant w/ #3 ~ Kaleigha. All I can say, is that I am finished :D . Had the ole tubes tied the day after Zoey was born :s: . ****, I'm no spring chicken (gonna be 37 this year)....Still like to think I'm in my late 20's, but my body is telling me I'll be hitting 50 soon, hence the motivation to lose all this fat. I'm already thinking about being a sad is that?

Well gotta get Cheye ready for ballet.....

02-29-2004, 04:45 PM
Ah, beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon. :sunny: So what am I doing inside on the 'puter instead of outside enjoying the day? Beats me. I've been up since 5-ish and did some running around earlier. Now I'm already pooped. But I'm going to head back out in a couple minutes to fill the bird feeders and see what else I can plan ahead for.

Spring's coming girls! Crocuses are already poking their little heads out. Hope this weather lasts!

Just wanted to pop in and say hello to you all. Rich has been working all weekend AGAIN :mad: but has promised me that next weekend he's all mine. :cheer: I've got a week to come up with some projects. :devil:

Yesterday, I painted the dining room while he was gone. It's yellow now. Very very yellow. :^: But it's bright and clean anyway.

Talk to you all tomorrow! :wave:

02-29-2004, 10:05 PM
I'm w/ ya Jello. I was up earlier, shampoo'd the carpet and did the dishes by 9am, then Cheyenne and I went to my mom's to help her clean out her garage. Let me tell you my back, legs and FEET are killing me!!

03-01-2004, 09:47 AM
I'm so glad the birthday party has passed. Now the house can settle back into know, like real people live here. :dizzy:
Can you believe during my house cleaning event Friday I had company drop by?! My SIL stopped over w/baby and stayed for over two hours. I was happy to see them, but it sure threw a kink in my cleaning.
It was hard seeing my dad Saturday. The new growth on his throat makes his voice sound different. He was tired and his weight is down even more. I still have a hard time "wrapping my brain around" the whole situation. It doesn't feel like it can be reality. Like, wake up from this bad dream stuff.

MsRD, and for todays special, we have mud, mud and more MUD! It rained during the night and still raining today. :devil:

Jello, how do you track your WW points? I was tempted to order the at home kit just so I could get the point braclet. :rolleyes: But, trying not to spend any money on the plan until I stick to it for a few weeks. :yes:

Faye, how was your trip to my neck of the woods? Did you stay in Mishawaka?

Well, the house is still clean so I get to pick a special project today after getting groceries. I'm thinking I should sort photos. I'd like start scrapbooking. :hyper:

03-01-2004, 11:32 AM
Monday Funday!

Hello there all - - -

Dyan - good to see you again.

Guys it is gray and gloooooomy here and I'm having a hard time working up any enthusiasm for anything. OTOH, I am going to see my chiro over my lunch break today, so I'm looking forward to getting my head back on straight. Been hurting lately, must have done something awkward last week.

Tiger - so sad w/regard to your dad's changes. lots of virtual hugs heading your way. I'm so glad to hear you talking about spring though. March 1, I always feel like I've made it over the hump on this day. Hang in there.

OK, I just realized with the long lunch I have planned that if I don't get cruising, I won't get things done on time today. So gotta get revved up and moving. Sorry I can't finish my shouties. You know it all anyway, right?

03-01-2004, 11:54 AM
Aw, come on guys. I started a March thread this morning but everyone's posting on February's.

Was it something I said???