Weight Loss Support - One-week-at-a-time challenge #2 -- Come on in!!

09-22-2003, 04:39 AM
Hello, everyone, this is part two of the One-week-at-a-time challenge. This is challenge in the spirit of the 21-Day challenge, which I'm still continuing as well but. . .

I wanted something else, something short and sweet, where I can buckle down and go all out on and yet still come up for air before I burn out. So, I want to start up a ONE-WEEK CHALLENGE. :sunny: Here, we'll look at the week as a whole, which also means we have room for slipups and unexpected evenings out, or whatever.

So, unlike the 21-dayer where you commit to doing something every, single day for 21 days straight or have to go back to START and count over the One-Week-at-a-Time challenge is going to be about things like saying; I will go to the gym 3x this week, or I keep my calories to a total of 14,000 for the week, or I will not eat anything after 6 p.m. 3x this week. So, if you want to eat 14,000 calories one day and fast for the next 6 fine! :lol: Or, you can go to the gym three days straight and then flop back and do absolutely zilch for the next four.

This way of attacking things will allow you to customize your challenge to suit yourself, allow for tortoise types and hare types to do their own thing AND means that getting back after after a fall doesn't mean you've lost any ground at all. It'll inspire that crucial element of success -- the POWER TO PERSIST!! I think it'll be a great motivator and great source of empowerment!! :encore:

SO, come on!! If you're interested please jump aboard and tell us your plan for the week and then keep us posted with progress reports and tell us when your goal is accomplished, be it early in the week or at the end. I'll do this starting Monday and wrapping up Sunday night of each week.

Hope to see you! :wave: PLEASE, join me!

09-22-2003, 04:40 AM
This space is reserved for our challengers. I'll write your names and challenges here and the date you've completed your challenge for the week and update it as we go along. I'm going to start a new thread each week but carry this data over so you can see how many challenges you've done.

(there will be one :sunny: for each successful challenge, and you decide whether you earn it)

** friendsforfitness: (walk briskly for no less than 20 mins. daily + only fruit or diet jello for dessert)

:sunny: redballoon: (no eating ('cept for protein drink) after 6 p.m. 3x/week

** PhotogirlTX: (two sessions of cardio daily; 1 hr. in afternoon, 30 min. late + ONE diet cola only this week)

** brunissen: (max. 10,500 cals/week, expend min. 3,500 cals/week, 160 oz. water/daily, no eating after 8 p.m.)

** M.N.J.: (crunches on exercise ball 3-4x/week)

** Sandybrat: (yoga 5x/week, no eating after 7 p.m. 3x/week)

:sunny: Eydie: (no homemade cookies at work, one exercise video daily)

** jackieO: (no chips, workout before office min. 3x/week, no starchy carbs after 3 p.m. 6x/week)

** happy dance dot (no WW flex points for this week, only designated points)

** Southern Butterfly: (no candy at work, workout 3x/week)

** Aquareggie: (one week of vegan food only)

09-22-2003, 09:05 AM
Well, I am pumped and ready to succeed this week! I also wanted to add a second challenge for myself if it's not too late. I plan on only eating fruit or diet jello for dessert this week. I am so bad about needing a sweet after dinner. Usually I eat a weight watchers dessert or a popsicle. Eventually I want to be at the point where dessert is a once a week treat, but I am starting small so for now it will be just fruit or diet jello.
Wish Me Luck and Good Luck to all of you!

Lisa :flow1:

09-22-2003, 09:27 AM
Yoo-Hoooo!! friendsforfitness is joining up, toute suite! :bravo: When you say you want to add a second challenge do you mean in addition to what you planned for last week? I had just listed them on the record board to show what people had done. If so, I'll add it to your walking min. of 20 min/daily, right?

I think that's a very, very good way to do things, a little step at a time. Little steps may be little but they're not trivial, they're BIG in meaning. Good luck! :dancer:

OK, for now I'm going to repeat what I did last week, no eating after 6 p.m. except for a protein shake made with 1 scoop of protein powder and no more than 500 ml of nonfat milk. And I have to do that for three times this week. I've got my first night down already (if I can make it through the next hour or so before I hit the hay!) :dance:

I may add something later, but that's all I wanted to commit to right now. :bubbles:

Please, everyone, join in! Make it easy or make it hard, but let's DO IT! :cb:

09-22-2003, 09:38 AM
Well.... I have 5 weeks til my friend from California comes in, so for this week .... I want to break up cardio up into two daily sessions... for 4 days... one hour in the afternoon.. and 30 minutes after the girls go to bed at night.

I will also limit myself to ONE diet coke this whole week! Rest of the time water!

Good Luck everyone!


09-22-2003, 09:44 AM
OK!!! PhotogirlTX signs up and she's goin' be moving and a groovin' in a BIG way. :dancer: Two sessions of cardio (gym rat talk here, she's a pro!! :strong: ) with an hour first then 30 min. late. + ONLY one coke for the whole week. OK. Good luck, Cherie!

09-22-2003, 11:07 AM
Count me in too!!

For this week I want to:

1. Eat 10,500 calories or less
2. Burn at least 3500 calories through my workouts.
3. Drink 160 oz of water daily.
4. No eating after 8pm.

psm :)

09-22-2003, 12:28 PM
Yes, Redballoon you had it right I am giving myself two challenges this week. The walking and the dessert thing.

Good luck to Everyone!

Lisa :smug:

09-22-2003, 01:00 PM
Good morning!!

I'm ready to start this challenge! I plan on doing crunches using my excercise ball 3-4x this week. I might have to dust the ball off a little but that's ok. :lol: If I do well with this, I might up it next week!!

Ok then, I guess this means "COUNT ME IN!" :) :) :) :)


09-22-2003, 01:44 PM
Count me in as well... yoga 5 times this week.. and no eating after 7pm 3 times this week. This time i will do it... lol!!

Sandy:dance: :flow1:

09-22-2003, 01:50 PM
And yes Red... i do believe that ever effort counts.. so yes i think i did just fine for last weeks challenge. I just went back and read the old thread...lol Good luck to everyone@!!!!

Sandy:dance: :flow1: :goodvibes

09-22-2003, 04:01 PM
Count me in!:)

I want to set a food goal and an exercise goal: to NOT have any of my homemade cookies at work, and to do one of my great exercise videos every day.

I'll check in later. Good Luck everybody!:D

09-22-2003, 04:18 PM
My goal is NO CHIPS this week!!!!! I will also get my lazy butt out of bed at least 3 times this week to workout before going to my office. NO EXCUSES. My last goal, no starchy carbs after 3 p.m. everyday this week, Ok well maybe not Friday, so 6 days this week.

09-22-2003, 08:08 PM
All right!! :flow2: This place is smokin'!! It's great to see all of you here, brunissen, M.N.J., Sandybrat, Eydie, and jackieO!!! :wave:

Thanks for coming aboard and I wish you all luck. We've got some pretty ambitious goals out there. I'm thinking I'll definitely have to intensify my own goal as it's just a bit too easy in light of all yours! :eek:

Please report in during the week to share with us how you're doing so we can cheer you on. :cp: OK, up and at 'em!! :strong:

Oh, and I've included all your names at the top on the Record Board so you can check back in if you forget (or need to be reminded of ;) ) your goal.

09-22-2003, 11:47 PM
Had I not committed myself this morning to doing two sets of cardio 4 times this week, I would have talked myself out of it tonight.

However.... I am here to say... I did it! :-) An hour on the treadmill this afternoon... (and 30 of that jogging!) and 30 minutes on the elliptical machine tonight.

And no diet cokes to day... saving my ONE for the weekend!

Good Luck everyone!!!

Redballoon.. thanks for starting this up! As I was walking out of my apartment to go work out... I saw one red balloon out in front of the apartment complex and thought of you! :-) It was even spotlighted! :-)

Have a great challenge everyone!


09-23-2003, 03:33 AM
Well amazingly enough, I did my crunches. Only did 4 sets of 10, but for now, that's all I can handle. I will need to up that. Or at least do some through out the day. Really need to concentrate on quitting smoking. :nono: That would help a GREAT DEAL! I think I may try my ab work out tape. That will be for next week. Gotta get used to just crunches.

Ok that's my recording for the day.

Nighty night!!:wave:


09-23-2003, 07:56 AM
Hi people. Heh, Photogirl, thanks for saying thanks for starting this up. I love to hear that people are being helped. :yes: I certainly am I know. I'm trying to get my three days of not eating after 6 out of the way 1,2,3, quick like last week. So, I'm on my second night here again. It's Tuesday night here and I have a few more hours to go 'fore I turn in. I think I can do it. I'm not so afraid of being hungry as I used to be and I'm always able to ask myself if eating is going to help me feel less lonely/anxious/angry etc. etc.

Photogirl, that's great that you did all that exercise. That is a LOT of work! :eek: I'm impressed! And saving your coke for the weekend. It's actually kind of fun to look forward to it, isn't it? Knowing you CAN have it but later makes it doable, doesn't it? Good luck on continuing in the same way you did today. It's awesome!! :cp: Oh, and that's so cool with the red balloon outside your place. Spotlighted! And you thought of me! Thanks, you're a sweetie! :goodvibes

M.N.J., you get a big :bravo: for your crunches. Beautiful!! ONLY 4 sets of 10?!?!? That's not any "only," that's "I did 4 sets of 10. Hurrah!!!" I did crunches for a 21-day challenge and they were so hard in the beginning. Now I still do them every time I go to the gym and that's often these days and they're sooo easy. I mean, they take some doing but they aren't agonizing like before and also I think the mental barrier is gone that was there before. I think you'll find that too as you continue. :flame:

Yeah, smokin's a bummer. I used to smoke a lot. But I went cold turkey at least 10 years ago and haven't smoked since. But that was after years of trying to quit. I don't get asthma much any more and I don't cough and get sick much and I think a lot was from the smoking. But best of all, from my vain point of view, is that my skin color got soooo much better when I quit and I don't have any lines around my mouth like I was starting to get. Oh yeah, and my teeth are really white now! When I was in my early 20s I was in Germany and smoking filterless cigs and when I went to India one woman asked me how come my teeth were black! Now I never thought of them as black but they were stained and where I was out in the countryside women didn't smoke and their teeth were brilliant white. So compared to them mine were "black." Oh, sorry if I'm grossing anyone out here! :^: Maybe I should shut up. But, really, sometimes it's these kind of vain things that are more of an impetus to stop than the sensible it's-bad-for-you things. I can recommend an excellent book to stop smoking if you like.

OK, I'm outta here. Good luck to you all! Power on! :strong:

09-23-2003, 08:11 AM
I did well with my challenge yesterday. Didn't have any cookies and I did a belly dancing video and walked 5 miles on the treadmill. [I want to ammend my challenge to not having any desserts at work, cookies or not!.]

BTW, Last week, I challenged myself to walk 35 miles and walked 35 1/2. ;)

09-23-2003, 01:33 PM
Ok, I did not walk last night, but I have a scheduled appointment to walk tonight, so I'm not completely out of the game yet. Also I did not eat dessert last night at all, so I achieved one night of success. YAY For me! Yay for all of you too! :D

Have a great day,
Lisa :snail:

09-23-2003, 01:38 PM
Just to let you know,,,,I didn't want to do the crunches last night.... but my sweetie looked at me and said "why not? how long does it really take?" So I did them.

09-23-2003, 01:43 PM
That's great that you have such positive support from your sweetie! Don't take it for granted girly. There are too many jerks out there, be glad you are with a good one. I know I am. I am thankful everyday for my husband and what a wonderful man he is. I try to be sure and let him know I feel that way too.

Well, that's enough mushy for me. :lol:


happy dance dot
09-23-2003, 04:31 PM
Count me in also...hope I am not too late:^:

For this week I will not use any of my flex points and stick to just my designated points. This is my first week of WW at home.

Good luck everyone.

Oh and btw this thread is a great idea!:)

09-23-2003, 06:06 PM
Another day down. I didn't have dessert at work today and the I did a Pilates video this morning + 4 miles on the treadmill. Now I'm going out to weed my garden which desperately needs it.

Happy First Day Of Autumn!:D

Friends4Fitness, you've got to tell us what you're planning for Halloween! And you're so right about having a supportive partner; I can't imagine being with someone who just doesn't 'get it'. That would be a nightmare!

Southern Butterfly
09-23-2003, 06:11 PM
I want to join! I want to join!

This week, I will not have any candy at work. I will work out 3x this week. I will not let little things (jammed copier, morning traffic, etc.) stress me out.:smug:

09-23-2003, 06:32 PM
A warm welcome to both Happy Dance Dot and Southern Butterfly!

Eydie, That's just something to give me a sort of visual goal for next year. I honestly have no clue just yet. I have to be somewhere near that size before I can really be sure exactly what it will be. I do know it will be sexy though. I miss sexy. :lol:


09-23-2003, 11:40 PM
Eydie, good for you and really going strong on your challenge. :cp: OK, I'm revising your challenge from no cookies to no DESSERTS, period at work. Belly dancing! Wow! How cool is that? :eek: and 5 miles (that's over 8 km!) is a lot. And congrats on making last week's challenge. Oh, and reading later I see you've done yet another day! No desserts, pilates and 4 miles on the mill. You're steamin'!

By the way, I wanted to put a mark by the names of our continuing challengers if they feel they met the requirements of their challenge. So, I'm going to put something on the record board. Anyone else who took part in last week's challenge please tell me! I don't care if it was in grade school that they gave out gold stars to stick on our foreheads! I like gold stars and I want them on my forehead!!! :lol:

friendsforfitness is still in the game! She is going strong despite not being fortified with dessert! Awesome power here. :strong: Way to go! :dancer: Heh, what's the visual goal you mentioned, Lisa!? I think I missed something here. Maybe I have to turn the signatures back on.

:bravo: for M.N.J.! Heh, I want a sweetie lookin' at me and gettin' me down for the crunches! You tell her, Lisa, jerks galore out there. Gotta teach my cats to talk!

And a big WELCOME to happy dance dot! :dance: Love that name and what is that cute little canine in your pic?! New York, N.Y., I'm a headin' there next month. OK, designated points only for happy! Good luck to you.

OK, Southern Butterfly! Gosh, these names are killin' me. :lol: There're so pretty. You're in, belle! :sunny: No candy at work, workouts 3x/week and no messes are gonna stress you! No way!

I did it! I killed 2 days of no post-6 p.m. eating. I was surprised (well, not really) at how much of this is pure habit. OK, last week I was really hungry on nights I hadn't eaten since mid afternoon but if I eat around 5 or going on 6 there's no way I'm going to be that hungry before I go to bed but normally I'd continue to stick food in my mouth or wonder what I could eat and not suffer the calories of. When really I should just not be eating anything and that's what sticking to this challenge is doing, so there, I did it and now I know I can do it! Feels great!

09-24-2003, 03:09 AM
Hello ladies-
I know it's late but here I was telling my sweetie that I succeeded in the 21 day challenge. And he said "alright" Then he looked at me and asked if I did my crunched tonight...... I gave him that look and said "no" he just smiled at me and I got up, and went to my room and did my crunches!! 100!!!:dizzy: So, I've done 2 days!
James is the greatest guy! Very supportive in everything I do. When we worked out at the gym, I used him as my trainer. I did everything he did, just in smaller weights. And he was very patient with me when it was my turn and I had to switch the weights around. I actually miss going to the gym. Our intentions are to quit smoking together (long story how we even started again) and get back into weight training. I miss having muscles in my arms that I can show off. Amazing how it only takes a few months to get back out of shape!! I was so proud of myself at this time last year, only 10lbs. from my goal. But I will get there!! These challenges are great and if you have a loved one who is supportive, it makes it that much easier.

Ok ladies,... I've done my fair share of yappin. Talk to you tomorrow.
Oh yeah, btw... I've been corresponding with Frodo on one of the posts... he needs idea's for healthy eating. He's the one who posted "food choices"... any way... If any of you could help him out.. I think it would do him good. He's been eating tuna, lettuce and tomato wraps EVERYDAY. I told him he needs variety!!

Chat With You Tomorrow

09-24-2003, 03:22 AM
That's a great story, Marti! Thanks. :lol: It's not late here, only 3:30 in the afternoon! Good luck!

09-24-2003, 10:29 AM
Well, this thread is what is keeping me going strong on my goals. Yesterday I did an hour on the treadmill..... you know.. I almost talked myself out of it. Today they are having a party for my boss and everyone was to bring something. Well, I was actually going to skip my workout yesterday, and find my cookbook to find out what I need from the grocery store. Instead.. I talked myself into doing at least 30 minutes.... but by the time I go on the treadmill, I had realized what my priorities are and that losing weight is much stronger than trying to make something delightful for the pot luck.. so I stopped in the store on the way to work today and did my usual.. little smokies... and got my FULL hour in on the treadmill.... Last night, I did 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, and I can really tell a difference in my motivation this week... all thanks to this group!! :-)

Still no diet cokes I have had... Water has been just fine! So.. going strong here!

Marti... great job with you Sweetie! I miss having someone like that in my life.... and great job on your crunches!!!!

redballoon you are doing great on your not eating after 6 pm... I have two little girls, so as soon as we are home, I make dinner for them and I sit down and eat with them too.. so we are usually done by 6:30. I think this has made a difference with me too.. just not snacking or eating after that point, it makes sure I don't go to bed with a full stomach that is going to do nothing but turn to fat!

Welcome Southern Butterfly, Eydie, and Happy Dance Dot.

Lisa... how did the appointment to go walking work out?

Ok guys.. back to work here... everyone have a great day and keep up the awesome work!


09-24-2003, 11:20 AM
I actually walked for 25 minutes!! WHOOO HOO for me! :cb:

I also had no dessert at all. I can't really even give myself genuine credit for this lack of dessert thing, because I've just been too busy to stop and have it or I know I would've at least had fruit by now, but hey, I'll take what I can get!

Congrats to everyone on thier success and thanks so much to you all for the phenomenal support you give me.


Southern Butterfly
09-24-2003, 11:51 AM
I'm so proud of myself. I didn't eat any candy at work yesterday, and I only had one Tootsie Roll pop after dinner (I usually alot 200-300 calories towards candy everyday). I also got home early from school and went for a 2 mile walk/jog. It felt so good to be out there moving again.:D

Congratulations everyone on all of your hard work and dedication to your goals. :flow1:

It's great to have a group of supporters. :grouphug: I've had such a hard time getting and staying motivated since I moved back to Memphis. It seems as if no one I know is worried about their health. Most people I know and meet laugh at people who eat healthy and exercise.

09-24-2003, 12:24 PM
Hi there!

Do you mind if I join you, even though I know it's the third day for most of you? Yesterday I decided to have a certain goal for the week, then I logged on here, and BOOM! a weekly goal thread. It must be fate. :D

I had started a pound-a-week thread, but nobody seems to want to join in that one, so I'd like to come over here, if that's acceptable. :)

I am trying to go mostly vegan. For the past few weeks, I picked days where I would eat vegan. I've been having a lot of sucess, and have gone every-other-day the past week. So, for this week, I'd like to try having one entire vegan week. That will be my goal. :D I'll hold myself accountable until next week Tuesday... but I'll join the rest of you on Sunday to pick next week's goal. Is that OK?

It was fun reading all of your posts. You all sound really nice. I hope to "meet" you all in the next few days. :)


09-24-2003, 01:14 PM
Hi Southern Butterfly! Congratulations on a VERY successful day! I know exactly how you feel about people not being worried about their health. I'm just thrilled that I found this site and this thread along with a few others.

Welcome Aquareggie! Redballoon is very warm and welcoming as well as not too particular when and who jumps in, so C'mon and join in our fun! We are glad to have ya! Your goal sounds very challenging. I'm a wuss, and I could never do veagan, so I am in awe of your self discipline!

Happy Successes to all of you!

Southern Butterfly
09-24-2003, 02:03 PM
Welcome Auguareggie! This is only my second day on this thread, and it has already helped me. Knowing that I have voiced a challenge to others helps me to stave off temptations.:spin:

Lisa - it is nice to have all of these wonderful fellow supporters. I wish I'd have found out about this site a long time ago.

happy dance dot
09-24-2003, 04:30 PM
Congrats to everyone who is keeping up with their goals for this week. I too have been pretty good. 3 days down 4 more days to go!!:)
BTW my bf insists I tell you girls he is trying to gain weight and bought a supplement to help him. lol so now we are both on "diets" heeheehee

09-24-2003, 06:52 PM
:DJust wanted to check in and say... I did it!! 2 days of brisk walking and both days were 25 minutes!! 2 down and 2 to go! WHOOOO HOOOOO YAY FOR ME :D It's not quite dessert time yet, but I'm focused so I think I'll be fine.

Good Luck to everyone!
PS ( I just can't believe that I, ME, MUa, EXERCISED 2 DAYS IN A ROW!!!!!????) miracles do happen...

09-24-2003, 07:15 PM
No dessert at work today. [By the way, I'm a cook and it's so easy to just nibble mindlessly when you're surrounded by food so that's why I specify 'at work' 'cause I don't have that stuff at home!;)

And I was up at 5:30 this morning doing a yoga video. It was nice, but I find I'm not nearly as flexible first thing in the morning.:o And this afternoon I walked 4 miles on the treadmill.

Southern Butterfly, love the Hepburn quote at the end of your post!

Aquareggie, I'd like to have a couple of vegan days a week [as one of my upcoming weekly challenges]. Maybe we could post our menus here on that day? Give me a week or two to whittle down the dairy stuff I have at home!

FriendsForLife, You're doing so well. I'm so proud of you!

Thanks for setting this up, RedBalloon!:D

09-24-2003, 10:54 PM
Hello Everyone! Well.... 2 day down for the yoga and 2 days down for no eating after 7pm... so far so good....
I too just love that Audrey Hepburn quote... just beautiful!
Hope u all have a great evening....

Sandy:dance: :flow1:

09-24-2003, 11:33 PM
Hello everyone!!

I am worn out from doing so much yard work!! Leaves everywhere!! But it's excellent excercise for the upper body and so I kept at it!!:lol:

I will be doing my crunches tonight before I take a shower!! I sweated so much I am probably keeping the neighbors away!!:faint: (hee-hee)

Sandybrat-how long have you done yoga?? I started doing yoga at the beginning of the summer and then I started concentrating on remodeling the house I moved into....I found that I enjoy how relaxed I am afterwards. Also found out how unflexible I have gotten!!

Eydie- have you ever tried chewing gum or sucking on a breath mint while cooking? I've tried that and it works well, but I feel like I still need to taste test everything!! So unfortunately, I don't grab the gum very often.

Aquareggie- going vegan!! Wow! The only time I've done that was when I was pregnant and the thought and smell of meat made me ill. I eat it now, but not like I used to. I prefer eating chicken and fish over red meat. Don't feel as sluggish afterwards.

SouthernButterfly- no candy at this time of year is very hard to do and I think you're doing fantastic!! My biggest problem with "holiday candy" is Valentines Day. You would think it would be Halloween, but it's the sweetheart month that does it to me. Congrats on making it through another day!!:cp:

HappyDanceDot- you tell your BF that as long as he sticks with his and you do yours,, everything will be fine!! Nothing wrong with trying to gain weight and muscle. Do you two work out together?? That would be a great way to do it! I worked out with my fiance when went to the gym.... he wanted to gain also and I wanted to lose... and amazingly enough, we did it!! Having someone there for you works wonders.

Redballoon- I didn't forget you.... this place is booming with people and it's fantastic!! Thanks for starting this thread. AND the 21dayer!! Good to hear that you're doing well with not eating after 6. My daughter always laughs at me when it turns 6. She always asks "why haven't we had dinner yet, it's past 6!" I used to do the same thing. Only now, I don't eat after 7:30 only because I go to bed so late.

Ok, I'm off to do my crunches then hittin' the showers!! Sorry if I missed anyone, there are so many of us now and I think it's great!!!!

Take Care everyone


09-25-2003, 12:34 AM
Just wanted to post that I did those crunches!! I decided doing 100 each night is doable for me! Ache the next day, but it's a "good" kind of ache!:D

Have a good night!!


09-25-2003, 02:32 AM
This place is hoppin! Wow! :dizzy: I am SO glad to see you all here and lots of new people too. :love: All the energy on here is really something and it's going to help get us all through to our goals!

Photogirl, You are really something else with all that exercise you're doing. I know you've got a lot of motivating factors out there waiting for you ;) but that doesn't really make it that much easier. A whole hour on the treadmill! Utterly awesome! And then 30 mins. on the elliptical! And NO cokes?!! :eek: Somebody get the smelling salts!! I feel faint! Heh, how did the party go? It sounds to me like your office is a cruel, cruel place. :lol: I'm glad you skipped the cookbook and made time for YOUR workout instead. You show 'em, Cherie. You're going to be a knockout. You already are for that matter. Probably if the others in your office did the kind of exercise you're doing they'd have to be rushed to the hospital! Yes, I'm going to eventually make this not eating at night a habit. Since I've done it now these past two weeks it has been like a great mind expanding drug. New possibilities are there where before I seemed stuck in the muck and mire of years of habitual munching at all and every hour of the day and night! You really could have mistaken me for one of those grazing animals, but not the gazelle or deer. . :nono: you know the kind! ;) :lol:

Look at you, friendsfor fitness. You too are just one awesome filly! And yes, YOU, have kicked up your heels for two days running! You had me laughing by the way with the "MUa" because I'm not too swift with all the Net acronyms and I was trying to figure it out and they I got it! (not too swift period is more like it maybe) French with Americanized spelling! :lol: Don't mind the horse jargon please. I'm horse crazy and also cover racing here. There's a filly running this year who is just fantastic and you had me thinking of her. She's a beauty and beating the colts. Her name is Fine Motion. By the way, I specifically went in and turned on the signatures again to see what you were hiding there and I love it, your weight loss goals. They certainly look doable and I like the steamy summer you've got planned and the stop 'em dead Halloween costume you're thinking of. I should have known from your photo -- the set of the chin, the spark in the eye and that hint of a pout! -- that you're a sassy gal, Lisa!

Aquareggie, hmmm, I don't know what Lisa is telling you . ."Redballoon is very warm and welcoming as well as not too particular when and who jumps in" Woah, woah, woah now JUST one cottonpickin' moment!! I take applications for these challenges via private message and I'll have you know that the people who appear here are not just your ordinary, run-of-the-mill types. Oh no! :nono: They go through DAYS of questioning and are specially selected. I see to it that only those destined to succeed are allowed to post here. They know it. We're all in cahoots to make it look EASY! WHAT? . . . What did you say? You say YOU'RE destined to succeed. Oh, well in that case. . . well, heck, why didn't you say something sooner. . .JUMP ON IN!! :dance: Heh, by the way, I've been a vegetarian for years and years and years and I was vegan for a long time too. Do you know the vegan recipe site on the Net. It has tons of good recipes, not that I've tried them, but they sure make good reading. Maybe you can try them out. And another by the way, I saw the pound-a-week thread (didn't know it was yours) and was going to join but I got scared off by the pound goal. I didn't want to get hung up on the scale because I know how it fluctuates and even though I could have been doing well I may have become discouraged if I didn't see that pound loss every week. Maybe there were other people who wimped out like me. Don't take it personally!

Southern Butterly, proud woman of the South, you should be proud! :bravo: to you for that 2 mile jog. People in Memphis laugh at people who eat healthy and exercise?!!? Well, you know who's going to have the last laugh, don't you! Keep it up! I, too, wish I'd found out about this site earlier and, you know, I can't even remember how I DID find out about it. You know what they say though, when the student is ready the teacher will appear. So I guess I just wasn't ready yet! I am now!

happy dance dot, Good for you for getting three days in the bag! :cp: You just tell your boyfriend that we gals are built to last! and we sure hope he gets some meat on those ribs so we don't have to carry him if the going gets rough! :joker:

Eydie, good to see you. Yes, I'd forgotten, you have the job that is ALL ABOUT food. I was wondering what all these cookies and desserts were doing at your work and I thought you were in the same kind of place as Photogirl. Your control is inspiring. I remember some of your saves from the other thread, long hours on your feet preparing food for tens of people and you'd resist and then you'd come home and work out! Heh, people, Eydie is one amazing person! Just want you to know.

Sandybrat, :cb: hurrah for your yoga and not eating after 7. Yes, I'm interested in knowing how long you've been doing yoga. I too have always been interested but I'm really stiff and always give up. I would love to become flexible again. Maybe I can weave that in to a future challenge.

M.N.J., You're really doing well with those crunches, aren't you? 100 crunches! Wow! And raking leaves also works your abs, did you know that? I enjoy reading all your little stories about you doing your crunches spurred on by the stern eye of your very personal trainer! By the way, maybe it was the 21er thread but I did write in something for your buddy frodo. No reply yet though. You're really a sweet person, always trying to encourage people even when they slip. I'm not as good at that. I'm much more of a slave-driver, a real, you know. . . but I start these things up and I've got to be like that because. . . it's all about Being In Total Control, Honey! (take the first letter of each word) :joker: I had to get it in there. I love that acronym. Used it once on another thread and didn't get any comments. Maybe people were clicking their tongues and shakin' their heads and going. . . she's just not one of us, is she? must have come from the wrong side of the tracks. . .tsk, tsk. :lol:

OK, wow, what a marathon message! Good luck everyone. Hope I didn't miss anyone. If I did, you just get in here and tell me off, bigtime, OK?!
Bye for now! :wave:

09-25-2003, 10:33 AM
Well.... I am still on track with my challenge... I had no cokes yesterday... still waiting for the weekend and I have done 2 days out of the 4 of doubling up on my exercises. I was going to go last night to do my third day.. however, my sweet little munchkins decided to stay up and awake and turn TV on (taking out my tape that I had in recording the Bachelor) and putting their own tape in to watch, hoping I wouldn't find out!!! Needless to say.... they got into trouble, I missed my 30 minutes last night, and I went to bed. But I am determined that tonight and Friday night I will complete this part of my weekly challenge!

Red.. I am motivated, and I am feeling much stronger and better about myself. Still keeping with the eating early in the evening, and staying active throughout the evening as well.

Marti.. WTG on those crunches!!! That is awesome. I am doing an abs video.. don't laugh.... Claudia Sheffier's one. I have her set of videos and I really do enjoy them. She has a great trainer that works with her on these, so I tend to follow her lead more than claudia's... but I am trying to fit that in about 4 to 5 times a week as well. I can already see progress from doing that for three weeks now. Can't wait to see how my tummy will look once I burn this fat off it... the muscles underneath will be very strong!

Sandy... Yoga.... I have never done it... but would like to learn one day...

Eydie.. Great Job on the no desserts.... it's just a matter of choices right! You are doing great with your will power. The women here at work have quit asking me if I want something for breakfast or for lunch when they go out... they say it's not disrespectful, but they don't want to put the temptation in my way. This morning, I told them it was ok to ask... I am very strong about saying NO now.

Lisa... keep up the great work on your walking... soon you will be wanting to do it everyday! It's such a natural high after you finish something like that... believe it or now... it gets addiciting! :-)

Hi there Happy Dance Dot, Southern Butterfly and Aquareggie!! Good luck this week.... this forum has been such a great motivator for me!!!!

Ok folks.. back to work here... Have a great day!

09-25-2003, 11:54 AM
Happy Thurday to Everyone!! It's sounding like we are gonna be a bunch of winners this week!! It's getting down to the wire with only 3 more days after today. Except for you Redballoon, you're a day ahead of the game. I am happy to say that last night went just fine with a cup of fruit for dessert. This evening I have an appointment with a friend to walk along the river so I'm thinking that goal will go smoothly as well.

Keep up all the great efforts!!


YAY for us!!! :cb:

Oh, BTW, Redballoon glad I sent a smile you're way with my sorry --- spelling! :D

Southern Butterfly
09-25-2003, 11:57 AM
This no candy thing is really hard, but it is helping a lot. I haven't had to go through the sugar high then the energy bust since I started this challenge! Tonight will be my 2nd exercise session:strong: I can't decide if I want to jog again or do an exercise tape. I have to fish them out.

PhotogirlTX - great going on staying away from the cokes!:D

Redballon - I admire you not eating at night. Dinner time is when I really have to control myself. It's so hard not to go overboard!

M.N.J. - 100 crunches! Keep up the good work. Doing all of that yard work is a great workout. I miss having a yard!!

Sandybrat - Yeah, 2 days of Yoga. Great job! :cp: That is one of the tapes I can't wait to get out of the closet.

Eydie - it's wonderful that you can stay away from the desserts at work. :smug: Sweets are my weakness.

friendsforfitness - 2 days of walking in a row! Thats great! :flow1:

happy dance dot - bf trying to gain weight? It's hard not to say he's a lucky dog, but I've seen how it can be just as important for some people to gain as it for some of us to lose. My bf's little bro wants to gain weight badly. Although your goals are different than his, you can still be an inspiration for each other. :high:

I'd better get back to work. Have a wonderful day!

09-25-2003, 12:07 PM
WOW!!! This thread is HOPPIN!!! :D

Thank you all for the warm welcome. What a friendly bunch of people you all are. :)

Lisa, good job on the walking. That's such a good habit, cuz you know you can do it for life.

Marti, I do crunches too. Good job on doing yours. Of all the exercises, crunches don't take too long to see results. You get that line extending down from your ribs in a matter of weeks. And after that, it's like instant motivation to keep going. :)

Sandy, I admire people who do yoga. Good for you!

SB, my goodness, two miles jogging... wow. You're turning into a regular runner.

Eydie, that would be great to join effort on vegan days. Eat up all of that dairy stuff and let me know when you're ready to start. :) I just went grocery shopping last night, and am ready to take on the week. I even found vegan margarine. It's amazing how many "vegetable" oils have whey in them.

Sandy, hello! Nice to meet you.

Happy Dance Dot, love the comment by your man. Hey, maybe we could all get together and hand him our extra pounds. :lol:

Photogirl, argh! Missing the Bachelor. :( But good for you for avoiding Coke.

Red Balloon -- Hey, I've got credentials, so ya got to let me in! :lol: Thanks for starting this thread and for being so motivating. Nice to meet a fellow vegetarian. ;) Yes, I got my seven dinners for the week off of the vegan recipe site. Hope that they turn out.

Well, yesterday was a successful vegan day. Six more to go. :) And I weigh in tomorrow -- wish me luck!


happy dance dot
09-25-2003, 03:39 PM
Aquareggie-Hahahahaha:lol: I thought about that too. I be the first to give him my extra pounds. Good luck on your weekly goal.

Southern Butterfly-Good for you and staying away from candy. And yea, we (bf & me) are really trying to work on this together among other things right now.

friendsforfitness-good job keep it up!

PhotogirlTX-good job, believe me I know how tempting those cokes can be :lol: . I fight those temptation every day. Especially since that must be my family's official drink:lol:

redballoon-lol yep that's right. BTW this is wonderful...what you started thanks. I am already thinking of my next goal/ challenge:D

M.N.J.-funny you say that about working out together. He was mentioning that yesterday during dinner. We currently trying to work on a couple of things together. (he has a drinking problem he struggles with)

Sandybrat-hey good going! Keep it up! I'll see you around;)

Everyone else....keep up the good work.:grouphug:

09-25-2003, 05:52 PM
What's gotten into me? I walked this morning with a friend for 2 1/2 miles and then after work came home an did a 2 half-hour step videos. That was a lot of sweating--felt great! And then I did 20 min. of dumbell exercises.

No dessert today! I don't work at a restaurant, I'm more of a caterer for a continuing ed. center. There's an art class all week and I make lunch for the artists--and it's customary for me to eat with them. I served veg. lasagna today and I took a deep breath and only had salad and nobody commented on it; that was a relief and a revelation. [Not that my lasagna isn't delicious;) . I'm going out to a Mexican rest. tonight and wanted to save up some calories.]

Everyone here is doing so well! I know I haven't commented personally a lot but I'm paying attention and enjoying getting to know you all!:D

Aquareggie, I'm going to go crazy here and declare next Tuesday as my vegan day. Are you with me?

09-26-2003, 12:03 AM
Well, I competed my third day of duel cardio exercise... One more day and I have mastered that challenge!!! I will have that in the bag tomorrow! :-) Also... still keeping my one coke for this weekend... more than likely tomorrow night.. it's pizza night here for me and the girls... and you gotta have a coke with pizza! :-)

Eydie.. WTG on your exercise girl! That is GREAT!!!!

Aquareggie.. good luck with your weigh in!!! Sounds like you have been doing a great job staying OP.. I am sure the scales will like you tomorrow!

Butterfly.... congrats on the no candy.... you are doing a wonderful job!!!! It's amazing how much that sugar messes with your system!!! Keep up the hard work!!!

Lisa... how did you walk go????? Keep going.. you are doing great too.... as you said.. looks like we are going to have a bunch of winners!

Ok ladies.. time for bed! Have a great Friday!


09-26-2003, 12:25 AM
WOW!! I am so excited... i have a bunch of "new" friends... i love it!! For those of u asking about the yoga... i havent been doing it long... but i really really like it. I do a morning session and one of these day is will work in the evening session. If you would like to try it out see if your library has the AM Yoga with Rodney Yee... hes wonderful, by far my favorite... i bought the double AM?PM yoga tape and i like him better than the woman... hes just so much more calming i guess... very nice voice. Anyway... 3 days down with the yoga and 2 wioth no eating after 7... i would like to make it earlier but hubby works til 6 and i like to eat as a family... its the one time a day we are all together. Good LUck to everyone here and i look forward to getting to know each of you better... take care of U

Sandy:dance: :flow1:

09-26-2003, 04:22 AM
Hello ladies-

Late... very late,,, but I had to say that another day for me and I'm accomplishing my goal. I've done 4days already of crunches!! woohoo!!

I can't believe how many are here on this thread! It's fantastic and I feel the same as Sandy... all these new friends!

Since it's so late, I won't be chatting individually but I want you all to know that I'm proud of each and every one of you!!! We're a great bunch here!!!

Take care


09-26-2003, 04:30 AM
:bravo: for you M.N.J.! I'm keeping vigil over this site, thanks to the time difference! You're really doing well. You've become quite an inspiration to many, I'm sure!! :cp:

Sandybrat, I hear you on the yoga tapes. I love the a.m. one with Rodney. The woman's is so boring and annoying. I've made that a.m. into my stretching routine after working out. It's so relaxing.

09-26-2003, 08:51 AM

Really quick here since I have to get ready for work.

Eydie, Tuesday will be the last day of my vegan challenge... so I'll think of you to keep me motivated. Good luck to you too... I'll see you on this thread and remind you. ;)

Will respond more later... just wanted to report one more pound lost. :) This is the first time in my life I've been able to lose without counting calories. :D

Have a good day,

09-26-2003, 11:41 AM
Congrats on the weight loss AR! I too lost this week. and I'm just as shocked as you are, but in the opposite way. This is my first time ever counting calories and I am just shocked at how not difficult it is for me so far. I lost 3.6 pounds this week. Friday is my weigh in day so I just found out.

I am doing great with the dessert thing too. I did hanker for something sweet last night, but I just went to bed without anything.

Congrats Photo and MNJ you're both doing great! I think my next week challenge will involve a daily exercise, since that is something I struggle with and need to pay close attention to, maybe that will help me to make it a habit. Who knows.

Have a great day everyone!


Southern Butterfly
09-26-2003, 11:41 AM
Okay, only one more day left this week of no candy at work. I plan on keeping this goal, but I'm just concentrating on getting through this week's challenge.

I didn't get to exercise last night. Bf is sick, so I was off fetching him medicine and soup. I plan on exercising as soon as I get home.

PhotogirlTX - great job on the cardio!:D

Eydie - all those workouts. Whew, I'm tired just thinking about it!:strong:

M.N.J. - redballon's right. You are an inspiration. :dance:

Auguareggie - congrats again on the loss of the pound!:bravo:

Sandybrat - good going with the yoga and no eating after 7! I want to set a similar goal, but I find it hard because I go to school at night.

I'd better get back to work!

happy dance dot
09-26-2003, 12:39 PM
Well girls...2 more days til my weigh in. I am growing a bit anxious to know, but I don't want to step on that scale just yet. I think I'll be able to finish off the weekly challenge on a good note though. Still haven't used any of my flex points and no cheating here has happened. Oooh I can't wait to see the scale. Cross your fingers everyone. lol.

09-26-2003, 03:09 PM
Hi everyone i think i want to jump on this 21 day plan. I would like to exercise 30 min a day and eat less carbos except for fruit.

I have been really bad today...i hate when i eat and i know its not going to feel good. so today im going to start and see what happens in 21 days.


09-26-2003, 03:36 PM
A warm welcome to Scooby snacks!!
I just wanted to let you know that this thread is the "One-week-at-a-time" challenge which you are more than welcome to join. I'm also with the 21 day challenge which is also helpful for me.


I think your goals are great and you could do them here or at the 21 dayer.....

I hope you would like to join both threads because we all found them to be helpful and inspiring!!

Which brings me to the rest of you girls--me an inspiration??? Thank you... I wouldn't have thought that about myself but it sure feels good to hear!!! You ladies are absolutely wonderful!!!:grouphug:

I will post later tonight after my crunches.....


Southern Butterfly
09-26-2003, 04:05 PM
Welcome aboard scoobysnacks!!!:encore: As MNJ said, this is the one-weeker, however a lot of us do more than one challenge at a time. Breaking up challenges seems to make it easier for me because I don't have one long list of no-nos or have tos. Just a couple of things for each, which makes it seem like less.

09-26-2003, 09:59 PM
Did a pilates video today and 4 miles on the treadmill. I had to force myself because I was so tired and felt really energized afterwards!

With the help of this thread I was able to avoid dessert at work all week. Felt myself weakening today, and thought of you all and pulled thru. Thanks, friends!!!:)

09-26-2003, 11:30 PM
Hiya's Just checking in to say I'm so sleepy that I know I made through another night without an empty calorie dessert. I haven't had one as of yet, and too dern tired to bother now.

Night All,

09-26-2003, 11:31 PM
oh yeah, didn't walk, still have to two more times. must walk sat and sun . wish me luck.

09-27-2003, 03:11 AM
Oh I won't be doing my crunches tonight... I've come down with something earlier in the day and I just can't stay away from the "little girls" room!! (sorry)

Anyway, hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow. I've already succeeded in the challenge by doing 4 days... I was just hoping to do all seven!!

I will chat tomorrow!


Lavender Girl
09-27-2003, 04:07 AM
Hey Ladies!!
I wanna join! Sign me up for tomorrows start up.
My hubby wants to get going so i'll be back later with my goals!

See ya!

09-27-2003, 11:47 AM
Welcome, Lavender Girl!

Marti, hope you feel better. What is your crunch routine? I do the same number of reps for two weeks and then increase. I do mine every other day. I started center 40, right and left 20 each, and reverse 10. Now I'm up to center 60, right and left 30 each, reverse 20.

Lisa, isn't it great when you're too tired to eat? :lol: Good for you for eliminating empty calories from your life. Yes, counting calories is a powerful tool for losing weight. You know that if you go over, you don't lose. It's very cause-and-effect, very rational. I'm glad it's working for you. I am able to lose like that, but not keep it off. Looking back, when I was thin I probably ate 1700 calories a day. (I was a couch potato and never exercised.) Once I lose weight, I never bother counting to 1700. So I always gain it back. Now, on the days I eat vegan, I count after the fact and find that I rarely eat above 1700. I figure I can sustain that. But hey, to each her own. :D I'm betting you'll see rapid, constant weight loss with your plan. 3.6 lbs. is nothing to sneeze at. :)

Eydie, I don't blame your body for being tired! You are going to be one buff chick.

Scooby Snacks, welcome! :D

Happy Dance, I bet you'll lose. You didn't use any of your flex points and no cheating. Here's hoping you see a loss. :)

Well, for the past two nights, I've been ready to give up. I've found that when I'm happy and bubbly, I want to eat. Hello, emotional eating! :lol: But both nights, God, and hubby have saved me. Hubby hasn't wanted to go out to eat, so we cook at home, which means I stay vegan. I think of Sarah McLaughlin (SP?) -- "It's hard at the end of the day." :lol: Four days to go. I will have to think of you gals constantly to make it. Sunday will be hard since that has been our customary go out to eat day. But I will think of Eydie trying a vegan day on Tuesday... and I will pray... :lol:

Made some really, REALLY good vegan blueberry muffins yesterday. Also a good spinach casserole that I will definitely make again. It's fun trying all this new food.

Everyone have a good day,

Lavender Girl
09-27-2003, 03:12 PM
I know that goals are posted tomorrow, but I thought that I would review with the group what I did this week.
I worked out:
M - Morning - ran 3 miles
T - nothing
W - Mrng - push-ups, sit-ups, sprints & Afternoon - #0 min workout video "Zumba"
R - nothing
F - Mrng - ran 2 miles
S - Afternoon - Gym: 45 minutes cross trainer, 20 minutes free weights & machines upper body, 100 crunches (40 side, 60 center)
S - ?

I am really excited about next week! I am starting a spinning class, I have never done it before, but I have heard good things! ;)
I did not eat very well this week and have felt bloated and crappy most of it. :( But tomorrow is tomorrow, and I did pretty well today! :D
I the thing that I am most proud of this week is that I am now up to bench pressing 65lbs (free weights)! I started with just the bar, so adding that 20lbs today felt really good!!:D
Well, I'll be looking for you all tomorrow morning!
Smooches! ;)

09-27-2003, 03:48 PM
Hello girls!

I'm feeling much better this morning. I have no idea what was wrong with me yesterday... I think I must have ate something that disagreed with me.

Lavendar Girl- Welcome!! Spinning class!! Wow, you're one busy girl!! All that weight lifting and now spinning! I've never tried it, but have always wanted to. I think I really need to QUIT SMOKING first!! My lungs wouldn't be able to handle that class!!:dizzy:

AR-I love blueberry muffins!! My question is how do you make it vegan?? And the spinach caserole sounds good too. You sound like you're doing great. Good for you!! My crunch routine sounds a lot like yours. minus the reverse. Haven't gotten that down yet. I like how I feel afterwards too... like I'm accomplishing something good. This thread really helps me out!!

Eydie-Good for you on the pilates and working the treadmill!! I've never tried pilates....I heard it's a lot like yoga... is it? If so, how different is it from yoga?:?:

Lisa- you're doing well with your goals too I see!!

Everyone is doing great!! I applaud you all!!:cp: :cp: :cp:

I already have planned to up the crunches a bit, and start going to the gym, For the next weeks challenge. I will fine tune the new goal later tomorrow...

Everyone have an excellent day!!!


happy dance dot
09-27-2003, 05:08 PM
Marti- glad to hear your feeling better.

Lavender girl- welcome I am sure you'll enjoy it here and find it supportive.

Aquareggies-thanks and btw that food your making sounds really yummmy lol. I am not the cooking type not because I wouldn't like to but because 1- I don't really know how and 2- I dont have much time. Nontheless, I have gotten better, especially after I finished school and started getting home from work earlier.

Lisa- congrats keep it up you're doing great.

Everyone else- I hope your all having a wonderful weekend. Oh boy tomorrow night is my weigh in...drumrrrrrrrroll please hahahaha.

09-27-2003, 05:30 PM
I'm doing not so great actually. I woke up with an unbelievable headache like I've never had before. I must have gotten up in the night to pee 5 or 6 times and when i woke I was so dehydrted, I felt like I had been lying in the desert all night. I'm in a group that's putting on a haunted acres this year and went shopping for supplies with a good friend. I'm home now and weak and it's raining out, so I'm not sure I'll make it on the walking part of my challenge. I feel so odd. I have so much to do, but no strength. Just thirst.
I'm still gonna try.

09-27-2003, 07:16 PM
Another day down. I LOVE these one-week challenges!!!

Did a 45 min step video first thing this morning and it was wonderful. Good sweat!!!! Then out into the big bad world with all its temptations and had a relatively healthy meal at a Thai place, and a rice 'ice cream' kind of thing on the way home. Aquareggie, I'm laying in supplies for my vegan day. So glad I remembered the soy creamer for my beloved coffee!

M.N.J., yes, pilates is alot like yoga---with even more control, if you can imagine such a thing. Right now I feel brain-dead to explain it any further! I can tell you that it makes you feel all strtched out and graceful.
:dizzy: Give it a try if you get a chance. Maybe rent a video from the library or something? I love it as much as yoga!

We're all doing so well--I'm proud to be part of this group. We're on fire!

:love: :flame: :flame: :love:

09-27-2003, 09:03 PM
Hello ladies!! Well last night of both yoga and no eating after 7pm... The eating i am done with... just finished dinner...lol I still have to do my yoga tho. I cought some bug last night and have been hoping to feel well enuf to do it... so i will get it in tonite. I lowered my calorie intake to see if that would jump start my loosing as i havent lost in 2 1/2 weeks. I did alright on 1800 too... i havent even had 1500 for the day so... so far so good!
Hope all is well with all of u... take care of u!


09-27-2003, 11:26 PM
I achieved my goal of dual cardio four times this week... and I STILL haven't had my ONE coke for this week... so I will say I have made my challenge!!! YEAH! :) I am getting ready for next weeks!

Good Luck Sandy... You can do it!

Eydie... I got Pilates for Dummies today.. going to incorporate that into my new challenge next week.. I would love to feel all stretched out and graceful!! I will let you know how I like it! :) And WTG on your healthy eating... I know you overcame many temptations! Good Job!

Lisa... so sorry about your headache.. hope you start feeling better soon!!!

happy dance dot good luck on your weigh in!!! I hope the scales like you tomorrow! :)

Marti... glad you are feeling better.... and I love that feeling too after a good ab workout!

Lavender Girl... Welcome and good luck.. this is a great forum and it really keeps you motivated!!! Let us know how the spinning goes.. I have always thought that would be fun!

AR... I LOVE Sarah... and that is a great song!!! I am an emotional eater too, and somedays I have such a hard time controling myself, but I keep thinking, that stuff will be here later when I am in the maintance mode, and not in the losing weight mode..... and I would rather lose weight than eat.. and MOST of the time, that has worked. Keep up the great work.. you can do it!

Ok... hi to everyone else I may have missed..... I am tired now and need to go do my triceps work before I go to bed....


09-28-2003, 12:51 AM
I didn't succeed in my one week challenge of no unhealthy dessert. I am sorry for letting the group down. I had angelfood cake w/ strawberries and whip topping. I made it almost a week which is much better than every night, so I am still kinda happy with my improvement. i just caved in for some reason.I did walk tonight though in spite of feeling crummy all day. I walked 1 mile.

Have a great Night,

happy dance dot
09-28-2003, 01:00 AM
lisa don't give up...like you said at least u have improved and plus you went out and walked a mile...so good for you. Temptations are hard to overcome. How did u come along that dessert though? If you had it at home just don't buy that stuff anymore lol. If all u have at home is good healthy food that's all you'll have to eat...and that makes it easier to resist cravings and such. Anyway, glad to hear everyone is doing good.

I will let you all know how the scale reads tomorrow.

09-28-2003, 01:14 AM
Lisa, you're not a loser, so don't say that. I really don't want to hear that kind of talk out of you! :nono: OK, one dessert is no big thing. It doesn't cancel out all the times you DIDN'T have dessert and all the effort you've made all along. You certainly didn't let anybody down. You should be happy about your improvement. Just have a little chuckle at your strawberry shortcake adventure and kick on! :dancer:

Change is a scary thing and sometimes maybe we just need to reconnect with the way we've been in order to steady ourself for the new steps ahead. It's not a disaster. It's a necessary part of moving on. Think of it as sailing a ship. Sometimes you need to veer off course in order to confirm the course that you wanted to be on. You go, "was THIS the way I wanted to go?'' and then you realize, "oh, no, THAT wasn't it. THIS is!" and on you go, stronger than ever. :)

09-28-2003, 05:24 AM
OK, I'm checking in because I realize I never said I had completed my challenge. I knocked off all three days of the no eating after 6 p.m. on Mon., Tues, and Wednesday. So my challenge, my week, was over way before you all, thanks to the wimpishness of my unambitious ways! :lol: But, I'll be back next week and I may just up it to 4 days. :eek: Wow! You are all so inspiring I'm actually wanting to do something a little more challenging now that I also know I CAN do what I did so far.

Photogirl, congratulations for making it through your week successfully. :cp: You really did a ton of exercise. You must feel very accomplished. I hope to see you back on this coming week's challenge too. By the way, I got Pilates for Dummies and never even looked at it (the video that is). Thanks for reminding me!

Sandybrat, how are you doing? I hope you're feeling better. Were you able to do your yoga? What are you setting your calorie intake at now?

Eydie, Good for you on your video workout. Hope the "big bad world" is being good to you! Keep it up!

happy dance dot, how did your weighin go? I sure hope you see a drop. We're rooting for you! :cp:

MNJ, you've gotten your crunches done for the week, right? Yes, I see you have. Congrats! :cp: Looking forward to seeing your finetuned goal for the next challenge! :spin:

Lavender Girl, Hello and welcome! :wave: I'll be starting the new thread tomorrow. Well, actually I may get it up there sooner so you can all say hi and anticipate the great kickoff! Good luck!

Aquareggie, How are you? I'm sending lots of power your way! :strong: :goodvibes :strong: You can do it. I am an emotional eater too and I've been allowing myself to pig out the past few days. I realize how it weakens my resolve all around though because I feel so much weaker and just out of sorts. I think that doing this though is making me realize all the more how I WANT to eat clean and exercise hard because it just makes me feel, yes, tired, but GOOD as well. Good luck to you!

Southern Butterfly, you're going strong too I see. Good for you! :sunny:

09-28-2003, 11:31 AM
G'morning, everyone!

Well, I see the new thread has started. I hope you don't mind me posting here once each day until the 30th, since I started last week's goal late. On Tuesday, I'll report whether I made it. And I'll pick a new goal today and join you all in the new thread, too. :)

Relatively easy vegan day yesterday. A guy from work made a snack run for everyone, and a girl got this rich, creamy coffee thing. I was tempted, but managed to get something vegan. Then I came home and hubby cooked dinner. I've been cooking up a storm the past four or five days. So he had me pick a recipe and then he cooked. Such a sweetheart! And he made the YUMMIEST curry potatoes, too. :D

Today might be hard because we usually go out to eat in the afternoon. Four days down, three days left. And I think four in a row is the most I've ever done before... :^: Eeek!


09-28-2003, 12:45 PM
Last day of this week's challenge for me. Did 60 min. belly dance video and a dumbell routine this morning. Hopefully I can get a walk in later. I love this fall weather!

So far so good with food. I'm determined to finish up the food part of my challenge in grand style, so barring anyone knocking me down and forcing me to eat junk, I'm going to call it a success.

PhotoGirl, I love 'Pilates For Dummies'! It's a great introductory video and I still use it very often. As a matter of fact, It's the one I'd reccommend for someone just starting! Enjoy! I'd love to hear how you like it.

M.N.J., I'm so inspired by your ab work that i'm thinking of incorpoating it into my next week's challenge!

FriendsForFitness, your dessert sounds relatively healthy to me actually. The angel food cake was low or fat-free, strawberries are great, cool whip isn't like lard or anything--so don't feel too bad about it. Its not like it was one of those 'death by chocolate' things! Just think of it as a small indiscretion---unless you had a bucket of it!:lol:

Greetings Sandybrat, Happy dance, RedBalloon, South. Butterfly, Aquareggie, Lavender Girl. Looking forward to this week!

09-28-2003, 01:53 PM
Last day of the challenge! I seen we've already have a new thread started!! I will have to post my new challenge.

Yes, I succeeded in this weeks challenge!! Hurray!! I was hoping to do all 7 days, but I didn't. And that's ok.....which is why I love this challenge thread!! I was hoping to do 3-4 days of crunches and I managed to do 5. (this day isn't over yet... I may do some tonight)

Lisa- I'm with everyone. What you ate is not concidered "bad" dessert by any means!! Angelfood cake??!! That's good. You've done excellent ALL week and one day isn't going to hurt. Plus you're doing FANTASTIC on your 21 day challenge!!!

Well Morning to Sandybrat;Aquareggie,Lavender Girl,Southern- Butterfly,Happy dance, RedBalloon, and Eydie!!! Did I miss anyone??? Congrats to all of us for doing our weekly goal! Let's start the next week with happy smiling faces, knowing that we did it once and we can do it again, & again, & again.......:D

Take care ladies..
I will post at the new thread tonight.


09-28-2003, 03:30 PM
Thanks for all the warmth over my boo-boo. I'm ok with it now. I'm glad everyone else succeed though! You all should be very proud. Either you make it or you don't. You all made it!
:cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb:
I can't sugar coat it and I don't expect anyone else to either, I know you all mean well, but the truth is that I did not accomplish my once a week challenge. I will this coming week though. I am going to accomplish my next week's challenge and prove to myself I can do it. As a matter of fact I think that I will make an adjustment to my own once a week challenges. If I do not succeed I must begin the next week's challenge with the same exact challenge until I do succeed! So there! It's in writing now, I've said it and it will be. See you on the new thread and good luck to everyone! You are all so wonderful!

Lisa :)

happy dance dot
09-28-2003, 04:53 PM
Well I completed my 1st week on The WW program, with all flex points left over, and no cheating. I weighed myself today and.....3lbs less:dancer: Oh its a beautiful day for me :D . I feel very positive about myself right now and I love the feeling. I am already planning on next week's challege. Congrats to everyone else who completed their challenges and also to those who tried their best:balloons:

See you all tomorrow.

09-28-2003, 05:22 PM
Hello. To anyone who's confused, I started the new week challenge thread early so you could have fun thinking about and anticipating what you wanted to do. It starts Monday and the last day is Sunday. See you over there. Good luckto all still wrapping up this week's!! :spin:

09-28-2003, 09:24 PM
YAY! Happy Dance Dot! I am so happy for you!! That's a wonderful loss! :dance:

I did not make it on my healthy dessert challenge, BUT, I was very successful on my walking for no less than 20 minutes 4 times this week!! YAY for me!


10-01-2003, 06:44 PM
Just posting here one last time to say I MADE MY ONE WEEK VEGAN GOAL YESTERDAY!!! :D


10-02-2003, 08:18 AM
I hear you fellow friend of animals, Aquareggie! :bravo: for you!! :cp: We'll see you over on the new thread! :dance: