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05-07-2012, 12:44 AM
Hey everyone - ;)

I started IP this past Thursday. I've had a few questions come up, and am still trying to get accustomed to a few things.

Question 1: I'm supposed to have 2 tsps. of olive oil daily - I don't think I've gotten that much a couple of the days. Is that going to slow down the weight loss?

Question 2: I've forgotten my vitamins a couple of days. Will that slow me down?

Question 3: It was raining like crazy here today, so I fried my steak instead of grilling. I know it says we aren't to fry, but am not sure why?

I know that the oil and vitamins are probably most important for health. Any help you can give me - I would appreciate it.

05-07-2012, 01:04 AM
Welcome auroragrl

The oil is important because it contains the precursors necessary for HDL (good cholesterol). The multi is important because you are not getting all the nutrients necessary from your food. The other two will prevent muscle cramps, esp. at night. The salt is necessary because the diet is very low in sodium and you will either retain water or feel poorly without it. They don't want you to fry anything because frying damages the fat molecule which then can become toxic.

I wouldn't worry about it since it's past, but it is really important to get in everything on the sheet in the exact proportions listed. The great thing about IP is all the work has been done for you and as long as you follow the sheet exactly, you will lose just fine. Stress, on the other hand, really can screw with the scale. I find that preping food the night before or on my day off really makes a difference. If you grill, make several portions at once and freeze. When I come home tired, all I have to do is add my dressing to my salad, pop the veggies in the microwave and heat my meat. Easy is key!

Glad you are here with us!