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Bewitchin' in the kitchen
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Smile WW forums Members meet and greet!

Just thought we could use a place on the WW forum to introduce ourselves and get to know each other a little bit!

I am Mauvaisroux and I have been a WWer off and on for about 3 years. I had to quit when I got laid off but since have rejoined

I am also one of the moderators of the forum along with Katpo (Core Boards)

I am married to a wonderful DH and my rambunctious tabby cat rounds out our household.

My interests include: cooking, reading, bellydance, sewing and jewellery making

Fave diet cheats: buttertarts, dark chocolate, dill pickle chips and Gelato (Italian ice cream - divine )

Looking forward to getting to know everyone!
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First, the business:
As a moderator, I wanted to note that this thread is for current Weight Watcher members to post their bios. Inactive members' bios, as well as random replies will be deleted after a reasonable time.

Now, the fun stuff, lol. I'm doing WW again, after several tries, and am trying to lose 100 pounds. I might need to adjust that later. We'll see.

My life is filled with a DH who's retired, 3 grown children, 6 beautiful grandkids and a mixed breed dog named Molly. I live in rural Indiana on 58 acres in the "boonies". My hobbies and interests are my church, Walt Disney World, music, reading, travelling, animal welfare, gardening, family, and all the friends I've made here at 3FC.

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Hi there! I'm a WW member from across the pond! I like to throw my opinions in now and again on this wonderful forum, and I hope you can all understand my accent!!!

I'm 35 years old, married for 12 and a half years and have a beautiful little 3 year old boy, AJ. I also have 2 stepdaughters, one of whom has just produced for us a gorgeous grandaughter, Ella.

I have been attending WW meetings since Jan '04, (one of the new year's resolutions that I actually managed to stick to!) I have so far lost 53.5 pounds, with only 2#to go to reach goal. I feel that in some ways it has taken for ever and a day, but I know that realisically the weight is more likely to stay off by losing it slowly. I have come to the conclusion that I will have to be a member of WW for life now, that this is a weightloss journey that I will have to follow forever, I will always be a 'fat' person, no matter what size the body is, I could so easily go back to how I was before, and I really have no intention of doing that if I can possibly help it. Oh, and yes, I 'ramble' alot too.

I don't do as much exercise as I know I really should. I do own a treadmill, and I have been on it this morning, although it was the first time in a while, I try to walk when I can, although running after AJ constantly does help raise the heartrate a fair bit!

Anyway, I wish all new WW members all the luck in the world, it really does work you know - you just have to put in a bit of time and effort.

See ya all soon.
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Come on Spring!
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Height: 5'0" on a tall day


Hi, I'm Ruthxxx and a really old broad!

I have joined WW about ten times in the last thrity years but, as my stats show, I have never stuck with it. I am currently combining CORE and South Beach and am convinced this is the healthy way to go. At the moment, I'm a member of WW Online but don't intend to renew. More good stuff is happening here in 2FC.

I live in a small village in rural Ontario with my antique husband, my two adorable Portuguese Water Dogs and my garden which is just about as demanding as the other three!

As I'm a MOD on two other Forums in here, I'm busy and may not post a lot but I will read and am looking forward to picking up hints.
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My name is Kim.

I must have joined Weight Watchers twenty million times in my life . It works for a while but then I stop working with it. Trying it AGAIN and hopefully I have the willpower to stick with it.

I am a single mother of a 13 year old son who keeps me going and tries my patience but don't they all? I live with a wonderful man who has accepted me and my son whole heartedly and I love him for that.

I have about 30 pounds to lose and I WILL LOSE IT THIS TIME . I need to go soon and go for my walk and get my day started.

I hope to get to know everyone and it is fun talking to you.

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Hi all,
I live in Massachusetts,I moved here from Canada almost 2years ago.I was 140pounds then,after I moved here that changed quickly.I went to my highest weight ever,and was very unhappy with how I looked.I joined WW last Aug. and started to take the pounds off slowly.The weight loss has stalled lately,but I want to turn that around for summer when we go to Belgium.I found this site by accident and fell in love,though i just registered 2days ago.I recommend this site to everyone because it is such a help to me.
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Just wanted to say 'hi' to other ww girls and guys. I have been doing ww off and on. When I stopped ww last time, I started up doing Atkins. I felt with Atkins that I stopped losing weight, so I am back to ww and feel great. I exercise at Curves on a regular basis and roller-blade for an hour on days that I do not go to Curves. I have also been investigating different yoga dvds for something different in the routine.

BTW - I am following the flex plan.

a href="">
<img border="0" src=";52;79;0;1/c/153/t/147/s/175/k/90b5/weight.png"></a>
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Mrs. S.
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My name is Susan and I live on a farm in northeast South Dakota. I have been following the Weight Watchers plan since January and have lost 21 pounds. This is my second time on the plan; the first time I quit attending meetings with only 4 pounds to go until goal weight! (This time my needs are coming first and the family has to work around it!) I am married with two children, ages 10 and 12. I am a high school special education teacher, and I keep active in our church and in my childrens' activities.
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Hi, I'm Stephanie. I'm 27 years old and a newlywed--DH and I were married in April! I live in Iowa, USA, and I work at a university. I've been trying to lose weight for 6 months, and I just joined WW last week. So far, so good. I'm so glad that I found this site, because I don't have any weight-loss buddies in my area. I certainly need your support!

SW: 182
CW: 171
GW: 155
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I too am new to this site and fairly new to weight watchers. I am old to trying it by myself and thinking I know all the answers. Would appreciate any moral support and encouragement because I truly am in it for the long haul this time! I pray that is true

I am a retired teacher but only 52. I have been married to a wonderful man for thirty three years. I have two married daughters and one is living in another state

no grandchildren yet. Hopefully I will get all this weight off and they will never know their grandma fat wouldn't that be cool.
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you can call me flower
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I just joined WW last night. I haven't done a formal diet in forever, but I promised myself I would give it my all for 5 weeks (community meetings, you pay for 5 weeks at a time). Hopefully by that time I see lots of progress and sign up for 5 more. I am 36, wife and mom of 3 sons. I live in the burbs of Reno NV. I am a florist by trade, but crafting is what I do now. Starting weight last night was 210.8. I am 5'5", goal is 150.
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hey everyone, my name is kate, i'm 34 and finally figured out i can't do it on my own well at least not for more than two weeks

my sister convinced me to go with her to ww, and well i'm on board, have a long way to go 82 lbs. i'm doing the points, i figure this way it will make me watch what i eat more. and i swear my ww calculator is superglued in my hand maybe once i get eating meals, instead of grazing all day down i can go onto the core plan.

our first meeting didn't go too well, the lady that weighed us in was very stuck-up and acted more like we were an inconvenience, (so sorry i wanted to come here and make a life changing decision, and pay you !)

so were changing our location for the end of our first week.

i wanted to thank all you wonderful ladies that posted all the recipes, its made my life so much easier, and actually made the diet enjoyable, trying them out.

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Hi all! Im Alana Jo and I am 24 years old. I am happily married and have 2 boys. I am currently on WW but I am doing it at home. I have done it in the past but just recently got back into it. Im hoping to loose around 65 lbs.
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Hi ya'll! I have restarted WW with some fellow teachers. I'm 24, single and that's part of my reason to lose the weight. I want marriage and family. I had a diabetes test done last week and it scared me to think that I am jeapordizing my ability to have a family due to my weight. It's time to change. I love this site and look forward to visiting it often! I have a LOOONNGG way to go.
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I just wanna be me :-)
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Hi Everyone,
I am Marion........have just restarted WW less then a week ago, buuuuuuut i am going to pretend for myself anyway that it is a complete fresh start......I went out and bought a little notebook at Walgreens.....It says Mothers nurture the flowers in the garden of life..........and i went through it and made up pages up enough for this week that have checklists for the water, fruits and veggies, milk, oil and vitamins.........then at the bottom made a regular tracking sheet for the rest. Oh and on the first page, the "meeting page" i made a bubble chart for those 35 extra points a week to cross off as i use them. So far so good, i have tracked and stayed OP all this week and have had gallons of water!!! Would love some email buddies, I need all the support i can get to get thru this.
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