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Zumba Chick
02-26-2011, 04:26 PM
Is anyone doing the Food Lovers Plan
Has anyone been doing this Plan? I'm 55yrs old & would like to know has this helped anyone jump start their metabolism? I'm exercising But the LBS won't come off what I used to do just doesn't work since menopause & now that I'm exercising more or trying to I have more of an appetite!
I'm on Armour(15mg) having Hypothyroid symptoms but blood work shows normals at least that what I'm told hoping it will get raised in a month

Please let me know if this has worked & did you maintain weight loss


02-26-2011, 04:35 PM
The Food Lovers plan (in Fitness magazine, right?) is a nice, healthy, balanced, reduced-calorie plan. I think it runs about 1500 cals/day.

Even with exercise, you definitely need a plan to reduce your calorie intake. Weight loss is maybe 20% exercise, 80% diet - if you don't monitor and reduce your food, you're probably not going to see the sort of results you like. So whether you go with this plan or another plan, you're definitely going to want to have SOME plan to control your food intake. Especially since you're starting pretty close to goal, exercise alone likely won't cut it.

Zumba Chick
02-27-2011, 03:35 PM
THANKS Mandalinn I hope I spelled your name right.I don't get fitness mag so I'm not sure, the plan is Robert Fergusons' Food Lovers Plan I think you go by the Glycemic index & combine your meals Protein ,fast carb high GI with slow carbs low GI ect eat meals snacks though out day
Just would like to know if any one is doing this or something similar & how they are doing?