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Default food lovers fat lovers system

Hi everyone

I was just wondering if anyone has saw this infomercial and if anyone has tried this. The creator of this program is Robert Ferguson.

Take care
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It looks like it is a diet based on eating out at fast food restaurants? Honestly, you can lose weight as long as you reduce your calories. I personally think eating better foods (lower calorie) is better than eating smaller portions of crappy food.

If you really liked fast food and wanted to eat it, you'd just need to include it in your calorie counting. The system doesn't sound revolutionary and I'm sure it is just smaller portions of fast food.
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I purchased the program and the first 21 days are designed to reset your metabolism. I have tried so many "diets" to lose weight that I ruined my metabolism. I'd like to return to more intuitive eating, and this seems like it will help me achieve my goal. The plan is about food combining - proteins, slow carbs and fast carbs. It is easy to follow. There are some restirctions in the first 21 days, but after that it gets even easier to follow. It is not an eat fast food diet - it's about not depriving yourself and moderation.
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And how does it 'reset' your metabolism? A lot of the decreased metabolism issues come from yo-yo dieting and losing muscle.
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This is produced by the same folks that put out the 6 week body makeover.

From what I've seen and read, it's little more than the method of filling your plate with 1/2 veggies, 1/4 starchy carb, 1/4 protein. Nothing new.

I suppose having a daily journal telling you exactly what to do might help some, but I find that always sounds better in theory than it works out in real life.
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Default 17 Pounds Down in 22 Days

I have been on Foodlovers since August 10 and I have lost 17 pounds. It is not a "fast food diet" or EAT ALL YOU WANT diet. It is nothing like that at all.

You eat every 2 to 3 hours. You combine proteins, fast carbs and slow carbs to make a "Fat loss Plate". He emphasizes portion control and using visual cues to construct a "Fat Loss Plate". You get 3 snacks a day of anything as long as it is within a 150 to 200 calorie range. You are given recipes to try or in my case, based on the information he has given me..taking my family favorites and making them more Foodlovers's Friendly ( less fat, more fiber ect)..YOu can eat anywhere at any restaurant following the principles of this eating plan. I have not cooked ONE of his recipes because I have enjoyed tweaking my own.

Having had the program run by my doctor, he said, "Yes, eating more frequently and in a healthy way will speed up your metabolism". This was CRITICAL FOR ME. I was eating one or two meals a day for years and I could not understand why I wasn't losing weight, had a bloated stomach and just felt bad with gas and acid reflux.

Well, low and behold...NO MORE since I have been on FLs. My blood pressure is now 110/80. My doc, Harvard trained nonetheless, is VERY HAPPY with my results and he looked through the main booklet and said there is nothing "faddish about it".

He did object to the OPTIONAL 6 day Detox. I did too and I did not do it. I think "detox" is stupid. My first week on FLS I lost 6 pounds just eating the way the program told me too and now after 21 says or so, I am 17 pounds lighter.

The infomercial has a disclaimer at the bottom stating the program is based on Food combining, portion control and exercise. I believe in LOW IMPACT and I generally do 20 minutes of activity 2 or 3 times a day. NOthing HIGH IMPACT or BRUTAL. Just CONSISTENT.

If I had to sum up the program, it would be like taking the 3 Hour diet + parts of WWs by not limiting food choices and some of South Beach by the fast and slow carb principles.

Is it rocket science? No. But it is the first program where I have not been starving or feeling deprived.

Again, I DO the program

Originally Posted by nelie View Post
And how does it 'reset' your metabolism? A lot of the decreased metabolism issues come from yo-yo dieting and losing muscle.
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Default Going to Try It

SistaDiva, thanks for the excellent infomation on Food Lovers. I have done a ton of research on the internet and have found that people have no more hope. Everyone is so jaded.

I exercise pretty much everyday doing cardio and have toned my body and flattened my stomach with that quite nicely (from 34 inches to 32 so far). Even my healthcare questinaire at work that I had to take to get a discount on my medical benefits said I was doing a good job nutritionally and with my 30 minute DAILY workouts, but when the system went to give me advice on why I'm still over weight all it could tell me is to exercise more.

I lost 11 pounds in Aug just with exercising and eating right, but you know what? I did the same in Sept and not one pound of weight was lost. You know why? My metab has adjusted. The women in my family are all size fours when young and then they get fat as they get older. I am PROOF it is not all about eating right and exercise. It's all about metabolism. I can bump up my exercise sessions to 45 minutes now, but next month then what? 60 minutes, then 90, then 2 hours. I have dislocated my knee twice and the muscles surrounding my collar bones ache severely from using the Gazelle, so it's time for me to try something new.

I exercise anyway. I always have. I used to jog each day before I dislocated the knee, so all I need is a good eating plan that my metab won't adjust to.

I want to keep to my 30 min exercise and take it down to every other day and eat food that my family will love too, othewise it gets to be expensive. Thanks again SD. Your info was what I was looking for.
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I have searched the internet for testimonials etc. and have noticed a strange trend. The comments are almost all the same, sort of like set speeches. Do you think some of these testimonials are fake?
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To support the FLD, I personally know a guy and his wife who have lost 50-70 lbs each over the course of several months. They are on their way to California to film a commercial for the company. They look great and it worked for them! I'm trying it.....
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My sister tried this to lose a few lbs and **** lost loads! She looks great. Currently living uptown form me.
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I ordered the program and I lost 26lbs. I am not currently following it now because I have a few medical issues to work out, mainly with my thyroid. They do have a website that I am a member of and it has REAL people that did FLFL diet, Hope this helps anyone out there thinking about trying the program.
P.S. Mr. Ferguson is very nice and helpful. He will even email you back personally, not like some of these other programs when you don't even know the creator of the program.
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Just out of interest, is there anywhere you could point me where I could read up about it?

When I put the name in google, I just get a page with purchase details, no content. I'm not trying to get a freebie! I'd just like to know the basis of the programme.
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Question Low Impact Exercise

SistaDiva2001 I believe in LOW IMPACT and I generally do 20 minutes of activity 2 or 3 times a day. NOthing HIGH IMPACT or BRUTAL. Just CONSISTENT.

What type of Low Impact exercise are you doing?
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Smile Placed my order today...

I have done everything from Atkins to Weight Watchers and I even took a nutrition class in Spring of 2011 but I haven't lost the weight like I need to. Every time I loose it I gain it back.

After a lot of research and debate and arguing with myself and then talking to the husband, we decided to purchase the Food Lover Fat Loss System. Both my husband and I have gained quite a bit over the past 10 years and it is time for a change. We needed something that we could both follow and support each-other in rather than me doing it on my own or vice versa.

I am curious to find out if any of you are still doing this program/system? Also, I plan on writing my own experience up on the forum once we get going.

Thanks for posting about it. Any tips you can offer?

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I too have tried every program out there to lose weight and I can tell you that it's as simple as eating less and exercising/moving more. I can say that for me I was always impatient for the weight to come off and wanted an overnight solution. There isn't one. As I said, it's as simple as eating less and moving/exercising more. I count calories and exercise. The weight is slowly, but steadily coming off and I am learning to eat smaller meals and not grazing. I love how I feel when I am not full. I hate how I feel when I am full. I like looking nice and that is what is getting me thru this.

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