Chicks up for a Challenge - Autumn Beauties (And Anyone Else!) Unite For January 2011 Challenge!

12-26-2010, 11:45 PM
Posting this early! Spread the word and join us on January 1st, 2011 through the 31st! I hope both old and new Autumn Beauties can join us!:

Welcome back, Autumn Beauties! HAPPY NEW YEAR and welcome to the January 2011 Challenge! December was sort of a tough month for some of us, obviously, but now it’s Op for a fresh new start in this fresh new year! I know we are ALL SO READY FOR THIS! We are ready to get healthy, sexy and feel as beautiful on the outside as we are on the inside. Let’s do this! EVERYONE is welcome to join us at any time!

The January Challenge:
1. Set a goal of how many pounds you’d like to lose this month.
2. Set a goal of how many days you’d like to work out this month.
3. Any other goals you have for yourself that you’d like to track here for the month, please do. That’s what this thread is for! Have fun!

Bonus Challenges (Should You Choose To Accept Them):

4. Choose THE hardest OR one of the hardest work-outs you own on DVD (or it doesn’t have to be on DVD, it could just be one of those more difficult machines in the gym or any other kind of workout) and do it for AT LEAST 5 DAYS STRAIGHT! If you’re one of those people, like me, who sticks with the easier workouts as much as possible (LOL),…then this should be a great challenge for you. A GREAT thing about this is YOU ARE ALLOWED TO STOP THE DVD AND TAKE A BREAK! That is TOTALLY fine! The point is, we need to finish what we start and NOT GIVE UP just because the work out is a little tough. After your little break, you turn that DVD back on and finish your workout until the end. Do this for 5 DAYS STRAIGHT. Who knows? Maybe you‘ll eventually not even need a break? Maybe you could do it for more than 5 days? That would be awesome.

When you’ve completed this challenge, you can simply write the workout/s you did and the dates of the days you did them (just make sure those dates are five days in a row… cheating, haha.)

5. Many of us struggle with the diet part and that’s what inspired me to create this number 5 challenge. For at least 14 DAYS this month, I want you to PLAN YOUR MEALS AND SNACKS FOR THE DAY THE NIGHT BEFORE. I’m sure all of us have heard many, many times of how important and helpful it is to plan your meals out ahead of time. Well? Let’s do it! Choose ANY 14 days this month and just DO IT. You can plan out your meals RIGHT here if you wish or just do it in Microsoft Word or something and come back here and write down the date of each day you ate EXACTLY what you planned out. Everything you eat doesn’t have to be super healthy all the time either. It’s all about getting into the habit of planning it out and being aware of what is going in your mouth so you can stay on track.

To save space in the thread, just click “EDIT” on the lower right-hand side of your monthly goal post and go back and edit each day and add what you need to as far as what you’re tracking for the month. You can make new posts for random comments and thoughts of course J Below this post, there will be information about our Autumn Beauties group tracker!

Monique’s Goals:

1. I would like to lose 6 pounds. Emotion icon will be posted here for each pound lost(starting weight is 220): :) :) :)
2. I plan on working out EVERY DAY this month…..even if only for 5 minutes on certain days. I plan on jumping on my rebounder every day for at least 15 minutes. Numbers “1” through “31” will be written here for each completed workout day: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28
3. I need to start taking my daily vitamins. Once I am able to get them, I will put an emotion icon for each day I remember to take them:
4. My tough workout of choice this month that I will be doing for at least 5 days straight is Hip Hop Abs: Total Body Burn Level 2! It’s 50 minutes long. Shaun T kicks your butt on that one. LOL. Days: 1-2-11, 1-3-11, 1-4-11, 1-5-11, 1-6-11 GOAL!!!
5. I definitely plan on planning out my meals for at least 14 days! I will post the dates of those days here:
1-1-11, 1-3-11, 1-4-11, 1-5-11, 1-6-11, 1-7-11 1-8-11 1/9/11 1/10/11 1/11/11 1/12/11 1/13/11 1/14/11 1/15/11 (goal!)

So, I guess that’s it! If anyone has any ideas or anything they’d like to add, please do because this is for ALL of us and we should have fun with it J I wish you all a HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR!


12-27-2010, 01:49 AM
Thanks for setting up a January Challenge!

My Progress:

*~* January Weigh-ins *~*


o To lose 10 lbs by the 31st
o To exercise AT LEAST 5 times a week, using my interval training as the "tough workout of choice" for 3 times a week.
o To drink 8 glasses of water a day
o To stay under 1600 calories every day by planning out my meals for the week

- Dee

12-27-2010, 03:45 AM
You're very welcome :). So glad you can join us. Great goals :)


12-27-2010, 10:03 AM
Good morning Autumn Beauties, I'd like to join in this challenge too. I have been back on track and doing good for a few weeks now.

I'd like to stay focused and committed through the month of January
Work out at least 5 times a week Reach the 2 teens in January
Plan & prepare my meals each week
Post daily on 3FC
Try logging my weight daily for the month of January in hopes that it will help me to stay on track each day Attend a WW meeting each week
Comfortably fit my size 16 pants.

I am very excited about my lifestyle change and am really looking forward to seeing where I will be at the end of January. I wish everyone else much success.

WE CAN DO IT!!! :cb:

12-27-2010, 10:24 AM
To lose at least 10lbs in January
To work out as many days as possible
To stay on plan every day

1st ~ 241.8
7th ~ 237.8 (-4)
14th ~
21st ~
28th ~

Future dates marked with (s) are planned strength training days.
Marked with a :df: for every day eating perfectly on plan
1st. 60 minutes of exercise. :df:
2nd. 30 minutes walking. 30 minutes strength. :df:
3rd. 45 minutes cardio. :df:
4th. 30 minutes cardio. 30 minutes strength. :df:
5th. 30 minutes biking. 15 minutes stair stepping. :df:
6th. 60 minutes biking. :df:
7th. 60 minutes biking. 15 minutes strength.
8th. Rest Day
9th. Rest Day
10th. 30 minutes biking. 20 minutes stair stepping. :df:
11th. 30 minutes biking. 30 minutes strength. :df:
12th. 60 minutes biking.
14th. (s)
16th. (s)
18th. (s)
21st. (s)
23rd. (s)
25th. (s)
28th. (s)
30th. (s)

12-27-2010, 12:51 PM
I didn't accomplish much in December either. Didn't put in enough effort. Starting over today though. It is on! LOL.

Welcome, GettinFit. So glad you can join us. I can't wait. I hope to drop at least 20 pounds by March. My teenage sisters and I are going on our first cruise. I'd like to look even somwhat decent by then. We can do it!

On the first, I will weigh in and post my starting stats.


12-27-2010, 05:02 PM
Thanks for the warm Welcome Monique. I am so excited to be losing and getting in shape again. You are going to love your cruise. I do one every year and this last one was the absolute worst because I was at 235. I was totally miserable and felt like a stuffed pig. This was the heaviest I've ever been. I will be going again next November and my plan is to be at my goal of 170 or lower by then.

You're right, we can accomplish this if we stay focused and committed. In the past I've done really good for about 2 months and then I slowly slip back to my old eating habits. This time I want to stay committed after the second month. I believe posting here and attend my WW meeting will help me.

12-27-2010, 05:22 PM
I'd love to join your January challenge -- I joined this board so I could be accountable, and this seems like a great opportunity!

Here are my goals for January 2011:

1. Be in the 180s...even if it's 189!!
2. Work out at least 5 days a week doing cardio for at least 30 minutes
3. Eat more fruits and veggies daily!
4. NO alcohol! White russians are my fave, and although they are yummy, they are packed with calories!!

Weight Loss Tracking
January 1st: 196.8
January 7th: 195 (-1.8)
January 14th: 194 (-1)
January 21st: 192.8 (-1.2)
January 28th: 191.4 (-1.4)
January 31st: 191.0 (-0.4)
Lost 5.8 pounds total for January! :)

12-28-2010, 01:08 AM
GettinFit, yes, it is not easy staying on track. For me, it's even worse because I'm a line cook at a casino. There's always food around and you're ALWAYS in the mood to snack and taste the food. You taste ONE thing and then you want something else. LOL. UGH! It's so hard.

Emme, welcome! You joined at a perfect time :) The best of luck to you :)


12-28-2010, 10:46 AM
Ugh I feel like SUCH a loser today. I am sick. Have barely eaten a thing for 2 days and I am UP a pound.

12-28-2010, 11:50 AM
Justaloozer, don't sweat it. I always seem to bounce UP while I'm sick (even with a stomach flu, WHAT GIVES?) but as soon as the nasties are gone I drop back down.

January 2011 Goals
1) Drop 10 pounds (in addition to the 4 I packed on over the holidays)
2) No workout commitment beyond taking the kids out to sled when weather permits
3) Actually fit into my size 10s by my birthday on the 19th

12-28-2010, 01:51 PM
Monique - I sure wouldn't want your job. WOW I don't know if I could handle the daily temptation but I know you can do it. Just remember how nice you want to look when you go on your cruise. Stay strong.

justaloozer - I hope you feel better. I'm sure you'll lose that pound soon. Hang in there.

I'm having a good day so far. I plan on getting either a walk or Turbo Jam in after work.

12-28-2010, 03:57 PM
Thanks Altari & Gettinfit! I just get discouraged.

Altari you and I share a birthday! I was hoping to need some new clothes by my birthday but its not looking like I will.

12-28-2010, 04:41 PM
Welcome, Altari :)

Get well soon, justaloozer...and you'll lost that pound back quick. I've probably done the worst out of everyone. I lost 10 pounds in Oct/Nov when we first started and gained 4 back. I'll take that over gaining it ALL back though :).

Thank you, GettinFit :) You're a great motivator :)


12-28-2010, 04:44 PM
For fun, I've created a group ticker for all of us so we can lose large amounts of weight as a team :).

Here's the link to our ticker:

Go there when ever you like to add the amount of pounds you've lost.

1. Click "Edit/Update Data & Style

2. Type in password/pin which is: arefatfree (LOL)

3. Where it says, "Your current cumulative value", add how many pounds you've lost (every time you lose more, go back and do it again) by clicking the "Add" with the plus sign on the side of the box you type in which will make the number in the box get'll see what I mean when you see it. LOL :)

4. Keep clicking "next" until you reach the last page with the html so you can add it to your siggy if you wish!

Here's what it looks like:

You all can change the look of the ticker, our goal, whatever you wish at any time. Have fun! :) Let's do this, Autumn Beauties!


12-28-2010, 05:08 PM
1.This month I would like to lose 15 pounds.
2.This month I would like to work out at least 5 days each week.
3.This month I would like to get into the routine of getting 8 hours of sleep at least 5 times a week. I have a tendency of going to bed late and waking up early – only to feel lazy the following day.
4.Zumba’s cardio party has been so hard for me. Today was the first time I completed it without stopping it. I intend to do it at least 5 days straight this month.
5.This month I will try to plan my meals the night before for 14 days straight. This has always been a challenge for me, but I am willing to give it a try.

Bring the pain! :):D

12-28-2010, 05:37 PM
*I'd like to lose 7lbs/get into the 150s.
*I want to work out everyday (though I'll vary the intensity and length).
*No "outside" food (aka, nothing I don't cook/prepare myself) for the month.
*Stay in my 1500-1750 calorie range daily.
*Do my hardest DVD five days in a row.

12-29-2010, 02:34 AM
Welcome, all of you :) So glad you can join us :) Great goals.


12-29-2010, 04:02 PM
I don't know if I constitute as an autumn beauty.. I was born at the end of October so do I count? :)

Anyway.. this is great. I'm basically starting all over from a 35 pound gain from 215 to 250. I plan to do good these next few days so I have a little bit of a running start for January.

-Lose 15 lbs
-Work out at least 5 days a week
-Plan my meals for 14 days
-Do not eat any fast food. Period. It has been my worst enemy these past few months
-Do not over eat at any time (portion control = my second biggest enemy)
-I start school on January 24th.. so make a schedule for work/school/gym/healthy eating by then..

Good luck everyone! I'm so excited.

12-30-2010, 03:23 AM
Well, of course you can be an Autumn Beauty. That name is something a small group of us came up with in October since most of us in the group at the time had joined in the fall. I really like the's beautiful and positive.

So glad you'll join us too.

I can't wait to get's always so much fun and easier to do this with other people.


12-30-2010, 10:32 AM
I've been so horrible lately. I haven't counted a calorie, exercised or gotten my water in since I can't even remember. I keep telling myself I'm going to get back on track starting January 1st. Last night I ate so much crap, I felt horrible and I really thought I was going to get sick. I think enough is enough. I decided to get going a couple days early so I'm going to try to get back on plan today. My husband told me he can tell a difference when I'm not eating right. I'm grumpy and obviously more lethargic. I don't like feeling like this! I don't know how on earth I've been putting up with myself the last few weeks. =P Hopefully in a few days when my brain is operating right again I'll be the bubbly, happy chick I was back when I was doing awesome.

Stupid Holidays! I'm so glad they are over finally.

12-30-2010, 11:05 AM
I'm glad they're over too, Kim. You can do it. You're probably one of the stronger ones strings here I've seen stay on track with the diet.

I have a weakness when it comes to just saying, "no" to bad stuff sometimes. Like yesturday for example, I did really well on Slim Fast. I had one for breakfast, then an for lunch, then an apple and for dinner I had a subway sandwich with broccoli cheese soup. BUT!...sometime in the morning, I also at a large choclate chip cookie they serve at my job and after dinner, I downed two sodas just because they were there. Thats going to be a challenge living with my mom again because she loves her soda. I NEVER buy soda any just a whole pack, I'm good about getting water instead but if something bad is in front of me....sometimes it's hard to say no.


12-30-2010, 12:12 PM
Hey! Glad we r continuing the autumn beauties thread into jan.

December was a bust for me. So I'm really gonna hunker down and put on my big girl panties and DO IT RIGHT THIS TIME!

Goals: To be in the 150's by the end of the month

To have 30 days on plan.

that's all I can think of right now...

12-30-2010, 12:14 PM
Morning all! I weighed in at 290.0! The lowest I have been in a while! I REALLY hope I can see a new decade by Monday!

12-30-2010, 12:23 PM
Sea's goals:

1. I would like to lose 8 pounds. Emoticon will be posted here for each pound lost:
2. I plan on working out 18 Days this month. Numbers “1” through “18” will be written here for each completed workout day:
3. I need to remember to take my daily vitamins. I will put an emoticon for each day I remember to take them:
4. My tough workout of choice this month that I will be doing for at least 5 days straight is my old Jayne Kennedy workout.
5. I will plan out my meals for at least 14 days! I will post the dates of those days here:

12-30-2010, 12:28 PM
ooo I just realized I never posted my goals for this challenge!

1. I want to lose a total of 10lbs, bringing me down to 283lbs
2. drink more water
3. exercise 15 days

12-30-2010, 02:01 PM
Aww, thanks Monique. I need to find that me again. It's easier to stay on plan when things don't come up that make it easy to cheat. I hope you are able to fight your soda monster, thankfully that one has never been a problem for me.

12-30-2010, 02:20 PM
Hello Autumn Beauties,

Kim - Great job on not waiting 'til the 1st to get back on track :carrot: I hope you're your bubbly happy self soon. I know exactly how you feel. I pigged out from Oct 'til the first of December and I was totally miserable but I kept on eating and was only exercising maybe once or twice a week. I hope you have a very successful week!

Justaloozer - Congrats on making it to 290 and I hope you break through to the 280s by Monday.

I hope everyone else is having a good day so far.

I've been having a good week. I've worked out every day and have eaten very clean for almost a month now. I'll have a challenge on Sat & Sunday as I'm going to a party on Sat and out to lunch with a bunch at an all U can eat buffet on Sunday. I am very confident that I will make healthy choices at both functions. I'm in such a groove now and I don't want to let anything de rail me. I want SOOOO bad to make my goal of 170 this year.

Have a great day Autumn Beauties :cb:

12-30-2010, 09:44 PM
Congrats, justaloozer. Keep, up the good work. The count down is on, ladies....the first of the month is almost here.


12-31-2010, 09:26 AM
Thanks everyone!! We CAN do this! Gettingfit, 170 is TOTALLY doable!

I weighed in this morning at 289.8! I am ECSTATIC!!!!!!! Official weigh in is monday of course but I pray the scale only goes lower by then!

12-31-2010, 11:32 AM
Good Morning Autumn Beauties,

I hope everyone is having a good day so far and are sticking to your plans.

justaloozer - You are rockin it :carrot: Way to go!!! :cheer:

Monique - sending you some :dust: to help you resist the soda's. You can do it.

This morning I weighed 221.8. Like you justaloozer, I was ecstatic. I can't wait to reach the 2 teens. I feel so committed now and I want to keep this momentum going. I can see myself reaching my goal this time.

I'm looking forward to doing a nice long walk this afternoon at Stone Mountain which is a very hilly walk so it's an awesome workout.

I hope everyone has a great day!

12-31-2010, 11:41 AM
Hi everyone, I love this challenge! I am so not motivated when it comes to exercise but if I promise myself to do it, I usually come through! I'd like to lose 7lbs in January. I'll add this ticker and start my workout tomorrow. I feel like hibernating this time of year because I only get four hours of sunlight per day over here. I can't wait for 24 hour daylight during the summer! I tend to have more energy. Must be the extra vitamin D!

12-31-2010, 01:09 PM
Good morning everyone

I like the idea of this thread.
The one thing I am good at is planning my meals. With a family of 6, if I don't plan then my food budget gets out of control real fast so each weekend I make out a menu and go shopping twice a week (I go once, SO goes the other time). I make lots of crockpot meals since I am at school till really late every day.

I have really been struggling since November since I got hurt.:mad: I have been finding it hard to get back on track. I am looking forward to a challenge that will help that out!

Here are my goals for the month of January:

*Walk the dogs an hour three days a week (one of my beagles needs to lose weight as well :D)
*Exercise every day this month
*Stay under my calorie limit all month (This one has been very difficult for me)

1. No beagle walk
a. exercised 10 minutes
b. :sigh: did not stay under calorie limit beagle walk
a exercised 10 minutes (lazy I know but I have had no motivation the last couple days)
b stayed under calorie limit!! Woot!!!
3. No beagle walk
a exercised 20 minutes on Wii fit
b went over calories by 57
4. no doggie walk
a exercised 2 hours and 45 minutes
b stayed under calorie limit according to my program but went over what I felt was acceptable
5. snowing, no dog walking today
a. 1/2 hours lap swimming
b under calorie limit

12-31-2010, 01:17 PM
Hi Roxanne & Daisy :wave:

I wish you much success during the month of January.

12-31-2010, 05:26 PM
It's always good to see new faces!

Why is it that I get back my motivation, start doing right again and my husband decides to act like a jerk and then all I want to do is go out and get a bucket of fried chicken and some Ben & Jerry's ? :( I guess it's not really fair to blame him for me wanting to eat bad, but he sure doesn't help sometimes. I refuse to give in to my mood and mess myself up again though. It's not going to happen. I've been eating right all day and I'm going to finish the day perfect no matter what.

Tomorrow I get on the scale again after a long break from it and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to like what I see. I just hope it's not as bad as I'm fearing.

I hope everyone else has a great New Year's Eve, tomorrow we all get a new start.

12-31-2010, 08:13 PM
Welcome to the newest Beauties! I have to keep this short for now but I wish you all good luck this month. I know if we all stick together and just do everything we can to keep ourselves motivated, this'll be a piece of cake. We all know how to successfully drop the pounds....we just have to be strong and not get off track. Lets do it, Autumn Beauties!

Thanks, GettinFit, I needed that. LOL.


01-01-2011, 04:46 AM
Happy New Year, Autumn Beauties. It's 12:45 a.m. California time and I pray that we all do well and stay on plan today!


01-01-2011, 10:14 AM
Good morning Autumn Beauties,

Dimples - I hope things got better for you yesterday and hopefully the scale will be nice to you when you W/I today.

Like Monique said, let's all stay strong and not get off track. Hopefully, this time next year we'll all be celebrating our new bodies.

Yesterday I was able to get in a 3 mile walk as planned and it felt so good. The weather here went from being in the teens earlier in the week to 70 yesterday so it was a perfect day for walking at Stone Mountain. I'm hoping to get a 5 mile walk in tomorrow.

I hope everyone is having great on program day.

01-01-2011, 11:47 AM
Happy New Year everyone.

So... Weighin... not so good. Before today the last time I was on the scale was December 10th. I was 234.8. This morning I'm 241.8. :( I really let myself get out of control over Christmas and it definitely shows. It's really scary to see how fast the weight can come back on if you go back to old ways. That's 7 lbs up in only about 3 weeks. I know some of it's water and will come right back off, but that's really unsettling to me.

It's a new year so I'm going to make a new me. I have to get over it and just keep moving in the right direction. Time to dig in and keep going. I hope everyone else is having a better day. :p

01-01-2011, 02:39 PM
Yeah, it's sickening how quickly those pounds can climb up on us. I just woke up. I'm off work today so thats nice. I'm so happy for this fresh new start. I have plenty things to do to keep myself busy and on track. Looking forward to getting in my first workout in a few days too.


01-01-2011, 02:44 PM
Join Date: Apr 2005
Posts: 554

Sea's goals:

1. I would like to lose 8 pounds. I am currently 167.6 on 1 Jan. Emoticon will be posted here for each pound lost:
2. I plan on working out 18 Days this month. Numbers “1” through “18” will be written here for each completed workout day:
3. I need to remember to take my daily vitamins. I will put an emoticon for each day I remember to take them: :)
4. My tough workout of choice this month that I will be doing for at least 5 days straight is my old Jayne Kennedy workout.
5. I will plan out my meals for at least 14 days! I will post the dates of those days here:

01-01-2011, 03:47 PM
Kim: I gained weight over Christmas as well. It's a little discouraging but I know we can get the weight back off

Monique: Happy New Year to you as well!

Sea: Good goals!!

They Y is closed today so I can't go down there for exercise. Will have to go for a walk but it will probably be short. Not only is it FREEZING here, my knee is killing me. I fell on Christmas eve and landed with all my considerable weight on my knee. It has been hurting since then. It's getting better, just takes forever to heal!

Started my journey on 9/8/2010
mini goal: 10% loss (261)
mini goal 2: 15% loss (246)
mini goal 3: 20% loss (232)
mini goal 4: move into onderland
mini goal 5: weigh 150 (5 lbs less than I did in high school)
Major Goal: Be able to climb to the summit of Mt. St Helens in the 2011 hiking season (May thru November)

For every 5lbs lost: :yay:

Goal One Ticker:

End Goal Ticker

Keeping Track of my loss
September 2010: 4 lbs lost
October 2010: 11 lbs lost
November 2010: 5 pounds lost

01-02-2011, 12:59 AM
I hope your knee gets better quick, Roxanne. How are the rest of the Autumn Beauties today? I had a perfect day as far as my diet goes. I just need to get my workout in. Keep up the good work ladies.


01-02-2011, 09:31 AM
Morning all!

I woke up to 289.0!

I do hate how easy it is to gain weight but so difficult it is to lose Kim. But don't worry, those 7lbs will be off in no time. It's a new year, fresh beginning!

I have made a vow to myself that I WILL be bringing in the new year as a proud member of ONEderland!

01-02-2011, 10:37 AM
Happy New Year! I'm not an Autumn joiner or birthday, but my color palette is - is that good enough to qualify? So far I ended 2010 in the 150s, having started on the edge of the 190s. My goal for January is to lose 8lbs, which depending on what I weigh in at when I get home could take me to 150 or 147.

Other goals ( I can't wait 'til I get a signature to put the mini goals in.)
+ Take my vitamins every day
+ Weigh in every day without judgment.
+ Drink at least 5 8oz cups of water a day (this is big for me as I only drink when I'm thirsty and have little to no hunger issues that would require filling up on H2O prior to meals. Thinking about eight cups makes me feel like puking, so 5 is a compromise.)
+ Get off my butt every day. Preferably to the gym but if not possible, a walk around the block and weights at home.

Mini Goal for January: 149
Mini Goal for Valentines (24th Birthday):145 DL weight
Goal Weight: 135

01-02-2011, 01:43 PM
good morning, Autumn Beauties. Fromthebox, of course you's just a name....anyone is welcome. So glad you can join us. Great goals you have. I need to work on the water drinking myself. Anyway, feel free to come check in whenever you feel like it and post how you are doing.


01-02-2011, 07:59 PM
Hello Autumn Beauties :wave:

:welcome: to all new beauties. We're all going to have a great month. I can't wait to see how we all have done at the end of the month.

I have some NSVs. I survived my party last night and I only ate salad and 2 glasses of red wine. Today I went with friends to an all you can eat buffet and I stayed TOTALLY in control. I started out with a large green salad with fat free dressing and baked talapia and that filled me up. I was so proud of myself :cb: I used to have the mentality of "getting my money's worth" at all you can eat buffets but today it didn't matter. What mattered to me was spending time with my friends and enjoying their company.

Today was a rest day from exercise so I didn't workout but I will be back at it tomorrow. I'm hoping to walk between 3-5 miles tomorrow.

I hope everyone is having a GREAT day and have some NSVs to report too.

01-02-2011, 09:41 PM
Congrats GettinFit! I still can't go to all you can eats. Not enough willpower yet!


01-02-2011, 10:17 PM
Congrats GettinFit! I still can't go to all you can eats. Not enough willpower yet!

Same here! WTG!

01-03-2011, 12:41 AM
Great job, GettinFit. That is fantastic how good you are at staying on track. My issue I have to keep working on is snacking on things I don't need to snack on. I mean, you taste something you like....then you want more and you can't stop. I had that happen to me today with bacon at work. I'm a sucker for that perfect piece of crispy bacon. A co-worker had brought some large bacon bits fresh out of the oven to my station to be used on pizza and I ate probably five too many pieces. LOL. But, it's's just something I need to overcome.

Anyway, I did do well with drinking enough water today and getting exercise. After work, I walked up and down 14 stories of stairs by the employee entrance. Boy does that get your heart rate up! LOL. I think I'll put in some more exercise tonight as well. Maybe I'll start the number 5 challenge and do my tough Hip Hop Abs workout for five days straight.

Keep up the good work, ladies. We can do this!


01-03-2011, 08:46 AM
Good job on the stairs Monique!!

I weighed in at 288.6 this morning! Looks like the new decade is sticking around! :)

01-03-2011, 09:51 AM
Good morning Autumn Beauties - Happy Monday,

Monique - Way to go on walking the stairs :carrot: and the Hip Hop Abs challenge sounds like a good one. I have HHA too and I love it. I am also a FIRM addict. I am sure you will overcome your snacking. Before you taste anything, just think about where you want to be when you do your cruise. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

justaloozer - Way to go :cb: I like your vow of bringing in the new year a proud member of onederland. This is doable if you keep up what you're doing.

How's it going Roxanne, fromthebox, TooManyDimples & Sea? I hope you've all had a good weekend and are having a great day

Have a great day everyone!

01-03-2011, 12:04 PM
Good Morning Ladies! I got in 3 miles on the treadmill today, and I'm on plan!

Gettinfit - You're a great encourager! May your January hold all the success you desire!

Sea's goals:

1. I would like to lose 8 pounds. I am currently 167.6 on 1 Jan. Emoticon will be posted here for each pound lost: :)
2. I plan on working out 18 Days this month. Numbers "1" through "18" will be written here for each completed workout day: 1
3. I need to remember to take my daily vitamins. I will put an emoticon for each day I remember to take them: :) :) :)
4. My tough workout of choice this month that I will be doing for at least 5 days straight is my old Jayne Kennedy workout.
5. I planned out my meals for the first 14 days! I will post the dates of those days I stay on menu here: Jan 1,2,

01-03-2011, 12:12 PM
hi! I wanna join! I started in October? so i hope that qualifies me lol

here are my goals:

SW: 142.2
The January Challenge:
1. Lose 5.2lbs...get down to 137
2. Work out 10 days. I know this doesnt seem like much but I haven't work out in 2 months so I know this will really be a challenge for me
3. Get in at least 64 ounces of water everyday..and 100 ounces at least 3 days a week.

01-03-2011, 12:39 PM
Everyone is welcome Angel. :)

I agree Sea, I need Fit to be my personal coach or something. :D

I'm doing great. I've gotten exercise in the last two days. I started back up with my strength training yesterday. I can feel it today so that's always a good thing. I'm going to get some cardio in after I get my daughter off on the bus to Prek in a while.

I'm still on plan with eating. It's kind of weird though. Before the holidays I was averaging around 1350 calories a day and was feeling pretty good with that. With my restart I decided to go with 1500 a day so I'll have some wiggle room. I don't know if it's because of the cold weather or what, but I feel like I'm always hungry. I'm an evening eater so I probably have about 2/3 of my calories from 4 to bedtime every evening, but I feel like I'm never really full. My foods are all whole or pretty healthy. I'm getting over 100 grams of protein a day and plenty of fiber, but I still feel pretty hungry. Maybe it's just my body readjusting to eating less, or it could possibly be hormonal. ( I never know for sure because my period is usually all over the place) I don't know. I'm going to stay where I am now though and hopefully things will settle out, if not I might have to reevaluate my calories.

It seems like everyone is doing a good job right now. Let's keep it up and make it a great month. :yay:

01-03-2011, 01:34 PM
Welcome, Angel. So glad you can join us. Where are the quiet Autumn Beauties at? Come talk to us! Get motivated! Haha :-).

Great job, GettinFit, justaloozer, Sea and Kim. I'm feeling stronger today and I know I will do great staying on plan. I will do the stairs again after work followed by my workouts at home. I really need to start lifting some weights and lose my flabby arms.

You all have a wonderful day....gotta get back to work.


01-03-2011, 02:48 PM
Monique: I have that problem as well. Snacking can get me every time!

Just: You are getting close to that 283 mark!!

GettinFit: Doing good other than this darn ear infection. It is driving me insane. Got meds from the doctor though this morning.

Sea: Congrats on the 3 miles on the treadmill! That is awesome!!

Angel: Welcome!!

Kim: I have the same period with TOM, I spot almost all month long. My dr. says it hormonal and related to my size. One of the many things I look forward to about losing weight!!!

If it warms up at all I want to walk the beagles today. But at the moment it is only 10 degrees out there!


01-03-2011, 03:35 PM
i love how welcoming everybody is on these boards :-) this has seriously made me feel so much better about this whole weight loss thing to know there are people out there thinking like me.

01-03-2011, 08:39 PM
Thanks Beauties but you all motivate me. I just want to lose weight and be healthy. My dr has told me that I need to lose at least 50#s and he told me that I need to exercise on a regular basis. I have a visit with him the first of March and I want to be down about 15 more pounds by then. I don't feel good about myself when I'm so over weight and I hate having this extra fat on my body. I am so ready to be a success story. I am an emotional eater and I am working very hard to change that.

:welcome: Angel! So nice to have you on this journey too. We are all in same boat and we're here to help each other along the way so that we can all be successful. Your goals look great.

TooManyDimples - Hopefully your body will adjust to the calories you're eating and you'll start to feel fuller. Are you getting in enough water? I'm guilty of not drinking enough these past few days. It's so much easier for me to get it in when I'm at work.

I did a 3.25 mile walk today and it felt great. My TurboFire also arrived today and I am so looking forward to doing a workout tomorrow.

I hope everyone else had a great day.

01-03-2011, 08:59 PM
Yeah. I drink 64oz regularly, more when I exercise. And then I usually drink 40 to 60 oz of hot tea. I think I'd be in trouble without the tea, it helps me between meals.

01-03-2011, 10:25 PM
Angel: What I love the best is seeing the people that started at weight near mine and seeing that they lost weight makes me totally feel like I can do it as well. I love the welcoming and love being around people that don't shame me when I say that I am too weak to go to an all you can eat. I love the fact that other people understand what happens when you binge on food and don't make you feel like you a total failure but help you get back on your feet and keep going.

GettinFit: I know what you mean! I am not comfortable at the weight I am at. I remind myself of that constantly. Some days are harder than others!

Kim: I think that I will try the tea in between meals. I am having a hard time with that lately!

So had an NSV today. I had to go to the dr for my ear infection. Always before, the chairs were too small for me to sit in and uncomfortable. Today, I realized that I could fit in them comfortably!!

I was 57 calories over budget today but am ok with that. I decided to pull out the Wii Fit after a couple months and it was just kind of a cool reminder because it told me that I have lost 11.2 pounds. Because I use it on carpet it isn't an accurate weight but it's accurate for my weight based on carpet if that made sense! lol. It was just nice to see the loss show on there. Especially since I am working on losing the Christmas weight.


01-03-2011, 10:55 PM
I have read some of your post and I have decided this is another good place for me!. Im not new to 3fc, I am just jumping back on the bandwagon and staying on this time. I have a lot of plans and motivation tools im using. I know this time will be better, my school schedule is so light this semester.Also, I have acess to 3 gyms!

toomany- I love me some tea, but Dr. ordered me to cut my caffiene intake after the last visit and I was not happy!

GettinFit- 3.25 miles..GREAT!!! What is Turbofire???

01-03-2011, 11:20 PM
:welcome: Lisa. I wish you much success. You can do it!!!. Here is info on what TurboFire is

01-03-2011, 11:55 PM
I agree, Roxanne. It is so nice to come here and know that there are people here who are going through the same things I am. This is a great place to be to give and get support.

Welcome, Lisa. The of luck to you.

Keep up the good work, Autumn Beauties! I'm gonna go do my workouts for this evening. I did the stairs again after work but, still need to do my DVDs.


01-04-2011, 08:50 AM
Weighed in at 289.6 this morning but that is totally water weight. I had a sandwich with deli meat in it and I didn't think of the sodium in it.

01-04-2011, 10:54 AM
This is probably going to be a stupid question but I haven't been on these boards long...

What does NSV mean?

01-04-2011, 11:18 AM
Good Morning Beauties,

Angel, no question is a stupid question :). It is short for Non Scale Victory.

I hope everyone is having a good day so far. I'm doing good with eating and now that I'm back at work, I'm drinking lots of water. I'm excited to be doing my new TurboFire workout after work.

Stay strong today Autumn Beauties. We're going to have a great month.

01-04-2011, 02:23 PM
Justaloozer, yeah, you are probably right about the water weight thing.

Angel, I wondered what those letters stood for as well so you are not alone. LOL.

Good job, GettinFit. I am determined to do well with the NOT snacking today. LOL. I've been doing well with exercise though. On the first day I jumped for 15 minutes on the rebounder and then the following two days I did the 14 stories of stairs plus the 45 minute Hip Hop Abs workout.

I'm definitely gonna do the stairs every day after work. It only takes about three minutes to get to the top and it's a great workout.

Have a good day, Beauties.


01-04-2011, 03:32 PM
Lisa: Can you drink the herbal non caffeine types? I love the different flavors!

Well, I feel proud of myself. Got in a 2 hour and 45 minute workout. I am super exhausted but it was SO worth it!! I also had a 4 lb woosh on the scale!!

Another 4 lbs will put me down to my pre-Christmas weight!


01-04-2011, 03:56 PM
Roxanne OMG a 2 hr 45 min workout!!! Awesome!!! Congrats on getting rid of 4 pounds too. At the rate you're going I'm sure you'll get rid of the last 4 soon.

Monique enjoy your workout.

01-04-2011, 04:35 PM
Yes Lisa, you should try some of the caffeine free kinds. The first half of the day I drink tea with caffeine to help me get moving, but the second half I drink caffeine free.

That's some willpower Roxanne, 2 hours 45 minutes, doubt I'll ever be up for that. =)

Awesome job with the workouts Monique! Doesn't getting back on track feel good?

I did 30 minutes strength and 30 minutes cardio today. I didn't have as much energy as I'd like, and I'm still having problems with hunger so I'm thinking it is TOM on it's way giving me problems. Hopefully it will just show up and then I can move on!

01-05-2011, 12:36 AM
Good Tuesday evening ladies! I hope Monday wasn't too hard after vacation time. For me, vacation week begins today, since I covered everyone else for the holidays. 156.8 this morning, hoping that number will stick around this time. can't wait 'till I can have a ticker.

roxanne I second GettinFit 2hr 45min? I wish I had your willpower! I'm lucky if I can get a full hour sometimes. I LOVE tea, I drink Good Earth original decaf for its strong flavor, makes me feel full. I keep hearing that Peppermint is supposed to help with hunger as well, but I love the Good Earth too much.

Monique You rock those stairs! In my town the tallest building is 3 stories by code, so I tend to use the Stairclimber instead, that thing kicks my butt.

GettinFit Thanks for all of your encouragement! (And for defining NSV, I didn't know what it was, but now I can say I had one- size 10 jeans! I got to buy some today.)

Lets keep kicking butt and losing weight, ladies! I'm off to get my workout in, Later!

01-05-2011, 03:02 AM
Kim, it definitely feels good being back on track again :-)

Fromthebox, thanks! Yes, stair climbing is no joke, that's for sure. I am gonna be strong and keep it up and hopefully eventually get rid of these jiggly thighs of mine, haha. Congrats on your weightloss so far.

I haven't weighed myself since I started because my digital scale is hiding in one of the many bags I moved from my other place I was living to my mothers place. I gotta dig it out soon and weigh myself so I know where I stand and learn what I need to keep doing and/or stop doing to keep the pounds coming off.

Great work, ladies.


01-05-2011, 06:10 AM
Initial Weight: 169.9

January 1: 174 Weight's up from first post. Grr!! I know what I need to do!!

o To lose 10 lbs in January
o To strech every single day - I have chronic back pain and when I forget I get injured and can't move properly for days
o To exercise at the very least 4 times per week, cardio and strength/resistance training
o To learn how to use my scale properly for every food I eat and make a food journal to stay within calorie limits

Ultimately I want to lose 30 lbs by my birthday in March.

Good luck to everyone I hope to walk strong with you throught the challenge~

01-05-2011, 10:12 AM
Morning beauties!

I am down to 289.2. Making sure I stick to my clean diet. I need to start incorporating some real exercise in to my weekly activities.

01-05-2011, 10:53 AM
Wow! You ladies are really kicking it on the exercise! What inspiration!
I got an early start today. I do so much better when I do. I really need to start getting moving early every morning. I completed 3 miles on the treadmill today. I also did a little bit with Gilad on FitTV this morning. I think I will start doing his workouts regularly. It looks to be a real workout for me, but no heavy impact to hurt my joints. That's what I've been looking for.

Sea's goals:

1. I would like to lose 8 pounds. I am currently 167.6 on 1 Jan. Emoticon will be posted here for each pound lost: :cp::cp:
2. I plan on working out 18 Days this month. Numbers "1" through "18" will be written here for each completed workout day: 1,2,3
3. I need to remember to take my daily vitamins. I will put an emoticon for each day I remember to take them: :flow2::flow2::flow2::flow2:
4. My tough workout of choice this month that I will be doing for at least 5 days straight is my old Jayne Kennedy workout.
5. I planned out my meals for the first 14 days! I will post the dates of those days I stay on menu here: Jan 1,2,3,4

01-05-2011, 11:17 AM
I agree with Sea...I have the most energy in the morning so going to workout early is the best thing for me to do.

Ashley's Goals:

1.) I'd like to lose 27lbs this month.
2.) I'm going to work out everyday
3.) I'm going to eat less and drink more water.
4.) The hardest thing for me to do is jog(I am 342lbs) so I will attempt to jog for 5 days straight.....and yes I will be taking many breaks lol Let's do it 2011!!

01-05-2011, 11:45 AM
GettinFit- Thanks for the info on Turbofire. The video on the homepage really got my excited. Athough, I live upstairs my neighbors would not like it if I did some of those moves…LOL… I am interested, but I could only use it at my moms.

Roxanne- I hadn’t really thought about my other options, I guess I never really had any good suggestions, but I’m all ears! And A 2+ hour work out ….WOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!! You Go Girl!

TooMany- What kinds of caffeine free tea do you drink? See if I can add any to my grocery list.

Angel- I wondered the same thing when I returned to 3FC.

Chouch- STRETCH STRETCH.. Good Luck on your GOALS!

Ok I joined my local YMCA, Monday and I’m going to an Abs & Cardio class at 12pm, I hope its good. My mom just moved to a new neighborhood close to a lot of stores. I walked around the neighborhood and walked to the store. I felt so good, my little brother said “Why are you walking so much, you trying to get in shape?” I’m feeling good!!!!!!!

Have a Great Day Ladies!

01-05-2011, 11:55 AM
Kim: Thanks, I am paying for it a little today because our instructor had us doing some arm heavy workouts and I overstressed them, but otherwise I enjoyed the workout

GettingFit: Thanks! I was excited to see the loss. I am making up for two months of letting myself slide! lol

From: Thanks, it was hard to get started back into working out. I used to refuse to even do ten minutes. I just found something that I love to do. I love doing water aerobics. Congrats on your NSV! They are so inspirational and help keep us moving in the right direction!

Monique: Climbing stairs is HARD!!

Chouchoubou: Hi there! Nice to meet you!

Justaloozer: Congrats on the woosh down! By the way, I really like your final goal. I think I might make myself a goal like that to!

Sea: I am with you, I do better when I workout in the morning

Bad: My hat is off to you, I can't jog either. I am 274 and it is too hard on my joints. Eventually I want to jog but I am going to wait till I get down to Onerland and then do it

Lisa: I LOVE the Y because of all the different classes. If you find one you don't like, don't go back. Be flexible and try lots of different ones. I think this month I am going to try and get in a different class at least once. I want to try Yoga and Pilates. Does your Y have an aqua zumba? If it does give it a try, it is awesome!!!

My plan for the day:
B: special k bar and mandarin orange
L: grilled cheese and tomato soup
D: chuck roast, potato and carrots
Total calories: 1359

Yoga (i use the wii fit and do this first thing when I get up, only have a few unlocked so far though) 12 minutes (done)
Lap swimming: 2 hours
Water aerobics: 1 hour
Total: 3 hours and 12 minutes


01-05-2011, 12:44 PM
Lisa, I mainly just drink Decaf Green Tea. I also have some Vanilla Honey Chamomile I drink before bed every evening. Really love that stuff. They have all kinds of flavors. I mainly buy what they have at the commissary (hubby's in the army) because I can get it cheaper, I've seen a lot of different flavors at Walmart though.

Everyone is doing so great! I don't remember if I've mentioned this in the past before, but for everyone that doesn't know they are doing a biggest loser challenge that's getting ready to start up over in that forum. I love having this thread, but I'm looking forward to that one too. A little competition can be great motivation for some people. ;) If anyone is interested I'd love to see you sign up for it as well. There is a sticky at the top of that forum where you can add yourself and starting weight. There is another sticky explaining the rules and how they run it. The cut off to sign up is Jan 7th at midnight, and then I think they are going to post the teams on the 8th. The first offical weighin in the following 16th. So yeah, should be fun!

I'm so excited. My exercise bike got here today and I finished putting it together a bit ago. I'm going to get my daughter off to school in a bit and then I'm so on it to clock my first miles. :)

Hope everyone is having a great day!

01-05-2011, 02:44 PM
Morning, Autumn Beauties! Thanks for the info. on the Biggest Loser Challenge, Kim. Sounds like fun....maybe I will sign up too.


01-05-2011, 02:46 PM
Welcome, BadBBW. Good for you on your goals.


01-05-2011, 03:26 PM
Good afternoon Autumn Beauties,

It's good to see that everyone is doing so good.

:welcome: chouchoubou & BadBBW - I just know you are going to have great success.

Fromthebox - Congrats on your NSV :cheer2::cheer3: Enjoy your vacation and stay strong.

Sea - I'm working on the vitamin thing too. I am so guilty of not taking them. I have 3 days of taking them under my belt. I'm also doing better with my water this week.

Lisa - I did the first TurboFire workout last night and the one I did does have lots of jumping. It is very fast paced and a great workout. I was not able to keep up :eek: I'm hoping that in a month or so I'll be able to do it non stop.

My day is going good so far. I'm following the Weight Watchers Simply Filing plan and I'm also tracking my calories on My Plate and so far everything has been on track. I will do a workout video when I get home. Probably a FIRM today.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the day.

01-06-2011, 10:27 AM
Morning everyone!!! 288.2 this morning! :)

We can do this ladies! What are your plans to stay on track today?

01-06-2011, 10:50 AM
Good morning, Winners! And welcome to our newest thread friends.

Enjoy your new exercise bike! I am excited to get a regular bike come Spring. I'm planning to use that as a reward for reaching 140.

GettinFit - I have learned what a difference those b vitamins make in my energy levels. It so helps.

I'm at 165.2 this morning. It's coming down. I'm so impatient; I'm a brat.

Sea's goals:

1. I would like to lose 8 pounds. I am currently 167.6 on 1 Jan. Emoticon for each pound lost: :cp::cp:
2. I plan on working out 18 Days this month. Workout day: 1,2,3,4
3. Daily vitamins. :flow2::flow2::flow2::flow2::flow2:
4. My tough workout of choice this month that I will be doing for at least 5 days straight is my old Jayne Kennedy workout.
5. Days I stayed on menu: Jan 1,2,3,4,5

01-06-2011, 11:02 AM
Good morning justaloozer and all who follow :wave:

Yep we can do this. The year 2011 is going to be our year :cb: For the past week my weight has been fluctuating between 221.8-222.8. I am getting so tired of this. Each day I've been eating almonds but counting the calories & pts for them. I'm thinking maybe I'll omit them from my diet for a few days and see if that makes a difference.

My plan for staying on track today is the fact that I brought my breakfast and lunch in to work so I know just what I'll be eating today. NO DEVIATIONS.

B'fast was a Thomas' mini bagel, 1 WW yogurt, coffee, Snacks will be a banana, clementine, pear, 50 cal pk of pretzels. Lunch will be a large salad with turkey breast & light thousand island dressing, dessert = 1 mini dark choc milky way. Dinner will be green beans & shrimp & a skim latte (I make this with skim milk & Maxwell House International cafe sugar free/decaf mix which is 30 cals perserving)

Today will be a rest day from working out as my muscles are sore from my sculpt workout yesterday.

What is everyone else's plans?

01-06-2011, 11:03 AM
Morning all!

Well tomorrow is my first weighin since getting back on track. I'm hoping a big chunk of that 7lbs I put on over the holidays will be gone.

Yesterday was a much better day, I didn't have the hunger issues I'd been having all week. Hopefully I'm normalizing or something. =) I'm going to do my bike again today.

Hope everyone has a great day!

01-06-2011, 11:05 AM
Sea I missed your post. I am so impatient too. I'm working on it though. I'm getting so frustrated with the scale but I must say that my pants are fitting much looser so I'm happy. After eliminating the almonds for a few days, I'll see what happens. Maybe I just can't have them everyday. I've also started back sculpting with light weights so that could be why the scale is kinda maintaining too. Whatever it is, I plan to stick it out because I want to eat this way forever.

TooManyDimples I missed yours too. I guess we're all posting at the same time. I'm sending you skinny vibes for your W/I tomorrow.

01-06-2011, 11:06 AM
Ok yesterday was ok, I felt like I ate to much but I never felt full. My meals weren’t planned. In the past I had success with planning my meals the day before. I need to do that again or I should try planning for a week advance. Although I did go to the Y and I was on the treadmill for 50 min..I was on longer but I had to switch machines and didn’t get my info of the machine. Im going back today, those TV’s on the treadmill made me forget I was exercising before I know it I had watched a whole TV show!.I made a chicken stir fry and was good! It was also very low and calories about 150 about 225 with the rice. I plan to make it again.

Roxanne- Yes there is a Zumba class and I plan to go! Its held at the location close to my school, so when school starts back, I will try the Zumba class. I went to the website and seems like it should be a good one.

TooMany- Yes Walmart has everything!!!!! But I will look for the decaf green because I do like green tea.

Have a Great Day Ladies!

01-06-2011, 11:16 AM
Good morning ladies.

I stayed under calorie limit yesterday but I cut my workout back to 1 1/2 hours instead of 3. The gym got super crowded and they were doing some painting and it was just a mess. I left early.

Today I have a sore throat and am going to do just my 1 hour of aqua zumba and that is all.


01-06-2011, 01:28 PM
Oh my goodness I've been MIA for so long! Christmas break has been complete sabotage for my eating and working out plan.. I'm much more than my ticker but can't decide whether or not to change it or use it as motivation to get back there! :)

Started Corepower hot yoga yesterday! Ohhh whata workout! I love it!

I'm going to read through a few pages & try to catch up with everyone now :) Keep up the great work Autumn Beauties!

01-06-2011, 02:36 PM
Good morning, Autumn Beauties. Yeah, I think all of us are impatient when it comes to getting these extra pounds off. LOL. But, as long as we keep pushing forward and don't give up, we can't go wrong. A guy that used to work here came to visit just before Christmas lost a lot of weight just by eating small meals throughout the whole day. That really does work! That may be something to consider for those of us having a tough time with the diet part. We are supposed to be eating small meals all five or six. Our bodies need that fuel to help burn the fat off. As of now I'm doing meal replacement shakes, cereal, apples and then pretty much whatever I choose to eat for dinner. According to my mom's scale, I've lost the five pounds I gained back during the holidays which puts me at 215 again but once I find and unpack my digital scale, I'll know if hers is accurate. I've been doing well and not snacking on nonsense so I'm proud of myself for that.

Yesterday, I did the stairs again for five minutes, lifted my ten pound weights for three minutes, did standing side crunches for three minutes and took on DAY FOUR of my hardest workout challenge.

Great job, everyone.


01-06-2011, 03:29 PM
When the scale stops cooperating I try to mix things up a bit. Before I was doing calorie cycling and it really helped. I'm not doing it right now since it's my restart week, but I figure I'll be back on that by the end of the month. I eat 6 times a day. I think it helps me stay fuller eating something every two hours, plus that's supposed to be good for your metabolism.

Fit, almonds are definitely good for you. If your not happy with your weightloss you could try changing up what you eat a bit and seeing if that helps. Less carbs, more healthy fat might get a reaction in your body. You could keep the almonds, and cut out the bagel, yogurt or pretzels. I feel like my loses are more steady when I eat less carbs. I usually only have about 85g a day and that's mainly from fruit and veggies. Just a thought. =) Either way I hope the scale starts being nicer soon.

Monique your killing the workouts! Way to go girl. =)

01-06-2011, 04:22 PM
Yeah!! 4 lb woosh for me!!! I am now at my pre-Christmas weight!

Started my journey on 9/8/2010
mini goal: 10% loss (261)
mini goal 2: 15% loss (246)
mini goal 3: 20% loss (232)
mini goal 4: move into onderland
mini goal 5: weigh 150 (5 lbs less than I did in high school)
Major Goal: Be able to climb to the summit of Mt. St Helens in the 2011 hiking season (May thru November)

For every 5lbs lost: :yay:

Goal One Ticker:

End Goal Ticker

Keeping Track of my loss
September 2010: 4 lbs lost
October 2010: 11 lbs lost
November 2010: 5 pounds lost
December 2010: No loss

01-06-2011, 05:14 PM
Good afternoon Beauties,

Kim - Thanks for the tips. I will definitely use them.

Monique - Great job on your workouts.

YEAH Roxanne!!! :cheer2: You are doing an awesome job.

Hi Molldoll :wave:

Have a great evening everyone and STAY STRONG!!! We can do it.

01-06-2011, 07:08 PM
Molldoll, welcome back. You should leave the ticker as is. Thats what I did. That way you know you need to get back there again.


01-07-2011, 09:04 AM
:yay: for working out and losing weight!!

I had too many cashews yesterday and I am back up to 289.2! MUST.STAY.ON.TRACK!!!

I also think I need a new scale because it gives me a different weight everytime I step on it, even though it is only within a minute.

01-07-2011, 10:07 AM
I am not working out today. There goes my January goal. :sigh: I am sick and today I am staying in bed. Ugh. I have been home for a freaking month and it has to wait for the weekend just before I go back to school! Unreal!


01-07-2011, 10:35 AM
Sorry you're not feeling well Roxanne.

I did my weighin this morning. I'm down 4lbs since the 1st. 3 more and I'll be back to my pre Christmas low. =)

01-07-2011, 11:04 AM
Hello ladies,

Doing good so far, 229.0 this morning! Official weigh in on Monday!

Roxanne- Sorry your not feeling well, hope you feel better soon.

01-07-2011, 11:48 AM
Good morning ladies and Happy Friday :carrot:

Roxanne - Sorry you're not feeling well but you are doing the right thing to not exercise today. As you've said, just take it easy and get rest.

justaloozer - Stay clear of the cashews today. I'm trying to stay away from the almonds today too. I did have just a few last night. I need to buy the small zip lock bags and divide them out because I'm probably eating too many. What looks to be a small handful to me is probably way to many. Ya know how that goes.:o

Lisa - Great job! You're doing an awesome job!

TooManyDimples - You're rockin it too.

It's so encouraging to see that everyone is so committed and dedicated to having a good month. I can't wait to see what our total loss is for the month.

I have a good day planned. TooManyDimples I'm taking your advise and limiting the carbs today. I had Cheerios for B'fast but I won't eat much more today and see where the scale lands tomorrow. This morning I was 221.8 and I'm hoping it doesn't jump back up to 222.2 tomorrow. I brought my sneaks and my MP3 player in to work today and I plan on walking on the track before I head home today.

Have a great day everyone

01-07-2011, 12:16 PM
I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited! This morning I finally reached my halfway to final goal point! 49 down, 49 to go! I am getting batwings, but I'm working on my triceps to minimize this. I will have a lot of loose skin, (and my insurance won't cover removing it because I lost the weight with diet and exercise instead of surgically. How is that fair? I save them money, so they snub me.) but my health is better and I look better. No one but my dh will see my loose skin. Yes, I've had to face denying myself a lot, but the Good Lord has rewarded me -- we are indeed "fearfully and wonderfully made". I am grateful our bodies can heal.

Gettingfit - Keep those skinny vibes rolling! I've had the same reaction at times when I up my exercise. The body seems to just kind of say, "Hey, wait a minute." But then I see the results. I'm working with resistance bands, and light weights some. Last night I started up with the bowflex again for the first time in months (due to old shoulder injury acting up preventing using it). Today I was rewarded with a nice drop.

Dimples - Glad you are recovering from the holidays. I did the same thing to myself travelling in Dec. Doesn't the bike give you the feeling of getting younger, remembering biking as a kid? That's cool, isn't it?

Lisa - Sounds like a great gym! The chicken stir fry is on my menu for tomorrow night, lol.

Roxanne - What can I say? You rock the exercise world!

Molldoll - That's wonderful to find a workout you enjoy!

Monique - You'll conquer those holiday slips.

Sea's goals:

1. Lose 8 pounds. I am currently 167.6 on 1 Jan. Pounds lost: :cp::cp::cp:
2. Working out 18 Days this month. Workout day: 1,2,3,4,5
3. Daily vitamins. :flow2::flow2::flow2::flow2::flow2::flow2:
4. My tough workout of choice this month that I will be doing for at least 5 days straight is my old Jayne Kennedy workout.
5. Days I stayed on menu: Jan 1,2,3,4,5,6

01-07-2011, 01:49 PM
:bravo: Sea :cheer2: Way to go. Half way there! It is so unfair that your Ins co won't cover the skin removal because you didn't have weight loss surgery. Like you said, no one will know but you and hubby. Hopefully you'll get good results from the exercise.

You're right because I am seeing great results. Today I have on a pair pants that I couldn't wear about 6 weeks ago when I was packing for my cruise. I tried them on and they were like a size too small and today I have them on and they are very comfortable with a little room to spare.

Even if the scale stays the same for the next week, I am still going to keep working it.

01-07-2011, 02:17 PM
Roxanne, you getting sick doesn't count againsy your January goal in my opinion....when you get well, you jump back in there and keep moving forward.

Great job, Kim, Lisa, GettinFit and Sea. You ladies are doing great. Sea, I can't wait to get to the 49 pounds lost point! Yes, that is not fair that you don't qualify for the skin removel just because you chose the safer and healthier way to drop the pounds!

Have a great day, ladies.


01-07-2011, 03:30 PM
Yeah, it's pretty crazy what insurance will and wont cover. We have Tricare since my husband is military and they will pay for weightloss surgery and then the resulting cosmetic surgery, but they wont pay for cosmetic surgery if you lose weight yourself. So STUPID.

I eat nuts everyday. Mainly Almonds, sometimes Pistachios. I have to weight them out. If I didn't I'd probably eat at least double what I'm supposed to.

Everybody keep keeping on! =)

01-07-2011, 03:52 PM
My January challenge is simply to end it at 17 stone with a loss of 7lbs.
IF I should lose anymore than that it's purely a bonus and not essential just yet.
My reward is to get my hair dyed 1st February.

01-07-2011, 05:48 PM
I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited! This morning I finally reached my halfway to final goal point! 49 down, 49 to go!

That is so awesome, Sea!! You should be so it's just downhill from here!

P.S. Monique, I didn't update the group ticker with my weight loss. I'm a newer member and I am still waiting on my ability to get a signature...and I don't want to mess yours up! Do you want me to just let you know what it is at the end of January so it can be updated?

01-07-2011, 11:07 PM
Sea- Thats great! CONGRATS!!!!!!!! Thats also crazy that they wont pay for the surgery!

TooMany- Same here, before I started my new journey I'd keep a can of mixed nuts on the side of my bed and would snack and snack. Allmonds & Cashew..YUMM!

Gettinfit- I love the "old jeans" success..just like on tv but in REAL!

Today was great, stayed on plan for the day and did 50 mins on the treadmill. I need to to the store tomorrow. Im shooting for a few vegetarian days next week.

01-08-2011, 12:06 AM
So I was planning on not going off plan until next month when my husband and I go on our Valentines date...... :D I got invite out to dinner tonight with some friends while our husbands were playing poker. I don't get nearly enough adult interaction so I definitely wanted to go. Dinner wasn't a problem. I had a piece of grilled chicken and a pretty small serving of rice. I had two daquiris though. It was worth it. I had a good time and got to blow off some steam for once. I still got all my water in today, I exercised for over an hour, so even though I'm not exactly sure how many calories I ended up having I have no regrets. Back to plan tomorrow. :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

01-08-2011, 01:08 AM
Welcome, sugar. Glad you can join us.

Emme, you don't have to wait until you are able to have a siggy at all. Anyone is welcome to add their pounds lost to the group ticker at any time. Just read the step-by-step instructions.

Great job, Kim :-)

I'm off from work today. Perfect day on plan. I had two meal replacement shakes, an apple and a Subway sandwich in between. I also got a little workout in..
.ten minutes on my rebounder, three minutes of lifting my ten pound weights for my arms and three minutes of standing side crunches.


01-08-2011, 01:14 AM
(double posted on accident)

01-08-2011, 10:48 AM
Morning beauties! Sounds like we are all rocking it!! :broccoli:

I am back down to 288.2! I will be staying on track today and hopefully will make it to a new number soon!

01-08-2011, 07:17 PM
Good evening ladies :wave:

TooManyDimples - I'm sure your exercise balanced out your 2 drinks. I'm glad your enjoyed your evening.

justaloozer - Way to go!!! I hope you see a new lower number tomorrow. Are you doing ok with the cashews? I had to buy the mini zip lock bags and I've divided out my almonds into 7 packs with 1 serving in each bag and I will only allow myself 1 bag per day.

Monique - Hope you enjoyed your day off today. You are doing very good with your exercise.

Hi Sugar, Emme, Lisa, Sea & Roxanne (Sorry if I missed anyone)- I hope you've had a good OP day.

Let's keep on rockin it ladies:cheer

My day has been good. I went to my WW meeting earlier and then I went shopping to stock up on my foods for the coming week and now I've been cleaning house all afternoon so that will have to be my workout for today. This morning I weighed 220.4 so the scale has finally moved down a little. I know I just need to be patient and I am going to.:

01-08-2011, 09:44 PM
Hi, everyone! I'm joining in a little late. Here are my January goals:

1. Weigh ≤168 lbs
2. Record everything eaten. Every. Single. Day. and estimate calories at the end so I don't get obsessive and slip into perfectionism as I tend to.
3. Some kind of exercise every day, be it just a walk or some stretching. Vigorous exercise 3+ times per week!
4. Two weeks or more binge-free. Each day gets a dancing broccoli:
:broc: :broc: :broc: :broc: :broc: :broc: :broc: :broc: :broc: :broc:
:broc: :broc: :broc: :broc: :broc: :broc: :broc: :broc:
5. Run 3x a week unless somehow ankle-twisted or shin-splinted [Update: 2x seems to be my max ability at the moment. Trying to take it easy on my legs.]
6. Taking on a bonus challenge, too. My workout will be 30 furious minutes on the elliptical, 10 minutes of jogging, 15 minutes of weight training, and very thorough stretching both before and after. (DONE--1/9-1/13! Wow, I am AMAZED at how much stronger I got over the course of five days. I especially loved the running portion because I could see the most progress the fastest. I'd love to keep this up, but it's not feasible to spend so long exercising every single day, so I think 3x a week will be good long-term.)

So far, so good except with the exercise! I need to get on that. I don't have an exact number of pounds to lose because I don't have a scale here at my college dorm, so weigh-ins are infrequent. Really, I'll just be thrilled if I'm back in the 160 zone at the end of the month.

01-09-2011, 03:44 AM
Welcome. Great goals, glad you can join us!


01-09-2011, 10:30 AM
Welcome Eurydice, love your avatar picture! =)

01-09-2011, 11:41 AM
Staying OP, but the scales aren't showing it the last couple of days. It will get there. DH is even OP, too!
Sea's goals:

1. Lose 8 pounds. I am currently 167.6 on 1 Jan. Pounds lost: :D:D

2. Working out 18 Days this month. Workout day: 1,2,3,4,5
3. Daily vitamins. :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:
4. My tough workout of choice this month that I will be doing for at least 5 days straight is my old Jayne Kennedy workout.
5. Days I stayed on menu: Jan 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

01-09-2011, 03:31 PM
288.4 today!

01-09-2011, 04:57 PM
Good afternoon ladies,

:welcome: Eurydice your goals are great!

Sea - Hang in there and it will move soon. I thought I was never going to get below 222 but it finally moved down to 220. Your drop is coming soon too.

Justaloozer - You are working your way down.

Monique - How'd you do on your day off?

I'm doing good. My new FIRM express came on Friday and today I did the first workout and OMG I love it!!! I can't wait to do it tomorrow. I took my measurements so I'll see where I am in 30 days.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the day and STAY STRONG.

01-09-2011, 08:11 PM
Great job, Autumn Beauties.

GettinFit, thanks for asking.....both my days off went well. I stayed on plan and worked out both days.

I'm gonna hit those stairs again after work (I get off soon) and do one of my workout dvds at home as well.


01-09-2011, 11:58 PM
I seems everyone has a workout DVD except me!!!!!!!!! I want one with alot of moving but, I live upstairs:mad::mad: but hey, Im gonna try to attend as many classes at the Y, that I can. SO my weekend didnt go as planned, I havent learned how to resist the menu temptation :( I didnt do terrible just not great. Anywho, I have had car trouble this weekend, so I didnt go to the gym. Luckily (Prayerfully) I will be in my own vehicle tomorrow and I will go to the Abs and Cardio class and well as my 50 mins on the tredmill.

Monique- You've really been kickin those stairs butt!!! Go girl!

Eurydice- Great goals, and welcome!

Gettin Fit- Firm, I assuming that for toning?

01-10-2011, 10:43 AM
Good Morning Beauties,

Happy Monday! I am stuck in the house all day today and possibly tomorrow. NO WORK :carrot: We have a severe winter weather storm warning here in Atlanta. It's been snowing since around 8 last night and it's just starting to turn to freezing rain. When it snows here, everything comes to a halt. All schools, businesses etc close down. I'm hoping that I don't lose power today once the tree limbs start falling on power lines. I just need to make sure I stay focused and stick to my eating and workout plan for today.

Monique - Great job on staying OP on your 2 days off.

Lisa - You'll get stronger each time you're faced to choose from the menu. Just think about the fact that if you don't make the right choices, the numbers on the scale will go up. I hope your car is up and running real soon. The FIRM workout I did yesterday was Cardio and the one I'm doing today is Sculpt. Here is some info on the FIRM

Have a great day Beauties.

01-10-2011, 10:54 AM
Good Monday morning, everyone! I hope everyone has a great week. Monique - I updated the signature -- easy instructions -- thanks!

My Monday starts out with me getting over food poisoning last night...yuck. Hope everyone else's Monday is super!

01-10-2011, 10:55 AM
Morning beauties!

My official weigh in is 288.6. Same as last Monday. Starting some exercise today.

I have only lost 9lbs but I feel like I can see a difference in my belly area!!

01-10-2011, 11:00 AM
Morning beauties!

My official weigh in is 288.6. Same as last Monday. Starting some exercise today.

I have only lost 9lbs but I feel like I can see a difference in my belly area!!

Only 9 lbs?! That's awesome!! Keep up the great work! :)

01-10-2011, 11:02 AM
Thanks Emme! :hug: I say only because it's been 6 weeks and thats all I've lost. Admittedly I have not been exercising lately though.

01-10-2011, 11:05 AM
Thanks Emme! :hug: I say only because it's been 6 weeks and thats all I've lost. Admittedly I have not been exercising lately though.

That's still really great for 6 weeks...that's over half a pound a week. Any loss is a good loss! I'm starting to exercise again today after being really lazy (and thoroughly enjoying it!), so I'm hoping that will help me, as well.

01-10-2011, 11:29 AM
Morning everyone. I had a rough weekend and in turn my food choices got a little out of control. Things are better today so I'm ready to behave again. Time for exercise.

01-10-2011, 06:15 PM
Hello all you Beauties out there!

Well, I've finally fessed up and got on the scale and I've really let myself GO! :eek: I've gained almost 20 pounds! :o I really need to get back on track and kick my fanny into gear. No more excuses :nono:

My husband is coming home in about 2-3 months and I want to WOW :love: him with a smokin' hot bod! lol :dizzy:

I really enjoy exercise :wl::woops: and I am even in the works of becoming a Group Centergy Instructor :yoga:

My only problem is, I have an all or nothing attitude if I'm not perfectly on plan I wanna blow it all and pig out. FOOD is my biggest issue :eating2::eating2::frypan::hun: So it is time to put on my big girl panties and do what needs to be done! :drill::yes:

BABY STEPS! I can't keep trying to do everything all at once.

My first Goal is going to be:

A full week (7 days) on plan!

I'm also going to be starting P90X. Either tomorrow or Wednesday. I'm going to follow the strength portion of the program but I am going to incorporate more cardio (Turbo Fire, Insanity, Running etc.) and I'll be doing plenty of yoga already so I will skip the p90x yoga :p:p

After the 7 days are up I will weigh in and see what I lost! I am going to do my best to post here ever day to keep myself accountable.

Sorry I went smiley happy on everyone, lol. It was fun! But thank you all for reading and good luck to all of you! :hug:

01-10-2011, 07:39 PM
Good evening Beauties and Hi Eve :wave:

Eve - Congrats on getting back on track. That can be the hardest thing to do. Your goals look great and I'm sure you'll do good. I also love evercise but I don't always eat the right things. Stay strong and on track and you will WOW your hubby when he returns.

TooManyDimples - I hope you had a better day.

I've had a good day with my eating today after being stuck in the house all day. It looks like I'll be stuck tomorrow too so I have to be determined to make it through another day. I did a second Firm Express workout today and I love it. I hope everyone else had a great day.

01-11-2011, 10:22 AM
Good Morning Autumn Beauties,

I hope everyone is having a good day. So far so good for me. I just completed a TurboFire workout and am about to have b'fast. I'm home from work again today so I MUST stay in control again today. I may try and venture out for a short walk today if it's not too slippery.

Have a great OP day everyone.

01-11-2011, 10:45 AM
I may try and venture out for a short walk today if it's not too slippery.

Have a great OP day everyone.

Good for you! It's snowing here in Illinois, so my exercise is going to be shoveling the driveway and sidewalks when I get home. I might venture out to Pilates over lunch, but the snow is coming down and I don't know if I'm too keen on mushing through that over my lunch hour.

01-11-2011, 02:49 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies,

I will be heading to they gym hear shortly. My car is back, just needed a new battery as I expected. Everything went well yesterday as I planned. I got on the scale this morning to see a 226.4!!!!! I was hoping for 227.4 yesterday and got this today! So im happy, Ive found a new love for Southwestern Salad at McDonalds, so im gonna try to copy cat that homemade tonight. It had some type of dressing besides the southwestern on it already that I cant put my finger on :?: Athough if any of you ladies re- invented this salad as well, Id Love you suggestions!

Gettinfit- Thanks for the link, and yes it was terribly hard. I went to Mcdonalds and I was so temepter for a burger but I got the salad instead and it was GREAT!

01-11-2011, 02:54 PM
Hi Lisa and :bravo: on your weight loss and on choosing the salad over the burger. With your loss, I'm sure you're happy you did. Glad you have your wheels back too. I have made southwest salads in the past and for the dressing I mixed salsa & lite ranch dressing. It is really good. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Emme - I tempted to go out and walk but it is still to icy. I think I will do a second video workout today.

01-11-2011, 03:37 PM
Good afternoon everyone. Exercise is done, eating is on track, today is going as well as can be expected. =)

01-11-2011, 04:15 PM
Good afternoon! :brr::coolsnow:Another cold snowy day here. Wishing for some SUN :sunny:

GettinFit- I know what you mean about being stuck at home. I can't find a job to save my life so I'm here all the time and it's rough not to over eat! :rollpin: I'm starting to get cabin fever! :crazy: We can do this though! I have faith in us!

Lisa- Congrats on your loss! :woohoo: I get really tempted when I go into McDonald's too. :mcd:

Emme- Shoveling snow is a great workout!

Toomany- Great job so far! Hope the rest of your day is good as well!

Eating and water is on track for me today. Also got my Yoga practice in and an hour of step aerobics done! Also went to the grocery store and picked up some healthy foods! Feeling good.

01-11-2011, 07:31 PM
WOW Eve! You have lost 83 pounds!!! Way to go :carrot: How did you do it?
I hope you find a job soon too. I have a few friends who are unemployed right now so I know it's tough. Like I tell them, Hang in there and something will come through for you soon.

I made it through the day ok. I was going crazy in the house so I ended up doing another workout this afternoon. I sure hope I'm able to get out tomorrow.

01-11-2011, 09:00 PM
Thanks gettinfit! I tried to eat a 'clean' as possible. Focusing on whole foods and eating every 3 hours or so. also getting plenty of water. And I eat high protein. And loooots of exercise! :D

Good for you for doing an extra workout! I try to get outside for 10 minutes a day just so i can play fetch with my pup but its damn cold!

01-12-2011, 10:25 AM
We finally got our share of the snow last night. My little one is out of school today so we're probably going to go out later this afternoon to play a bit. It will be cold, but at least I'll burn a few extra calories. =) Hope everyone has a good day!

01-12-2011, 02:47 PM
Hello Beauties,

Kim - I hope you're enjoying the snow.

I'm stuck at home another day but have taken advantage of the time home and did some extra workouts.

I hope everyone else is having a great day!

01-12-2011, 05:44 PM
OMG we got dumped on today in PA! SOOO much snow. :snowglo::snow4: My doggie is loving it, but i'm not!

Another good day in the works. Got my p90x workout done and did some cardio as well. Eating is on plan and so is water! I can't wait to feel how sore I am tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a good day! Stay strong ladies, we can do this!:hug::beach:

01-13-2011, 11:01 AM
Good Morning Beauties,

Eve I hope you weren't too sore this morning. I am sick and tired of being stuck in the house so I'm going to venture out to work this morning. If the roads aren't clear enough, I'll turn back but at least I will have gotten out and tried.

I hope everyone else is doing okay.

I got a FIRM workout in first thing this morning and I can see the difference in my strength from when I first started my workouts back. I don't need to modify as much. I just need to keep it up.

Have a great day everyone.

01-13-2011, 11:04 AM
'Morning, ladies! Tomorrow is weigh-in day for me, so I am anxious to hop on the scale and see what it says. My work started classes at the rec center again this week through May, so I started doing them again. So far, I have done Pilates, Zumba, Spin & Strength, and today I am doing Yoga and Cardio Combat. It's nice to have that variety because I tend to get bored easily when it comes to workouts.

I hope you are all having a great week -- I have stayed OP, and my husband's birthday is Saturday. Instead of going out to eat I am going to find a neat (healthy) dinner recipe and try it out. My S-I-L wants us to come over Sunday for lunch/dinner, so I'm going to be careful what I eat over there. I might just make something for everyone that way I can eat it and know how many calories are in it.

01-13-2011, 01:55 PM
Good Afternoon, Beauties! Hope everyone is doing well and staying OP even through this crappy weather. ;)

GettinFit- Congrats on your increased strength! That is always a fantastic feeling. Keep up the great work.

Emme- Good luck on your weigh in! I love variety in my workouts too. I love the idea of making a nice healthy meal for you hubby for his b day. I might steal that one, hehehe.

My abs, back and chest are pretty sore but i LOVE it! Today's workout was plyometrics so I popped in Insanity's Max interval circuit and did an hour of craziness. :dizzy: Plus I've got my hour yoga practice today as well. I'm feeling good! Hope everyone has a good day!

01-13-2011, 07:16 PM

01-13-2011, 07:51 PM
Great job Eve!!! You are a lean fat burning machine :carrot:

Emme I hope you have a great W/I. Let us know how it goes.

My day went really well. I ended up having to turn around and come back home so now it's been 4 days since I've been able to get out. We're just not used to this icy weather down here in the south so the city wasn't prepared.

I am just so excited that I have not had 1 urge to binge or eat junk food while I've been stuck inside. That is very unusual for me but I sure am happy.

Have a great evening ladies.

01-13-2011, 09:14 PM
GettinFit -- good for you for not having any urges to binge or eat junk food while being stuck inside! You mentioned that it is unusual for you...maybe it is becoming your new "usual" to not have cravings!

Eve -- wow, plyometrics! Tried those before, and they were killer! Good for you!

01-14-2011, 09:29 AM
Good morning everyone :wave: Have a great day! I'll check back later.

01-14-2011, 11:00 AM
Ok, today was my weigh in and I lost another pound. I was hoping for two, but I'll take one! I started calorie counting last Monday and have lost 3 pounds so far, and I am eating around 1600-1700 calories per day, so I'll see how my body reacts to the calorie range for the next few weeks and see if I need to adjust it at all.

I am five pounds away from my January 31st goal of being in the 180s (189), and I really hope I can do it. I started working out hard again this week, and I am having an alcohol-free January (white russians are my weekly treat, but alcohol slows down metabolism soooo badly!).

I hope everyone has a great Friday :)

01-14-2011, 03:33 PM
Great job Emme on losing another pound.:carrot: I hope you're having a great Friday too.

01-14-2011, 06:50 PM
Hello, Beauties. I've been without internet for a few days but I'm back. I see you've all been doing well and staying on plan. So far, I have lost three of the five pounds I gained back during the holidays so that puts me at 217 so thats a nice start. I have been working out every day and I plan on keeping it up! Go, Autumn Beauties!


01-14-2011, 07:16 PM
Way to go Monique :cheer2: I know you'll get that last 2 off very soon. Keep up the great work!

01-14-2011, 09:30 PM
Gettinfit- that sucks that you have been stuck in the house for so long, but you are doing great staying on plan!

Emme- Congrats on your weigh in! You are so close to your Jan goal. You can do it!

Monique- Glad to see you again! You are doing awesome. :D

Completed day 3 of p90x shoulders and arms and did 45 mins of Turbo Fire. Still going strong!

01-15-2011, 12:57 PM
Hey ladies.

Well to be blunt, I'm having the period from ****. Yesterday was my normal weighin day and I was up 2lbs, I checked again today and I was up another pound! I never gain during TOM, I usually just stay about the same and then have a little bit of a downward whoosh when it's over. Not this time, this time cramps and bloating are killing me. Sorry for TMI. =P Hopefully in a couple days all this water retention will just disappear.

Hope everyone else is having a better weekend then me!

01-15-2011, 01:42 PM
Toomanydimples- Sorry to hear that your TOM is giving you a hard time! You will feel back to normal once it's over. Keep up the good work. :hug:

Had an awesome morning step aerobics class! Today on the P90x schedule is Yoga so I will be practicing my yoga for my certification instead. It's still early in the day so I need to keep myself busy.

Enjoy your Saturday, everyone! :):)

01-15-2011, 01:53 PM
Toomanydimples -- that stinks about your TOM and the weight gain! At least you can attribute it to your TOM, and it's not like you've eaten 10,500 calories to gain those 3 pounds. I'm sure the water retention will go away before you know it. :)

01-15-2011, 06:25 PM
Hello Beauties,

Kim - Like Emme & Eve said, I wouldn't worry about it because it's only water weight. If you can't bare to see the scale go up, why not stay off the scale until TOM is gone. Hang in there and stay strong.

Eve - Sounds like you had a some great workouts today. Great job! I finally was able to get out of the house yesterday. I went to work for a few hours and today I ventured out too. I went to my WW meeting and did a little food shopping. I stopped off at Stone Mountain to get in a walk but the sidewalk and street was still iced so I just walked for 30 minutes in one of the large parking lots. It just felt so good to be outdoors for a while. Earlier this morning I did a FIRM Express Cycle 1 Cardio. I think tomorrow I will just do a stretch video. I'm hoping that I can do a 5 mile walk on Monday at Stone Mountain if the ice melts.

Monique - How's your day going?

Have a great evening everyone

01-15-2011, 10:29 PM
Hello Ladies

Soo, Ive been MIA for a few days and I really dont know why! I havent been too too busy, just lazy and had a few slip ups. I missed way more days in the gym than I wanted. My next WI is Monday, I dont anticipate I will be overly excited. I went grocery shopping and found a new love, Lunchable: Lunch Creations...It had a Mini Sandwich, a fat free mayo pack, applesauce, mini vanilla wafers, a small water and a kool aid pouch 370 calories! I will be back in the gym tomorrow, because of my slacking during the week, no one to blame but me!

You ladies have a great night~

01-16-2011, 02:31 PM
Hello ladies,

Lisa - We have missed your posts and I totally understand where you're coming from. It sounds like you've re-grouped and are ready to get busy again. There will be bumps in the road along this journey but we just have to get back on track to do what we know we need to to reach our weight loss goals. I hope you enjoy your workout today and keep posting no matter what.

I hope everyone else is having a great Sunday.

01-16-2011, 09:06 PM
Hi all ~ Happy Sunday! I stepped on the scale this morning and it showed I was up two pounds, but I'm assuming I'm retaining water since I'm for it to go away. I didn't let the weight gain affect me too badly as I knew that I didn't eat 7,000 calories last night to cause a 2 pound gain, but it's just frustrating when you see the scale go up. I'm hoping for a downward trend later in the week. Hope everyone has a great night!

01-17-2011, 12:05 PM
Good Morning Ladies,

Emme - Those 2 pounds will go away. Just stay OP.

I hope everyone else is having a good day and are staying OP. My day has been good so far. I did a FIRM C&S workout this morning and I plan on getting a walk in this afternoon if it doesn't rain.

Stay strong ladies, WE CAN DO IT!!!

01-17-2011, 02:12 PM
Morning, Autumn Beauties. My birthday was yesturday so I enjoyed myself and allowed mysekf to go off plan a little. I really need to work on my diet part. I'm doing two meal replacement shakes a day with apples on the side and apples for snacks and then dinner. But it seems like thats not enough. I would love to figure out something healthy that a I can prepare that is simple that I can take to work every day.

What are your diets like?


01-18-2011, 11:17 AM
Good morning Autumn Beauties,

I hope you're all doing okay with your weight loss goals.

Monique - I'm following the Weight Watchers Simply Filling Plan. I mostly eat fresh fruits, fresh veggies, whole grain items including 94% FF microwave popcorn, FF or LF dairy products, almonds, dark choc & some lower cal sweet treats i.e. WW Cookies, Little Debbie Red Velvet Snack Cake. I do these occasionally and no more than 3 times a week. I've also been tracking my calories on to make sure I don't go too high.

I hope this helps.

01-18-2011, 12:09 PM
Hey everyone. I'm finally feeling better. Hopefully all the water will be gone by my next weighin. We got snow again last night so I'm probably going to go out and play with my daughter in a bit. That will be my exercise for the day. =)

Happy Birthday Monique!

01-18-2011, 01:16 PM
Happy Birthday to you, Monique! I hope you enjoyed your day. You asked about diets...mine is pretty much the same every day:

--Cereal and multigrain muffins w/all-natural pb and natural fruit spread for breakfast
--Yogurt for a snack
--Lean Cuisine & baked Cheetos for lunch
--Snack bar
--Cheese stick
--Maybe a clementine
--Chicken or Tilapia for dinner

01-18-2011, 02:20 PM
My diet is pretty repetitive. I eat every 2 hours.

10am ~ Banana

12pm ~ Fruit and protein smoothie

2pm ~ Tuna Celery Herb salad, a cold turkey or roast beef wrap with a small salad or a large chef style salad.

4pm ~ Apple sometimes a cheese stick if I'm feeling more hungry

6pm ~ Chicken with veggies, a hot turkey wrap with veggies, spaghetti squash bake, a chicken and cheese quesadilla with a side of veggies, a small fillet with a side of veggies, chicken and broccoli with half a can of cream of chicken soup and 1/4 cup grated cheddar all mixed together (one of my favorites). I'm working on expanding my dinner choices so I don't get bored.

8pm ~ I save calories for the evening because that's when I get the most hungry. Depending on how many calories I have left for the day I'll have a couple different things. A 100 calorie pack of cocoa almonds, a couple hard boiled eggs, yogurt or a whole wheat slim bun toasted and spread with a serving of strawberry cream cheese.

01-18-2011, 08:56 PM
Thank you, ladies.

Keep up the good work, Beauties.

I think I'll switch it up a bit and do something like this:

Breakfast: meal replacement shake, oatmeal and an apple.
Snack: apple
Lunch: tuna lunch
Snack: apple.
Dinner: Anything within reason.
*water through out the day of course.

All feedback on my diet welcome. I have to keep simple because of work and my picky and strange eating habits. Eventually, I will get to a point where I can experiment with healthy recipes, etc.


01-19-2011, 11:04 AM
Hi all!! I have been so busy I have not had a chance to log on. Good news is I FINALLY got the scale to move down another lb. I weighed in at 287.6 this morning! 4 more lbs for me to reach my January goal!

And it's my birthday!

01-19-2011, 12:03 PM
Good morning ladies,

Justaloozer :cb: :carrot::cp: Way to go. I just know you will make your goal very soon. Keep up the great work.

Monique Be sure you eat enough to stay satisfied and be sure you're eating enough calories too. You could try tracking your calories on for a week or so just to make sure you're getting enough. Someone advised me earlier (think it was toomanydimples) to watch the the carbs and that really helped me.

I hope everyone else is having a good day. I'm doing good. I have dinner with my team at work tonight and I really don't want to go but I don't think I have a choice. I will check their menu online to see what I'll order and I plan to eat healthy. Since it will be late when I get home tonight, I got up early this morning and did my workout.

Stay strong and OP ladies.

01-19-2011, 12:18 PM
Justaloozer Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with healthy eating, positive reinforcement, and lots of good energy! :) I hope it is an awesome day.

Me today: I am hungrier than usual this morning, but that's ok...I am slamming my water and looking forward to a walk over my lunch hour after eating.

01-20-2011, 03:59 PM
Happy Thursday, Autumn Beauties! I hope you are all having a great week and are doing well with what you wanted to accomplish for January. I am ready for warm weather so I can go outside and be more active outdoors!

01-20-2011, 04:30 PM
Good afternoon, Autumn Beauties.

Justaloozer, I hope your birthday was great.

Icky, TOM is here for me....been cramping off and on all morning. I decided to take a day off work. The cool thing is I'm off the next two days so that will be my little three day weekend. LOL.

GettinFit, thank you for your input....I will always keep that in mind.

I hope you ladies are still doing well, staying on plan, etc. Yesturday, when my period started, I had my first slip up and allowed myself to eat two donuts during my lunch break at work. LOL. You know how it is when those cravings kick in and I was cramping and needed a fix. Boyyyy, did they make me feel better. LOL.

It's is a new day.

Take carem ladies.


01-20-2011, 04:31 PM
Good afternoon, Autumn Beauties.

Justaloozer, I hope your birthday was great.

Icky, TOM is here for me....been cramping off and on all morning. I decided to take a day off work. The cool thing is I'm off the next two days so that will be my little three day weekend. LOL.

GettinFit, thank you for your input....I will always keep that in mind.

I hope you ladies are still doing well, staying on plan, etc. Yesturday, when my period started, I had my first slip up and allowed myself to eat two donuts during my lunch break at work. LOL. You know how it is when those cravings kick in and I was cramping and needed a fix. Boyyyy, did they make me feel better. LOL.

It's is a new day.

Take carem ladies.


01-20-2011, 05:56 PM
Good afternoon Beauties,

Just a quick check in before I leave work. I've had a good day and I hope you all have too.

Monique - I'm sure you will recover from that slip up. We all have those at some point. The thing to do is get right back on track.

Emme - I'm ready for warm weather too (but not too hot). I'm also ready for the days to be longer so that I have time to get out and walk in the evening.

Have a great evening ladies and I'll try and check back tonight.

01-21-2011, 10:39 AM
'Morning ladies! Today is my weigh-in day and I've lost 1.2 pounds since last Friday. I'm 3 pounds away from my goal of 189.9 (heehee, I'll take whatever 189 I can see!) and I'm hoping I can hit it, but I won't be discouraged if I don't because that is what used to make me fail in the first place. I'd set goals and if I didn't hit them, then I'd get upset and eat. Not good. So, I am learning to take this a week at a time and realize that a pound a week is good for me!

I joined the Biggest Loser at work and if I lose a pound a week by the time it ends in April then hopefully I will have lost 12 pounds. I am going to stay strong and stay on track. I hope you all are doing well!

01-21-2011, 10:56 AM
Great job Emme :cp: You have done an awesome job! Like you, I'm trying not to set weight goals because so many times in the past, that's what has sent me off track. Just keep on doing what you're doing and you'll see 189 before you know it. I can't wait to hop on the scale and see 199 :goodscale

How is everyone else doing? I'm still OP and on track. Just wish I had more time for more exercise. Last week when I was able to do 2 workouts a day, I saw better results.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and let's stay OP :cb:

01-21-2011, 12:05 PM
I can't wait to hop on the scale and see 199 :goodscale

You will be there before you know it!! :cheer2:

01-22-2011, 07:22 PM
Hello Beauties,

How are you all doing? I hope everyone is having a great weekend :)

01-23-2011, 02:07 PM
Good morning, Autumn Beauties. Congrats, Emme. That is great. I haven't been losing much weight this month but that's okay. I'm going to switch up my workout plan up until my cruise. I have 62 days! If I can lose 20 pounds in 62 days that would be great. I just need to get to 215 again before I can count the pounds lost. I don't wanna cheat.

So, I'll be doing Slim In Six and Chalene Extreme from now on with some Hip Hop Abs on the side.

Anyway, we are almost in February! If any of you ladies would like to create the new Autumn Beauties Challenge, feel free! Otherwise, I will do it as usual. Let me know.


01-23-2011, 03:35 PM
Hi Monique :wave: Here's to a great month for you:carrot: If you put you mind to it you can do it. We're in your corner cheering you on :cheer2: I can't believe how fast January is flying by! Spring will be here before we know it (I can't wait - Spring & Fall are my fav times of the year).

I've had a good day so far. I've been OP with my eating and I've done a Firm workout today. I'm gonna try and stay away from almonds this week to see if my weight loss speeds up. I know I eat too many and I need to get a grip. I only lost .6 last week and I want to drop 1.5 - 2 pounds a week.

I hope everyone is having a great day!

01-23-2011, 04:27 PM
Hi ladies! I have been having a baking weekend trying out low-cal recipes and I overindulged a little too much last night ;) But, I am just going to keep on keepin' on. I am comfortable with my calorie levels and workouts, so I am going to just stay where I am at right now.

Monique if you could do the Feb Autumn Beauties that would be awesome and very much appreciated!

Hope you all have a nice Sunday. I'm watching the Bears/Packers game (on TV...wouldn't be able to stand the cold) and enjoying the sunshine.

01-24-2011, 01:27 PM
Good morning, ladies. I weighed in this morning and surprisingly, after a weekend of not eating so great, I have stayed at 217. LOL. I thought for sure I'd be back up to 220 this morning. Still trying to get these last two gained pounds off before the months end.

Hope you're all doing well.


01-24-2011, 09:33 PM
Yay!!! Monique. I'm glad you weren't as high as you thought. Now it will be down hill for you. Hopefully you will get that 2 off soon. Just stick to your eating and exercise plan.

Emme - I hope you found some good recipes over the weekend. How was your day today?

I hope all the other Autumn Beauties are doing good.

I had a great day. I had to work a little late tonight but I made sure I left by 5:45 so that I could get home to do my workout. I am so pumped right now and I just want to stay in this zone forever.

Have a great evening everyone

01-24-2011, 09:51 PM
Yay!!! Monique. I'm glad you weren't as high as you thought. Now it will be down hill for you. Hopefully you will get that 2 off soon. Just stick to your eating and exercise plan.

Emme - I hope you found some good recipes over the weekend. How was your day today?

I hope all the other Autumn Beauties are doing good.

I had a great day. I had to work a little late tonight but I made sure I left by 5:45 so that I could get home to do my workout. I am so pumped right now and I just want to stay in this zone forever.

Have a great evening everyone

GettinFit: Good for you for getting your workout in! It's so amazing how great someone can feel after working out and getting some energy out.

My day was better today -- thanks for asking. I stayed w/in my calories and worked out even though I didn't want to. :)

01-25-2011, 11:29 AM
Hey Ladies,

I know Ive been MIA for about a week or two but Ive been doing fairly well. School started back last week and that has definetly given me a run for my money. Also my laptop is down..I had it fixed, now something else is wrong. I really dont have the money for another so I just may have to settle for my desktop for a while. Any who, I think I will be asking the Y to meet with a trainer soon. I get one free appointment and then I chose after that. Im going to update my ticker and It looks like I will meet my goal of 12 pounds for the month of January long as I close the month out right.

Monique- I know the feeling, when you just dred that scale becuase you feel you really messed up and then HEY its not to bad. I once read that one or two bad meals wont completly throw you off track, its when you continue with the eating.

GettinFit- What work out tapes are you on now days?!

Now Im about to tackle these online assignments. Hava a great day ladies!

01-25-2011, 08:36 PM
Good Evening Everyone,

I hope everyone had a wonderful day.

Emme - Glad to hear your day was better.

Lisa - We've missed you. Glad to hear that you've been doing good and will meet your Jan goal. Having a session with a trainer will be a treat. Enjoy it. Right now I'm working on the Firm Express 30 Day Cycle and on some of my rest days I do TurboFire or walk. I sure hope the scale hurry and catch up with all the exercise I've been doing. I seem to have hit a plateau and it's driving me crazy.

Have a great evening ladies.

01-26-2011, 01:45 AM
Amazing job, GettinFit, Emme ans Lisa.

I've had a long day. It's 9:41p.m. California time but I'm still gonna make sure I get my workout in tonight :-). You all have a wonderful day tomarrow.


01-26-2011, 01:59 PM
Hello Beauties,

I hope you're all having a great day. So far so good for me.

Monique - I hope you got some rest last night.

I have been stuck at the same weight of 217 for almost 2 weeks now and I need to do something to shake it up. It is driving me absolutely crazy to keep seeing the same number day after day. I may do a day of higher protein and less carbs. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

01-26-2011, 02:20 PM
Gettin Fit....looks like we're in the same boat with being stuck at 217. Must be that plateau (spelling?) coming into affect. So yes, I think when that happens, we're supposed to switch things up a bit. That's a great idea you have of eating more protein.

Have a great day, Autumn Beauties.


01-26-2011, 03:29 PM
Hey everyone. This has been a rough two days for me. TOM came last night and I was starving all day yesterday...still starving today. So, I am trying to cram in as much protein and water as possible while still staying within a good calorie range. Even if I go up a little higher today I'm not that worried about it. I hope you are all doing well and staying strong. I can't believe January only has 5 more days in it...this month flew by.

01-27-2011, 10:55 AM
Good morning ladies,

Emme - I hope you survived yesterday. Yep I can't believe January is almost over too. It went by so fast.

I'm struggling with this darn plateau:mad: I haven't lost anything in 2 weeks and I have been doing what I'm supposed to. I stopped tracking on My Plate about 2 weeks ago but I am going back to doing that starting today. I am getting so frustrated with this. Today I am also trying to drink more water.

Have a great day ladies :)

01-27-2011, 01:24 PM
GettinFit I'm sorry you've hit a plateau -- hopefully it will break for you soon. Do you weigh daily, weekly, monthly?

01-27-2011, 02:02 PM
Morning ladies. I weighed in this morning and surprisingly, I am at 213! I was so shocked and happy to finally see a change. I always seem to forget to wait a few days after my period before I weigh in....otherwise I'll be seeing water weight.

My hard work is paying off after all. I can finally change my ticker again and add my two pound lost to the group ticker.

I started at 225 in late October and now I'm at 213. Not bad.

Have a good day ladies.


01-27-2011, 11:08 PM
Good evening ladies,

Monique - :carrot::bravo::cp::broc::congrat: Awesome job on breaking through to 213. I'm so excited for you. You are getting closer to onederland. Keep up the great work.

Emme - I am weighing daily now. I used to only weigh weekly but I decided to try tracking my weight daily. I tracked my calories today and stayed around 1300 (I usually eat around 1600 -1700). We'll see what happens over the next few days. I plan on getting in some extra activity this weekend too. I know if I hang in there the scale will eventually move down.

Have a good evening ladies.

01-28-2011, 10:40 AM
Monique congrats on your weight loss! :woohoo:

GettinFit: Good luck with the reduced calories and extra exercise. Have you considered calorie cycling? I try to stay between 1650-1750 per day, but lately I've been doing anywhere between 1650-1850 just to keep my body guessing.

This morning was my weigh in day and I'm down 1.4 from last week. I don't think I'm going to break into 189.9 zone by Monday, but I'll take what I've done so far, and I'm looking forward to February.

01-28-2011, 01:24 PM
Great job Emme - You are soooo close. I can't wait 'til you get there.
Yes I will try and fluctuate my calories a little more over the next few days. Today I will go pretty low and tomorrow I'll go on the high end as I have a dinner to attend.

Have a great day ladies ;)

01-28-2011, 09:48 PM
Hey ladies. Looks like the thread was moved the Chicks Up For A Challenge section so I will post the new challenge thread there.


01-30-2011, 02:06 PM
Good afternoon ladies,

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! The scale finally dropped below 217 yesterday to 216 for me so hopefully, I'm on my way down now.

Monique - Thanks for posting the new thread for Feb. I hope we all have a great month and that we all make our goals that we set.

01-30-2011, 08:18 PM
Congrats, GettinaFit. Yes, I posted the new thread yesturday, ladies, in the Chicks Up For A Challenge section. I hope you all can join us.


01-31-2011, 11:16 AM
I am going to log what I eat here during the month of Feb to help me pay closer attention to what I eat.

Today's food:
B: 1 Thomas Bagel thin w/1 wedge of Laughing cow cheese, 1/2 C. Skim milk, coffee w/ a small bit of flavored creamer
L: Large romaine & spinich salad w/FF raspberry vinaigrette dressing, 2 oz chicken breast, 1/8 C Feta cheese. 2 dark chocs
S: 100 cal almonds, apple, orange, coffee, activia yogurt
D: 1/4 C LF homemade ckn sal on whole grain, sandwich round & 1 cup veggie soup
Exercise: Firm Cycle 3 Cardio & Sculpt

01-31-2011, 11:55 AM
Last day of January...I made it to 191.0 this morning, so not quite my 189.9, but close enough and I am happy that I was able to lose the weight! :) I also stuck to my "no alcohol" this month which wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

See you all on the February board!

01-31-2011, 12:37 PM
Great idea, GettinFit. That will be very helpful for you.

Congrats, Emme. That's great. I hope to be there in a few months too.


01-31-2011, 02:07 PM
:congrat: Emme. You have done an awesome job. Do you follow a specific eating plan or just cut back?

My total loss for the month of Jan is 7 pounds. I'm hoping I can do at least that or more next month. Hopefully I won't have anymore stalls for a while and will lose something each.

Have a great day ladies;)

02-01-2011, 11:39 AM
:congrat: Emme. You have done an awesome job. Do you follow a specific eating plan or just cut back?

My total loss for the month of Jan is 7 pounds. I'm hoping I can do at least that or more next month. Hopefully I won't have anymore stalls for a while and will lose something each.

7 pounds is awesome for January!! Good for you!!

I just count calories. I try to do between 1650-1800 every day, but I change each day up (Monday might be 1675, Tuesday might be 1791, etc.) helps me relax a bit instead of sticking strictly with 1650 on the nose. Plus, it keeps my body guessing.