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08-01-2010, 07:32 AM
Here we go with another new month and I can feel summer slipping away too fast. It's very cool these mornings when I let the dogs out but I still sip my coffee on the deck because it's a long winter.

July was not a stellar month for weightloss - the Fair and too many BBQ parties and other food events - although I did get back to the gym. BGL has been pretty stable though. Now to keep it up.

I'm off to Ottawa for dinner and overnight at my friend Shirleyanne's place. She will have excellent food but is a real Carb Queen. It's a sit-down dinner which is more of a challenge than buffet because people notice what you leave on your plate. I'll try to get out into the kitchen to help with the plating. I know there will be a birthday cake and am going to plead a BGL problem to avoid eating it.

What are your strategies for avoiding over-the-top foods? I do plan to take along Fiber 1 and dried fruit for tomorrow's breakfast.

08-01-2010, 08:19 PM
RUTH ~ honestly, we don't eat out at other people's place that much; but when we do, I fill my plate with veggies and salad (if any) plus some meat. If they are serving potatoes or something like that, we just have a bit. There are times when you don't have the greatest choices, but I just take a smaller serving of the starchy stuff, or skip it, if I can. It depends what it is. It's funny, at home we only eat a small plate or bowl of food, sometimes if I am eating out and they have lots of salad, I may eat a bit more of that.

You've got me thinking -- that I will likely take some of my favorite stuff along on my holidays, just in case ... :lol: I mean for snacks and breakfast, for instance. ;)

We had chicken drums with lots of veggies for dinner tonight; plus I baked some rhubarb/apple/strawberry compote, and baked two banana-blueberry bran loaves for DH for his snacks. When I make my breakfast slice, I cut the sugar and add some whey protein powder for some of the flour.

I love how the temps are cooling off a bit. Hope you all had a great 1st day of August ... Rosebud :flow1:

08-01-2010, 08:21 PM
FBS back up. So confusing when you are following a plan. I was looking at the plan the doctor gave me and Hubby and I decided to follow it and see what happens. Starting it tomorrow. It is a combo of Calorie/Carb counting plan. I've got to have some energy so that I can start exercising in order to lose weight at the same time.

We did get up and go to church this morning. Tony had decided last night that he wanted to go. I got up and ate breakfast and felt terrible and checked BS 1 1/2 hours after breakfast since I wouldn't be able to at 2 hrs. My BS reading was 285. I didn't really feel like going but since he hasn't been able to go for over 2 months, I couldn't tell him I didn't feel up to it. I set in church and felt like I was drugged and off in another world. When I got home, I checked it 2 hrs after dinner and it was 138. If I can get some energy, I can start exercising. Strange thing is that it was 101 when I went to bed and 137 this morning. I feel like I'm on a roller coaster with this. But I know if I can get enough energy to exercise that it would make a big difference.

08-01-2010, 10:26 PM
TRISH ~ Remember now, that could be the "DAWN EFFECT" playing games with ya ... so don't get too upset. It may not be what you are eating, but that 285/17.8 number sounds over the top to me ... when my uncle was sick, he said he could get numbers as high as 22 or 352; so it can happen. Do you want to share what you ate for breakfast? I try to match my carb intake with protein; even leaning more on the protein side.

You know, my doctor only got me to check my BSL's in the AM upon waking; and after eating, at least 2+ hours before I ate my next snack or meal. If you are eating any snacks in between, they could be running into your meal numbers too (esp if they are carby snacks). These checks were optional and only for my information to see where they stood after each meal. After awhile, I only had to check in the AM.

We have to remember that even fruit is a carb and some have a lot of fructose sugars in them (ie pears, bananas, apples, etc). I cut all those type in half now; wrap them in paper towel and put them in the fridge and they stay great for later or even the next day. Berries have less fructose in them, so I try to eat them more often now, like blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and rhubarb. Am fortunate to pick my own blueberries and rhubarb; froze them in little baggies and containers.

How about just going for a short, fast walk; get those arms swinging and go a bit faster than usual, then slow down, and pick it up again (in spurts). It doesn't have to be for that long; start with 10 minutes, if needs be. Something is better than nothing. :hug:

My DH told me he saw a lady walking/jogging around the bases of our local baseball diamond to try and help her get into better shape. Think she wants to try and play baseball in a mixed league, and is practicing for it. Even if she just goes around them a few times; after awhile, it will get easier.

Just keep going and try not to worry so much. Our bodies are different and we all react differently to different things. :lol: VIVE LA DIFFERANCE!!! ;)

08-02-2010, 01:01 PM
Rosebud Thanks. I tried adding some protein powder to my oatmeal to give me more protein and I think it didn't work. It made me sick at my stomach. I was more careful what I ate yesterday. I did eat a Pure Protein bar that seems to bring my BS reading back down but it hurts my stomach as well. I will either keep them or give them to my Pastor's wife who uses them. This morning my FBS was back down to 119. The fruit doesn't seem to bother my BS which really surprised me. But I'm not eating more than 2 servings a day and one is blackberries or blueberries. Yesterday I use some low carb yogurt in the oatmeal and I've also tried the Greek yogurt and I don't like it and I'm thinking I can't eat yogurt any more. I only put a little in my oatmeal, but may be enough to throw me off. I'm also thinking I'm not sleeping enough. I notice that when I don't get at least 7 or 8 hrs sleep the readings are a little higher. I agree about the exercise. Saturday I was feeling groggy, but had things that I had to do. I tested my BS after getting all that stuff done and BS reading was 101.

I don't know if I mentioned that I read the materials the doctor gave me originally and I understand what some of the good carbs can do to bring the readings down and keep it level. I'm beginning to think that it is important to have some of them in our diet and to learn portion control. I think things will get easier too because Tony and I are doing it together.

Costco is on our agenda today so will get lots of walking done. We usually eat at Sonny's BBQ when we go there which is nice because I find it easy to stay OP. Already know what I'm ordering. We eat and then go to Costco. I look for today to be a better day.

Thanks for your help and advise Rosebud. I appreciate it.

08-02-2010, 07:40 PM
I am doing the 2 hr check after food to see how the foods work for me. I had oatmeal, blackberries and 2 scoops of Greek yogurt for breakfast. 2 hrs later reading was 187 so I don't think I'm eating that any more. When we went to lunch I ate corn-on-the-cob with my lunch and 2 hrs later my reading was 129.

I went to the Accu-Chek site and found some forms that I copied and decided to just test some things and am using the ACE American College of Endocrinology recommendations rather than the ADA. They recommend a reading of <140 mg/dl 2 hrs after a meal. I actually started feeling better as I was eating my lunch.

Since I don't like oatmeal without yogurt and fruit, I've decided not to eat it any more. I will go back to eating SBD breakfasts.

My step-sisters hubby tested after all the food he ate to learn what he could and couldn't eat of the foods he likes. He has kept his BS normal ever since. My perscription was for only 1 BS check a day so I'm buying more strips on my own. I'm thinking of switching to Relion products from Walmart since they are much cheaper. Do any of you use them and if so do you like them? Pharmacist said I could have the doctor write the prescription for more and Medicare will pay for them, but I read on another site that then you have to keep up with it to be turned into the doc so he can turn it into Medicare. Does anyone know if that is true? Once I know what I can and can't eat, I don't want to be stuck having to check so often. I appreciate your help.

I am happy to say that I am feeling so much better today.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

08-02-2010, 10:44 PM
THAT'S GREAT, TRISH ~ I'm so glad that you are feeling better and you have more leeway in your readings too. I think what your BIL did was a good idea too; that way you know what foods sends your numbers up and what doesn't. I don't eat cereal near as much as I used to; only on rare occasion, and it is usually bran based. :lol:

We had :rain: here all day on and off, so just stayed home and did some laundry, etc. I had steak & mushroom medley, and a broccoli-cabbage slaw for dinner tonight. Tea time now!

Hope you all have a wonderful week ... Rosebud :flow1:

08-04-2010, 12:08 AM
was away for our long weekend. It was a big camping out thing, with lots of friends, drinking, leisure, food etc.
I made a sugar free low carb cheesecake, some homemade low carb icecream, and salads, a red coleslaw, a greek salad, and a great "potato" salad using cauliflower instead of potatoes, so it was also low carb. Set a different salad out for each meal, and choose a meat serving to go with it. I also ate anything else that was out and appropriate to low carb. I did really well. Had one alcoholic beverage only, and one small dish of regular ice cream by accident (thinking it was mine). Sugars were great and I didn't gain any weight. My goal was to manage a fun weekend without going off the rails.
I feel like I really did it. It was so important, to be able to enjoy myself with friends without it being all about excess. We also walked and swam, and there were tons of little ones to play with and generally enjoy. Only problem was that the long drive did my back in, so I wasn't as active as I wanted to be. Swimming was the best.

Tomorrow we leave for the cottage, where we can be a bit lower key with just the two of us. ttfn

08-04-2010, 08:13 AM
Patty, you are doing well. We can control this thing and will probably end up healthier than we ever were.

Fatmad, you did really well at your foodie events. I find it fairly easy when I can serve myself. It's these sit-down, pre-served dinners that are difficult. I did OK over the weekend though.

Rosebud, good advice on fruits and also on walking. I am starting to really speed it up, even for short walks like from the road into the Post Office. When things cool off a wee bit, I am going to take a dog and walk the 1/4 mile track at the fairgrounds. My dogs need the exercise and there are no distractions there.

I'm off to Stratford tomorrow morning early on the train. I have tickets for Christopher Plummer in The Tempest and will try to eat very lightly before the show. I sure don't need a heavy meal before theatre - my B&B offers a huge meal which I will turn down in favour of a salad of some sort beforehand. I wish I knew Stratford better. I plan on a packed lunch on the train going there - cheese, veggies and some berries and will do my best the rest of the time.

See y'all late Friday or early Saturday. Hang in there.

08-04-2010, 08:50 AM
Good Morning Ladies!
May I join in with you?

I was diagnosed with diabetes in March of this year and am looking for a way to control this and hopefully get rid of my medication.

What eating plans do you all use. I know one does not fit all but it's very confusing - one tells you to eat this way, the other tells you to eat that way:dizzy: I'm just looking for something that is right for me.

Looking forward to learning alot here.


08-04-2010, 01:04 PM
Sorry this is a quick flyby, but will catch up with everyone later. I believe things are finally coming together for me. Although I'm watching the calorie/carb woe, I'm still using a lot of SBD with it because it just seems to work better for me. My bs was back down to 113 this morning and my bp is staying below 120/80 which is normal for me. I'm finding eating out is more of a problem than I thought it would be. I have no problem eating healthy for my woe, but I do find that even eating healthy in restaurants seems to make the bs reading to be a little higher for a day or two after. I think this must be the difference in their way of preparation and home preparations. But I can live with that, I just have to learn to adjust other meals and snacks to compensate for it. All part of learning how to deal with living with this. Now I've got to try to help my dear sweet hubby learn how to control his.

Thanks Everyone for all the encouragment and help you have given me. I love and appreciate each and everyone of you.

Ruth You are an inspiration.

Y'all have a great day.

08-04-2010, 09:40 PM
:welcome: Lindyloo ~ love to have you join us here; I am on a combo-plan -- meaning a mix of sorts, taking the best from many of them actually. I am on a calorie /portioned /volumetrics /lowercomplexcarb (not NO carb) /goodfats & wholefoods plan ... :lol:

And, I use tips from all the plans; hey, whatever works for me -- plus I try new things all the time. I picked up a SPAGETTI SQUASH today; never had that before and decided to try it (and they aren't cheap either). Will probably cook it up tomorrow.

Had spit BBQ chicken and a mixed coleslaw salad for lunch; and a light supper as well with a romaine mixed salad as it was too hot for a hot meal tonight. Got some walking in today; always glad for that, and did other daily exercises and some hand-weights today as well.

Hope you all have a great week ... Rosebud :flow1:

08-05-2010, 01:07 AM
Hello, everyone! I'm still here. And, welcome, Lindyloo! I've been doing a "low-spike" diet. I found it on the website bloodsugar101.com thanks to someone here who posted it. Really, it is very similar to the South Beach Diet, so you could say I am doing that, too.

Trish -- I switched to the ReliOn products. Since I have not been officially diagnosed (I'm taking matters into my own hands), I needed to go the cheap route. They are very good. I bought the "confirm" meter and it works really well. The only problem is, the strips are hard to find. I would look on the internet to check for strip availability before you buy and just go where they have them. I had to drive all the way across town, and they only had the 20 strip package in stock (which were $9). Still, it's better than spending 60 dollars for 50 strips, which is how much my other meter's strips are.

Ruth -- I went to a birthday party this weekend, and I think I did okay. I had fruit and a hotdog. A little while later they had ice cream cake. I ate 2 bites (they were so good!) and gave the rest to my husband. If I didn't have the bites, I think I would have felt deprived. Cake is my weakness. :o

Rosebud -- I've been trying to take a walk every evening. My husband even started walking with me. :) P.S. let us know how the squash turned out!

Fatmad -- You are an inspiration!

Anyway, I have not been checking as much do to the fact that my strips are running low. I need to go get some more. I can tell if something is wrong, because I usually get a headache and feel really tired. I felt great all day today until now. I just had a piece of light bread with peanut butter. Maybe it was too many carbs. I will have to check in a bit.

08-05-2010, 01:09 PM

Linda :welcome3: Glad to have you here. I agree it does get confusing when there are so many ways to eat even for diabetes. My doctor gave three diets to choose from. The ADA diet, a low carb diet and a general deal where you divide your plate in 3 sections 1/4 protein, 1/4 starchy carbs and 1/2 veggies. I went on line and read and there are sooo many different kinds of low carb diets. I decided to go with the low carb diet he provided and it works out to be very similar to South Beach. I also check bs after I eat certain foods. For example, I drink a Protein low carb shake in the morning for breakfast. I usually make it with water which is one option, but this morning I decided to try using lowfat milk. I will check bs reading 2 hrs after because I didn't feel as well as I usually do... kind of zapped my energy. My Daddy is allergic to dairy products but won't give them up. I suspect that I can't use the milk even low carb. I'll know that when I check bs. I suddenly realized that if I can't use the milk that I may have an allergy toward dairy products as well. Maybe the zapped energy when I eat eggs isn't the eggs but the cheese I was using on it. Also may just need to switch to lower carb or FF dairy. I say all that to say that everyone is different and what one person can tolerate may not be tolerated by another. I believe this is a process of learning what works for each of us individually. I can't eat some grains because bs skyrockets, however, I can eat others that doesn't bother me at all. Don't get discouraged, just take it slow and easy and you will learn what works for you.

Fatmad I've been thinking about trying to change a recipe I have for ice cream to lowcarb. Could you please share your recipe for the ice cream and cheesecake? I changed all my recipes to lowfat when I did lowfat and have been wondering why can't I change my favorite recipes to lowcarb. I think it makes doing this a little more like fun.

Cande My daughter told me she buys a grain bread by Nature's Own that has no sugar. I'm going to look for that today and hope I can handle it.

Hubby has blood test for coumadin today so we are going to do our grocery shopping after. Going to be a hot day heat index of 105 so won't want to be out in it too much or too long.

Y'all have a great day!!

08-05-2010, 01:24 PM
MADELEINE ~ WE WANT RECIPES!!! I would love to have the cheesecake and cauliflower mock potato salad recipes please; and I just know the others here would too! THANKS!

CANDES ~ am baking that spagetti squash today for dinner. Yesterday, I discovered that I still have a Christmas Icecream Cake in the bottom of my freezer from Christmas becuz no-one wanted any (so, I will probably end up tossing it). Most of our friends are becoming very health conscious too.

TRISH ~ I agree with what you said to LINDA. A while back, my BSL's had slipped up to the 6's so I switched to an egg-based breakfast. I have an egg & no-fat cheese slice (I am lactose intolerant) on a WW wg sandwich thin each day (sometimes with a very lean ham slice or a slice of smoked chicken); OR 1.5 egg omelette + a bran wg toast.

The other thing is that we haven't had pasta for a while; and my sugars are back down in the 5.0/80 range again, so I think I found two of my worst triggers. I do have bran cereal here now if I get a craving for cereal or am in a hurry. I have whole grain spagetti on hand which we will have as an occasional treat now (maybe once a month) but I will cut my complex carbs for lunch & BF of that day too.

I can have a cube of cheddar cheese (any of the hard cheeses) for my evening snack most nights now; becuz it is fermented, it doesn't bother me -- and I can tolerate yogurt or yogurt ice cream (as they are cultured). I may try the lactose-free milk sometime. Someone suggested soy cheese & yogurt but we can't get that here.

We had a huge :rain: storm last night with lots of lightening;and it poured and poured. We have a metal roof on our building so it is really nice to hear the rain on the roof. Our garden and my beans are lovin' it ... :lol:

Have a great day ... Rosebud :flow1:

08-05-2010, 03:31 PM
Hey, Trish! This kind I have is Natures Own, the Delightful 100% whole wheat kind. I like it a lot. It tastes really good. I have been eating it with my eggs at breakfast. I think I just couldn't handle it with the peanut butter, too.

It's as hot as the blazes here, too. Not sure what the official report is, but OMG it's hot. :devil: It's funny to me that some of you have been saying how the mornings are getting cooler. That is not happening here in the Deep South. Even in the middle of the night, it is warm. Our poor chickens, I feel so sorry for them out there.

Rosebud -- I'm very curious about the spaghetti squash. I was thinking since I can't find it here, I would use zucchini instead. WTG on throwing out the cake! You are stronger than me! ;)

FBS today was 92! I'm very happy about that. I was getting worried when it wasn't coming down. Is anyone else afraid to eat? I'm getting anxious about eating, especially in the evening when I really want something, but there is nothing that is easy and "not-carby" to eat. I'm not really keen on snacking on vegetables in the middle of the night. That is why I had the peanut butter on bread last night.

Hope everyone has a great day! Be back later!

08-05-2010, 04:06 PM
I'm off to Stratford tomorrow morning early on the train. I have tickets for Christopher Plummer in The Tempest and will try to eat very lightly before the show. I sure don't need a heavy meal before theatre - my B&B offers a huge meal which I will turn down in favour of a salad of some sort beforehand. I wish I knew Stratford better. I plan on a packed lunch on the train going there - cheese, veggies and some berries and will do my best the rest of the time.

See y'all late Friday or early Saturday. Hang in there.

Ruth, I wish I had known. I am from the area (live 30 minutes north, and practice at the hospital there) and went to see the same play last week.
We ate at the Down the Street Bistro, but I must say, for the price, the food was NOT great. It was quite expensive, (about $100 for 2, with only me having one drink) and just wasn't up to expectations.
I often go to Bentley's pub, they have the best wings in town, and do an ok salad, and pub grub that is decent. Piazzo and Fellini's are very good for Italian, but not so good if you are watching carbs.
I personally love Raja, the Indian food place, and just skip the rice.
The play itself was fantastic, and the asian woman playing Ariel was simply amazing. Plummer was great, and the chemistry between the two was fab.
My husband is not a great fan of Shakespear, but did agree that the live performance really brought it to life.
I hope you have a great time.
I am away on Manitoulin Island now, just relaxing for a week, but my back is quite bad. I am using a tens machine, cold pain relief patches, tylenol and even some codeine when it gets really bad. Its keep activity and exercise to a minimum. So I am eating very carefully.
have a good day everyone.

08-05-2010, 04:21 PM
I will be happy to post the recipes, but don't have them here on the island with me. They are low carb, not low fat tho.
FOr the mock potato salad, the key is to make your own potato salad however you like. (unless you haven't made it before?) I use a couple of boiled eggs, some cucumber and red pepper cut very fine, and even a pickle chopped fine, a bit of green onion and just mayo, don't like it with mustard so much, tho some people do. the just salt and pepper to taste. YOu must BOIL the cauliflower until tender, then break it up.
I got the ice cream recipe and cheesecake from Suzanne Somers dessert cookbook.
I learned from an icecream website that the big key to good ice cream is to make the custard base but let it age overnight, made a great difference. And by making the new york style cheesecake myself, (I used a full fat sour cream, and cream cheese) I was able to leave out the lemon as I have become allergic to citrus.

ttfn everyone

08-06-2010, 08:29 AM
In spite of switching my daily metformin back to supper time, I am still getting some higher numbers on my fasting glucose. SO I will be adding in a small evening snack.
Any low carbers have useful suggestions as to what to have? I was thinking a glass of milk might do it, or a protein shake.
Its a little frustrating tho, one of my "diet" habits to break was evening snacking, and I often eat supper a bit later in the evening (like 7 or 8 pm) so I thought I wouldn't need this. So I want to be really careful about what I choose and how much of it I have so I don't gain weight or go off plan.
What types of bedtime snacks do it best?

08-06-2010, 11:06 AM
Thanks for the warm welcome and all the info.

Pattygirl: I have now starting to check my blood too after eating something new. For instance I can only have 1/2 glass 1% milk without a big spike and if I have anymore than 1/2 cup of cold cereal it does the same. I tried a fairly low carb day yesterday and was surprised to see my numbers in the 5's. Usually they are in the 6 - 7 range. My doctor told me anything between 6 - 10 was okay but I feel much better when they are in the 5 range. I think maybe low carb might be the best way to go.

Fatmad: Yes please recipe for ice cream and cheese cake. I have been using Chapmans sugar free and it's quite good but I do have any ice cream maker and would rather make my own. I take my metformin 3 times a day and find that if I take my last dose before bed it helps my numbers in the morning and I also have a glass of wine sometime before bed that seems to help too.

Rosebud: I love spagetti squash with butter and pepper. There is a cream mushroom sauce that was in the Dr. Bernstein diet book but I forgot to write it down before I took the book back to the library.

Cande: I'm nervous to eat as well. I'm afraid of what it will do to my readings. I guess it will get better as I keep tracking and finding out what I can or cannot eat.

Have a great day everyone.

08-06-2010, 02:53 PM
A quick one here. My fbs was up a bit this morning, but hubby wanted chicken wings from Walmart yesterday since we were running late on our main meal. Only had 3 pcs, but was enough to raise it this morning. I bought the ReliOn Confirm meter and got home and had the wrong strips. Tried to take the strips back (had never been opened) and they couldn't take it back for health reasons. So I bought the Ultima to go with the stips I had. I figured that would be cheaper than going through the trouble of calling and trying to send it back by mail if the company would have even taken back. I figure that Tony can use it later. I'm going to talk to the doctor about changing our prescription to ReliOn strips. That way I can test more often and it will be cheaper for me and Medicare.

I haven't been having my snack before bedtime, but think I need to do that again. The cheese stick didn't seem to work for me for lowering FBS, but I think the protein shake does. I've just been too lazy to get up go to the kitchen and make it. I need to start doing that again tonight.

I am experimenting with my breakfast foods trying to figure out what makes the 2 hr after bs so high. I thought maybe I was eating too much, so I made 1 egg, 1 thin slice ham, a pinch of lf mozz cheese and I put about a teaspoon of chopped jalepineo peppers on it and had a slice of sugar free toast. I realized the peppers are a new thing as well as the toast so will eat the same breakfast without them tomorro. Also may need to boil or poach the eggs instead of frying. I use non-stick pan and Pam but maybe I still can't do that. I've also wondered if I might be lactose intolerant, but the 1 8oz glass of milk I drink at our main meal doesn't seem to affect my bs.

Catch y'all later. Have a good day.

08-06-2010, 04:50 PM
:wave: We are having a lovely :sunny: day here today -- it is a bit cooler, but I don't mind that one bit. Just have to put on a sweater that's all. Made that spagetti squash and it turned out just fine. It really does look like spagetti too; my DH asked me how I got it to look like that; and I told him that it comes out that way ... :lol:

I baked it for over an hour, but it was still a bit crunchy but it is supposed to be that way. It sure makes a lot and I only baked half of it. I will cook the rest to put a sauce over. This time, I made an Asian type sauce and baked it with that, then tossed it in the sauce before serving. I think it might taste very good with a nice tomato or mushroom sauce. My DH said he would like it cooked a bit more (until it was a bit softer); but I told him that it might just turn to mush if I did that (dunno). :shrug:

Anyhow, the experiment went well, I think. They are expensive but I can see why people like them. It kinda reminded me of semi=cooked shredded cabbage. Really it has little flavor on it's own, it takes flavor from whatever you put in it or serve with it, I think.

Have a wonderful weekend ladies (and gents, if any) ... Rosebud :flow1:

08-06-2010, 07:31 PM
I worked so hard not to have any sugar because I'm having a fasting bloodwork done next Thursday. I didn't pay attention when I fixed our fruit for dinner. When I use canned, I usually will wash off any sugar on it. This was in a jar and it just didn't register:?: with me. I did a 2 hr after bs stick and it was 217. I sure hope it isn't going to ruin my test next week. I am so put out with myself. Staying OP the rest of the day.

08-07-2010, 07:01 AM
Survived the trip to Stratford with even BGL and no weight gain. I think walking to dinner and to the theatre did the trick. Mad, I knew you lived nearby and should have consulted. I ended up with a delicious but $$$ dinner at The Church, a bit of a nostalgia trip as I spent a lot of time in Stratford during the 60s.

Now back to reality and a ton of veggies. My next vacation is in three weeks and I need to be in shape for the Cape Breton trail.

08-07-2010, 08:43 AM
My fasting sugar was 5.6 this am. I am sooo pleased. I had my dessert at bedtime last night, so I wasn't actually increasing my net calories or food intake over the course of the day. I had a small dish of blueberries and cream.
Have you ever noticed that many brands of cream from the store have added dextrose and carragenan added? Up here on the island there is a local dairy and their brand has nothing added, just cream and milk. And wild local berries, yummy dessert with a wee bit of splenda.
I was also thinking a thick slice of old cheddar on a triscuit may be a good snack at that time.
Ruth, I wish I had gone to Rundles or the Church for my dinner, would have cost a bit more, but I think the quality is more even. Glad you enjoyed yourself. Didn't you find the tiny woman who played the sprite Ariel was awesome? She really stole the show. And the clowns were terrific too. My hubby says he is willing to return when I can get cheap tickets from the hospital again.
It is lovely and sunny again here, but won't get too hot. My back is still sore, so I don't think I can take the kayak out, and the water has been choppy. Have been relying on walking for exercise, and a bit of yoga to stretch.
Have a lovely weekend everyone

08-07-2010, 08:56 AM
re the spaghetti squash, I love it with spaghetti sauce. Any one will do, with low carb you can even use alfredo sauce, if you add chicken or something for protein. I usually cook it in the microwave, its a bit faster that way, and the strands form as you scoop it out. I have never had it not slightly crunchy, but suspect you are right rosebud, it may get mushy instead. I don't find it any more work than making spaghetti with sauce ( always turned my jarred sauce into a homemade meat sauce, usually with mushrooms anyhow) which is nice, as hubby will make it.
I am going to work on meals he and my daughter can make that are going to be ok for me, or that they can adjust to me, so the cooking doesn't all fall on me.

08-07-2010, 04:11 PM
Hope everyone has a great weekend.

08-08-2010, 01:56 AM
Reading the SBD Super Charge book again. I didn't realize that it was designed not only to stop cravings, but also to cause the blood sugar reading to level off. So I've decided to back to do Phase 1 again. Learning a lot of things I had forgotten. It really is helping to read the book again. It's has been so long since I got the book that it is almost like I'm reading it for the first time.

08-08-2010, 08:21 AM
got inspired to have spaghetti squash last night, but I had lots of cravings before bed and woke up with the desires for a granola I haven't had in a while, and well, I gave in. Hope the sugars don't shoot through the roof.
So maybe the squash was a bit too carby and gave me cravings, don't know, but pc sugar was ok at 6.8 2 hrs later.
ok, heres hoping that I can manage the rest of my day now.
Glad you are getting good stuff from your sbd book Trish, I have to say, lower carb or carb controlled sure did the trick for me.

08-08-2010, 01:53 PM
Although yesterday turned out to be a great OP day, I am officially back on SBD Phase 1 today. My FBS was back down to 122 mg/dl this morning. I read about a woman on SBD website whose bs was 600 when she started SBD and it was down to 200 in just 1 week of Phase 1. So just maybe it is possible for my FBS back down to normal by the end of the 2 week Phase 1.

I've learned that an egg omlet is what works for me for breakfast. It doesn't raise my bs. I really believe things are beginning to come together for me.

I've been thinking about getting a spaghetti squash and having alfredo sauce on it. I always loved alfredo sauce but knew I couldn't have the noodles.

Fatmad I know how you feel about the granola and glucose readings. I was so upset about the sugary peaches the other day because I had been so careful not to eat any sugar for over a month. I am so careful not to eat stuff that raises bs, but to do it accidently really ticks me. I knew the other day when DH wanted the chicken wings that my bs would be high for at 2 days. Makes me not want to take the chance and scarry about eating things I'm not sure about. Eating out isn't any fun for me right now either because you don't know the food is prepared and it may cause a rise in FBS the next morning. DH hasn't learned that one yet.

08-08-2010, 06:41 PM
:wave: Had a great weekend -- visiting friends in the country on Saturday; and had a nice steak BBQ dinner there. This afternoon, packed a small lunch and we went fishing; I was the only one who caught anything (a young 18" er, so I decided to do catch & release and let him grow for a few more years).

Eating well and on plan. Hope you all have a wonderful week coming up ... Rosebud :flow1:

08-09-2010, 07:45 AM
18"? That seems big to me. Of course I'm a real pan-fish fisherwoman. Sounds like you had a great time.

Monday and renewed enthusiasm after a real downer Sunday - not a single veggies passed my lips and my ticker is lying by a pound. BGL is still good though. I really, REALLY want to see 189 this week.

08-09-2010, 10:27 AM
Ruth, I'm rooting for you! you can get to 189, there's a perfect mini-goal. Mine is to get below 170 (yes even 169.9 would do for my headspace).
I see a chiropractor today, and my back has been getting slowly better on its own, so hoping more walking will help.

08-09-2010, 02:04 PM
Hi Everyone,

Ruth As much as I love veggies, I sometimes I get tired of them. I hope I don't get burned out on eating so many of them on SBD. While FBS is better, it still bounces around and I am convinced that the Phase 1 will help get it back down to where it belongs. Reading the book has sold me on that fact.

Fatmad My back and my right hip joint hurts (an old injury to the hip) when I first begin walking or exercising. However, I know that if I take it slow and ease into the exercise especially walking that the back and joint strengthens and the pain goes away. I seem to have a hard time getting started, so I've decided to use the exercises recommended in the different Phases in SBD Super Charge book to get me going.

Hubby wants to go out to eat. Funny how a person who has never had to diet suddenly has the same attitudes all dieters have when they learn they have to do it. I know he is having a difficult time realizing he is diabetic. I'm not pushing or criticizing him like he has done me and did his first wife (deceased), because I understand what he is feeling. Our relationship has improved because now I think he realizes how I feel and how Carol felt. I am so sorry he has to experience all this. He has so many other health issues he is facing that I wish he could have been spared this one. He will work through it and settle into eating as he should. He is just going through the process we all have had to go through. Any way we are going out to eat which I absolutely hate doing these days. You don't know how food is prepared are what is in it and we have blood work done Thursday. I'm sure the doc will have to put DH on some diabetic meds and he will probably up my Metformin again.

Y'all have a great day.

08-09-2010, 02:26 PM
Good Morning.
I hope everyone had a great weekend.

I just got back from a doctors appt for a req. for my A1c test. Will try to get an appt. for that this weekd. I did get rid of one of my prescriptions though. My cholesterol medication is now gone Yipee. Now to work on the BP.

Patty , I'm like you, don't like to go out and eat - scared of what's in the food. Good luck to your husband and I'm sure he will work everything all out.

Ruth & Fatmad good luck on the weight loss.

Going grocery shopping now. Have a great day.

08-10-2010, 09:39 AM
We have some cottage neighbours that we only get to see up here, and had a nice visit with them. The husband is also pre-diabetic, no meds yet, but testing some. He isn't as good with his diet as he should be. Eating out too much, and making not so good choices when he does. (They went out for brunch on Sunday, and he had 2 servings of pancakes and syrup. duh)
His wife is so wonderful, we traded ideas and recipes. I just enjoy her generally. She has lost 10 pounds on HIS diet plan. She is so good with her research on his benefit. It made me think about why 3fc is so great. Of course men are welcome here, but it seems to me, (tell me ladies if I'm wrong) that as the partner who usually cooks, men have a better chance since their wives will embrace the changes and change how she cooks and serves food.
If the wife is trying to make changes, she often sees her family will not go along. They complain, they bring in taboo foods, they won't try new things. In undermines the woman and she gives up. Am I being too simplistic? It seems I have seen this happen frequently. But maybe thats just an excuse we use.
This holiday and time with my husband, I have been working on educating him. He cooks about half the time, and its so important that when I come home exhausted that there is healthy stuff on my plan. So he is (finally) coming around to this idea of supper planning. He hasn't been agreeable to this before. But now he is seeing how important it is and agrees to try.
I know he really loves me, and his agreeing to try this is such a lovely way to say he does. If you know how he HATES planned meals, you would understand what a big deal this is for him.
BTW re the back, it has been a problem since a week ago saturday, I had a very long drive (8 hours in the car, but with breaks) and for a couple of days was hardly able to move. Its taken longer than I thought for it to get better, and the chiropractic treatment really helped yesterday. It was worse for about 3 hours (quite common) and then I had my first painfree hours (2 of them) since this started, where I was moving around, not just sitting without moving. I was able to go swimming and do some yoga. This morning getting up, was not too stiff, and was able to move around fairly well.
I'm pleased, am sugars are staying below 6 with the evening snack. So will keep it up.
Have also been working through a new weight loss book, not focusing on diet, but on the mind.
Some real potential in this one.
have a good tuesday everyone

08-10-2010, 01:30 PM
We didn't go out to eat yesterday because not many places to eat around the new Walmart. I hadn't put anything out to thaw so I made DH favorite quick food which is biscuits and creamed chipped beef... not my favorite when not dieting. I ate it any way and figured that it would ruin my FBS this morning. Surprise to me my FBS was 110 mg/dl this morning.:dizzy: Go figure. I was right back OP with my evening meal. It appears that I do better if I only eat 3 reasonably small meals and a snack before bedtime each day that my FBS readings are better. Of course time will tell on that. Hope I can keep it coming down. BP has been normal for over a week now so hopefully that is taken care of.

Fatmad I agree with you that things seems to work that way. However I know a man who has high BP, BS etc and he tried to change to healthy eating. His wife didn't cook a lot and they ate out most of the time. When he tried to start eating healthier, his wife didn't like it. Since they didn't eat out as much, she made the statement to him that "he was any fun any more". I always wondered how much she loved him since his health didn't seem to be important to her. I am finding that my DH is thinking more healthy now that he has the diabetic issue himself. His daughter who likes to eat the way I do talks to him and really helps a lot with that. What book are you reading. I love Intuitive Eating which I hope to be able to fall back into as I learn to eat better for my health.

I just ordered a book I found on Amazon.com called The Diabetic Book. Can't remember the long name of it, but it is supposed to answer all the questions about diabetes and how foods affect it and why etc. I think it will be good for my and for dear hubby with his medical background. I hope it will help him get rid of the old thoughts about it from what they knew 10 yrs ago when his first wife had it and died from all the complications of it and what they have learned to be true today.

Have a great day Everybody!

08-10-2010, 02:18 PM
I'm going to jump in here and ask a question. But first just a bit about me.

I'm a type 2 diabetic for the past 3 years. Taking Metformin 500mg twice a day. Had gained alot of weight before diagnosed. I am 5'1" and was 172. I lost 25 lbs on South Beach but then got lazy and got back up to 161 and just hovered there. My Hgb A1c was 6.9 over 3 months ago and had an appt in July. Doctor told me that if my A1c went up she would have to change my meds so on June 28th I started exercising and am doing it daily now. I started calorie counting and watching carbs more closely on July 19th. I had my next A1c done the 20th and it had dropped to 6.3. I had seen a couple of fasting blood sugars at 100 and below but seem here in the past week or so it has creeped up. Today it was 122.
I've read about the dawn phenomenon and wondered if anyone had any ideas.
I do keep a food diary. Have been eating nuts or a protein before going to bed but maybe to late?
Thanks for any suggestions..........

08-11-2010, 01:10 PM
welcome Leann, yes, I think you will find that a bedtime snack that has some carbs and fat may be helpful. That said, I am still struggling there, my fasting was 6.3 today! then 5.3 two hours after breakfast. I have decided to go back to atkins induction starting a week from Monday, when my holidays are done and I'm back to work. I have 2 weddings and a family picnic before then, so while I plan to stay to my woe, ( way of eating) induction would be too strict to manage.
Trish, the book I am reading is called "Savor" and I am working through it slowly. I read a paragraph at a time. It is Buddhist philosophy in practical terms for weight loss. Lest anyone of some religious affiliations take that to mean its not for them, remember I said philosophy, not prayer here, and the principals can be adapted to any religious teaching.
I mean, all faiths would agree on taking a moment before eating to be thankful for our food, yes?
I am enjoying many aspects, but will not be embracing the vegetarian/vegan diet recommended in it.
have a good day everyone

08-11-2010, 01:43 PM
:welcome2: Leeann Sorry, I can't answer your question as I'm still fairly new to this myself. I don't really know what causes numbers to be higher one morning and low the next. I hope the book I ordered will help me understand that better myself. I'm going to try to remember to ask my doctor about that when I see him again. He does specialize in diabetic treatment. If you learn anything helpful, please share and I will do the same.

A quick one again. I was wondering if anyone notices that when you don't get enough sleep that your FBS is a little higher? DH wanted me to stay up with him and I went to bed at 4 am. Checked BS before going to bed and then when I got up and it was higher when I got up.

Fatmad I agree that we should always be thankful for food before we eat it.

Eating easier today since I'm sooo tired today. However, I need to make myself stay up and awake since I have to get up early to go get fasting blood drawn in the morning. Hoping that my numbers that were off last month are improved this time. Will get results on the 20th during drs. appt.

Have a great day everyone.

08-11-2010, 06:52 PM
fatmad Thanks so much for the response. Maybe need to eat a bit more carbs that just the nuts. I don't know it's a work in progress that's for sure.
I agree also that we should be thankful for our food.
Patty girl Thanks for the response and wishing you better fasting numbers. As far a you bs rising because lack of sleep I don't know the answer to that one. But I know that stress can raise it.

Have a good day

08-11-2010, 07:09 PM
:welcome: LEANN ~ how about having a few wg crackers with the cheese to see what happens; the nuts & cheese do have protein & fat in them but adding in a complex carb may make all the difference (try it one night to see what happens).

TRISH ~ experts say that if we do not get enuff sleep -- our health can be affected in negative ways; and I wouldn't be surprised if it affects our BSL's too. I agree with LEANN that stress sure can.

We've been busy; and I had some trouble with my PC for some reason the last two days, but managed to get in here tonight with some perseverance. Have been on plan really good lately; hope to keep that up, but since I had a surprise visit from TOM two months in a row, I am retaining some water the last while. Will have to take some meds to see if that will go away for me; will have to watch the salt intake too. It is so easy to start shakin' too much on my food again ... :dizzy:

Time to go make dinner; we have been eating lighter and a bit later as it has been very :hot: here lately, and our kitchen gets esp hot around dinner time (and that's before I even start cooking). I have been trying to find things that won't heat up the kitchen too much.

Have a great week ladies ... Rosebud :flow1:

08-12-2010, 07:56 AM
Rosebud, do you have a crockpot? I use mine a lot in summer and have even set it up outside on the deck to keep the kitchen as cool as possible.

I survived my visitors yesterday with relatively few transgressions. The BGL is great this morning but the weight is up a tad. I just cannot handle extra carbs these days but there was some lovely whole wheat baguette....Sigh! Today is going to be a salad and leftover chicken sort of day which may help. I'm still sniffing around the idea of Atkins induction but know I'd have to monitor my blood carefully. I may just do South Beach Phase I.

Happy Thursday as we trudge into the weekend.

08-12-2010, 09:31 AM
this am fasting bs is 6.6. I had my snack (berries with cream) at 930 pm, checked my sugar at 8 am. So, should I stop the evening snack? When I do induction for the two weeks, I think I won't snack in the evening (carbs so restricted anyhow) and see what happens. Maybe I am getting too many carbs overall and this is allowing my liver to store too much glucose for release. If I restrict carbs more during the day maybe it will be better.
Ruth, what happens to your sugars with induction that you are concerned? do you get hypoglycemic? or do you have to adjust a med so this doesn't happen? Are you on glyburide as well as metformin?
Rosebud, you are doing so well, look how much you have already lost. YOu will be less than half your former self in the long run.
you are just amazing, a real inspiration

08-12-2010, 09:42 AM
Sugars go very low on Induction, Mad. I get low readings anyhow (FBGL below 3 is not uncommon) and have been considering cutting the glyberide in the evening.

I do need to budge this weight!

08-12-2010, 11:11 AM
Good Morning.

Just a quick fly through this morning.

Welcome Leann.
I too am new to this.

What do all of you consider a good BG when you wake up? I'm not sure if mine is good or bad @ 6.8.

08-12-2010, 02:48 PM
Good Morning.

Just a quick fly through this morning.

Welcome Leann.
I too am new to this.

What do all of you consider a good BG when you wake up? I'm not sure if mine is good or bad @ 6.8.

It depends on where you have been and where you are going. A "NORMAL" fasting blood sugar in in the 4's or low 5's at worst. (non-diabetic). If it is often higher for you, and you are getting lower, its good if you are getting better (lower) numbers. It is relatively high, but at least not over 7.
Check out blood sugar 101 and diabetes for dummies for more professional opinions

08-12-2010, 07:17 PM
Rosebud Thanks for the welcome and the suggestion of the whole grain crackers and cheese. I will have to get some crackers. I have some in the cupboard but they are probably stale they have been in there so long but I will check as they are in a sealed glass jar. I did try a piece of low carb whole wheat bread with a smear of miracle whip and a piece of cheese last night and this morning fasting was 112. Not the greatest but better than the 122 the day before. Will try this and let you know how it works. I have also changed my workout time from mornings to about 4pm after work now. So I don't know if that would help any or not. Sorry for the rambling.

Lindyloo Thanks for the welcome too.......

Everyone has been so friendly and helpful. I have been watching your chat for about the past 2-3 weeks and I'm so glad I joined in.

Thanks for making me feel welcome

08-12-2010, 11:47 PM
THANKS, RUTH ~ ya, I do have one on top of my fridge (well, I move it down when I use it); and now you got me thinking of what I could make in it. That's a good idea and we do have a porch too ... :)

THANKS, MAD ~ I appreciate the encouragement; have been doing very well as of late ... think I'm winning the battle right now. Have been finding lots of good foods to eat that are low in calories, so have been able to eat lots and yet still stay on plan! :cheer2:

LEANN ~ changing the time of your exercise may help your sugars stay in balance; have you added in hand-weights yet? They are supposed to be able to increase your metabolism over the day ... you could do those in the AM (every other day) and the other exercises later on as you planned.

LINDYLOO ~ you are on the cusp, but still under that 7.0 or 112 mark; that is considered OK, but your goal may be to get down into the 5's. If I go down into the 4's, I feel woozy; so that is too low for me. I feel best in the 5.0 to 5.3 range; but I don't get too upset if it goes to the higher fives. When it slips into the sixes like it did for you; I take a closer look at what I am eating to see if I can get it back down ie have a lighter snack at night and so on. I find if I have protein, fat, and a bit of complex carb that my numbers are good. And a small cheddar cheese snack at night can bring it right down to 5.0 by the next morning ... I found that I must have an evening snack or I get dizzy in the middle of the night (at 3 am).

Went up town today to run errands and pick up a few groceries; so got some walking in today -- did the perimeter thing today. I packed up a couple dozen baggies of Rhubarb for the freezer, and we hope to go out blueberry picking this week coming up as it is supposed to be a bit cooler. They are setting things up for our SUMMERFEST & BLUEBERRY FESTIVAL today; saw the tents as we went through town by the lakes.

Just noticed that it was :rain: ing outside just now as I was closing up our front door. Good for the garden. Have a fantastic Friday tomorrow folks ... Rosebud :flow1:

08-13-2010, 10:22 AM
I made yesterday a more carb day according to diet doctors give diabetic and call it low carb. Checked BS before and after each time I ate. Very definitely CANNOT eat all those carbs as my after BS was in the low 200s. So I decided to do Atkins Induction again starting this morning. I have only read Dr. Atkins' wife's website and have his book. I decided to check out the New Atkins website and they tell how to do induction so I shouldn't experience the Atkins flu and tiredness I usually feel on Induction. So I'm back on Atkins plan as of this morning. Guess I've proved that carbs are my problem and I like the way Atkins teaches you how to add the carbs slowly till you reach your carb limit and still lose weight. I really think Atkins and SBD isn't that different. Also I'll use food and save my protein powder for snacks or emergencies only.

Got my blood drawn yesterday and will get results next Friday. I am headed out this morning to Walmart to pick up prescription and a few Atkins friendly foods. Got my plan and committed.

Y'all have a great day.

08-13-2010, 07:36 PM
I bought the new Atkins book today when I was at Walmart. I think it is a great addition to Dr. Atkins' book. It really helps me understand exactly what is going on with my body and how the blood glucose works. It is very clear to me as to how my body reacts to starchy carbs and that I have no other choice but to do low carb... may as well be Atkins. Had nothing but low carb foods today and the BS is coming back down. I don't think I need to do all the testing any more that I've been doing. Just my FBS and maybe 1 time 2 hours after main meal. The book confirms what my daughter told me the last time we talked. Her significant other is diabetic on insulin. As we were getting ready to hang up she said, "Hey Mama, you know that greens brings your blood sugar down". So now my salads are made mostly with raw greens instead of lettuce and then the regular veggies I put in my salads making it a really great fiber salad. I told Hubby that I don't want to eat out any where during this 2 weeks of Induction. I just don't want anything to mess up what I'm doing.

Have a great weekend Everybody!!!

08-13-2010, 08:19 PM
TRISH ~ I have the New Atkins Revolution book here too; and have read most of it for a second time recently just to get some more tips. Yes, there is a lot of explanation in the book. I don't have to follow the plan as strictly as you do, but it was interesting nevertheless. Hope the 2 week induction works out well for you. Let us know how it goes ... :)

It was very :hot: and humid here today; so I just stayed home and did stuff indoors with the A/C and de-humidifier on (spoiled, eh?). We had homemade wg submarines for our Friday Fun Meal; had sliced tomato and lots of lettuce on mine with the lean meats only. These are partial buns -- 8 inches, I think (not a long as the commercial ones). Great idea for a :hot: day too ... :D

Have a wonderful weekend, folks ... Rosebud :flow1:

08-13-2010, 10:04 PM
Trish, thats great. Yes, once your sugars are doing better, most people will test just periodically. My doc suggested once a day, but do at diff times, so fasting once or twice a week, pc after each meal once a week, bedtime once a week. see if there is pattern or test more often if you are making changes, (like adding carbs back).
I have the new book too, but a lot of the atkins thread people don't like it. I don't like them using the bars and drinks as part of it. WOuld recommend you exchange those meals with other acceptable meals.
Its great to find your right stuff tho.

08-13-2010, 11:35 PM
Fatmad - Thanks for the suggestion. When I saw the bars and shakes used on the website, I decided that I would not use the Atkins bars or shakes. I have the protein powder that I bought a few weeks ago and will only use it in an emergency. From what I read from the low carb/Atkins thread here at 3fc, the shakes and I assume the bars as well only slows down or halts weight loss. So I will be using actual food for meals and snacks.

I had seen the book at Walmart a few times and wouldn't buy it because I had Dr. Atkins book that had been recommended on 3fc thread. However, today I picked it up and it said that things that had been changed because of things learned scientifically. I guess I got it more out of curiosity. I'm actually glad I got it. For me, I'm not really changing what Dr. Atkins book said, I just seem to better understand his reasons for everything. As Rosebud said, there are some good tips in it. I really like the fact that one of the success stories is about a 64 y/o woman since I will be 67 in a couple of weeks. At my age, I always wonder how things work for people around my age or older. Younger people lose better. I think that is why Ruth has been such an inspiration to me.

I thank all of you guys for helping me with everything and encouraging me. I finally feel I have a chance to control of the situation. Feels really good to finally have hope. All the things I did to correct this years ago wasn't working this time.

08-14-2010, 08:53 AM
Patty, I agree that the diet doctors prescribe is way too high carb. My own doc is a convert to lower carb but is not having much luck with his dietitian who is still pushing OJ and corn flakes when she does workshops with diabetics! Yes, this thing is manageable even when you get older - in fact it should be easier as we are more mature! :rofl:

I am debating taking a week off from FBGL testing on my vacation. My only concern is going too low but could stop that by dropping the evening glyburide. Opinions? I guess I should do the mature thing and stick to the usual. It's not like I need to take 5 pounds of testing paraphernalia along!

Today is another challenging day with lunch at the Diner of vegetarian pizza. My cousin is bringing three friends, Rajiv, Gauri and Dhruv, to introduce them to Canadian culture so I though Bob's Diner would do the trick. :) Tomorrow is the exact opposite with a lah-dee-dah brunch down at the Lake with the local dignitaries - another challenge as they will be serving Mimosas and Bloody Caesars. I'll stick with Bloodless Caesars.

On we go into a healthy weekend.

08-14-2010, 11:21 AM
I am debating taking a week off from FBGL testing on my vacation. My only concern is going too low but could stop that by dropping the evening glyburide. Opinions? I guess I should do the mature thing and stick to the usual. It's not like I need to take 5 pounds of testing paraphernalia along!

On we go into a healthy weekend.

Do you a fasting sugar every am? I do mine twice a week unless I am getting odd numbers or making changes to my diet.
And is the doc ok with you making med changes on your own?

Trish, most dietitians just don't get the lower carb thing, neither does mine, tho she accepts me doing my own thing, but I worry about the damage that happens to others, and they take more and more insulin or other meds to control their sugars instead of using diet.
I have a friend (my administrators husband) who simply cannot control his sugars at all without atkins. Has never had any control for years until he did atkins, and yet his doc and dietitian keep telling him about the "dangers" of that fad diet! Not about the dangers of uncontrolled blood sugars, resulting in a severe neuropathy and foot ulcers, and two small amputations? He is up the carb ladder and can handle about 80-100g carbs/day with good healthy carbs like nuts and beans, even a bit of rye cracker most days. What is unhealthy and faddish about that?

Today my fasting was fine at 5.1 and my weight is true to ticker after being at the cottage for 10 days, so I am doing alright. I am a little worried about next week, I will be in Quebec and need a lot of wine to make my french better. LOL, and trying to explain my diet will be fun, but hey, its family.

have a nice weekend everyone.

08-15-2010, 09:47 AM
Although I don't agree with everything in The Diabetic Bible book I order, I have learned a lot about diabetes and how it works. I am sure I am a Syndrome X as well. I learned that my liver doesn't see insulin so it thinks I need more so it throws it out into my blood system thus the higher morning FBS and the Metformin is supposed to help the liver to stop sending out so much insulin that my body doesn't need. I also learned that many times when a person has clots as DH did that he is a diabetic but it just hasn't shown up yet. It usually shows up after the clots happen like his did. I also learned that by taking control myself and being the manager of my diet and exercise that it all can be reversed or controlled and that all the complications that diabetics used to experience doesn't have to ever happen. However, they say the key is that we have to face the fact that we have diabetes; do not deny that we have it and work to get rid of it or work to prevent if you know it is in your family. Great news. All the knowledge is out there to help us that they didn't have when Tony's first wife died from the complications of it. I am so thankful that we know so much more now. And I am grateful for this thread where we can help and encourage each other.

Ruth The part I didn't agree with in the book is they do push the thought that a carb is a carb... no such thing as good/bad carbs. Thanks for the encouragment and the chuckle I got from us being more mature as we get older. lol You are so cute. Hope things go well with your eating out with friends etc.

Fatmad I know what you mean. Not only diabetics, but I have a niece who has PCOS and I read that they need to take care of their blood sugar because they will eventually have diabetes if they don't. Too many doctors go by the old ways and think if the blood sugar is in the range mine is right now that they are not diabetic. I'm convinced that it runs in my family, I just don't think they recognized it before. In fact, I remember how I felt when I was a teenager and the all through the years. I was probably what they thought was okay, but I was pre-diabetic and they didn't know about that then. I can't believe that so many doctors and dieticians cannot see what starchy carbs do to a diabetic.

Oh, another thing I think I have discovered after reading the book and testing with the 2 hr after meals... I think I'm lactose intelorant. I know my Daddy is probably allergic to dairy products, but he says he isn't willing to give it. My bs shoots up when I drink milk, eat yogurt and I noticed last night when I had a cheese stick with my protein shake that my bs was too high although not extreme like milk and yogurt. I think it has to be the lactose.

Well, DH feels like going to church today:carrot:. So glad he is feeling better. So I better get headed in that direction.

Y'all have a great Sunday. WE CAN DO THIS GIRLS!!!

08-15-2010, 10:31 PM
RUTH ~ don't blame you for not wanting to haul all that stuff with you on your holidays; maybe just a small make-up case for meds. How often do you test now; daily? My case is only about 5" x 7" give or take an inch or so. Ya, I am stunned by your lows; I've never been that low and wouldn't want to be -- as the 4's make me feel woozy as it is. Watch that wine, eh?

It sounds like you have a very interesting life; lots of social activities and dues and trips to go on, but I imagine that can make it harder to track your BSL's when you eat in so many varied places. Hope Bob's Diner has some healthy food there; but have a good time though ... :D

TRISH ~ I agree with your thoughts and those of the others that people are encouraged to eat too many high-sugar foods like orange juice, ice cream and pasta when on insulin. Some claim that people won't stick to the plans anyways, but I believe many will if they know what to eat and what not to. For many men, it is a matter of convenience, esp if they are single and don't cook; some go to restaurants a lot.

I think people's health are put at risk; when they could find better ways to to lower their sugars through diet and exercise. I think they just assume that we won't or can't or whatever. To me, diet and exercise should be the #1 plan for everyone, first and foremost. Even if they keep to it only 90% of the time, that is a major improvement ...

Hope you all have a great week coming up; it is supposed to cool down a bit -- we hope so. We went fishing today, but didn't catch anything; but we had a nice drive and time at the lakes. Take care ... Rosebud :flow1:

08-15-2010, 10:47 PM
Did fairly well at the wedding on Saturday evening, I had some dry white wine with supper, and a small petit four for dessert, otherwise ate on plan. But my sugar was 6.9 this am and I felt crummy, so I stayed on plan today at the family picnic, even tho I had planned on having some treats. BUt staying low carb let me feel better, I got more energy as the day went on, and had normal pc sugar when I tested this afternoon. I was surprised it was ok to stick to plan at the picnic, I thought it would be difficult.
Had a long conversation with my uncle there. He lost over 100 lbs a few years ago and has kept it off, using south beach. We talked about the similarities and differences in out plans, (he wasn't aware how similar they are). He doesn't have diabetes or anything, but he copes at these occasions by not eating at all. He eats before and after at home. He didn't eat any of the low carb choices available. There were a couple of green salads, my non-potato salad and a low carb cheesecake, some roasted veggie kabobs etc. I ate really well, but totally on plan. I think he was really a food-aholic and this is his way of coping. of course not eating isn't an option for us, we have to eat and properly to keep our sugars in line.
Overall it was a lovely weekend, both family events had good weather, fun stuff, no family arguments etc.
HOpe the rest of you are doing well.

08-16-2010, 06:42 AM
Survived the weekend which ended with am impromptu dinner at a friend's house last evening. We started with corn on the cob as an appetizer. I had one cob - only the second one this season. FBL is 4.3 this morning - I do run low. It certainly was a foodie weekend but I survived.

On with another week of striving for perfection. :lol: No foodie events but it is really busy. Luckily I have a good freezer stash of quickie dinners - meatloaf, eggplant casserole, taco bake and cooked chicken breasts.

08-16-2010, 09:21 AM
A quick one here. Got a dental appt to get teeth cleaned and working in some errands as I go and head back home.

My low carb Atkins/SBD mixture seems to be working. My weight is back down to where it was when I started testing after meals and my FBS was lowest its been so far 109 mg/dl this morning.

Ruth Looks like the corn didn't affect your BS. I hope corn will be one of the foods I can have occassionally when I get to the point of putting more carbs back as it is my favorite food. Will give it up if I have to though. There are a lot of foods I used to think I couldn't live without and I don't miss them or ever have a desire any more.

Y'all have a great Monday.

08-16-2010, 10:38 AM
Ruth Looks like the corn didn't affect your BS. I hope corn will be one of the foods I can have occassionally when I get to the point of putting more carbs back as it is my favorite food. Will give it up if I have to though. There are a lot of foods I used to think I couldn't live without and I don't miss them or ever have a desire any more.

Y'all have a great Monday.

Me too trish, Fresh corn on the cob is a tradition at the picnic I was at yesterday, my uncle is a farmer, and picks the cobs on the way to the picnic. If I don't eat much corn all summer, I always have some at that yearly picnic. I didn't have it yesterday, my sugars were up after the wedding and I just felt too crummy to mess with it. Its the first time I felt crummy from higher sugars. (I don't think I was hung over, I only had 2 glasses of wine and drank lots of water) So I just didn't think I could take challenging myself with corn or anything else off plan, so also skipped the butter tarts and cherry pie that are traditional offerings. I missed them in the way I would miss out on anything yummy, but it didn't feel like the worst thing ever. I was able to enjoy the company of others.
I realized partway through the day that the company of my family was my real reason for being there, it wasn't the food! Revelation huh?

Am going to for a walk now. have a great day friends

08-16-2010, 01:31 PM
Good Morning.
Sounds like everyone had a good weekend.

Trish you have inspired me to do a 2 week induction as well. I had the new Atkins book but just never got around to reading it. I have done very well on Atkins before and lost over 25 lbs. There is a lot of new info in this book and I think it's worth a try to get my BS down.

I'm going to spend part of the morning digging out my low carb recipes and recipe books.

Off to check out the Atkins thread here as well.
Have a great day all.

08-17-2010, 08:49 AM
Another good day ahead after a tiring and tiresome one yesterday. I wonder is being pissed off affects your BGL? Yesterday would have been a good day to test that. :lol:

Anyhow, brand new day today and my ww English muffin with Laughing Cow and a sliced peach was a great start. I missed the gym yesterday but will pop in for a partial session this morning on my way to the bank.

I'm still sniffing around Atkins but have to wait for the corn and peach season to end! :lol: I do have the book for diabetics so no excuse there.

08-17-2010, 10:37 AM
Hello, everyone! :coffee: I've been away because it's back-to-school time here. My boys started last week. It was a hard adjustment for me, but they seem fine. I signed them up for soccer against my better judgment, but oh, well. I've been looking for a job for a year now, and still nothing. I've been very disappointed about this. :( Got another rejection letter yesterday by snail mail. Usually they just email me, so I guess I should feel honored.

I haven't been testing as much, but when I do, it's still been okay, except the FBG. It's been up and down and hard to predict. I seem to be able to handle the after-meal readings pretty well. They've been in the 90's, so that is good.

I figured up my calories for yesterday, and it was 1340. I think that is okay considering my weight. I think it will vary a bit, too. I ate a little more yesterday than I normally do.

Ruth, :lol: I hope mood doesn't do anything too much. I don't need any more factors to consider.

Trish and Lindyloo, good luck with Atkins. I've never tried it, but if it works, then that is great.

Fatmad, I've been having trouble with the family gatherings, too. Seems like everything is carby. My MIL doesn't even attempt to make anything I can eat. I have to bring my own food. I don't even think she knows how to make fresh vegetables.

Rosebud, it's been very hot and humid here, too. Ugh! I can't wait for fall.

Everyone have a great day!! :wave:

08-17-2010, 01:32 PM
Hello:wave: Everyone,

Ruth I hope mood doesn't affect BS. I do believe being too tired affects it though and certain moods that are stressful surely could affect it as well.

Cande Good to hear from you. It's been hot here as well. They keep saying we have chance of rain everyday, but haven't seen it yet. A few sprinkles one day and hope we get some rain soon.

I finally decided to take a sleeping pill (cross the counter one) last night and got a really good nights sleep. So I got up later than usual. I knew I just could not get by on just a 4 or 5 hr sleep again like I had for the past 2 days.

I went on line and found charts on what the normal BS readings are and how they relate to the A1c. I was excited to find that I am in the normal range and 5.5 range for 2 days now. My FBS reading was 109 mg/dl yesterday and today. I'm working for lower, but just thrilled that I am in what the ADA and ACE call the norm. My blood pressure is considered in the normal for ACE although a little higher than it has been since I started keeping records of it daily, but I really want it a little lower because my norm has always been lower. I think the upping of it is because I've had to up salt a little on the Atkins diet and I'm having to adjust it for where I want the BP to be. Over all things are finally looking good health wise. My weight was down a total of 5 lbs this morning and this is just day 5 of Atkins Induction. So it is working for me.

I know a lot of people on Atkins here at 3fc don't like the new Atkins book and diet. Although I really follow the "old" Atkins woe, it is the plain simple talk in the new book that helped me to see how why Atkins never worked for me before. It wasn't that Atkins didn't work for me obviously but I wasn't working Atkins correctly. I gained weight when I did Atkins before or didn't lose at all so I thought it just didn't work for me. Turn out the problem was me and my misunderstanding of some things. Now I have it all cleared up and it is working like it should. Personally, I am thankful for having both the original book written by Dr. Atkins himself and the new book which helped me to "get it".

Y'all have a great day.

08-17-2010, 06:25 PM
I made myself go to yoga today. I had a really good workout, and my back is still doing ok. I went to the chiropractor and had a massage yesterday. Tomorrow I leave for a long drive to family in Quebec, so I am worried about the long drive affecting the back and going back to square one. Same when we come home on Sunday.
Just getting to yoga and have a workout feels like a victory in itself. I have been having trouble motivating myself to exercise in general since my back started hurting.
Have been sticking to plan pretty well, but don't know how well that will go when we are away. (I have trouble speaking french without some wine or beer in me!:p )
trish, I am glad the new book is helpful to you. you just never know what will clear things up for you. I think the criticism has to do with the pushing of atkins products and deviations from a lot of the original diet plan, not about the presentation of the information.
I hope I will lose some when I go on induction next week. Its been frustrating not to be losing weight, I really have to take the stable sugars as an NSV that is worth sticking to plan. And my overall health is worth it. But I will stick to the old plan

Ruth, start induction with me, (or before me) and we can sympathize with each other.

08-17-2010, 09:15 PM
You are all so brave taking on the Atkin's INDUCTION PHASE -- I know that I wouldn't stick to it for 2 days let alone 2 weeks (maybe only 2 meals even) ... :lol: and I know that is just too strict for me and my BSL's would drop so low. I have to have some complex grain carbs each day, even if only 2-3 a day.

All the times I lost weight before, I always had a few complex carbs each day; I lost weight but didn't feel like I was starving either (just a quirk of my body, I guess). I can stand only about one very low carb meal a day; that's my limit these days. Have been switching up my breakfasts too; had a slice of toast with peanut butter & about 2 tbl of my homemade rhubarb blueberry fruit compote with it as well.

I really work hard at making sure my meals taste great and are very filling. I am a total convert to spagetti squash now. I have been eating the leftovers for the last few days. I baked only have at a time and the other half stayed nice in the fridge in a bag for a few days until I nuked it for only 10 minutes and it was ready. Will be cooking it that way from now on. :D

We had roast chicken and piles of veggies the last two days; and I still have some leftover veggies for the rest of the week. It has finally cooled down here; and we had :rain: & :sunny: on and off the last two days (actually more rain than not) but my beans and gladiolas are lovin' that.

WE still hope to get up to our lot yet this week; and go blueberry hunting too. It is supposed to warm up as the week goes along. Also, must get our suitcases down and start getting ready for our upcoming holiday too.

Hope you all have a great week; without too much stress -- yes, it can affect your numbers for sure ... so it's time for some relaxing techniques; and yoga is a good one too! I've been looking into that myself lately ... :D

08-17-2010, 11:51 PM
rosebud: your lifestyle is clearly working for you. Your sugars are stable, you have been losing weight well. I wouldn't dream of having you change what you are doing. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. By definition you are probably up several rungs on the atkins ladder, and don't need to further reduce carbs at this point.
don't know when I can check in again, i expect my relatives will have internet access for me from time to time.
have a good week all

08-18-2010, 12:11 AM
fatmad Have a safe trip. We will miss you if you don't have the net.

Rosebud You are blessed to be able to have the complex carbs. I really miss having them especially peanut butter sandwish or toast. That is another thing I hope I will be able to have again when I add carbs back in. I think everyone has to do what works for them. DH can do fruits and his BS was down to 119 mg/dl this morning... steadily coming down. So we all are definitely different. What works for one doesn't work for another. It is an individual thing that has to be worked out. I think that is why The Diabetic Bible book stresses that each one of us has to be the manager of how we work our plan.

I haven't been getting all 20 carbs each day and tonight I really felt wiped out checked my BS and it was 114 mg/dl which was good, but I needed carbs so I made me some stirfy with chicken and made me a protein shake. I finally started feeling better. I've go to watch myself and be sure to get those 20 carbs I'm supposed to get while in Induction.

08-18-2010, 10:02 AM
Good Morning!

Day 3 of induction. I haven't lost anything yet but my FBG this morning was 5.9. It's never been below 6.8 before, so I'm really happy.

Congrats on the 5 lbs. Hopefully I will have a woosh today.

Have a great day everyone.


08-18-2010, 02:32 PM
Linda I didn't see the weight loss (water loss) until Day 5 so I'm sure you will see it. Isn't it neat to see the BS come down? Mine was 104 mg/dl this morning which I think is 5.3... lowest I've ever had as well. Atkins' Induction really does bring it down. Be sure to get your 20 grams of veggie carbs. I haven't been paying much attention to that and yesterday I was wiped out. I checked my BS and it was in a good range, but I just had no energy. I've been checking calories, carbs and protein just for the fun of it to see what I'm getting. When I looked at my food journal, I had not even had 7 carbs so I had to get busy and fix me some veggies and get the carbs back up. Still didn't get 20, but what I ate did help get my energy back up. So today I am making it a point to be sure to get to 20 carbs. I don't think I can start feeling good until I do. I had 3 carbs for breakfast which probably should have been a little more since I'm eating 3 meals and a snack each day.

Hope y'all are having a good day.

08-18-2010, 07:12 PM
Hi everyone

Have not chimed in for a few days. Guess I did not feel like I had anything to say. I see where alot of you are talking about doing Atkins induction. I did not really know what that entailed so I went to the web site and printed off some info. Will have to look at it a bit more closely but I may try it myself.
Question though. What is the difference between the first 2 weeks of South beach and Atkins induction?

I have done South Beach before when I was first diagnosed with pre diabetes and did loose about 25 lbs but of course put a big part of that back on so that is why I am here. Tried it again and didn't loose enough to speak of.

I tried the ww crackers and cheese as recommended before bedtime but did not see a big difference in morning bs. So I guess it's time to try something else and maybe Atkins is it.

Tell me why you chose it.

08-19-2010, 08:26 AM
Just to clarify, South Beach Diet is NOT a low carb plan. The first Phase of SBD does include carbs in the form of dairy, tomatoes and legumes. Grain is added after Phase I as is fruit.

Actually, just had a "Duh" moment. I should be doing SBD Phase rather than worrying about low FBGL if I were to do Atkins. Sometimes I worry about my brain! :lol:

BGL fine today although lots of stress is happening in my Life right now. I shall overcome as it's all stuff over which I have some control!

08-19-2010, 06:06 PM
I guess you could say I'm doing a modified SBD. I can't always get whole grain, so I take what I can get, you know? I try to keep the carbs to one serving per meal, or about 15-20g of carb. Oh, I'm making myself hungry. I better find something to eat.

08-19-2010, 06:57 PM
RUTH ~ that's a good idea to do SBD phases instead; that could help keep your BSL's up where they should be. Now & then I go over there and peruse the recipe section for something different too. Made a pot of sausage & bean veggies soup from leftovers this week; we had the last of it for lunch. As soon as the cooler weather comes, I make lots of homemade soups. I had almost forgotten my crockpot until you mentioned it. Tomorrow, a sirloin roast is going in there to stew all day, as it was too hot to roast it today ...

DH has gone vacuum crazy today; cleaning out the back porch really good. We have a deal that since I clean the house, the porch and sheds are his domain; but I do supervise my shed which I share with him to store his electric bike now. He's doin' a great job ... :lol:

Almost time to make dinner now; my plans got screwed up by the weather, so gotta go to plan B or backup plan ... hmmm, what 2 have; what 2 have??? :chin: Oh ya, a chicken burger with salad; fast & ez ... ;)

MAD ~ yes, you are right -- I am pleased with the plan I am on; and like TRISH says, each of us is different, and we can and should modify our plans to what is best for our bodies.

LEANN ~ I'm on a mixed plan: calorie-portion; volumetrics; lower carb (not no carb); balanced plan really. My sugars are back in the low 5's/80's now; and I'm off the Metformin too; and I'm still losing weight and inches and sizes. Yahoo, baby, yahoo ... :D

BTW, NSV BULLETIN ~ yesterday I tried on a pair pants that were too tight for me before and now they fit great; will be taking them with me on my holiday. So I am losing inches all over my lower half and I have noticed that my arms are a bit smaller too. DH says that he can even notice that I am getting smaller; and he's around me all the time.

Take care ladies and have a fab Friday tomorrow.

08-19-2010, 07:27 PM
Rosebud I can't even imagine getting my bs in the 80's. I would say that they stay in the 90's except for my morning fasting bs.

I'm sure the more weight I loose the better they will get. It is a very slow process for me to loose weight. I have hypothyroid issue also. But I keep plugging on. Just finished my 2 mile walk.

Thanks for the info

08-20-2010, 06:36 AM
:wave: Plugging along and looking for the promised light at the end of the tunnel. I really need a week's holiday and will be on my way this time next week. Munched my way through way too many dry roasted almonds last night but FBGL is still 5.2 so no panic.

08-20-2010, 08:51 AM
Ohh, everyone, I am so impressed with how we are doing. I hope our lurking friends are doing ok too. During the confusion of who sleeps where with the different relatives, I got separated from my glucose monitor. The upside of this is that I didn`t dare deviate from my food plan. Explained my needs to my cousin and have stayed on plan (about 40 g carbs per day) on the trip here and since arrival. According to her scale I am down half a pound.
Rosebud, isn`t it nice to be shrinking? I am gonna do some shopping this morning, there are a few stores here not available in Ontario so maybe some different fashions and colors. I hate shopping, but should be fun with the teens and my cousine. ttfn, will check in tmw if possible again, but we move houses today. Have a great weekend.

08-20-2010, 10:31 AM
Good Morning:D

Trish, I had also found that I was not feeling well, although my BG was 5.3 and I can usually go into the 4's before I feel like that. Anyway yesterday I added in a slice of toast in the morning and I felt fine the rest of the day. With that, I think I can't go so low in the carbs. Going to up them to around 30 - 40 per day and see what happens.

Rosebud - WTG on the slacks, that's a good feeling.

Have a great day and weekend, if I don't make it back.

08-20-2010, 01:19 PM
A quick one today as I'm running late and DH and I have drs appt. in a bit. I ended the 1st week of Induction with a 4 lb loss and the measuring tape really is the low carbers best friend. I'm down 9.5" . So over all it is good. I am going to do the 2nd week to get my kick start but definitely have to eat the 20 g carbs. It puts my FBS around 115 to 117 but I just get too tired when I goof and didn't eat that many. I will probably start raising my carbs 5 grams a week after that until I get to 40. The new Atkins book says try to get over 50, but I don't think I will do that. I want to get this weight off first.

Hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend.

08-20-2010, 10:00 PM
I had a really good doctors visit. The blood work last week showed that my glucose was down 15 pts, Triglycerides down 162 pts and good HDL cholesterol up 17. My doctor was very pleased and didn't change any of my medicine. I didn't use the name Atkins, but did tell him that I was starting with 20 carb grams a day for a couple of weeks and then add 5 grams a day for a week etc because I want to learn my carb limit. He made the statement "that is only about 1 and 1/2 cups of starches" but then he said 'your numbers are good". So he didn't tell me I had to eat more because I did so good and the numbers were so good. He said "You have lowered your risk of heart attack by about 61%". So I am very thrilled. I asked him what number we wanted me to get the glucose number to and he said he liked his patients to get to 6.5/120 mg/dl. The blood test showed I am 134 mg/dl. He didn't change any of my meds although he did give me a new prescription for the ReliOn Ultima test strips. Oh, I thought I had only lost 4 lbs, but doc said that I'd lost 6 lbs since I came to him. He thinks I'm eating 1800 calories a day and I haven't told him different. I kept up with the calories, carbs and protein this past week and I actually had 1300 calories or less each day.

DH started taking Metformin today and the doc started him on a stronger cholesterol/triglyceride medicine that I am on. So it was a good productive visit. Now to get my hubby to read and find his own way with managing his BS. He doesn't like to read... said he had to read so much in college that there isn't anything he wants to read now. But I hope he will take this serious. But he has made a big change of giving up his chocolate, however, I'm not sure about some of the things he is eating, but then I'm doing low carb and he is not.

Those of you traveling have a safe trip and all of you have a great weekend.

08-20-2010, 11:17 PM
LEANN ~ I know it seems that way now; but that will change later on. Remember now that I have been at this for 5 years. I was put on the Metformin in the middle of 2005 and I was able to go off it this past winter. It does take awhile to figure out what food & amounts are best for each of us. Just keep on, keepin' on and you will see progress too ... :hug:

TRISH ~ congrats on your accomplishments; those were good results too! :)

Got our car fixed today ... again; turns out all this time it was a broken exhaust connection; the clamp fell off. This has made us so sick over the last year or so; but so glad it is all fixed for our upcoming holidays. This was the 3rd garage we took it to for the same thing; but DH helped them find the cause so it only cost us $10.61 for the clamp & 10 minutes of labor. Yahoo ... :D

Have a great weekend everyone ... Rosebud :flow1:

08-22-2010, 11:06 AM
Will be heading home this am, waiting for my Dad to arrive from where he is staying. My cousine's wedding was lovely, I am truly happy for her. THey are expecting a baby in October, so I will be back to help afterward with her breastfeeding and recovery. I nursed her mom when she was dying 2 years ago, feels so nice to be here for happy occasions too. As our parents age and pass away, we need to bond over the good times, and not just see each other at funerals.
I did go off plan at the wedding supper, there were handmade chocolates for dessert, and I pigged out a bit. But apparently did ok, sugar 6.5 after supper and 5.7 this am. Will be very good today. Starting induction tomorrow, emailed hubby my shopping list so I hope he gets to the store so the house will be stocked for the first 3 days. wahoo

08-22-2010, 11:40 AM
Sheesh, Rosebud! That's serious stuff!

Patty, your doctor sounds very good and reasonable. So many of them will just NOT listen.

Mad, I over-carbed yesterday too. A farmer friend dropped by and we had his corn and sliced tomatoes and my fresh crusty bread for dinner. He ate nine cobs and I had three. He had peach pie for dessert but I abstained. :rolleyes: BGL is good this morning at 5.1. :shrug: Maybe because I was having fun!

This is the week I must gear down for my Cape Breton vacation. I'm feeling very tired and stressed so am going to try for a more controlled week of work so I'm not exhausted by the time Friday morning comes and I head for the airport. A house in Cape Breton with no TV, Internet or telephone should get me back in shape fast. When I get back, I have one more week before a family wedding and then less than three weeks before I leave for Italy. I'm trying not to panic! :lol:

On we go!

08-22-2010, 06:30 PM
RUTH ~ yes, I wasn't very tickled to find out that such a dangerous situation was missed by 2 other garages, but these young mechanics were at least looking in the right place. The first garage couldn't find it and kept doing other stuff which cost us over $1000.00 in 3 tries. They said there was nothing wrong with our gas lines/tank etc. The second garage wanted to replace the gas tank, lines, and fuel pump for over $1000.00; but we refused that work becuz the last garage checked them 3 times already.

BUT, just before we went, I was reading a book about saving money on your car repairs and they mentioned that "YOUR NOSE KNOWS!!!" The #1 culprit of bad smells inside a vehicle is the exhaust system; so when they couldn't find anything wrong with the gas tank/lines, they started going over the exhaust system & pipes. DH just happened to put his hand on the spot where the break was; and it went "curplunk". A joint had come undone and was getting worse with time. Thankfully, they just had to put a good clamp on it, so the price was low.

We were very concerned that we might have to spend our holiday savings to fix it. I had told DH that I wanted the source of that smell found or there would be no holiday!!! So he had lots of incentive to find it ... :lol: Sometimes, a lady has to do what a lady has to do -- that is, put her foot down! :D

And, I am so THANKING GOD that He kept us safe through all that time!

We're just having a quiet day at home as we had light showers earlier; now the :sunny: has come out. We were gonna go fishing but it was too wet & damp for DH; it hurts our musculs and joints ... :lol: We are having leftover roast beef with lots of veggies. I am baking another fruit compote: this time with rhubarb, strawberries, and apples. Plus, I made DH a banana loaf with lots of fiber ... ;)

Hope you all have a great week coming up ... Rosebud :flow1:

08-22-2010, 07:29 PM
Rosebud Thanks so much for the encouragement. I promise I will just keep on keepin on. I do exercise almost daily also. I do walk away the pound with usually a 2 mile 30 min walk.

Ruth Boy do the sliced tomates, corn and crusty bread sound yummy.

Trish Way to go on those results. Like Rosebud said we just got to keep going.

Madeline Sometimes you just gotta splurge once in a while.

Lindyloo Hope you are feeling better.

Hope everyone had a good weekend..........

08-23-2010, 09:43 AM
Oy! I have a food hangover today! I went out to dinner with a friend who is a restaurant reviewer and ate what I was told to order. I could not believe the enormous plate - platter - of food. I brought home enough prime rib for two more meals and dog treats. I had to follow orders and he chose my menu. We will be going back there to test lunch later in September. It's a tough job but somebody has to do it. :rofl:

No gym this morning because I slept in but I will be there Tuesday and Thursday. I never thought I'd miss gym! This week (4 days) will be fruit, veggies and main courses from the stash as I clean out the fridge before my vacation in Cape Breton. My friend is a vegetarian but does eat fish so it'll be a healthy week of seafood and fresh veggies. She is also a great cook! We plan to walk, read, eat, and sleep - doesn't that sound great? We may do a bit of touring and talking but it'll be relaxing, something I really need at the moment.

On with the week - a short one for me.

08-23-2010, 07:58 PM
Ruth, this sounds like heaven. I love holidays. I removed a pound while on my holidays. You may get a more ordered life without the everyday worries and cares, and find you can regulate your eating and sugars better than ever.
Have a great time in Cape Breton.
Rosebud, so glad you found the source of the problem. That can be scary. SO glad no one passed out from carbon monoxide poisoning.
Very happy to be home myself.

08-24-2010, 08:36 AM
Yesterday was first day back to work after 4 weeks holidays, AND I started induction.
SUCCESS: I have broken the 170 pound mark FINALLY. I haven't been below 170 in SOSOO long. I am thrilled. 13 more days of atkins induction, who knows what will happen. My goal was to kick start losing again, and I have already had a small success. Even changed the ticker in honour. Have a great week everyone

08-24-2010, 07:50 PM
Fatmad - That is so great! I'm happy for you! :cp:

Ruth - :) Have a great vacation!

Well, I've taken drastic measures. My FBS was still above 100, so I bought a book, Stop Prediabetes Now, to help me. Well, it recommends to cut out all starchy foods, especially until your BS stabilizes. I can have fruit (certain kinds), and lots of non-starchy vegetables with my protein. Has anyone heard of this book? What do you think? I've been doing it for three days now, and my FBS was 89 this morning. That is the lowest it's been since I've been checking.

08-24-2010, 08:55 PM
MAD ~ congrats on getting into the 160's!!! :carrot:

RUTH ~ sounds like a glorious time in Cape Breton; have a wonderful time ... :)

CANDES ~ if it's workin' for ya -- it's workin' for ya ... so good for you! :cheer2:

We had lovely :sunny: weather here all day; with a wonderful breeze to go along with it. It kept the temps lower than predicted so it was comfortable even in the 80's. Had chicken leftovers, veggies, sliced tomatoes, and new potatoes for dinner.

Yesterday, I felt famished for some reason, but stuck to a protein snack for the evening and kept to my calorie cap. I used the DRINK WATER TRICK -- whenever you feel a hunger pang, drink some water and it worked.

I am learning to ignore those exaggerated hunger signals my body sends me; I know I had enuff to eat, but it kept sending them anyways, so I had to try a new strategy. Like Dr. Beck says ... "It's OK to feel hungry."

You just don't have to feed it every time, that's all! :lol:

Have a great week everyone ... Rosebud :flow1:

08-24-2010, 10:38 PM
CandEs, sounds great. Its true, carbs are not carbs are not all created equal.
With Atkins, as we add more carbs back into our diets, we do it in a certain way, up the "ladder". I have also found that certain things (like grains) really spike my sugars, in a way that other things don't.
This sounds like a great way for you to go, getting your sugars under control. Is there also a reducing plan with it? YOu have already done so well.
It feels great to shrink, doesn't it?

08-25-2010, 08:26 AM
:wave: Coffee needed badly this morning as my book club pals didn't all leave until 1 PM. Some of them have jobs so there will be tired and crabby people in the Village this morning. We had lots of fun and even discussed books most of the time. BGL is a tad high at 6.1 but :shrug: Another clean eating day ahead!

08-25-2010, 01:36 PM
Good Morning all!!

Just got back from the doctors for my A1C test. It was 6.3. I was happy with that and so was the doctor. He says I am controlling this very well, but still won't take me off, or reduce any meds:(

Ruth - have a great holiday.

Fatmad - congrats getting into the 160's.

Still doing my semi Atkins induction. Have lost 3 lbs so far, slow but it's coming off.

Have a great day all.

08-25-2010, 02:19 PM
Rosebud -- The water trick is a good idea. A lot of hunger is really thirst.

fatmad -- I hope to be joining you in the 160's soon. LOL Thanks for the encouragement. :) I think the weight reduction goes along with getting your sugar under control. I might be able to handle a few starchy foods after I've lost more weight. *crossing fingers*

Ruth -- I love books, and coffee, too. :coffee:

Lindyloo -- Congrats on losing 3 pounds! :cheer3:

Well, it's hard not having carbs. I really miss bread. Has anyone done this long term? How do you deal with missing carbs? I keep thinking about the holidays coming. I need a plan.

08-26-2010, 07:54 AM
One more sleep until my Cape Breton vacation. For the first time in a long time I really feel the need for a physical and mental break. A week with my dear friend with no TV, cell phone or internet will probably do the trick. I'm sure the BGL will be stable but not so sure about the weight as a bit of wine will be consumed as we watch the sunsets over the Margaree River.

I hope everyone has a great week. When I see you again it'll be September. Maybe somebody can start the September Chat thread?

We do the best we can and work on making our best better. :grouphug:

08-26-2010, 09:18 AM
Lindyloo, happy A1C, thats great, I am sure your doc wants you under 6 before considering lowering meds. What are you on and how much? It feels so go to be approaching normal doesn't it!
CandE, I haven't had bread for about a year, and expect it will never again be a regular part of my diet. It just makes me spike my sugar too much. Even when taken with peanut butter or anything like that.
I am looking at atkins as a permanent way of eating for me, and will go slowly up the carb ladder after I finish two weeks of induction.
I may stay in induction a bit longer than that now, after plateauing for a while, I am enjoying losing some weight, and would like my new clothes to fit a bit better before I stop. I am not dropping a ton of weight the way some do when they start induction, I suspect since I was already pretty low carb so I don' t have a lot of fluid loss.
Ruth, enjoy the sunsets and have a lovely time off.
we will be thinking of you.
LOL, I suspect the book club left at 1 am not 1 pm.

08-26-2010, 07:08 PM
I was happy this morning to finally see a fasting blood sugar of 100. It's been a few weeks since I've seen that.
Also lost 2 more pounds. Will wait and see what it is on Monday before I
change my ticker.

08-27-2010, 01:42 AM
I haven't been here in a few days. Still working the Plan. I've been using WW pts with low carb, but may switch to counting the calories instead of the pts. Always hated counting calories, but so easy these days and the new Atkins low carb counter has the calories too. I just don't want to eat 1800 calories the doctor told me I could eat. So it would be easy to do low carb/low calorie counting. Still haven't found a breakfast that doesn't spike the glucose a little much.

Ruth - Have a safe and enjoyable trip. Sounds like you'll get that much needed rest and relaxation you deserve. We will look forward to hearing about it when you get back.

Leeann - Congratulations on the 2 lb weight loss and seeing the 100 BS reading.

Lindyloo - Congratulations on the 6.3 A1c. You are doing great. I'm hoping for that on my next doctor's appt.

fatmad - You are doing great with the carbs. I didn't lose like everyone else does on low carb either. I also thought it was because I was already doing a low carb plan.

Cande and everyone else reading this...:wave:

Catch y'all again soon. Wishing y'all to have a great weekend just in case I don't get back here until next week.

08-28-2010, 12:01 AM
CONGRATS EVERYONE ~ seems everyone is accomplishing something they want to here ... yeah! :carrot:

We have cooler temps, but it is nice with some :sunny: too. We did have some :rain: earlier today, but we need it, as it's helping my green beans so much. Didn't get any blueberries this year; just not enuff rain and way too many ultra hot days that sizzled my salad garden. DH thinks we may have more next year; it seems to go that way.

Seems fall is on its way -- we even have some trees across the road with leaves turning yellow already. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend; last one of August, so we should enjoy it ... :D

08-28-2010, 11:28 AM
Patty, if you are tired of egg for breakfast, maybe try:
custard, yes its eggs, but with a bit of splenda, its sweeter and easier to take.
Today I am having smoked salmon, (lox is ok) spread with cream cheese.
also having supper leftovers is quite acceptable. Go to the atkins thread for more breakfast ideas. Its hard to get used to leaving toast and cereal out.
I miss my steel cut oats.
Almost to the end of another month ladies. I am a bit lighter than I started, so thats a great thing.

08-28-2010, 11:36 PM
Isn't it amazing what stress can do to our blood sugars.

Had an extremely bad day yesterday (stress wise and got terribly angry) and this mornings fasting blood sugar-124.

Got to let it go.................

08-28-2010, 11:46 PM
Isn't it amazing what stress can do to our blood sugars.

Had an extremely bad day yesterday (stress wise and got terribly angry) and this mornings fasting blood sugar-124.

Got to let it go.................

Have you tried meditating? On another note, I have twice been in a really difficult situation with co-workers. ( and I don't doubt the stress of it added to my weight issues). The first time: I walked a lot and talked a lot. It didn't resolve well, in that I got my way to a degree, and neither of us was happy. The second, as the situation became worse, I meditated, and then read an article about "the art of war" in one of my buddhist magazines. I meditated on what I learned a lot. It resolved fairly well, and I didn't have it to blame for weight issues. I "SHOULD" have been doing more of that when my parents got sick. Its a big part of my current weight loss plan.

08-29-2010, 08:08 AM
I measured myself this morning for the first time in ages. I don't actually remember when I last did this, but looked in a couple of old journals that I started with previous times. They both have the same measurements, and hips and waist are both an inch more than they are now. My weights were somewhat less than when I started this time, so I might have been bigger starting off this time than last. But no matter what, it explains why I am smaller. I bought some nice new fall clothes, (what I saved by not paying for Jenny Craig or weight watchers, I spent on clothes this year!)
SO this is pretty darned nice.
fasting sugar today is 5.1, and this is the lowest its been in a while. So I am very pleased about it.
on the scale I am below 169, so I have met several mini goals.
I went down a size from 14 to twelve, Have finally broken through into the 160s, and have lost an inch.
Next goals will be to get to the 150s, and get into better shape. I want to do more cross country skiing this winter, so more exercise is a big part of that.
inches will go with both the weight loss and fitness, so I don't have a particular goal there.
I can't begin to tell you all how much just posting helps me to stay on track, and the encouragement you all give me is so appreciated. I tried to do this on my own, but wasn't being successful. The simple ritual of talking about it is so helpful.
Happy sunday, have a great week everyone

08-29-2010, 09:58 AM
Fatmad Thanks for the suggestions. I am not really doing any meditation but I did talk with my sister for 3 hours yesterday on the phone. She enlightened me as to several different ways to go from here. Things I probably would not have taken into consideration. She said "take your anger out of the situation and then what would you do". I am now considering things in a different light. Before that I was ready to turn in my resignation on Monday. But now I am going to wait for an answer on Tuesday as to whether or not my employer can come up with the money to keep my salary at the same pay or if not they expect me to take over a 2,000 pay cut. If that happens I am now considering giving them a 2 week notice. So as you can see I am taking my anger out and finding other ways to deal with it. I will still have to work with the individual that made me so angry for at least the 2 days. But we have done that before when she gets in one of her moods and doesn't talk to me for days.
Anyway blood sugar was 107 this morning and I am feeling some better. Did a 1 mile classic walk away the pounds yesterday and will do at least that today. Exercise really helps.

Thanks for listening

08-29-2010, 12:06 PM
Hello, everyone! :wave:

Fatmad -- That's so great! I'm glad the diet is working for you. :cheer2: At least I am not alone in this. No bread for a year so far? Well, if you can do it so can I.

Leann, I'm sorry! :hug: Work troubles can be so hard, especially when you have so much to deal with anyway. I hope things work out.

Hey, Trish -- These days, I mostly eat an omelet with zucchini, onions, and mushrooms. I like it, but it is getting old. I need to change it up a bit more, too.

Hey, Lindyloo, congrats on your numbers getting better!

Well, I'm one week down on my low carb plan. Incentive to stay on is easy because I feel better now than I did before. Went to the doctor last week. I go back for blood tests on Thurs. Hopefully, my blood sugar will be similar to what I'm getting at home. Since I've started my new plan, my FBS has been about 90. I'm thrilled about that! And, I've lost another pound this week, too.

My mom has been giving me grief about doing the low-carb thing. She thinks it is unhealthy. I think that is just hype. Diabetics can not handle carbs! Besides, I am eating a lot more vegetables and some fruit, so I don't see that it is unhealthy. I will wait until I have my blood tests back to show her that it is working. I'm not sure how my cholesterol and other things are. I guess it could still be high right now, but I'm not changing anything as long as I'm losing and my BS is good. BTW, I don't live at home or anything. I am 37 years old, but sometimes my mom can still make me feel like a kid.

08-29-2010, 11:24 PM
thecandEs Thanks so much for the good thought's. Also remember that your mom doesn't understand that we can't eat carbs like others can. Maybe after you get your numbers back from the doctor she will begin to understand how it is helping. I know this doesn't help but be thankful that you have a mom who cares. My mom died when I was just 12 and oh how I wish I had one that was that concerned with my health.
Anyway I am going to go in to work in the morning and do my job and take care of those kids and not worry about the other woman in the office. Will deal with their decision on Tuesday. Until then just take it day by day.
I walked on the treadmill tonight for 1 mile. Was at a relative's house today and ate out once so did not get to eat as well as I would have at home.
Tomorrows a new day with new choices...........


08-30-2010, 09:30 AM
CandEs, not knowing your mother, but would she read the book? see that you are getting carbs, just not grains? That healthy carbs keep getting added back in? That you will monitor your response so you know which ones are triggers for you and which are good?
My mother was suffering from dementia, but even so, it was a while before I realized that she wasn't trying to stuff sticky buns down my throat as an exercise in sabotage, but because all she wanted to eat towards the end was soft and sweet, and that she didn't really understand what diabetes was (she used to know, and wouldn't have admitted that she didn't know, but I figured it out eventually) and she might have forgotten since my last visit, and even in the last ten minutes. It was me reacting that was the problem.
LOL, its funny now I look back.

08-30-2010, 12:33 PM
Hey, Leann and Fatmad, I'm sorry to complain! I'm glad I still have a mom to talk to, and most of the time she is really non-judgmental, so I am very lucky. It just made be feel a bit disappointed that she doesn't trust me to make the best decisions I can make right now. My paternal grandfather lived near us when I was in high school, and we had to take care of him when he was older and suffering from complications of type 2 diabetes. She thinks I can eat some of the same things he used to eat, but he was on insulin and never had good control of his blood sugar, so I don't see how she can want me to do as he did. The diet his doctor gave him was loaded with carbs. I really don't think that is the way to go.

As for her reading the book, well, she doesn't have BS problems, so I don't think it would interest her. My dad would be more likely to read it than she would. I'm really attached to my book right now, so I might have to buy them a new one if I want them to read it. I just got a book back from her that I lent her 9 years ago. LOL

Leann -- I think that is the best you can do. Just try to ignore her. I know it's hard. I've worked with many challenging people. Exercise will help with the stress. Good luck!

08-30-2010, 02:00 PM
I agree about people not understanding low carb. They have heard so much false info about it and even the low carb diets docs and dieticians give out still call for more carbs than most of us eat. Most people forget that the veggies and fruit are still carbs. I didn't think about that until the last time we went to see Tony's DD and her family in FL. When I made the statement that I couldn't eat carbs, I meant the starchy carbs. My DGS made that statement "Nannie, you need carbs for energy". I thought about that after I got back home and realized that he thought I didn't eat any carbs at all. Of course, we low carbers eat carbs. We just eat our in fruit and veggies.

I am blessed by the fact that my family all eat low carb and my Daddy is always sharing with me things that he eats. My sister who had lap band surgery eats very low carb. My doctor wasn't sure about me eating so few carbs, but as he said... "the numbers don't lie" and my numbers were so much better.

I ate a little more carbs last week than I probably should have, but am back to lower carb this week. I'm counting calories and carbs.

CanEs Years ago my sister and I were on a diet of only protein, veggies and fruit. It was the diet Overeaters Anonymous used at the time called the gray sheet. One day my sister called and said get off the diet it isn't safe. A lot of the women were getting either urinary or bladder infection (can't remember which). Years later, I had a doctor ask me if I had ever had a diet that worked for me and I told him yes I had. He said then get back on it and do it. For years I was afraid to get back on it, then I realized that it wasn't the diet that was unhealthy. How could protein, fruit and veggies be unhealthy. Then I realized that the women who had those problems were drinking loads of diet drinks and probably didn't drink water. I didn't lose as fast as others on that diet, but I felt great. The sad thing is that if I had stayed on that diet, I would have been thin and healthy today instead of starting over.

Hope everyone has a great day.

08-30-2010, 05:42 PM
Hey, Trish :wave: I know about wishing I had stuck to something earlier, too. I started the SBD a year ago, and I felt great on phase 1. If I had had any sense, I would have stayed on it. Oh, well. I'm doing it now. lol

08-30-2010, 09:34 PM
Well girls I was approached by the superintendent this morning who told me and also gave me a letter with the same info that the board could not come up with the money (2100/year) that the grant had covered so I gave him my resignation right then and there. Typed it out tonight and will give it to him tomorrow. He does seem like a very caring man or either he puts on a good show. As far as the RN I work with I let her know that I gave my 2 weeks notice today and that Sept 10th will be my last day. She just made a face at me and when I told her that I would give her a copy of my resignation letter as she is the boss of the office she informed me that she didn't need one. I said ok and walked off. I was very professional today in the office and will continue to be until my last day. I will miss my kids that I take care and a few friends I have made since I have been there but it is time to move on.

No pun intended but the fat lady will sing on Sept 10. 2010.
Hope that doesn't offend anyone.

Thanks for listening..........

Now just got to get another job

08-31-2010, 10:14 AM
Hey, Leann, I'm sorry about your job. :hug: I'm sorry about that awful woman, too. What is up with people? Hope you find another job soon, and who knows? You might like it better and maybe it will have better people, too.

08-31-2010, 02:09 PM
Hello Everyone,

Leann I'm so sorry about your job, however, I'm sure there is a better place for you to work. I pray you find it very soon. I have a neighbor who worked for a company for many years and lost the job when economy problems hit. She now has a job with another company doing the same thing she did at the other and the people are great and she loves it. I pray the same happens for you.

Well, I believe I got my carbs/calories working for me. My FBS has been below 120 for days and today it was 108. The doctor wanted 120, but I wanted below 110 and I've finally hit it. I'm starting to do a little bit of exercise each day and plan to do a minimum of 20 minutes starting tomorrow since I made it a challenge on another thread. I got my first Diabetic Living Magazine yesterday and it had an article showing some exercises to do so I'm making up my own exercise routine using them plus some others I already do or planned to. I think they should come out to between a 20 to 30 minute workout. I don't usually do challenges, but thought it would help me get into a routine that will run my eating and exercise into a habit.

Hope everyone is doing well today.:)

08-31-2010, 07:30 PM
Thanks so much for the warm thoughts and prayers. It means alot to me.


08-31-2010, 09:10 PM
leanne: sorry about the job, but glad for you to be away from any toxic issues, they can be real speedbumps for our health and weight loss.
Good luck finding the next thing, whether in the same line or a good change.

Trish I am so glad for you. Shooting for lower numbers is a good thing. I also am shooting for "normals" that is the kind of numbers non-diabetics have, not normals for diabetics.

Today was tough to stick to plan. I was up half the night working, slept a few hours and went to the office for the day. Colleagues did a couple of other visits outside of the office for me, (as I do for them when they are busy/tired) but these tired days are the toughest to stick to plan.
I want carby/fatty/sugary crap. Lots of tea with caffeine and pie and cakey things.
I didn't do it, and we have nothing like that in the house. (good thing) and we live 25 minutes from the nearest grocery so I hope I am safe until the cravings pass. Going to bed early, and ate my "prescribed" food. I am not hungry but am definitely craving. BUT
these are the challenges we need to learn to deal with. for me, this very scenario will come up at least a couple of times every month, and if I calculate the calories and gains that would happen if I fall off my little red wagon every time it happens, I will be forever fat.
SO today, no binges on crap. Just good old good food.
One day at a time, as they say.

08-31-2010, 09:25 PM
Fatmad I too would love to have normal numbers for non-diabetics. If I can reach that point, I will. I'm going to give it a shot any way and go as close to it as I can and still function. Sorry you had a bad day but BIG CONGRATULATIONS on warding off the cravings. I remember when I was in Overeater's Anonymous years ago that one of the things they told us to do was to be careful NOT to get too tired as that was when we are weak and have cravings. Having your food on hand that you can have and the ones we crave out of the house is very wise. I too have certain foods that I just don't bring into the house. I hope you get a good nights rest so you will be stronger tomorrow.