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09-30-2002, 01:15 AM
I have a sister who is only 4'6...she is very obese...she weighs nearly as much as I do...(180lbs) only difference is...I'm 5'9...she refuses to change her eating habits or exercise..she recently had a fall that tore tendons in her knee...specialist says she needs surgery...she says no...now she can't bend her knee...her husband it hitting the 400lb mark...now her 10 yo son is packing on the weight...her 13yo daughter is in hysterics thinking her mother and/or father is going to die of diabetes, heart attack, stroke and other weight related causes...I have tried all sorts of methods to get on the road to health...but she refuses...she is so in denial that she says "look I've lost weight..." and when I get her on the scale...she's gained more....then she says the scales are wrong and must be broken...it's gotten to the point that we are barely talking...anyone got any ideas on what Ishould do?

09-30-2002, 01:39 AM
Hotsplashes, I'm so sorry your family is going through these difficult issues. It's hard to watch a sibling do things to harm their health (I know). I don't really have any advice ... just an observation that it's almost impossible, in my opinion, to put other people on the road to health or weight loss ... they have to put themselves on it. People lose the weight when they are ready or they don't lose it at all. Something has to go "click" in our brains before we can make the changes necessary. When others push us, it almost never works. We have to want to do it for ourselves. Maybe your sister and her husband just need space to work out their own motivation, while you concentrate on just being a great example and pal to the family, as I can see you are already. Dunno. Might work. Good luck.

10-03-2002, 06:07 AM
hi hotsplashes.

i agree with amarantha, the only way any 1 can lose weight is wanting to do it for themselves. i know its hard just to sit back and watch it happen to some1 that you love, but you have to because too much of saying something can turn the other way.
like you im 5ft9 and weigh in at 180lbs and i need to lose another 30 odd to get down to my ideal weight. do you want tolose weight aswell? if you do then the only other thing that i can suggest you do is to do it with your sister and try and get her motivated. get her out with walks with you etc etc. once her body and mind get into the swing of things shell get used to it. newa, im really sorry to hear these difficulties. one day she will realise that something has got to be done and until then just be there for her and be ready n waiting when she needs all the help you can offer her. take care and i hope that things get sorted for you and your family. keep posting. it really does help.