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Cool We Are Family - Blue Team Chat #2

Starting things off with a Blue Team Cheat Sheet and a hearty ARRrr Maties!

I'll be doing yard work for the rest of the daylight hours, so I may see you all later.
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Michelle the Vegan
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I'm first!
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Formerly know as Fauxtini
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and i'm second!

Thanks for the cheat sheet!
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Default didn't get my name on cheat sheet


trailgroomer Linda goal = 15 pounds

thanks for the list I missed the way to give the info
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This is not a test.
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yay new thread! Im super excited about my weights class today I cant wait

Thanks for the cheat sheet!
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Brenda, I notice you've been exercising even though you're sick -- Good Girl!!

Krjpy, I like how you compare Starbucks to things you can buy, "That shirt cost me 3 starbucks coffees." Genius!

I went c25king today, and noticed that I could jog for much longer periods than I have been able to. I am doing great!

Questions for anyone who cares to help: Can I jog every day? (With one day off a week) Do I do leg weights and then jog less on those days? How do I fit in ab and core work? Thank you for any help!

Where will I be in 5 years?

I will have 1 or 2 little kids running around, and DD in grade 12. I'll be finishing up classes to go back into nursing or teaching, or social work. I will be maintaining at about 140 lbs. I will exercise a few times a week. I will laugh a lot and feel healthy and good, and so will my healthy family.

And I will still be shrieking and running away from my husband, who still can't keep his hands off me!
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Michelle, I've got to say YOU ROCK!! You do so much for TBL Challenges and it's appreciated! I'm gonna wanna stay blue all the time now.

Manick, thanks for the props!

I did a 90 minute yoga DVD today. It was a tough one for me. Gosh, he leaves ya in the poses FOREVER it seems. sheesh! I was dripping...but, I must say I love when I am dripping in my yoga workouts. I just wanted some relief sooner today, I guess.

Calories, carbs and protein all look very good for today. I'm down a couple of lbs for this weeks weigh-in. Still hoping I can drop a little bit more before Monday.

Finally watched TBL episode this afternoon. Yep, I cried...couple of times. Can't wait for the next one.

Where will I be in 5 years? Gosh what a hard question. Well, I'll be in my 50s! I will be in the best shape of my life! I'll be working part time as a yoga instructor setting my own hours. I'll offer a wide variety of classes = Level 1, Seniors, private sessions and free classes to in-need community groups (women in a rough spot in their lives, prison, people in recovery...something along those lines). Oh, and did I mention that I'll be wearing those 'oh so chic' yoga outfits too! As well as great everyday outfits. I'll be traveling with my DH and have no worries about plane seats...even volunteering to sit in the middle. Will I be a Nana? Maybe.
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I happy to report a loss of 3.4 lbs this week. . I had a good day OP just didn't get my exercise in today.

What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?
In 5 years I will be healthy and maintaining my weight at 140. My girls will be in school and I will have a little time for me maybe go back to school to finish my degree. My husband will home and not in Iraq (hopefully).
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Hey Blue Team!

Just a quick check-in. I had my first weigh-in today ... wish it had been yesterday. I was down to 186 yesterday but was up to 188 today. *sigh* It's just water (I'm sure). But still. Bummer! Sorry guys!
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Height: 5'5"


Thanks for the cheat sheet! I have my weigh in tomorrow and I am really hoping to see a loss. My goal for this challenge is to be at 199.
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Mind over platter
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Way go go Dawn!

Howdy Team! Looking forward to reading about Rhonda and hubby's OP birthday celebration! Have a good weekend you two!

OP for me again! That makes day 5!

Edit: Oh yes...5 year hopes...Fit, runner, new wonderful job, same wonderful house and husband.

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I went to the Y and took my Zumba class. I may go again in the morning but I will have to miss DS's soccer game. I'm sure I would spend the entire time chasing DD anyway and DH will be coaching.......I weighed today and had a gain. I'm not happy. I know it is just because of my hormones but sheesh!! Every month 2 weeks out from TOM I start with the water weight- either gaining or just not losing - the first day of TOM last time I dropped 3 pounds, then by the end of the week I had dropped another 3. Hopefully this trend continues...... I know I am doing everything I am supposed to do - eating healthfully and working my tail, off so I really can't be mad at myself. It is just frustrating KWIM? Breathe in, breathe out!!

- oh I am going to wait at least until Sunday to post my weigh in so maybe it will at least level back out!

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I heart 3FC
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Hey Michelle, my info didn't get on the list. My goal is 14 lbs, and you can call me Jessica. Thanks! You're a rockin' team leader!

Hmm, in 5 years, I want to be in a biochem PhD program, or living in Italy... or both...

Emily - I understand your frustration! Sounds like you are doing great, though. It will pay off!

It's not even officially fall yet, and I had to wear a sweatshirt and my winter coat outside this evening. Off to bed! Night, team!
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Hi I'm not on the cheat sheet. My name is Angie and my goal is 30 lbs.
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Height: 5'3" if I stand up really straight!

Wink My Challenge Goal

Hey Michelle,
My goal for the BLC is to lose 20 lbs. You can update me!

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