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01-21-2010, 06:54 AM
:coffee: THIS IS YOUR WAKE UP CALL! :D Coffee's ready, come and get it!

I'm so far behind on my own housework that the only way I'm going to catch up is to get up early and get going! I have a load of wash in, and Jake's supper is already cooking on the stove. As soon as I've fueled myself up with enough coffee, I want to clean the bathroom and kitchen before heading over to Cindy's. At least I have the morning off so I can catch up. :)

The girls are doing better, and Audrey was actually asking if she could go to school today. Cindy's going to see what kind of night she had before sending her off. Maggie didn't get the bug as bad as Audrey had it, and was only sick yesterday morning, so I don't know if Cindy will send her to school or not. We're going to wait and see how they're doing before we let them go to tennis lessons and gymnastics this afternoon. Kids bounce back fast, but we don't want a relapse!

Who's joining me for coffee before the day takes off? :cofdate:

01-21-2010, 07:06 AM
Good morning Cottage. :sssh: I'm happy that you have coffee ready but it's a little early for all that enthusiasm ;) Glad the girls are feeling better and life is getting back to normal again.

Weird, long day here today. I've got a meeting up near home this morning (might walk just to get a walk in) then another conference call at lunchtime and a late afternoon (after my usual off work time :( ) meeting. Dinner will be either freezer stash or Co-op take-out. On the plus side I have a little extra time this morning so I'm taking my time getting to the yoga.

How is your day shaping up?

01-21-2010, 07:12 AM
Sorry for being so loud, Cyndi, but it's been such a long week and I'm so ready for my 3 day weekend to start. :) Here's a nice latte for you! :coffee2: Enjoy your slow morning. Did you get a lot of snow?

01-21-2010, 07:15 AM
Good morning Linda - I'd think you'd be squeezing a nap in to your schedule today! You've had one busy week. I'm glad to hear the girls are recovering quickly, I hope they're feeling good this morning.

I had a hard time dragging myself out of bed this morning. I'm glad I've got an easy day today. No meetings so I'll be home by 3:30. I was supposed to get my hair cut but she had to reschedule so the afternoon/evening is my own. :D I'll probably clean and do laundry - but it feels good to be able to do whatever I want. lol

Enjoy your Thursday friends! :hug:

Oops - Hi Cyndi :wave:
I just read your post when I previewed mine. Now I feel a bit guilty for bragging about my easy day today...... :) I hope today flies by for you.

01-21-2010, 07:18 AM
Guten morgen! I just got back from the gym. It is cold outside!

Linda, I'm glad to hear the girls are feeling better. I always keep mine home at least 24 hours from when they've started feeling better. They seem to need the time to regain energy and get back to normal.

Cyndi, good luck with your long day! I hope your late meeting goes well and that you find something fantastic in the freezer! We're having freezer food for lunch (big meal on Tuesdays and Thursdays because we're out late those nights). We went and did our big grocery shop on the 3rd and then my sister called that night with the news about my grandfather and we headed out the next day, so I had cooked and frozen some eggplant and zucchini so it wouldn't spoil. Made for easy cooking this week!

Heidi, enjoy your easy day! They are so few and far between that we need to relish them!

Not too much on the schedule today. Kadyn is finished her grammar and violin and Connor started his homeschool math before he left for school this morning so he only has a little bit left. Then he just has violin to do and all three kids have to review their memory verses for AWANA. Connor has martial arts this afternoon and I have to stop at the chapel and do a little bit of paperwork, so we're going to head to base a smidge earlier than usual. I should use the next couple minutes before the kids get home to put away the last of the holiday decorations. We cleared out the tree before we left for the States, but all the tabletop decorations are still up and need to be packaged away. I've been procrastinating because the house always looks so empty when I put them away.

Better get to it!

01-21-2010, 07:22 AM
Good morning Heidi :) Enjoy that found hour. As much as I hate rescheduling things I love those little found times. My day is just discombobulated (spell check will love that one!) not hard, and tomorrow is Friday.

Cottage - I loved 3 day weekends. Have to find a new job with three day weekends but a smaller pay cut ;) I'm just a quiet morning person. I like to drink my coffee, catch up on news and 3FC and wake up slowly. After living with DD who is most definitely not a morning person I've come to enjoy my quiet start to the day :) Thanks for the latte. I think there may just be one in my plans for today.

Hello Kara :wave: Sounds like the kids are pretty busy and so are you. I am still in awe of the time you are able to workout with the busy schedule you maintain. We have a pretty good freezer stash. I have always cooked as if I'm cooking for a large family. Learned it from my Mom. It's great when the meal is good, not so much when the recipe isn't what I hoped ;)
Good luck with the last of the decorations.

01-21-2010, 07:23 AM
Hey ladies! I admire all the enthusiasm. Cottage, I am so jealous that you regularly have 3 day weekends. What a difference in quality of life that makes. AND, I'm so jealous of those of you who get your workouts in in the morning. For various reasons, it's not possible for me, so I have to squeeze them in at lunch. Starting tomorrow (when I begin phase 2).

Work is SO stressful at the moment. I keep saying I'll post about it, and I will. It's not even my job, just my boss. Well, I'm sure we all have complaints about that. I'll save the details for my thread on the subject.

Have a great OP day everyone!

01-21-2010, 07:24 AM
I know what you mean about cooking big, Cyndi. I have three sisters and a brother so when Tom and I got married, I had a hard time figuring out how to scale a recipe. We often had leftovers several nights running! We just don't have a lot of freezer space now, so I can't do a lot in advance. I actually had to put the eggplant and zucchini into freezer bags because containers wouldn't have fit in the freezer!

Mmckellen, I'm sorry you're having issues with your boss. That is never fun and it affects life even after you've left the workplace. Hope things settle soon and the stress is alleviated.

01-21-2010, 07:36 AM
Good morning to you all

I wish I was still in bed but gotta get up sometime. I'm taking my sister to the school bus-stop so maybe the fresh air will wake me up. I'm doing well on SB, cravings are GONE! I plan to eat this way till the end of time.

01-21-2010, 08:14 AM
Eight posts and it's barely seven? Whoa! Cottage is at fault with all that coffee being poured around. And then there's Kara who has her day half done! Heidi, you and I will have an easy day - maybe some can rub off on Cyndi and Mmck who have lousy and busy ones ahead. FoodObsessed, congratulations for sticking it out and beating the cravings.

Slept until 6:40 this morning after a rather late night. I was mulling over the script reading and am pretty sure I can have the part if I want it. I would be a senior water nymph - no laughing! - who is the muse who moves the play along. Only problem is there are tons of lines and that are written in sort of archaic verse - iambic pentameter a la Shakespeare. I visualize a cross between Titania in Dream and the
Fairy Godmother in Cinderella wearing a nude body suit draped with seaweed and shells. It could be fun or an absolute disaster.

Anyhow, today is lug-the-trash-day and meet the-Mayor-to-sign-some- papers-day so I need to get cracking. My afternoon is all mine and I hope to finalize the design for the current quilt top. That will be "it" for quilt tops for Victoria's quilts this month and I'll get back to my own stuff.

I hear rumours that we are going to see the sun over the next two days. :sunny: Yippee! I must find that days until Spring website.

Happy Thursday, Beachies.

01-21-2010, 08:27 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

Cottage, I was in the back bedroom and didn't hear the call! I woke to the alarm and am moving around. I need :coffee: and a weather check. I'll be back!

01-21-2010, 08:32 AM
Ruth, good morning, you sleepyhead! I am happy that the furbabies let you sleep in this morning, though. That part sounds interesting, and if you decide to do it, I'm coming to see that performance! ;)

FoodOb, I'm so glad you got past the cravings and just love your enthusiasm! Good luck and keep up the great work!

Kara, Mmc, Heidi, have a great day!

01-21-2010, 08:36 AM
Good morning chickies!

Cottage - GOOD MORNING!! Hee hee hee. I'm a bit chipper myself this morning ;). GLad the girls are feeling better, and glad we haven't heard you getting it! You are a BIT ambitious for cleaning though. :D.

Cyndi - hope the day goes well!! The walk in there sounds invigorating as well.

Heidi - hope you day turns out to be easy!

Kara - busy, you are!! I am also impressed on you manage to fit so much exercise in your schedule!

MMCK - maybe we could start a work gripe thread? ;) Sometimes it helps just to get it out!

Food obsessed - isn't it amazing, how if you stick to plan, it REALLY WORKS!!! I would sit there questioning myself, "really, I don't want it??! REALLY?!?!"

Ruth - my plans of getting a passport have now significantly climbed in the importance. I would LOVE to see you in a play!!! Have you done that often?

Me - got my arse out of bed even though I didn't want to (yesterday was an exhausting day), but the run went okay. Not great, but not as bad as earlier in the weak either. It definately increased my mood, because now I'm quite chipper!

My day is boring, hopefully will stay that until 7, take care of kids!

(and hopefully eat better today than yesterday!)

01-21-2010, 08:45 AM
Good morning everyone. I am on day two of my funk (that started with my basement leak and just built from there). But the positive is that I didn't eat junk as I probably would have in the past.

Yoga today. Not sure if it will help my mood or if I will not be able to get my mind there. Then I will spend my afternoon with my boys' old nanny, taking her shopping. She is an amazing inspiration: mid 80's, legally blind, still social and volunteers twice a week at a hospital, travels. Quite a gal.

Taking my gloom and doom elsewhere. I'll be back:)

01-21-2010, 09:01 AM
Good morning, everyone! I really wanted to come back and say hello again yesterday, but my boss thought otherwise. He had tons for us to get done. (I griped to him, but I was secretly okay with it...all this new-found energy makes me want to work more during the day! ;))

Cottage: HELLO! Thanks for the chipper wake-up call this morning. I contemplated sleeping in, but I'm glad I heard you! I'll pass on the coffee, but thanks anyways. I'm glad the girls are doing better and I hope they stay that way. The weekend being so close is sure to help their recovery. ;)

Okay, Cyndi, we'll be quiet now. :lol: Enjoy your walk-to meeting. That would probably be a great idea for cheering up everyone beforehand. Get those endorphins going and make positive progress. I've finally figured out how to cook for two (well, four) so that nothing goes to waste. I always forget what's in the freezer, so for now, we're cooking on a smaller scale. Have a wonderful day!

Heidi: Enjoy your found time! Do you have to do chores? :( Maybe you could spend half the time on you and half the time on what needs to be done. Hope you have a great day!

Kara: I'm always impressed with you and how you've got it all "together"! I probably would have forgotten the just purchased veggies and would have returned to a mess! Our house feels empty without the decorations as well. I'm thinking about getting some St. Valentine's decorations just to fill out the "corners". Maybe next year we should all do like Ruth and have bling trees to leave out!

Mmckellen: :hug: Oh, no. Bosses can sometimes be the worst, can't they? You're in my thoughts as I've been there and done that and I know how tough it can be, especially when your job is ideal otherwise. I bet the lunchtime workouts will help you de-stress!!

FoodObsessed: Congrats on kicking those cravings!! :carrot: That's a huge step forward in finally tackling the problems we have with food. Maybe you'll have to change your username from FoodObsessed to FoodController!!

Ruth: My, my. That does sound like quite the part! We'll all be expecting a full report from Linda if you take it! Enjoy your wide open afternoon.

Debbie: :wave: Good morning! Have a great day!

Twynn: I'm glad your arse is out of bed and done with your run! I love how a morning workout, even if its not our best, can improve the entire day! Have a wonderfully boring day!

WaistingTime: Sorry about your funk. I'm sure yoga and spending time with an incredible lady will cheer you considerably. Hope you feel wonderful today!

Me: Everything seems to be just peachy here. I've had so much energy this week and have even gotten up early every work day this week! The other HUGE bonus is that the house is so much cleaner because I get up and do something right after dinner rather than sitting on the couch or computer all night. It's even TOM and I can hardly tell. My mood has been even and my cramps and bloating are at an all-time low. I feel like I've finally figured this all out and now just have to stick to it.

There's nothing new going on here, though. Just a normal day, but I'm in a great mood, so normal seems exciting!

01-21-2010, 09:02 AM
Ruth - If you get that part I'm planning a 3FC SBD road trip!

01-21-2010, 09:06 AM
Lexiss - good morning!!

Waisting Time - good job not eating for comfort!

Kim - you sound so happy, I'm so happy for you!! It does make a difference to exercise in the AM, doesn't it? We won't get into making a HUGE difference not eating hi carb foods. UGH. I feel yucky just thinking about it!

Hmmm....I realized something this AM....why does my DH get up at 5:30 to get to work at 6:30, and I get up at 5:30 to get to work at 9?!?!?

01-21-2010, 09:08 AM
Good Morning chickies- I am going to attempt a half day today, after that I may stay longer depepnding on if my back agrees or not ;0) SO, a bit of laundry this morning and off to work- nothing exciting going on here!

Cottage- sounds like a busy day!

Cyndi- Enjoy your yoga and the bit of extra time you have this am!

Heidi- you get to choose and you choose housework? you're a better woman than I!

Kara- I agree with the empty house after decor has been put away. I put our stuff away a good couple weeks ago and never even realized my huge centerpiece was still on the dining room table until yesterday! lol

MCM, FO- Twynn:wave:

Ruth- enjoy your afternoon after your busy morning! I bet you're gonna be glad to get back to the "you" stuff!

WT- glad you're sending the gloom and doom elsewhere ;0) Enjoy your afternoon- she does sound like a good inspiration!

Well, time to get ready the clothes are spinning and will be thrown in the dryer- did I mention they are the ones I have to wear today? Im that far behind.oops. I tried to pick the ones that would dry the fastest. lol

01-21-2010, 09:22 AM
Okay... I'm back and more chipper already. (Hmm. Maybe it is hormonal.)

Cottage - Glad the kiddos are doing better. I hate housework and am always behind. I refuse to clean bathrooms though, since I live with three males. Need I say more?

Cyndi - Enjoy yoga. I'll think of you when I am struggling to hold my poses today:)

Heidi - Unexpected free time - what a nice bonus.

Kara - Sei warm. (Hope that is right - DH got a BA in German years ago.)

Cyndi - I am always looking for recipes that freeze well. Got any to share? Right now I only have soup in there.

Mmc - Saw your boss vent. I have no advice to offer since I haven't worked in years but am thinking of you.

FoodO - No cravings - yeah!

Ruth - I learn more about you every day. An actress! Cool. Enjoy your afternoon.

Debbie - I don't know the weather here yet either. I used to check that first thing. Now I am on the internet every day instead:)

Twynn - Isn't it amazing how exercise can do that?

Kim - I should try cleaning in the evenings too. Bonus calorie burn. Hmm.

Rikki - Think how warm and toasty your clothes will be when you put them on. Mmmm.

Off to wake DS2. He is taking an online class this semester so actually has nothing first hour and gets to sleep later. Lucky him. He just signed up for classes for next year and it will be a tough one.

Later gators!

01-21-2010, 09:33 AM
Ahh, it's amazing how my perspective improves after :coffee:. It's another chatty AM.

Cottage, I'm like you, get all the chores done so I can enjoy a day off. Glad the girls are doing better. BTW-I'm having coffee with my early AM aerobics gals and the big topic this week has been the Mummers Parade. They all share books, etc, and someone taped the MP this year. Now the video is being passed around and the chatter has been quite informative. It was interesting for me to have some history about events in your neck of the woods.

Cyndi, enjoy your day. Those late meetings drive me nuts! I just want to be home in my groove.

Heidi, it sounds you are on a freefall to the weekend. I hope you fit something fun inbetween cleaning and laundry.

Kara, glad to hear the troops have fallen back into routine after your trip. I hope your decorations are put away so you can fill the space with a new project.

Mmc, one day at a time! Your positive energy will carry you through. Too bad it doesn't rub off on the boss!

FoodObsessed, I hope the fresh air and brisk walk pepped up your metabolism. Cravings gone, thats great! For me they stay away as long as I eat OP foods.

Ruth, sorry, I laughed....not that you wouldn't be a perfect senior water just sounds like alot of work. If we all come, it would be a great economic boost for Delta. I'm wondering when you have to decide. How many quilts will you take to the big event this year? The days until Spring site sounds interesting.

Twynn, I always keep my fingers crossed that you do have a boring day. In Alaska the porcupines always waited till the weekend to chum in the dogs.:lol: It's always great to have confirmation that exercise increases ones mood! BTW-I enjoy the morning much more when DH gets up at 7 to be ready by 8....bless him, but when he's up early I don't get anything done!

Karen, all I can say is what a mess! Good for you not eating junk. Enjoy your visit this afternoon....and...breathe. :yoga: BTW I think I could just give you our weather report and you could add X hours. Cold here, but no snow.

KimStar, I'm glad to hear you've tapped into the 2010 OP energy bank. Enjoy your "good mood" day!

Rikki, be careful today. I hope your clothes get dry. I hate when it's time to go and I'm forced into air dry. :lol: The recipe was good last night. I did put chicken in but it would have been boring without the cauliflower and green beans I added. Personally, I think it would have been more interesting with tofu.

Me, I have 1:45min until departure. I have to decide between water aerobics and chair yoga...I think the pool will win me over. It's a great day to bounce around then hit the hot pool for a big soak. I've been working on getting all my addresses into a one computerized list. It will be nice when it's done. I join the church ladies for knitting this afternoon, so I need to think of something SBD approved so I don't feel deprived. I guess thats about it. The troops are moving about so I guess I'd better be social.

Have a great day everyone!

01-21-2010, 09:50 AM
FO, I love your enthusiasm! Thanks for sharing! I just saw that you're in Bowie. We spent three and a half years in the D.C. area and enjoyed (most of) our time there.

Ruth, good luck with your running around. I am excited to hear what you decide about the play. Hope you'll post pictures if you do get that nifty bodysuit! ;)

Tammy, I am glad your run went better today. Sometimes I have to switch up what I'm doing because I get bored and am not motivated to work out. About every three months I do something different.

Karen, here's hoping yoga zens you out and fixes the doldrums!

Kim, I love your idea of a bling tree! My tree is outside in the backyard and I keep looking at it and wondering if I could bring it back in and decorate it again...

Rikki, I hope your back is feeling good today! I laughed at your story about the centerpiece!

Debbie, I was talking about the Mummers Parade (I'm from the Philly area) to friends in Seattle and they did NOT understand it! I even did a demonstration for them. :)

01-21-2010, 11:20 AM
Thanks gals. You always make me smile. And Debbie - your weather report for me gave me a nice chuckle. Not today though... looks like rain here. Just what I don't need! Off to put on some old exercise clothes... envisioning the day I wear something fabulous to yoga class.


01-21-2010, 05:01 PM
Good afternoon,

Wish I could fit time in the morning to get here but I am out the door at 6 a.m. to drive to work.

I came home at 11 a.m. for my dryer to delivery and to finish the day wfh- when the delivery guys came the dryer was broken so they had to order me a new one- one more week with no dryer- give me strength :) Atleast my eating and workouts are on track.

Have a lovely evening everyone.

01-21-2010, 05:19 PM
Debbie- I bet that would be good with tofu- I am loving the method Cyndi brought to the table cooking my tofu in a cast iron skillet now about 95% of the time~! the texture is fantastic...

Thanks for the well wishes everyone! I only worked a half day and that was perfect, after my last client(about 2) my back started to become very sore again...

I finally got to do a celebrity's hair! yeay! I did Jenna Bush's hair this afternoon! she was so nice, too bad I didn't recognize her until after I was done- prob better that way because I would have been nervous! lol Thats about all my excitement for the day... I think I am going to apply some swarovski crystals to the pockets of a new pair of jeans today- wish me luck!

01-22-2010, 01:52 AM
That's so cool, Rikki! Did she like her new do???