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Old 01-26-2010, 11:33 AM   #121
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Location: i live in the midwest , cornfields and cows.
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S/C/G: 215/210/165

Height: 5'10


"I'm planning on getting a tattoo of Jeff Buckley lyrics, since his music is such an inspiration to me, and the way he lived and loved.
Anyway, they'll be on the inside of my wrists, above a musical staff with the notes of the song I'll be using. And on the right wrist it'll say "Drop down we two" and on the left "to serve and pray to love". I absolutely love those lyrics.
And my boyfriend (who introduced me to Jeff Buckley, needless to say he's also a huge fan) is getting a similar one across his shoulders at the top of his back, with the notes of the song he's using, and the lyrics are gonna be "Drink a little wine, we both might go tomorrow..."

Amazing idea! I ADORE Jeff Buckley< there's one i want get from him -" I feel afraid and I call your name
I love your voice and your dance insane
I hear your words and I know your pain”

I also want to get Walt Whitman-"And my very flesh shall be a great peom"

Some Jim Carroll-"Little kids shoot marbles under branches that break the sun into graceful shafts of light, I just want to be pure"

I have a Bob Dylan lyric on my foot- "This is what slavation must be like after a while..."

I'm kinda a word nerd

I also would like to get a Salvador Dali sketch on my side of Female Figure with Head of Flowers, 1937

So many tattos so little space (when I lose the weight )
And my very flesh shall be a great poem-Walt Whitman
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Height: 165cm


Originally Posted by SalaamDementia View Post
Oh, where did you go to get it done? I live in CO and there are some amazing artists in Denver.

I've only got one tattoo, it covers most of my right forearm, a circular logo I designed with the words, 'too weird to live, too rare to die.'

I'll be getting another one just as soon as I reach my goal weight. I'm hoping for late this summer. I always thought I'd be covering just my arms and legs since I'd never show off my back or chest, but I'm hoping I'll be confident enough by that time to get something somewhere a bit more fun.
i cant remember the name of it at the moment, it was a few years ago. it was a really big, professional looking place. and the guy who did it was lovely

haha love the sounds of your current tattoo. im also waiting til i reach my goal weight before i get another!
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On a mission!!!!!
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Height: 5'4"


i dont have any tats yet, but recently, theyve been on my mind! if i had the guts to actually do it, i would get a tattoo that says forgiven in hebrew. that means a lot to me.
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Height: 5'7


My best friend and I got these little crowns tattooed to our wrists when I moved away. When I can post I'll put a pic up of us getting them!!
Mini Goal...under 200!

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Its time to go!
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Height: 5'8"


After looking throught the other posts "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" backwards across my forhead would be good (lol) but really, the anniversary version of the starbucks mermaid would be interesting (on shoulder). Is that legal? Or a copy right thing?
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S/C/G: 160/150/130

Height: 5'5


i recently got a tattoo (my xmas gift from my brother in law) of pink angel wings on the back of my neck. this tattoo was to signify the daughter my husband and i lost while i was only 5 months into pregancy. my hubby has her name tattooed across his chest, and angel wings below it. my next tattoo will be of a dead tree down my side. to signify my husband and i's wedding- we got married on October 31 (yes halloween) and all our arrangements focused around tree branches(dead trees) that were black. we actually exchanged vows under four leaveless black trees. not in gothic fashio- just... dramatic/medevial? lol
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Location: HELLbourne, australia
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I have one tattoo but ohh now Im not pregnant so can get moreeeee!
I have 'abc' on the back on my neck

I will be using tattoos as a reward so once Ive lost a fair bit of weight
I'll be getting a
zombie GOTHabilly verson of the blue swallows people get on their chest on my collar bones so they will be black and well thats as far as Ive gotten so far lol.

I'd also like an artistic piece for my son
since he was born Ive called him pumpkin head because of its shape so Id like maybe a picture of his body and the same facial features but with a pumpkin head and his name ?
havent worked out the kinks in this yet though lol.

I also want Man that you fear - marilyn manson lyrics somewhere and right where it belongs - NIN lyrics

for my ultimate goal in weightloss Im getting a tattoo sleeve
that wil be centered around the elements
and things associated to them
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i have 3 tattos.
one is a star design that was probably designed for a tramp stamp, but i put it on my foot.
i also have a taurus sign on my shoulder, above my heart.
and on my right shoulder blade i have the college symbol of my fave football team.
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God I Love Food
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S/C/G: 10.9/wanna be 10 stone or less

Height: Just shy of 5ft6


These are my two current tatts.

The tribal-esque ink was my first, a birthday prezzie for my 18th from my first tattooist boyfriend, was a unique design.

The second is an angel of death, designed by me, inspired by one of my favourite books with shakespeare inscription saying

Tis one thing to be tempted,
Another thing to fall.

Next ink will be covering the inside of my other arm, some sort of raven design I have in mind.
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I have this one which is a little skull and stars on my left shoulder.

I also have a robot on my right lower leg. Surprisingly, I don't have any pictures of it. I'll take one and post later.

I already have my next one planned! I have a guy that is GREAT at drawing low brow art and he is going to draw a cemetery scene with a bride of Frankenstein for me! I will get it on my right lower leg.

I also want a chest piece of some sort...
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improving life!
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i have one tattoo. its a clockwork orange tattoo.

and this summer i want to get another tattoo as long as i keep losing weight. it will be a gift to myself. but i have no idea what i want yet! i wanted to get a Lord of the Flies tattoo but the only image I can get from the book is the one of the pigs head on a stick and thats a little too grotesque as a tattoo for me.
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Height: 5'0


Well, I didn't know this thread existed. I have 9 stars on my back going from my upper spine to my shoulder. They are Pink, Blue, and Purple. In the middle one is my daughters name.

I am actually going on Fri. to get a new one of the front side of my shoulder, down alittle like above my boob. It's going to be a shooting star, but instead of lines it will be words that make the star. The words will say- Shoot for the moon, if you miss you'll land among the stars.

Pretty much motivation for weightloss and everything else in life, that no matter what I am going to try my hardest and if I don't get to where I want to be, I will at least be a step closer.

I will post pictures of it sometime this weekend. YAY

* Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts * Winston Churchill

I'm not giving up!

Smily face for every 5lbs lost!

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Height: 5'8"


Hi all,
I'm back after a long hiatus and I can't tell you how excited I was to see this thread is still alive! Thanks for sharing - what a creative group : )

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Height: 5' 4"


I have 2 tattoos now, and I love my last one. It's two playing cards, (an ace and queen), but the queen is a pinup girl. It is completely fitting of me, and I celebrated my 21st birthday in Reno, so the scene was right.

Dream tattoo: I'm a theater stage manager, so I think I'm going to get a headset on me somewhere. Very vintage, thick lines.

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S/C/G: 195/184/130

Height: 5'8"


I currently have 9 tattoos, but I still have 'dream tattoos'. I want a hip tattoo of the solar system. It's always been a dream of mine.

Some of my tat's that I'm proud of-
Pin-up girl on my thigh. It is the exact one my grandfather got when he served in Vietnam. I love and miss him very much and thought this to be a fitting tribute to who he was and how much he loved life.
Fahrenheit 451 backpiece- This is probably my favorite book! I got a back piece of the fireman with a flame thrower. Books burning at his feet of course. I was proud of this piece because I love not only the book but the message in it.
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