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Default Another long post from me :)

Hello all,
Ok first things first. I'm 5'7" I think I have a medium to large frame. So I figure that 149 is a pretty good goal. Of course I'm not going to complain if I get down to 145. Also thanks for the warm welcome. I already feel like I belong here. It's so great! so here it goes...

Sy- I'm actually about 12 pounds from my goal weight. Although I have changed that a few times throughout the process. It was 155 at first and then 140. I finally settled on a 149. So as far as the hints and tricks to realize you can reach your goal... I'm in the same boat. The main thing to know that it is all within you. What I've been doing is just trying to remember how far I've come. I've also tried to keep busy and not think about food every second of the day. I know that is easier said then done, but it is working right now. I've had a few set backs a long the way. Where I maintained for a month or so or had to lose the same 5 pounds a few different times. I guess this last 3 weeks since I've been back on the wagon I have just decided that this is it. No more messing around. The 5 minutes of satisfaction I get from eating something off plan isn't worth it. I also try to imagine myself comfortably fitting into size 8's. Anyway, I admire you for your amazing weightloss. Keep it up. You WILL reach your goal.

Audit Girl- I'm 5'7". I have been with LAWL since March 29 2004. But I took a couple of months off and tried a pirated version of ww. I was losing at such a slow pace that I went back to LAWL. So I'm technically in my 41'st week. I actually haven't been exercising. I know I need to to get some tone back to my body, but I will try something for a few days and then stop. Right now I'm doing a 20 min. denise austin pilates tape. I really like it and it helps me feel like I'm doing something good for myself.

Text Jewel- I once bought a la lite substituion list off ebay. I guess it's for people who for medical reasons can't eat the lites. Anyway, what I remember of it was you can substitute the lites with... String Cheese or 1 (or 2) eggs. There were a few other things on there, but I don't remember. Anyway, I've also just been buying some pria bars (protein bars). They are pretty cheap and they taste pretty good. I don't eat them every day though. I just eat them when I'm on the run. I used the lites and supplements for a good portion of my program. I'm not using them now and am losing weight at the same rate. Live and learn I guess. I guess how I've kept going is just really focusing on my goal. Sometimes it's hard. Especially when we become more comfortable with our new thinner bodies, but aren't where we want to be yet. I've also had some times where I just maintained for a while because I wasn't following my plan. It would take a little while and then I would just feel a fire within in me and I would think. OK time to hit it again. Sometimes what I do to help me if I'm having a bad day is to put on my size 20 jeans that were getting tight. Then I think... Look at where all of these good choices and days of staying on plan when I really didn't want to, got me.

Starlynn- First of all my advice would be don't go to LAWL until you get back.
That is neat to hear that we have a similar story. It's great to have people that can relate to you. I've been going to LAWL only 1 time a week. That seemed to help me for some reason. Maybe because I realized that I'm not accountable just to LAWL. I'm mainly accountable to myself. For some reason that has made me feel empowered (sp?) Also one thing that has kept me going is checking in with my sister in law everyday. It's good to check in with someone who really cares about you. She is maintaining right now, so that is why I'm soooo glad to have found you guys! Plus she doesn't do lawl so it's nice that we all have that in common.

Chiklithunder- I would love to give pointers and also get pointers from others. If you ever need support or advice feel free to ask. That is why it is so great to have this forum. We can all inspire and be of support to one another.

MetalChic- Hello there. 83 pounds lost! Yes that is a great accomplishment. We have to remember that. I know it's hard to sometimes. Maintaining for 4 weeks is probably pretty aggrivating, but you are just 7 pounds from your goal. So it's just taking a tad longer to come off. You know what though... it WILL come off, so just keep with it. (can you just tell me that in a few weeks when I start maintaining) I also like the change with the "Free to live plan" it came at just the right time for me. I was wanting to go back to lawl, but didn't know if I could stick with it. So the plan made it a little easier. Anyway, I've found that I can't do the Carb cravers plan and lose as much as I do without it. So I just try to use it as a reward. Or something to look forward to. So today I'm going to go have 1 piece of veggie pizza. Great comments about Terri Schiavo. I really hope that even after you reach your goal you will stick around. I plan to. I think we will all need the continued support to help keep this healthy lifestyle.

Ok Sorry about the HUUGGGE post. I just have a lot to say. I hope you all have a good day!

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