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Default It's FRIDAY and SUNNY here....

Fiona - Thanks for starting the new April thread and Thank you for adding LOSERS in the mix. I think it says it all Ofcourse I would be "friends"
Also, good to know about the MK suncreen, I'll have to check that out!
BTW, I have only tanned twice in the Matrix bed and I already have color without the burn. I should have good color by the trip to CA.

Mandy - Welcome! I read your bio and that is some story you have there. We are the same height and same deal with not gaining until after kids, etc. However, you are doing better than me as far as being close to goal. I think I'm in a temporary burnout (from LAWL) phase. Maybe you can share some of your success tips here.

Speaking of LAWL I am thinking of going back to the center of doom But am wondering if I should go prior to the 14th (CA trip) or just wait until I get back Opinions please. I did go ahead and reinstate my ticker...

Jen - I was wondering where you were - missed ya! Your girls weekend sounds wonderful! Aren't capri's the best thing since sliced bread? They pretty much cover all the problem areas for me - I have them in all the basic colors, but your right - you need just alittle color

Tonight is crunch night for us, as the movers will be there bright and early in the morning. I think we are in pretty good shape. I think DH's only real concern with the movers is that they take all the heavy stuff. Our apartment is only like 15 minutes from our house. Also we don't have to be out of the house until May 5th if need be, but we should probably be completely out by next weekend. DH is still doing some work on the 57 Chevy which is in the pole barn on a rotary machine (It's a guy thing).

Hi to all you other chicks - Julie - we posted at the same time, I'll go ready yours and respond later...
To get back in the game....
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