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Hello ladies,

It’s been a while since I’ve checked in…had a great Easter, but of course ate way too much and have been working myself pretty hard this week to get back to pre-Easter weight…should be there by this afternoon’s WI. I’m about 20lbs from goal, but have been struggling since Christmas…kind of frustrating…but I’m so close to the 170s, I just know I’ll be there by Monday! My mom is coming to visit May 19 and I want to be 170 or even in the 160s by then.

Mandy-Welcome and you give me hope!!! It looks like your starting weight is about the same as mine and your goal also similar (actually a little less)…yours is the goal I really wanted (around 150), but I thought 74lbs and 160 was unrealistic enough when I first signed up. Do you mind me asking how tall you are and how many weeks have you been on plan? Also, are you exercising? Feel free to tell me I’m too nosey, but I really enjoy hearing other’s success stories :-)

Star-I’m glad someone nice is getting your house, I’m kind of sentimental about that kind of thing. I drove our old house in GA when I was down there for work and it made me sad to see how the new owners had let the place go. Also, I’ve been trying to fit tanning into my schedule, I went on a shopping spree and bought all new Capri pants, but need some color on my legs. I need to get started now, so I can go nice and slow, but still have color when my mom and her pals come to visit. It’s a total girl weekend, we go to the Longaberger Homestead, eat, drink cocktails, stay up late talking, and shop, shop, shop!!!! I can hardly wait!!!!

Julie-Your trip sounds amazing….I can hardly wait to do some traveling. Our son just turned 16, so in a few years we’ll have some freedom to do a bit of traveling. My DS schedule is so full and most of trips are related to his activities or visiting our parents.

Sy- I have faith you’ll meet your birthday goal…I’m pulling for you!

Keri- Great job in getting back on track and all the success you are having now that you are!

Carmen-I have never had a pedicure, also thought I had fat kind of ugly Fred Flintstone feet (nice self-talk, huh…guess I need to revisit that chapter in Thin for Life :-) but lately I’m feeling pretty good about me (feet and all), so I think I’ll try a pedicure this spring and get myself new sandals too!

Hi to Fiona and Beverly and anyone else I might have missed. I’ll post again later today.

Skinny vibes to all of you,
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