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Originally Posted by FeraFilia View Post

Awesome that you've hit the bottom of your yo-yo zone, but make sure you're eating enough! Don't fall into the "I want to lose FAST so eating is BAD" state of mind. I've been there, it ends in binges heh. I have to tell myself pretty regularly that food is not evil, that it's fuel my body needs to function.
I will bear in mind that food isn't evil-- I can easily fall into that trap. When I lost 110 lbs, I had to fight for every single pound that pushed me under a BMI of 30, and I definitely was struggling with the temptation to push my calories too low just to see the scale move. Right now, the weight is coming off okay, so I've pretty much been meeting my calorie goals-- skipping lunch yesterday was an accident, but next time I'm stuck, the devil on my shoulder might whisper "remember that day you skipped lunch and lost 2 lbs... why don't you do that again...?"

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