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TGIF! I'm so glad that this week is almost over!!! I'm struggling, but am trying to make it through the holiday weekend and another weekish. WE CAN DO THIS!!!

Nightkatt, I know you are so busy and have so much going on, but glad to hear you are okay. Maintaining is always better than gaining, for sure! I hope your re-focus goes well! I'm so sorry about your sister, with all of the medical advancements you are smart to think positive!

Great job SunnyDispo!!!

Ubee, you will be so missed! It is going to be tough on me not having my Ubee fix until June 2nd. I hope you'll still check in occasionally.

Betsy, yay on maintaining. I am sure your body is just adjusting like you said to that Avalanche of a Whoosh. I know in my case that I am definitely holding water this week waiting on the lately late TOM so it could also be hormones...

I hope everyone gets rest this weekend and for some of us, the long weekend.
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