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A new year and a new me!
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FERRIS!!! Welcome back hun!! So nice to see you and hey I dont think your goal is unrealistic .. hehehe with your family there it may be the one thing that keeps you sane I dont have my family living with me .. but my MIL is right next door so its almost a daily thing so no lazing round the house on my day off in my PJs or less .. never know when she is going to come in ... after 5 years I have decided it has comic value to keep me sane (she drives her son nuts which gives me a giggle lol).

WATCH - Understand .. I have an aim of a comfortable size 14 lol .. not sure what weight that will be but it will be the smallest I have been since I was about 14/15 .. actually I think its more 12/13 And with my hunny being a photographer I have definitely seen the pics dont necessarily show the real model shape

EASILY - I think I have always been a non-eater of my own baking lol .. I might nibble a piece to see if I have the flavour right .. but I think for me its more the activity I enjoy .. especially when I manage to create something special for a family member (friends included) who has some sort of food allergy (in our family its varied - dairy .. wheat ... fat .. tomato/mushroom). Its almost like when I used to perform ... I enjoyed that others enjoyed it .. but didnt like the off stage notice. Starbucks is one of two places I have coffee when Im out .. wont have it anywhere else and I just feel great after it .. I dont even have to ask for my Grande Trim Latte Single Shot anymore when I go in lol ..

A DAY OFF!!! Yay!! lol .. was supposed to have tomorrow off too .. but I need to cover the manager so another full day .. second week in a row of my 6 day working week lol ... and really Im happy about it cos I do tend to think about work when Im not there unless I have a busy day planned. Have had a few attacks this week and not sure what the triggers are now as its after I have things I have been eating for ages! So I feel like Im back to square one and more nervous about eating anything! But will keep trying .. hunny really wants me to go back to the doctors, but it wont make that much of a difference other than putting me on a waiting list for surgery so I will have to learn to find the triggers anyway lol .. but will be trying to go get my repeat blood test done today anyway ...

Time for hunny to go to work so going to see him off ... not sure how my weigh in will be tomorrow .. I did have a few naughty days this week with dinner out and takeout ... but when I checked on Tuesday I hadnt gone up OR down lol .. so will see what happens with tomorrows weigh in


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