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ALI - Thanks for sharing Im not sure about the buses over there .. other than I know they are bigger than our buses .. but then everything in the US seems bigger to me in NZ lol .. I was in awe when I was in LA and Chicago 10 years ago .. mind you .. I was the same when I was in Canada .. but I know I was really worried about my flights cos of the seat sizes and the belts etc .. I really didn't want to ask for an extension so I pretty much didn't breathe and sat like a statue while I had it on when I left NZ in Sept 04. On the plus side when I returned in Nov 04 after going round the world for over 2 months I was easily able to do up the belt and could relax .. all that walking and good food lol ... Im just thinking about our buses .. I know that on our charter ones we have the normal 2 seats next to each other for most of it, but then we also have like bench seats in a couple of places which are meant to tilt up in case a wheelchair is needed to be brought on board ... our normal buses around Wellington are the same sort of design and the very plus size people tend to gravitate towards those seats when they are free .. otherwise they just make use of the two next to each other.
If I were you I would forget that part of the trip and stop worrying about it or you won't be able to enjoy the rest of it. You know you are on a journey, and while this one may not be the best seating-wise you know that the next one will be better and the one after that even better because you are making changes in your life. So don't sweat the small stuff on the journey, embrace the things you are able to do, learn from the things that make you uncomfortable and show the world that regardless of past choices that you are more than your appearance and Im sure your daughter will be over the moon just to have you on the trip without worrying how you fit into the seat which, Im sure, is not the actual event Let us know how it goes and don't forget to take lots of pics

Just chilling in Starbucks with my coffee, catching up online and looking forward to another long day at work .. Im such a sick puppy when it comes to loving to work these long hours .. I have admitted before that when I have a job Im a workaholic, I hate having days off and I just think work all the time .. I have still to learn the work/life balance thing .. but when Im not employed I don't do ANY thing lol .. so 6 day weeks are something I enjoy, on my day off Im constantly thinking I could pop into work or give them a ring to see if they need any help .. Im a little more tired now though as Im out of practice after having a year off from full time employment .. as it is Im still regarded as only part time as Im only contracted for 34 hours (full time is 40+ hours) .. but I have been doing those hours over 6 days instead of the 5 contracted ones as cover is needed between 2 stores .. which will hopefully change soon as my main store is closer to home and hunny can pick me up and drop me off instead of me having to drive lol.

Last night I made some fresh juice in my much unused juicer (now in the kitchen rather than hidden away) .. as I have been having problems with the gallstones and my liver I have been researching and found that beetroot is a really good cleanser for the blood etc so my juice was a medium beetroot, a large carrot, 1 apple & about 6 leaves of Silverbeet (cos I couldn't find Kale and the Spinach was so expensive!) ... it was ok .. but I think I will peel the beet rather than just scrub it cos it did taste a little earthy .. gonna add some lemon too. Does anyone else have any juice mixes they have tried and liked?

Better go before I run out of time on my free wifi lol Will catch up tonight when I get home .. hugs all


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