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A new year and a new me!
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Okee ... sorry been AWOL .. will catch up first

WANNA - Wow .. great start hun .. I can tell you whooshing isn't on holiday

WATCH - Even with TOM as a visitor you had a great loss .. not a common thing (with me anyway lol) .. so great going

SILENT - Im a little confused by your weigh in .. but Im happy to see you here and posting and hope you are warming up where you are now?

WANNA - Apologies for not posting a big HB to you on time ... Im one of those awful people that doesn't forget ... I just don't remember at the right time ... its usually I remember a week before and think "Oh, Kates birthday is next week I need to remember to give her a ring" then before I know it 2 weeks have passed and I remembered that I forgot the darn thing! Mind you I tend to avoid my own birthday cos its rarely a good experience for me. But I am glad it ended up being a lovely time for you .. not sure about the Margaritas .. i think I would be more a few shots of tequila lol .. or sambucca And it sounded like the perfect day for you too Hugs

UBEE - I want to add that I love seeing you on the boards ... you keep me thinking and Im usually smiling when I read your words

EASILY - Glad your health is getting back on track and you are feeling so positive And Im sure the odd off plan moment won't affect what you are doing too much .. remember its got to be a life plan and something you will be happy to stick to or play with for life to keep you where you want to be ... so cutting things out that you enjoy is definitely not something you should do otherwise it will just keep calling to you and you will overdo lol

So how is everyone doing today? Sorry I have been away but got a bit busy at work and home so not online much. Was going to be spending today at home but had a surprise instead, my daughter and grandkids came down for the day so we went out to the beach for a coffee and a nice walk along it .. then we went to the mall and had a Frozen Yoghurt at a new place that had just opened up there .. so lovely I got some clothes for the kids and a few little cars for my grandson and a baby in a pram for my granddaughter ... plus some CDs for my daughter for when she drives .. oh and a few DVDs for the kids to watch this winter ... don't often get the chance to treat them and I missed my lil mans birthday at the beginning of last month so this was a belated nice day ... then we came back to my place and got out of the cold weather (which had started) for a few hours colouring in and playing with the toys and cuddling .. so lovely day

Just had dinner which was a lovely meal made by my hunny ... my first little bit of steak in months (cos Im not really into eating red meat) with a heap of vegetables ... but with TOM I have been a little run down so hunny thought a little bit of lean steak would be a good thing ... Lets just say I loved the vegetables .. and the dogs got a nice treat after I ate enough of it lol ..

Back to work tomorrow .. then Friday I need to get baking for work on Saturday cos its a grand opening for the new name and ownership of the outlet mall that I help out in .. so Im going to make some Lemon & Coconut cupcakes ... and maybe some pancake muffins ... or some chocolate cupcakes .. will decide on the day lol .. then they go to work with me on Saturday for the Mothers Day shoppers

Don't know what my weight will be this week .. Ive been all over the place so will be happy with a pound down if anything ... especially with TOM around


:Goal 1 - 300 pounds - reached 9.09.13 Goal 2 - 264.6 by 2/12/13 : reached 26.11.13
Goal 3 - 240 reached 23.05.14: Goal 4 - 220
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