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Carol Sue I have that book, but I didn't think I could eat all those carbs. I've thought about looking at it again after I read the book about reversing diabetes. Now that I'm doing the fiber way of eating, I need to look at it and see if I get some ideas from it. There used to be a thread for the Flat Belly Diet here on 3fc. I don't know if they still have it or not. I remember that drink and I made it without the mint and it was really good. I might could use it for the fiber and eat a little less calories with it. I think you were supposed to eat a certain amount of calories and divide them fairly evenly over 3 meals and maybe a snacks. I really can't remember that part. Good luck. You will get your blood sugar down. I think mine was up to 9.? or close at one time and it was a wake up call for me because I do not want go on insulin. You will do it.

I wanted to share a thread that I saw on the fiber thread I'm on. It is about rocking in a rocking chair for exercise. Quite interesting. I may have to get me a rocker.

Anyhow, read this article which explains it:

I ended up doing the 45 minutes/5 miles on the bike. So I've reached my goal. My knees did very well. I use a recumbent bike because it is supposed to be easier on the knees. I was tired after and actually took a nap, but it felt so good to do it. I won't ride tomorrow and I will do it again Thursday and maybe Saturday. My son actually taught me to apply Absorbine Jr. (Bengay, Icy Hot or something like that would work as well) before riding and I remembered to do that today and it worked. I will never do an hour on it. In fact, I won't go more than the 45 minutes because, I goofed when I first got the bike. I was talking to my Daddy while riding it back then and didn't watch the time. I rode it for 1 hr and hurt my knee and could barely walk for about a week or so. I know my limit. The real surprise that I had today is that my hip stopped hurting after riding. So this is going to be really good for my joints. We plan to go to see DH son and family in IN go to TX and see my family sometime in July. His son's family is always active and we are always going somewhere to walk around and I hope to be in really good shape to do it this time. An d I hope to be lighter. I wish I could be below 200 by then, but not sure I can be.

My calories are staying under MFP 1670 calories. Today I had 1553 calories, my fiber was 41 g and sodium was under 2000g. My fbs was 133 this morning. I really believe the exercising is bringing it down even more than the diet. I am very excited and finally motivated to keep this up.

Rennie Hang in there and don't give up. My weight was up 2 lbs this morning, but I actually believe it was because I didn't potty really good before I weighed like it usually is. So remember there are things going on you don't really know are happening. If you're eating like you know you need to for you, the weight will finally come down.

Ruthie, Fatmad and others reading.

Have a nice evening.

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