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Wannabehealthy 03-01-2014 08:08 AM

March Chat
Mad - Way to go! I want to be under 180. Actually, I would accept under 190! LOL My time will come.

Trish - As I said a few posts back, normal eaters do not worry when they eat a little more, because they automatically eat a little less next time. That's our goal, isn't it? To be like normal eaters. I don't think you did too bad.

I was just as bad last night. I wanted a turkey burger from our local restaurant but DH didn't want to go, so I was picking at everything trying to satisfy my craving, and nothing was working. If I eat what I'm hungry for I'm satisfied with less.

Rennie - That's the problem I have with shakes. It doesn't seem like food to me, and even if I'm full, I feel as though I haven't eaten. It's probably the chew factor that Trish was talking about. I wish I could be satisfied with the shakes, because it seems to be really working for you. But I also prefer hot food, and that's why I don't do a lot of salads. We are all different. I am going to look for the Jennie-O turkey burgers. I can eat one of them when DH wants hamburgers for dinner. I do eat beef. I like roast and make it about every 2 months. I use beef in my chili and pasta sauce because that's what DH wants. But I don't like steak. I eat pork about once a month. But when I go out to eat I usually order fish or chicken.

Ruthxxx 03-01-2014 08:40 AM

Thanks for starting us up, Carol Sue. Just looked at your profile picture and you are one very pretty woman!

I am going to try very hard this month to get back on track. Low carb works for me but I get very bored with it and need my pasta! (Visits to Italy have spoiled me!) This morning I weighed 194 - lost exactly one pound last month. :shrug:

I have to have a "serious" tooth removed when I get an appointment and know I will need to be in shape for that. I say serious because the periodontist used the word. It's being reabsorbed by my body which is weird. I won't miss the pain and won't miss the tooth because I'll be having an implant. I laughed when he said, the implant only lasts about 20 years. At 95, I probably won't care!

So fresh month and fresh start. I might even go for bloodwork soon!

love2b150 03-01-2014 10:10 AM

Carol Sue, I am like you when I want something I want it. I am learning that if I want something sweet I need to get something sweet. I love beef also. However I don't cook steak because it doesn't come out tender enough. I make a roast every now and then and the family loves it. I mainly like the veggies that I put in it and don't want to go back to binging on potatoes :) The shakes are easier on the go, not very satisfying for breakfast when I'm at home. But again for dinner on the go they work. I eat all meats. It's just whatever I have and I feel like preparing ;)

Ruth a pound is still good :) I loss 2.2lbs ... I could have done better had I been more focused. I think we can all eat pasta and rice as long as we actually measure/weigh it, unless you are like me and have little control. But the Shirataki spaghetti I found did satisfy me and it is low carb. Still haven't tried the mock rice from cauliflower ... I want someone else to make it and I taste if first :)

Trish, I think you asked me ... I do buy the Atkins shakes but I typically mix them with a scoop of protein powder to make them more filling. When I make a regular protein shake I add peaches and some times spinach.

I am down .6 to 165.6 ... this is .6 away from my low of 165 on 9/24/10. I am happy about that. fbs was 134 this morning, I think because I woke up to go to the bathroom and my son had fried some chicken breast nuggets and I ate 3 ... so good :)

pattygirl63 03-01-2014 11:03 PM

Quick flyby just to stay connected. Been a busy day. My beautician wanted to get together and go to a movie this afternoon when she got off work. Told DH that I'm always busy when she asks me to do something with her so we met at the theater. I wanted to see Media's Christmas movie when it came out in December, but we were so busy we didn't have time. So when she told me it was showing, I decided to go see it. I love Tyler Perry's Media movies. I think I have all of them except this one. I haven't laughed so much in a long time. I really needed it.

Ate a lot of carby stuff, for me, today although I didn't go over the carb percentage and I was within 1690 calories as well as the fat and protein percentages allowed. So I am very pleased with how my day went.

I need to get to bed because we are going to church tomorrow so I will read and comment on what y'all wrote tomorrow.

Have a blessed Sunday.

Wannabehealthy 03-02-2014 08:59 AM

Ruth, Thank you! Right back atcha! (I looked at your pretty picture, too). We clean up pretty good, don't we? LOL

A pound lost is a pound lost. Good for you. I never heard of a tooth being reabsorbed. Good luck with that. This is really strange, but I have a bottom tooth in the front that is a little lose. Not noticeable, but I can wiggle it with my finger. Recently, I noticed that it has tightened up to almost normal. I'm wondering if it's from all the leafy green veggies I've been eating lately. The tooth isn't bad, but I didn't want to lose it because being a front tooth I would have to get an implant...$$$$$. Not cheap! It would be really nice if it tightened up back to normal!

Rennie - You have done so well! I think I would love the cauliflower rice but DH isn't big on rice so we don't eat very much of it. I put a bit in stuffed peppers and stuffed cabbage, but not enough to worry about carbs. For me, I could eat rice every day, even if it was made from cauliflower. I am cooking a pot roast in the pressure cooker today. With that storm coming in, it's good roast weather. I will put some carrots in with it and make mashed potatoes for DH. Some other vegetable too, but I haven't decided yet. Wish I had some turnips and parsnips.

Sometimes, with a craving for sweets, that first bite is all you really need.

Trish, glad to hear you enjoyed the movie. Laughter IS the best medicine! They say that people who laugh live longer.

As long as you are AWARE of the carbs you are eating and keeping track of them, you will be fine. You are doing very well.

love2b150 03-02-2014 02:04 PM

Trish we don't go to the movies because there are so many of us so we wait until things come on Redbox. I like most of Tyler Perry's movies but some have the Madea overkill that drives me nuts. My family said I'm the person that doesn't know what's funny and what's not ;) Glad you enjoyed it :) glad you enjoyed your snacks also and stayed OP now how great is that :high:

Thanks Carol Sue :) I loss a tooth lower, bottom, front and it does look funny without it :). I can't get use to it for the life of me. It just came out late last year. I wanted to cry when I found out how much the dentures cost. :( but life goes on and I'll have to live with it until I'm blessed to make it better :D Glad yours tightened up :) I haven't had rice in two months and no mashed potatoes either. I have had a few fries here and there because the boys always fix them but only 5-8 and I am done. Your roast sounds so good :drool: You are so right about the craving for sweets and the first bite or two for sure. Sometimes things that you want that are sweet are just too sweet when you get them ... never thought I'd say that :)

I have hit my all time low and weighed in at 165 this morning ... I hope to keep this going. FBS was even down to 114 :)

Mom2TCS 03-02-2014 03:50 PM

Happy Sunday, everyone! Sorry I've been MIA...my work schedule is long and crazy, and even though I sneak in for a break I never seem to have the time to stop and write. I know the very late nights and short amount of sleep aren't beneficial for blood sugar control or weight loss, but until I can change what I can't currently change, it is what it is. :-)

Rennie, how awesome that you've reached your all-time low AND have a great FBS to go with it. What you're doing is definitely working!

Mad, yay for you, too!! How exciting to see those elusive numbers finally stick!

Ruth, I'm in the "a pound is great!" camp, too. I know it's frustrating not to see more, but it's still a pound gone (and way better than a gain!).

Trish, you are so motivated with your plan and knowing what to do. I can feel the excitement in your posts of how well things are working, and the fact you tracked everything and were able to enjoy your outing without the guilt means everything!

Carol Sue, major congratulations due to you for reaching onederland!! To see that "1" in front of whatever numbers follow has to be such a HUGE boost! :-)

Gayle, glad to hear you're on methotrexate. As for the flares and switching meds, I would say as long as your flares aren't too severe or very frequent, it would be best to stay where you are and possibly increase the dosage before switching meds. You had asked about flares with me, and I haven't had more than a couple, and only because I've overdone something. However, I tend to have a lot of tendon troubles that I never had before RA, so I feel they must be linked. I get severe cramping and pain in my toes and feet, and I've had a couple of fingers pull so badly that they overlapped because of the cramping. Tends to be tied to usage also, and it eventually goes away in a half hour or so. Docs aren't convinced it's an RA issue, but I am. My personal belief is as long as something is working pretty well, it's best to stay there. Yes, there are other meds to try, but I want to reserve them for when I really need them...and the fear that they may not work as well or have other side effects I don't want to deal with.

As for me, a little on the frustrated side. I've been tracking daily and staying at (but mostly just below) 1200 calories a day and seem to be gaining a pound a day the past few days. I'm assuming it must be salt and retained water? I know I can't put real weight on that fast! Hoping to see some improvement in that soon. I saw my new low (by a couple of tenths LOL) on my birthday last week but the day after, I started climbing. I haven't worked this weekend, so no fluid retention in my feet and legs, which is why I was hoping to see better results on the scale. Oh well...if I can just keep going mentally (and food wise!), hopefully I'll be rewarded one day soon!

I know in last month's thread there was discussion about eating 3 meals versus eating smaller, more frequent meals and the effects on blood sugar, and I've been giving that some thought. For those of you who want to eat more frequently but are worried about blood sugar levels not being able to go down in between, I think it's less of an issue than you think. The way I see it, anyway, if you eat 3 larger meals, there is more of a blood sugar spike because of the volume of food. If you eat smaller, more frequent meals, your blood sugar will rise less with each and still fall in between to where you started. It seems to me, anyway, that blood sugars might be better or at least more stable over the course of the day because the spikes would be smaller. And one thing I remember from my dietician when pregnant, a 30-minute walk or other form of exercise after a meal will lower your blood sugar (I definitely saw proof with fingersticks!), so if you're worried about a meal, walk it away. :-)

Sorry for the novel, but wanted to do more than just say hi. LOL

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

pattygirl63 03-02-2014 04:34 PM

Darcy Happy belated Birthday!!! Hope you had a great one. I agree about the exercise after eating. I usually do some form of exercise after eating and always do my 3 mile stationary bicycle riding after my main meal on days that I ride. I read that in a book titled Reversing Diabetes. I'm contemplating the smaller meals throughout the day too. I'm convinced of late that overeating causes fbs to be higher.

Carol Sue So true about normal eaters. I always remember ry little Joel that I kept when I had child care in my home yrs ago. If he ate good for me, he wouldn't eat good for his Mama that night and if he didn't eat good for me that day, he ate great for his Mama. His Mama and I learned that Joel knew when he was hungry and when he wasn't and he would not eat unless he was hungry. When I got into IE, I also remembered a little baby girl that cried all the time. Her Mama and I thought she was hungry and would feed her. Finally I told her Mama, I think you need to take her to the doctor. We had her on a good feeding schedule, but because there was no apparent reason for her crying and feeding her would temporarily satisfy her, we fed her. The doctor said that we were over feeding her. So we had to feed her on a schedule so she could learn the difference in hunger and full. Strange isn't it. Now we have to learn that again as adults.

Ruth 1 lbs lost is a lb lost. Saw your's and Carol Sue's pics and you both are nice looking ladies. I've had to have to bridges put in place. I haven't had implants although my dentist would love to do them. I just don't have the $$$$$$$$$ to do it. However, I have found that when I do a really "good" low carb eating that my gums and teeth improve.

Mad So good to see things working for you again and always good to hear from you.

Rennie YAY!!! For hitting your all time low and weight at 165 this mornin and FBS of 114. You obviously have found what works for you. I've also gone over to the Atkin's food porn thread to find some new ways to eat low carb. My Daddy is drinking the ACV water too. He makes up an 8 oz glass of water with it and puts it in the fridge and just goes and gets a glass of it and sips on it while watching tv, on pc etc. So I decided to do the same thing. I think that is a way to get the fbs to come down as well as the weight. I decided to do that because I don't always want a salad that I can use it in. This also saves calories because oil in my salad adds about 120 calories per Tablespoon.

I'm hitting the protein today. I do eat some carbs, but not a lot. I've thought about going on Atkin's Inductions just for a few days mainly because I kind of overdid the starchy carb foods the past few days. No eating out for at least the next 4 days so may do it at least for those 4 days. Now that I have my routine figured out and I know what to do when I get off plan for a few days, AI makes it so easy to get back OP.

Have a super Sunday evening.

love2b150 03-02-2014 05:31 PM

Thanks Darcy :) and :celebrate: Happy Belated Birthday :celebrate: I am trying to stay between 1200-1300 calories while paying close attention to carbs, protein and sodium. On the days that I have the lower calories I can usually balance them out with a higher day. Are you eating too low too many days in a row? That could be it also, I think when I did that I started to gain also but as soon as I hit a high day I had a nice loss. Weird I know but it worked ... Just a thought :) This held true for me also ---> It seems to me, anyway, that blood sugars might be better or at least more stable over the course of the day because the spikes would be smaller. And one thing I remember from my dietician when pregnant, a 30-minute walk or other form of exercise after a meal will lower your blood sugar (I definitely saw proof with fingersticks!), so if you're worried about a meal, walk it away. :-)

Thanks Trish :) today hasn't been a good eating day for me. I had a snack attack of the brain after church, smh. Hoping I can get it into gear the rest of the day because I overdid it. Wish me luck because this is what I did before I'll go back and look but I think I had a one pound up the next day and then the day after also ... I can't do that again ... I want to at least see Darcy's ticker weight in the morning :crossed:

pattygirl63 03-02-2014 09:34 PM

Rennie Today hasn't been my best eating day either. It has been a high calorie day and very carby. However, I think I know why. I didn't listen to my body. Sunday is a day when I never know what to eat before going to church because I know we are going to eat breakfast when we come home. This morning I really wanted just 1 slice of cheese toast and a cup of coffee to hold me until we got back. Instead I had a serving of the turkey sausage with a slice of cheese. Came home and ate nothing but low carb until I had a starchy snack and I've been on a roll every since. From what I've learned from the past, if I had eaten the cheese toast I would have been fine. It's like once I decided to eat strict low carb that my body went into a crazy eating mode. I have caught it before it got too far out of hand although I did eat way over my daily carbs. Since I've eaten less calories than allowed most days this week, it is my hope that I haven't done too much damage.

I must start doing what I've learned from Intuitive Eating. I have got to start listening to what my body signals tell me it wants to eat and eat it. Intuitive Eating says to stop the dieting mindset of eating what I think I should eat instead of eating what I am hungry for. Got to stay tuned into it better.

I'm through eating tonight and tomorrow starts a new week with a new day. May end up with a gain as I haven't been watching sodium like I should. Just chalk it up for another week of learning. I don't want to ride this roller coaster of up and down any more. I am determined to work at the scales moving down without all this bouncing around.

love2b150 03-02-2014 09:54 PM

Trish and my problem is I try not to drink anything before church because I don't want to have to go to the bathroom. Then when I get home since I eat usually a yogurt before, I am hungry and think of everything in the world to eat that's usually off plan. And today for some reason I was sleepy so I took a nap after eating all of the mess I ate, smh. ... and yes ---> tomorrow starts a new week with a new day. thank goodness for the chance to get it right :) oh and my calories and protein were low and carbs high :( I will do better tomorrow (I hope) :)

Wannabehealthy 03-03-2014 09:14 AM


Originally Posted by pattygirl63;4954960

Rennie[/b] YAY!!! For hitting your all time low and weight at 165 this mornin and FBS of 114. You obviously have found what works for you. I've also gone over to the Atkin's food porn thread to find some new ways to eat low carb. My Daddy is drinking the ACV water too. He makes up an 8 oz glass of water with it and puts it in the fridge and just goes and gets a glass of it and sips on it while watching tv, on pc etc. So I decided to do the same thing. I think that is a way to get the fbs to come down as well as the weight. I decided to do that because I don't always want a salad that I can use it in. This also saves calories because oil in my salad adds about 120 calories per Tablespoon.

Where is this Trish? I googled it and couldn't find it anywhere!! ;)

Wannabehealthy 03-03-2014 09:34 AM

Everyone has their ups and downs. Nothing to really worry about. Just get back on plan and go on.

My roast turned out really good. I did go to the store and get the parsnips and turnips. I put them in the cooker too soon and they got too mushy, but I ate some anyway. They are higher carb than I should be eating but they do have fiber. I have developed a taste for them and usually chop them up for my vegetable soup. This is the first time I made them with a roast, so next time I will add them just for the last 5 minutes.

Today I'm going to cook some hot sausage. I saw sausage buns in the grocery store yesterday but I decided we didn't need to eat it on a bun. On a plate will be just fine. DH will get some french fries with his and I don't know what I will have. Maybe some sauteed pepper slices.

We usually eat out a lot so we can each order what we like, but I'm trying to cook more at home to save money. Even if we choose the cheapest restaurant in town we're well over $20 by the time we leave a tip.

OK Girls, let's see what we can do in March! Ready, Set, GO!!

pattygirl63 03-03-2014 01:08 PM


Originally Posted by Wannabehealthy (Post 4955419)
Where is this Trish? I googled it and couldn't find it anywhere!! ;)

It's on www.lowcarbfriends.com

pattygirl63 03-03-2014 01:33 PM

Well, I am up about a lb from the ticker, but the same on MFP so show no gain officially there. However, I did my monthly measures this morning and didn't look at all of them just the ones I put on MFP (never added them there till today) and I've lost about 3" officially on MFP and probably more if I had checked the others. So not really too bad considering how things went food wise the past few days.

I did my MFP food plan for today before I went to bed. I like to have a guide. I'm going to eat the carbs, but use the idea I read in one of the articles Carol Sue shared. I will use the 12 -20 grams idea eat no more than 20 grams at a meal and see how that works. I'm drinking the ACV water before meals. It's good for digestion any way.

I had oatmeal for breakfast. Used the fruit etc and ate about half a serving except with the yogurt which I only had 1/3 serving and may have to cut it back to 1/4 because I don't like soggy oatmeal. I'm using 1 tsp coconut oil in the oatmeal.

I've got boneless babyback ribs very lean that I found at Sam's and we will have that today. I will have greens and DH will have broccoli and I've got brown rice planned to go with it. I will have a salad with baked chicken tenderloins cut up in it for dinner with ACV and EVOO. I'll have celery with whipped PB for a snack tonight. Today is my 3 mile stationary bike ride which will help too. FBS was 150 this morning. So I'm pleased with that. I will never understand how we can rock along with good fbs for a few days and then all of a sudden have a swing up in the 180s like I did last week. I sure hope to get in the 140s this week. But it does seem to work in a way that I don't understand.:dizzy:

Carol Sue Your roast sounds so good. I've been wanting a pork roast, but haven't found a pretty one that is fairly lean. We lost our 2 Bi-Lo grocery stores here and I have to go to another town to shop at one. We used to go eat close to one on Sundays after church, but just can't do that now with economy like it is. We don't eat out as much as we used to either. DGS hasn't decided what he is doing for spring break yet and may have to feed him for a week. So kind of holding on to money as much as I can right now. Any way, Publix bought out our Bi-Lo stores and isn't supposed to be open until next year. They are a little more expensive, but if they do like they did in FL, they have healthier foods... especially "fresh" fish and good meats. I'll be glad when they open. I've never eaten parsnips. I knew they were higher carbs, but since I'm allowing more carbs in my way of eating, I just may try them.

Some how this posted before I was finished. I agree with Carol Sue we are shooting for a better March. I think we are all doing better because WE NO LONG GIVE UP. WE PICK UP OURSELVES AND GET BACK OP. NO MORE of those "I blew so I may as well eat". We are LEARNING TO DO THIS RIGHT!!! YAY!!!

I personally call that a HUGE accomplishment!!!! WE CAN AND WE WILL DO THIS!!!

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