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Throwing out entire groups of food is for people who think that food is a problem. Sugar is evil, carbs are made for a different species (aliens maybe?), fats are for fatties, and finally eating becomes some kind of chemistry experiment. You can't concoct a new diet, that's like concocting a new kind of chemical. In real life I've met lots of paleo eaters, lots of carb haters but you know what? I've never seen anyone die a paleo eater or a carb hater. I've seen people swear things off for life, but never seen anyone follow through with it long term. I've seen people struggle with food until the day they die, I've seen people miserable trying to find the right way to eat.

Here's the thing, going grain free and low carb is for people who don't have problems with food behaviors. They don't have eating disorders. They feel perfectly capable of controlling themselves around food and don't feel emotionally deprived when restricting themselves in that way. Fine, someone must like that though I have never in real life met anyone like that, EVER! Only on the internet have I come across people like that so in my mind they're about as real as a video game. They're known as DIETERS. I've learned that dieters are pretty miserable people, because they keep talking about food and especially bad food. There's no other reason that someone keeps talking about bad food unless they're miserable, no reason whatsoever. Normal people don't go around talking about bad foods, they just don't, look around at the normal people in your life. Tell them about your grain theory and watch how their face goes blank as they reach for their tuna sandwich and plug you into the "cray cray" category.

Sure we can tweak our diets to be more nutritious. Sure we feel awful if we eat a whole box of donuts. Nobody is going to argue that. But going around telling everyone that donuts are going to kill you is scaremongering at best lol. They're sweet little yum yums and if someone crazy person inside your head is telling you that they're evil then you're no better than the ancient greeks that believed that that Zeus was pelting thunder down on their heads.

Overcoming an eating disorder and losing weight are two entirely different things. I suppose someone can get up to 300lbs without having an eating disorder but I don't know for sure, is that really possible?

"If you pay attention to when you are hungry, what your body wants, what you are eating, when you've had enough, you end the obsession because obsession and awareness cannot coexist." - Geneen Roth
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