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Imready85 03-21-2014 08:35 PM

Will I ever be able to lose weight?
I have tried to eat right since Tuesday and today I binged like crazy. I love food more than anything and try to lose weight everyday, but it gets the best of me. I cannot give up food. SOmeone please offer any suggestions. Thank you

kaybee1 03-21-2014 08:42 PM

maybe your approach should be more about portion control rather than cutting out things cold turkey? at least to start, anyway. if you find that depriving yourself makes you end up binging on that item later, then maybe a program like WeightWatchers would work for you. You eat whatever you want but you have a limit of how much you can eat per day - not a diet, but a lifestyle change, as they say.

kaybee1 03-21-2014 08:42 PM

btw, it can take some time to build up your discipline and get the ball rolling. it's only been a couple days since you started and tomorrow is another day!

Pattience 03-21-2014 09:50 PM

If we knew what you ate in a typical day for the last three days minus the binge, we might be able to offer you some clarifying info.

In the meantime we are just guessing what might be going on?

a) you are restricting calories too much and getting hungry
b) your mood and therefore seratonin levels are low
c) your foods are not well balanced and therefore not satisfying. YOu want to have a balance of something like 55g carbs, 20 % fats (preferably mostly vegetable fats or fish fats) and 25% protein. You can adjust all these about 5-10% either way.
d)the foods you are eating lack nutrition and are highly processed and have a lot of calories for their weight.
e) you are not busy enough and haven't addressed boredom or other lifestyle factors
f)your sleep patterns are out and contributing to this problem and you are not getting enough daylight.
g) you are under stress or pressure.
h) you are going too long without food and getting hungry between meals.

Start keeping a food diary somewhere. show us what you are doing and we can help you tweak it.
do it here for a little while if you want.

diamondgeog 03-21-2014 11:44 PM

I'm going to chime in because the weight watchers portion control approach never worked for me. Ironically I did have to go cold turkey. I had an insulin production problem. Too much bread, pasta, potatoes, made me hungry all the time. I was a slave to my hunger.

It was hard to transition away. But once I got my body chemistry under control my hunger went away. I guess you need to expirement. I never thought I could give up the stuff I did. But I could because the act of cutting them out literally changed my insulin levels to where I didn't crave them anymore.

Patience's approach above would never work for me. I think she meant 55% carbs. If you are insulin resistant to any extent that will keep insulin virtually always present. Your body will prefer carbs to use as fuel since it knows they will always be there and will store calories as fat and it will be hard to burn stored fat.

When you drop your carbs, your body has no choice but to burn its stored fat. It is called becoming fat adapted. Yes it's real and yes it does work for many.

But many people do great on portion control. Different ways to peel an onion.

Pattience 03-22-2014 12:26 AM

Diamond did you have much protein in your diet? What propotion of your total calorie intake was protein? Do you have any idea?

But you can reduce your carbs to 45 percent and increase your protein if you think you need to. It will make it easier.

I think Diamond you got to the point you got to because your carbs were just too much. I mean far more than your body could handle and for too long.

If you've been diagnosed as insulin resistant or diabetic it is safest to start working with a dietician. And also if you repeatedly have problems.

I certainly know that if i try to start a diet at certain times, i just can't do it. I think its because my seratonin is too low. And i think getting into the right frame of mind for a diet is very important. If you are going to crack within a few days of starting, you are just doing something wrong and that could be something as mysterious as your seratonin levels. You don't really feel depressed when your seratonin levels are low but you do want to eat carbs all the time. But that backfires.

I just think quitting the sugar should be enough, particularly if your mood is ok. Quitting sugar doesn't mean you should feel free to eat 10 slices of bread a day. I'd think anything more than 4 is trouble.

All that said, i can't really do portion control per se either. I need to get my appetite for bad foods in check. And the above is how i do it. I am not insulin resistant either. But if i were, i'd be talking to my doctor and a dietician for advice and i'd be trying to follow it.

Palestrina 03-22-2014 07:51 AM


Originally Posted by Imready85 (Post 4968168)
I have tried to eat right since Tuesday and today I binged like crazy. I love food more than anything and try to lose weight everyday, but it gets the best of me. I cannot give up food. SOmeone please offer any suggestions. Thank you

Hello and welcome. I know it's difficult to feel so frustrated but can you tell us more about what you are eating, what you miss eating when you're dieting and what kind of activity level you are comfortable with?

It's terrifying when someone tells you you have to stop eating, I know. We build our lives comforting ourselves with food and then someone comes along and tells you to stop eating sugar, stop eating fat, stop eating processed food, stop eating grains, stop eating potatoes.... all the things that you want to continue eating. Some people do well for a long time eliminating these foods from their diets, but you don't really have to. You can learn some skills about how to eat, how to make a few changes that will benefit you and still feel like yourself.

Pattience 03-22-2014 08:02 AM

wannabe, like everything else, its great in theory. I"ve tried eating well and eating what i want and not obsessing but it didn't work for me.

I was off the wagon within a short frame of time. I've always known how to eat healthy. I've always been more of a non-processed healthy no nonsense type of eater, except for the comfort eating thing and it turned into a sugar addiction and its just got worse over the years.

Trying to eat sugar in moderation is really really hard for some people.

I don't know if its the case with the OP but the only way i can eat sugar is if someone else moderates it for me. That's why i've quit sugar.

People don't tell others they have to quit sugar or anything. People just make suggestions and one can only then decide for themselves.

I would love to be able to eat sweets in moderation the IE way but my body is stronger than my mind.

Palestrina 03-22-2014 08:32 AM


Originally Posted by Pattience (Post 4968369)
...my body is stronger than my mind.

That's my whole process.

Personally I'm sick and tired of the terrorizing that goes on concerning food. It's hard for me to understand why someone in their right mind would want to get rid of hunger, when it's such a necessary and base instinct. I mean it's practically paleo lol. But now it's this bad thing we have to banish, get rid of it. If we can get rid of hunger we'd stop eating! As a person who's tried dieting for decades I can tell you that none of these methods have resulted in lasting results. They're terrifying, and they're terrorizing to be honest. I'm sorry my posts upset you but I can't help it. I'm tired of villainizing food, therefore villainzing people who eat food. I'm over it.

diamondgeog 03-22-2014 08:36 AM


For sure I was eating too many carbs. My body was classic 'carb belly' and I don't drink alcohol. AND I wasn't drinking any diet or regular soda, just water and tea. No fruit juices.

I don't calorie count or carb or protein count. Eating whole foods and cutting out grains, and upping saturated fat things are just easy and natural now. And I am strong and endurance is great.

I found an approach my body and mind loves, no hunger, no discipline needed. Just a WOE my body thrives on.

I've posted numerous times on the science behind low carb high fat. Everyone needs to research for themselves. My personal expirement of 1 was this. When I accepted the 'new' science as real and the last 50 years of advice as wrong, everything worked beyond my wildest expectations. Would that be the case for someone else? Don't know. It is working for my wife though just as well. So maybe raise the personal number to 2.

carter 03-22-2014 08:38 AM


Originally Posted by Imready85 (Post 4968168)
I have tried to eat right since Tuesday and today I binged like crazy. I love food more than anything and try to lose weight everyday, but it gets the best of me. I cannot give up food. SOmeone please offer any suggestions. Thank you

I also love food, LOVE IT. But I did manage to work with my love of food and lose 120 pounds, and keep most of it off (I admit I am struggling with a partial regain now).

You do not have to give up food and you do not even have to give up enjoying what you eat. You will have to experiment a bit, though, to find an approach that works for you, an approach that you can stick to readily.

I don't know what you weigh or what you mean when you say "eat right". But it is possible that you are trying to do too much at one time, too much restriction, or telling yourself that you can never eat such-and-such again. Try making one good choice at a time. Stick to your plan right now, at your next eating opportunity, without thinking about tomorrow or the next day or the next day.

If you don't have a plan, if you don't understand what I mean by plan, let us know, and we can help you develop one.

diamondgeog 03-22-2014 09:02 AM

I'll just do this post here and the bugger off. And like all of you just reporting my reality and what worked for me.

I like to think of wild animals as eating what they were intended to. Sure they get lots of exercise and food is scarcer so lots of variables. But wolves and big cats aren't eating grains. But we feed our pets grains and a lot have health problems.

I think non-veggie carb and sugar consumption does a lot of damage to the body even if you are not overweight. Causes inflammation that is a root cause of a lot of serious stuff. Add to that that they kept me hungry and in fat storage mode and I think everyone can see why I choose to limit them and why it worked.

yoyoma 03-22-2014 09:25 AM


Originally Posted by diamondgeog (Post 4968413)
I like to think of wild animals as eating what they were intended to. Sure they get lots of exercise and food is scarcer so lots of variables. But wolves and big cats aren't eating grains. But we feed our pets grains and a lot have health problems.

DG, thank you for sharing your personal experience, but the diet of wild predators doesn't really have any implications for human diets.

That said, I also experience the most success with more satisfying foods when I carefully limit my starchy foods (and btw, despite what some people think, the problem with my starchy carbs is not the "goo" that I might hypothetically put on them, which I don't). I do listen to the experiences that other people share and I factor their experiences in when I think about my own WOE. This has led me to trying a lot of new things, and some of them have been very helpful. That is the main reason I tried limiting my starchy carbs in the first place.

To the OP: Don't give up hope! Many of us have "failed" many times; many of us have episodes of binging. But we don't truly fail unless we stop trying to find the approach that works for us.

Different people find success with different approaches. If one approach doesn't work well for you, try another. There's lots of experienced people on this site with calorie counting, Intermittent Fasting, Low Carb, Paleo, commercial programs (like Ideal Protein, Metabolic Research Center, Weight Watchers), and a variety of others. It may also be a personal combination of approaches, which is what I am using.

Good luck in finding an approach that works for you!

diamondgeog 03-22-2014 09:46 AM

Thanks YoYo,

I really will bugger off but wanted to say I was making an analogy. I don't think overweight is a problem for many wild animals or humans prior to the agricultural revolution. Why? For both eating what they evolved to eat.

Also like your combo approach. I myself am not Paleo. I also realize I am NOT eating like 20,000 years ago: no organ meats, etc. It is a template for me. I have a lot of dairy and my body thrives on it. BTW if you can find Kalona products in your town they are a MUST try. Not only is their butter fantastic but their sour cream and cottage cheese is like nothing you have ever tried. Transcendently good.

mars735 03-22-2014 10:05 AM

yoyoma, your posts are often spot on for me. Thanks!

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