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Today I found a really good reason for me to get a little box where I can keep all my receipts. A few days ago at the supermarket, I bought a can of hairspray. I didn't try to use it until this morning and it wouldn't spray. DH tried to work it but no dice. He said he thinks there is no pressure in the can. If you shake it you can tell it's full. This store has a strict policy about having the receipt for a return unless it is a mfg recall. I looked in my purse and the receipt was there. I usually throw them away when I accumulate too many and clean out my purse. Bad thing my DH does, he crumples up the receipt and throws it away on his way out of the store. Then I cannot return anything, even when he comes home with the wrong thing. He needs to be retrained! LOL

This morning I ate some oatmeal with my scrambled eggs, and I am feeling hungry already. That never happens when I just eat the eggs. Maybe oatmeal just isn't for me. Bummer. I really like it.

Bread is such a problem for me that even with high fiber low carb bread I overeat, so I'm better off not eating it at all.

Has anyone ever tried that Ezekiel bread? I've heard about it but never tried it. I would rather have no bread than waste calories eating something that doesn't taste good.

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