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Originally Posted by Ruthxxx View Post
Checking in. Weight is 193 and FBGL is 6.8 of 122.8 in American. That's not too bad considering I've not been taking my meds for over a week. Pill boxes are filled now and I'm on track. I had ham salad on celery sticks for breakfast.

Just checked the local obits and I have two funerals to go to this week! I will NOT go to the usual post-service "feasts" if I can manage to get out of it.

Sorry to hear of the funerals coming up. I went to a post-service luncheon this week and I ate some deli turkey without the bun, along with some lettuce and tomato. I also had a bit of cole slaw. I didn't want to miss the socialization but also didn't want to blow my diet. Of course, this was a family funeral. It is not usually necessary to attend when it's just a friend or acquaintance. The acquaintance will not be there.
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