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Carol Sue Thanks for the link. As usual it is very helpful and I see that I was eating some fiber already, just not enough. I'm sure the weight gain was caused for 2 reasons. Number 1, I was adding whole grains and #2 I was going over on the calorie count. My diabetic book I have from Prevention explains how to add fiber slowly and it also says we should work up to 50 grams of fiber, but to keep calories between 1400 and 1600. I was going over. Also probably not drinking enough water. I'm having to learn to add the fiber and stay within the calorie count. Hopefully MFP will help me to tweak so I can eat healthy fiber carbs both grains and veggies.

Niki to our group. I think men are as complicated to us as we are to them. I think my second hubby was insecure like Carol Sue's was when they married. I was my second husbands 3rd wife. His second wife rain around on him and he died not knowing that his second son with her was his son and never was sure about his daughter. We raised the 3 children ourselves because she couldn't be bothered. So I've always felt that he had mixed feelings about me and my weight. He wanted me to lose weight because he was afraid of losing me to death, but I think he was afraid that if I lost weight I would leave him. He ended up being the one who died and left me because he could never give up smoking even when he knew he was sick and they were killing him.

My present DH was afraid of losing me when I was diagnosed with T2 diabetes because he lost his wife because she had complications from the disease. We were both shocked when he was diagnosed with it too. Now that I'm starting to see results of my way of eating and exercise, he suddenly has gotten interested in working at his as well. He used to fuss about the way I was always dieting trying to find something would help me lose the weight and get the fbs down. Now that he has the problem he understands my problem better and doesn't say much to me any more. The nice thing is that we are now working together to improve our health.

You might try what Carol Sue said and maybe it will work. I probably doesn't know what to say or do (men like to fix things and really get upset when they can't). So just saying you aren't hungry may do the trick for you.

Rennie I set my goal at 150 because DH things I will look good at that weight. He seems to think 130 or 135 will be to thin for me. I'm going to work at getting to 150 and then I will decide if I want to lose more.

My fbs was back down to 150 this morning and weight was up a little more, but I expect that to change with me being more attentive to keeping the calories in check. I seem to be having no problem getting fiber to 35 grams with the calorie count MFP has set for me, but it is going to be work to get it to 50 grams. But I'm supposed to do it slowly so I've got time to do it.

Have a nice weekend.

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