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Good morning all. I didn't get in here yesterday as I had to chauffer a hurt husband around and do errands for him. On Tuesday he slipped on ice out on the plant and fell hard. He drove home and I took him to the medical place OJI uses. They don't have chest xray facilities so we had to call his boss and find out where we needed to go, which ended up Baptist Hospital where I had my breast surgery done. Well, night and day difference between the two hospitals. If you remember right I told you it took over 3 hours to get Jack's finger taken care of when he cut it. We were in and out including xrays and meds and such in under an hour. He only waited in the waiting room about 10 minutes. I went to the vending machine to get myself something to drink and it was right off the waiting room and I came back and they had taken him in. He didn't sit in the room forever either. When I got in there there was a nurse and a guy doing his temp and his BP and stuff and she took info and told him who would be coming in to see him and when she did they would give him something for the pain. In walks the PA not more than 10 minutes later and only about 10 minutes after that the gal to take him to xray. They are so much more efficient and I told Jack barring a heart attack or something where we could die within 10 minutes we are going to go to Baptist hospital from now on. Anyway, he has a broken rib. He is in a lot of pain, but they gave him meds to dull it. It doesn't take it away for sure, but they do make him sleep.

Susan: Glad you had a nice time at the quilt show. Are the stencils plastic?? I don't know a whole lot about quilting though I used to watch this quilting program on PBS all the time just because I liked to see all the different quilt designs. I have never been able to sew, but then I haven't tried to take it up in my adult years either. I imagine now I could learn if I took some lessons, but I think I will just stick to knitting. It is going to rain here today, but supposed to be in the low 50's and start climbing so I am hopeful.

Maggie: How is your winter weather? Alicia posted some pics of deers outside the hospital windows in her office and poor things were eating the bird seed they put out. I imagine they had a tough time finding food up there this winter with the constant snow.

Jean: Glad you are back safe and sound and sorry you ended up paying for the baggage stuff. They rip you off so much nowadays. Did you see the article about the guy who wrote on a cocktail napkin and left it in his seat being snotty about the fact his pilot was a woman. It was totally chauvinistic, but she got him back because she knew what seat he was in and had an email address and wrote him back and was so classy about it and it was funny actually. She has been flying for 17 years and told him he had the perfect right to get off the plane and try to get on another flight if he didn't want to fly with a woman.

Well gals, I am going to fix myself and hubby some breakfast. He is home until at least Tuesday. I have a dr appt this morning so he is going to have to take care of himself for a couple hours. Thank goodness for cell phones so he doesn't have to get up and answer a phone or call me if he needs me. Have a good Thursday. We are rolling right along. We are now under 200 days until the cruise. Faye
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