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"Gma" -- The sun has come out and we are seeing more of the back yard brown grass as the day goes along. The black orphan cat spent yesterday afternoon stretched out on the deck in the sun. I see he has just returned. Sonny doesn't like him so when the weather is nice, I never leave the door open if I'm leaving the room. Both yesterday and today Sonny hasn't tried to chase him off so maybe he will be calmer this summer. I am so ready to have doors and windows open! I just hope we don't get real hot and humid without a few spring days first. I could really tell that I haven't been walking the first day or so in Maui. There is a time limit on the parking lots that are closer to the harbor, and then cheaper or even free parking a few blocks beyond. My feet were rally swollen the first night after hiking to and from the farthest lot. Sometimes the guys would drop us off or offer to go get the van and pick us up, which I appreciated. In shopping the walking doesn't bother me but just standing around waiting to make a decision does. We had our first robin this morning. He was shivering on the birdbath when we were having breakfast. It's a good thing he will eat birdseed because it will be awhile before there will be a worm menu.
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