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QuilterInVA 02-26-2014 02:27 PM

Steel Magnolias #73
:) Good afternoon, ladies! The weather man was calling for rain and snow (1 inch) today but so far just sunshine and 37 degrees.

The big Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show starts at 7:30 pm this evening and ends at 4 pm on Sunday and you know I'll be there as much as I can. Depends somewhat on how my back and foot react to a lot of walking and standing. This is year 25 for the show and I've made it to every one. I'll probably not buy much unless there's something new and exciting.

Faye, I'm with you on wanting some warmer weather. This has been a crazy winter for sure.

Jean, basking in the warm sun - wonderful!

Maggie, how are you coming with outfitting the RV? I hope the farmers get enough water this winter!

Have a wonderful day, I need to get back to work.

gma22 02-27-2014 10:00 AM

Good morning gals. It is cold here again this morning. I think it is supposed to maybe hit 40 today though. They are calling for a lot of rain over the weekend, which is per usual when we commissary shop to get stuck in a rain storm.

Been working a lot on the wrap and the colorway is great. I am supposed to get my clothing today so we shall see how it goes with the dress. I did order a couple more pairs of sandals, one in a silver glitter to wear with the purple dress, a black and white striped handbag and a pair of sunglasses for the trip. Hopefully, I am set now for vacation. I need to take Jack to go and get a new pair of New Balance. He has been wanting a new pair for about a year now. He takes the ones he is wearing and uses them to go back and forth to work, throws the old ones out and then wears the new ones everywhere else. I think the current ones he is wearing are about 3 years old. This brand wears so great that it is the only running shoe brand he buys even though he can't run anymore.

Jean: I saw yesterday Disney just raised their one day ticket prices to right around $100. They try to get people to buy multiple day tickets by giving them a "break on the price" but frankly it is still ridiculously expensive IMO. I doubt we ever go there now unless we can get tickets from the military that are a lot cheapers someday. How the heck can a family go on vacation there? They say the parks are jammed all the time so I wonder how much debt families go into to take their kids to Disney. One of Kelly's friends takes their two kids once a year. If you figure a 3 day ticket is $180 apiece, and let's say they drive from Indiana, which they usually do I think. Just the tickets are over $700 then there is eating in the park, hotels to and from and while you are down there, gas, souvenirs or whatnot, you could easily spend thousands for one trip and I know they go for a week. YIKES!

Susan: Hope you and your foot are coming along. I know you have said you don't make quilts for people, but when you show your quilts do you put them for sale at quilt shows??? Hopefully, spring is just around the corner. They are talking about us getting snow showers next Thursday, which is my dr appt day, ugh!

Maggie: Hope all is going well for you.

Well girls, need to get started on chores. Have a great day all. Faye

Jean 02-27-2014 01:10 PM

Good Morning! The sun is shining, but the wind has followed me from Iowa to Hawaii! We are getting a slow start this morning; we were all in bed before 10 last night. There was a plane crash on another island yesterday but haven't heard any details. Plan to go to breakfast, whale watch, and then plan the rest of the day.

Susan -- Thanks for staring a new thread! I hope the snow bypasses you. I know you will enjoy the quilt weekend; hope your foot and back don't bother you too much.

"Gma" -- DW reps try to talk visitors into buying time shares so they can plan yearly family vacations. We didn't check it out because we had a place to stay, but supposedly if you stay in a Disney hotel, on site, there is no travel expense because they will take you wherever you want to go. I think it is for a week with entrance into all the parks, but I could be wrong. Either way it is pricey. Hope Jack can find the shoes he likes and your clothes arrive when they should.

I lost my connection earlier so came back to finish. Had a great watch where four guys were racing, fighting to get to the girl. Hope you all enjoy your day! :wave:

Maggie 02-27-2014 06:41 PM

Thursty Thursday

Do any of you have a glass nail file by La Vague®? It is frosted glass and it is breakable so comes in a plastic tube to keep it in when not in use. I just got one the other day and it works very well. I was looking for a shorter Diamondeb® to keep in my purse for the ones I have are 8 inches and I was in search for a shorter one like I got back in the 60’s and they only have the longer ones in stock here and this glass one is 5˝ inches long.

I just got my computer back from the teckies today ~ none of my thumb drives worked and it seems something had to be updated that I was unaware of so they took care of it at no cost. I had my yearly check up today and everything is in order for another year. Will said we can motor back this way next year for our yearly check ups so we won’t have to change doctors. Sounds good to me for we can visit some nice folks here when we are here for that.

DONNA FAYE I love Disneyland. When we lived in CA we went to Disneyland at least once a month just for a day and used their free parking. Most of the time we didn't have to pay anything for we had coupons for the place. It pays to know folks in high places. It all started with a trip there many years ago and I was there with my sister and a cousin. We received free passes for our next trip there and it became a tradition to be given free passes. The only thing we had to pay for was our food and drinks and what ever we bought in the shops. They just required us to check in with the office and then they took our old passes and gave us new ones for the next trip. I even met and had a nice conversation with Walt Disney during one of our trips there. I still have my life time pass to get into any National Forest for free also.

JEAN Sounds like you are having a lovely time of it there ~ wish I was there right now. :o

SUSAN I know you will buy something at that show ~ there must be something new that you "just have to have." :cool: We have just about everything we need to outfit the RV and now the thing is to get it loaded. We can bring it over here and do that when the weather turns more like spring. I do need to get some sheets cut of non skid though to line the kitchen cupboards with and the things that might clang together.

Have a good day my cyber friends.
Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

Jean 02-28-2014 06:34 PM

Good Afternoon! We are hanging out at the condo this afternoon until it's time to meet the third couple from Iowa for supper at a 50s restaurant called Peggy Sue's. We've eaten there and it's so fun. Pictures of movie stars from that era plus a juke box that plays without putting money into it. The food is good too. The morning started out sunny and cool but now it's very hazy and warm. The whale watch trip was a good boat ride but the whales weren't cooperating; we saw a few but nothing spectacular.

Maggie -- I do have a glass nail file but have no clue who made it. I got it from the guy who does my nails. Glad to hear you and your computer are both "up to snuff."

Guess we are going to play cards, guys against the girls. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

Jean 03-01-2014 12:24 PM

Good Morning! It started raining last night, is still raining this morning, and supposed to have heavier rains tomorrow. Not sure what will happen to our whale watching since we prepaid for ten trips and have two left. We are supposed to cancel 24 hours in advance to get our money back. It's -21 wind chill at home and 2 - 4" of snow expected, with wind, of course. It's going to be a shock getting off the plane!

I need to finish my hair so I'm ready to roll when everyone else is. Have a great day! :wave:

gma22 03-01-2014 06:15 PM

Good afternoon everyone. I had a hair appt early this morning then errands to run so haven't had a spare minute to come in here and post.

Somewhere today I ripped the seat out of my blue jeans!! :(:cry::eek: I had one of my new tops on, which is a baby doll style and really long so my bum was covered, but I had no clue they had ripped clear down one side of the pocket and shredded so they can't be repaired so had to trash them. I got them on sale several years ago as they were petites. They have always been short in the stride but perfect length because I have a long stride and short legs. I looked to see how much to get new ones and they are $54 apiece! :fr: So for now, no new blue jeans. Hopefully the other two pair won't follow suit. I was walking around in Walmart like that so I hope I don't show up on that Walmart people site, :lol:. No, truly my behind was covered by the top the whole time or I think I would have noticed the breeziness. :lol:

We did a different color with my hair. She said she didn't like how the blond pieces turned brassy, neither did I, so we did all red this time, but two different colors of red one two shades lighter. Looks really pretty and the cut is cute too.

Breast is coming along, but the gause keeps sticking when it drains and dries so I am going to use this stuff I got from the hospital when I had my abdomen surgeries that is wound cleaner that just sprays on and going to get some Bactine for protection as I found out the antibiotic stuff has petroleum jelly in it even the creams, which will prevent the breast from draining and I don't want that. Good ole Bactine will do the trick as it does for scraped knees and such and this is about to the same stage. I go back to see her on Thursday of next week so hopefully she thinks it looks good.
I am sick of wearing a bra 24/7 though.

Oh my gosh, Jack bought a new flavor of Ben and Jerry's ice cream called Scotchy Scotch Scotch. Wow is it good! It is butterscotch ice cream with butterscotch swirls. I took one taste and that was it. The stuff is delicious, but super duper sweet. Jack who is a sweet nut even ate only about 5 small spoonfuls because it is so sweet, but it sure is butterscotchy. I told jack they should put in chocolate swirls or choc chips and they would have a Butterfinger. :lol:

Jean: When are you guys heading home? I know Jay and Alicia are supposed to get a major storm again and my sister called me on Friday and said the wind and snow was blowing so bad it was -18 and they had closed the bypass because it was to slippery to drive on and total white out. Guess they are sorry they left Mexico. :lol: Jack is in the recliner snoozing away for awhile and I am trying to get things caught up here this afternoon. I am doing a load of laundry and did up the dishes. The restaurant sounds neat. They have one similar in Branson, but we have never tried it.

Maggie: I have never been to Disneyworld only Disneyland and that was decades ago when Jay was little. I really liked it. I heard the parks are so big now that walking is a killer and you have to break it up into multiple days.

Well girls, gonna check my laundry. Have a great weekend. Tomorrow is commissary day for us. Faye

Jean 03-01-2014 08:01 PM

"Gma" -- Sorry about your jeans. I doubt you will be in any of the WM pictures. :lol: I have a favorite pair but I don't wear them away from the house. Glad you like your new hair color and cut! I've been eating pineapple and coconut ice cream at the local ice cream shop. :T They have special island favors and will give samples. We leave here 11:30 pm Tuesday night and get into Omaha around 3:30 Wed., I think. We had the best whale watch ever this morning. It cleared off while we were eating breakfast so worked out fine. The sun came out and it's more humid now. Better than snow and below 0 any day!

gma22 03-02-2014 10:12 AM

Good morning all. We are headed for heavy rain all day then the temps are going to drop and we are supposed to get ice for Jack to drive to work in the morning. I sure hope the temps stay up, but it was 60 at 7 AM this morning and it has dropped 15 degrees already so I am doubtful.

I got a call from Jackson this morning thanking me for his Valentine's gift. He is so hilarious. He talks so precisely sometimes. Like I ask him if he wished he was back in Mexico with the weather being so cold in Indiana and he said, "Definitely!" Then when we were through talking he told me he was giving the phone to my son. :lol: I had him on speaker and Jack heard that and thought it was funny because he didn't say his dad wanted to talk but my son. Alicia says work for her has been nuts because the guy that was left in charge messed up big time. She finally convinced the head person to move the guy somewhere else. Alicia is the head pharmacist for a mental hospital and she said it takes a people person to deal with that sort of environment and he isn't at all.

We are leaving in just a few to go commissary shopping. I hate it when it rains to go grocery shopping, but you have to eat. I am going to make meatloaf for dinner tonight I think. Nice comfort food for cold and wet weather. Jack isn't a soup eater as he says it doesn't satisfy so we don't have chili or potato soup, etc even with sandwiches. He can be a pain to cook for sometimes for sure.

Jean:Your ice cream sounds great except if it has actual coconut in it. I hate coconut, but love the flavor. I got this pineapple slush thing from Sonic awhile back and it was great. You all enjoy your last couple days then be safe coming home.

Everyone enjoy your Sunday. Faye

Jean 03-03-2014 01:00 AM

Good Evening! We got up to pouring rain, rain, and more rain. The 8:00 boat went out but our 10:00 trip was cancelled. We were glad! We can use our last ticket punch tomorrow so all is well. We went through the sugar cane museum this afternoon, interesting but not exciting. We also drove by where the surfers like to go; huge waves/surf but no surfers today. Tonight we played cards with the other Iowa couple, have done some laundry, and now watching the Oscars. It's 7:55 here.

"Gma" -- Meatloaf sounds really good right now. I hate to admit it but I am tired of eating out although the food has been good overall. I think it's more expensive this time, but Bob doesn't think so. :dunno: Hope your commissary trip went ok. I can remember when Jason was little and my dad would call. Jason would just shake his head yes or no and didn't understand that Grandpa needed to hear him because he couldn't see him. There are pieces of pineapple and coconut in the ice cream. :T Hope the ice doesn't happen so Jack can go to work.

Hope you all have a marvelous Monday tomorrow! We are on the countdown. :(

gma22 03-03-2014 11:20 AM

good morning here in frozen Memphis. Jack stayed home instead of fighting the ice. He just took a vacation day. It is very cold and we have snow and ice on everything.

I made Jack a waffle for breakfast which is a treat as weekdays he eats cereal.

We decided to go get spaghetti yesterday afternoon so meat loaf is on for tonight. Everything is ready in fridge to just pop in the oven. I made the loaf, baked beans and scalloped potatoes up this morning and cleaned everything up with breakfast dishes.

Jean: I looked at dresses but didn't watch the Oscars. Did you see Liza Minnelli in that satin pantsuit and no bra. Heavens that looked awful. Hope your day today is better and sunny.

Everyone have a great start to your week. Faye

Jean 03-03-2014 11:24 PM

Good Evening! Trying to pack and wondering where all this stuff came from! Bob bought a hand held scale to weigh our luggage and he's 7#s over. We bought t-shirts for everyone and the store shipped those home for us. Mine isn't ready so . . . . . .

We had another good whale watch to end our stay here. We've gotten to know the captains and naturalists so they recognize us. Denny is 6' 6" so kind of stands out in a crowd.

"Gma" -- Sorry about your weather. It wasn't all that warm here today, I wore my jacket out on the boat and glad I had it along. The sun has been in and out. I didn't actually watch the Oscars as I was on my iPad. :o I'm not a big movie buff so know very few of the actors and actresses. We have seen a few "no bra" OLD ladies over here, NOT pretty!

We are having a leftover supper so need to help put it out. Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday. We have to be out of here by 11 so I may not check in until I get home. :wave:

gma22 03-04-2014 10:37 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Good morning all. Still cold with snow and some ice on the ground. Jack didn't have problems getting to work though, which relieved my mind. We are supposed to get up into the 60's by the weekend, which will be nice. I am hoping after tomorrow that we will start getting into spring temps.

I have my second dr appt Thursday. I have some pain on the breast, so want to discuss it with her. It is a soreness more than pain in non incision areas so want to make sure it is part of the healing ie manipulating the breast and taking out tissue and such the breast is still recovering from that.

I am officially down to 1 metformin and 20 insulin units, which means little by little I am getting back to normal. I started at 100 mg metformin and have cut that in half and 30 units insulin and down by 10 which is quite a bit. My blood sugar stays in normal range so we will just continue to monitor it. I just have to get the weight off and I believe I can then just drop the stuff all together if not before then.

I sat and balanced the checkbook this morning, wrote two letters to two doctor's offices for insurance then haven't done right. Sheesh if they don't have someone in billing that knows Tricare then don't take Tricare. I have to keep doing this. For one, it is my clinic and the referral nurse was supposed to fix this, but I got a second notice overdue so I am taking care of it myself but writing a letter and sending my referrals directly to the billing so they can resubmit if they want payment. I am not paying for this. I paid my copay and that is all that is required from my clinic for office visits. The problem was the clinic tends to not submit referrals for office visits with other doctors in the practice that is not your primary care doctor, so when I saw the gyn and saw the pharmacy dr, they didn't request a referral so Tricare wouldn't pay. The gal that does the referrals did get it backdated for Tricare so they will pay when UT Medical resubmits the bill. I then got a bill for my EKG for the hospital for $45. They had me billed under Tricare for Life which is the Medicare supplement and I am guessing billed under my ss# too. I told them to fix it! I am not paying for it as I pay premiums and copays and Tricare for Life is an 80/20% thing with no premiums so my part would have been $45 if I was on Medicare. How the heck they could bill under Tricare for Life when I don't have Medicare is anybody's business, but who knows?

I am also knitting and cleaning house at the same time. I sent my purple dress back because it was mid calf length and I wanted floor length, it was heavier than the slinky material they said it was, which it would have been way to hot for tropical even with AC and the square neckline was way too wide for my shoulders as it showed my bra on both sides. I went with a metallic silver dress, floor length, sleeveless and rounded neckline. This is what all my other dresses are from them so they will be ok. It was the same price though I lose my $5 I paid to have a square neckline on the first one, but that is ok. They have to try and resell it that way. I wanted purple, but the only other purple dresses were a velvet one, another one that was a heavy fabric or a very cute purple chevron dress, but the chevrons were more lavender than purple and I needed a darker purple to go with my wrap so I went with all gray. I now have to find a nice necklace and earrings to go with it.

Jean: Hope you have a safe trip home today. I know you probably are at the airport about now. I don't know what home at your house will be like though, but I imagine it will be cold as it is in the teens here today. I remember when the Oscars were an hour long and they just did the main winners not all the "little guys" so to speak. They didn't have all the production stuff either or the stupid stand up comedy garbage. Like you, I only knew a few of the people anyway. Half the time I have no clue who the actors of today are. They put out so much crap I don't watch on tv or go to the movies. I am not going to pay money to see a movie that for all intensive purposes is just propaganda about world issues. I go to enjoy myself, not to come out of the theater feeling worse than when I went in so we don't go very often. I hate horror stuff and it seems like the "evil" movies abound anymore too. The last horror movie I was was probably "Silence of the Lambs" and that scared me half to death!

Talk to everyone tomorrow. I am back to cleaning. Think I will do dusting as I hate to do it and usually leave it until last. Faye

Jean 03-04-2014 12:54 PM

Good Morning! The sun is shining although there is a haze around the mountain top.

"Gma" -- Nope, not at the airport! It's 7:46 here and we are waiting for the office to open so we can print our boarding passes. We are sweating the luggage weight but "oh well." Our plane leaves at 11:25 tonight but they say we need to be there at least three hours early. We have to have our luggage scanned for plants and anything else they might not want to leave the island. Then we check in with the airline and stand in the security check line. I guess everyone is checked, scanned, etc., which is ok with me. It made me a little nervous when they let so many just walk on through when we flew to Phoenix in January. I knew I was ok but wondered about some of the other strange looking people. ;) The dress looks very pretty! You are a good woman when you can clean and knit at the same time!

Susan and Maggie -- Hope all is well with both of you. Time to check in! :D

Have a terrific Tuesday and I will "see" you when I get home. :wave:

Maggie 03-04-2014 01:53 PM

Terrific Tuesday

I had a rough time getting to sleep last night and don’t have a clue why so didn’t sleep many hours. Oh, well maybe tonight I can get back into my sleep patterns.

Yesterday on weigh day and I showed a “maintain” which is totally acceptable. :lol: Nothing I can do about it so won’t fret. I have got to do something to get off this plateau though and shake things up and start losing again. This year so far has not been a good weight loss year for me. My own fault I am sure.

I got a good report from my yearly doctor exam and am having my prescriptions sent to Walmart so it will be easy to get refills each 3 months there instead of the mail program we were using for there are Walmarts all across this country and I am now in their system. Otherwise with the mail system we would have to have them sent “general delivery” and would have to sit around some town waiting for them to come so we could pick them up. Things like this have to be taken care of before we hit the road again. :cp:

Did I tell you that I have the neatest camp oven that folds flat when not in use? It is so trick, for you pop it out it makes a nice cube with a rack in it that fits on a burner of a camp stove and actually works great to bake things in. (I do have an oven inside the motor home but this one is for use outside.) There is a gage on it so you can know how hot it is inside. Anything you can bake in an inside oven you can bake in this one only in smaller quantities. I have small bake pans that fit nicely in it. We like doing our cooking & baking outside while at a campsite. We don’t go to a campsite to sit in a motor home but it sure nice to have one to sleep in now that I am older and no longer enjoy sleeping in a tent or on the ground in a bag. :lol: Time has marched on leaving lines on my face. :lol: Life is good.

It is said to be warmer today without any snow which is wonderful news. Rain would be nice though. :yes: Maybe in April we will have showers that will bring May flowers. I would love to hear the pitter patter of the rain on the roof.

DONNA FAYE Won't it be nice if when you do lose some more weight you can stop with the insulin. That would be terrific. :carrot: It is a chore for sure to educate offices about insurance. Years ago when I had my gall bladder removed the hospital put the wrong code on the form and I got billed for many thousand dollars. I called my insurance person and simply asked him "why didn't my insurance pay." He told me that the code was wrong and he would call them and get it straightened out. I didn't have to get in the fray and it was all taken care with my insurance guy. I loved that movie "Silence of the Lambs" with such good actors in it. Plus, I learned what "fava beans" were.:p

JEAN Bob may have to remove some items from his suitcase and mail them home unless he wants to pay that huge amount the airlines get from folks for the overage. Did you have the flower shop send you a nice smelling Leigh to your home? I'll never forget the beautiful ones my cousin would send when she lived over there.

Have a good day my cyber friends.
Always remember ~ Never, never, never give up

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