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Good morning all. We are headed for heavy rain all day then the temps are going to drop and we are supposed to get ice for Jack to drive to work in the morning. I sure hope the temps stay up, but it was 60 at 7 AM this morning and it has dropped 15 degrees already so I am doubtful.

I got a call from Jackson this morning thanking me for his Valentine's gift. He is so hilarious. He talks so precisely sometimes. Like I ask him if he wished he was back in Mexico with the weather being so cold in Indiana and he said, "Definitely!" Then when we were through talking he told me he was giving the phone to my son. I had him on speaker and Jack heard that and thought it was funny because he didn't say his dad wanted to talk but my son. Alicia says work for her has been nuts because the guy that was left in charge messed up big time. She finally convinced the head person to move the guy somewhere else. Alicia is the head pharmacist for a mental hospital and she said it takes a people person to deal with that sort of environment and he isn't at all.

We are leaving in just a few to go commissary shopping. I hate it when it rains to go grocery shopping, but you have to eat. I am going to make meatloaf for dinner tonight I think. Nice comfort food for cold and wet weather. Jack isn't a soup eater as he says it doesn't satisfy so we don't have chili or potato soup, etc even with sandwiches. He can be a pain to cook for sometimes for sure.

Jean:Your ice cream sounds great except if it has actual coconut in it. I hate coconut, but love the flavor. I got this pineapple slush thing from Sonic awhile back and it was great. You all enjoy your last couple days then be safe coming home.

Everyone enjoy your Sunday. Faye
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