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Originally Posted by zoerba View Post
Hi all! This is day two...I'm doing alternatives and have yet to buy any packets - but can't WAIT until I do. Looking forward to variety.

B - Pure Protein chocolate shake
L - Pure Protein bar
S - black tea with 1 oz 2% milk (don't have skim) and 1 hard boiled egg
D - 6oz steak w/ garlic and sea salt, 2 cups mushrooms and 2 cups of yellow squash, 2 tsp olive oil
S - Advantedge sp? choc shake

I had to add the egg in because I was pretty hungry midday. I've heard that will dissipate next week. I think I'll be one of the people who will have to break up the protein between lunch and dinner.

Since I am new and am doing this on my own, I have a few simple questions. I've researched the heck out this diet, so I feel like I have things pretty much figured out. However, I have one question about the dinner protein. Are there any requirements as to the fat content of the steak? It says sirloin, tenderloin, etc. but do I need to cut the fat off? Also, what is considered extra-lean hamburger? I bought some that is 93/7 and hope that's okay.

Thank you!!!!
I am starting Tuesday, 1/7 (finally!!) and will be doing the same thing without packets until almost the end of the month! I didn't want to wait until then to get started. I too have been reading and reading!! I look forward to joining you all here on the 7th!
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