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Originally Posted by Maxxy View Post
I am having a "talk me off the ledge" kind of morning. I totally understand now how some folks wind up with a weight disorder. After losing 43 lbs and 5 sizes, I still can look at myself in the mirror and see the fat girl. I know Im smaller because of the scale and my clothes, but not always do I see the thinner me. Strange.....

I still haven't lost that pound from the weekend and I feel like I'm huge again. I need to keep my head on straight and realize no one can tell if I am one pound heavier!

Oh well....time to move forward and not obsess but some days are harder than others. No temptation to quit and fall back into bad habits, I just think I should be excited about my new appearance all the time and I wonder whats wrong with me when I dont! have done amazing! As for the self image..use that consciousness to help keep you on track. Not a bad thing Really. I worry that getting too comfy about success could at some point lead me to a dangerous slippery slope! For the hunger horrors that do still occur in maintenance and put me on the ledge:
Try some chicken broth. You can add spinach, shaved carrots and chopped celery or even beaten egg white if you need some volume. Damage from that concoction is pretty much ZERO! I find in the cold or tea simply does not do it for me at 10 AM or 3PM sometimes. Also found that if I snacked (light) more...that actually was not satisfying either. Something about the hot broth really makes a difference for me on a day like that.

Think of a zero impact thing you like and can have (...guilt free ...!!) and maybe you can share a ploy the rest of us can use too!!
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