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Hi all!

Looks like I have some great books to put on my Christmas list, lol!
Along with a FITBIT, does anyone have one?
This journey is defintely not over, one day at a time. Love to read
anything that helps me stay focused. thanks

Joined a gym with my DD this weekend, havent done that in like 25
years. It was buy one get one free, no brainer, LOL!! Her friend and
Mom did too, so hopefully we will support eacher, too cold to run in
the winter, burr! Felt good to do different machines, but I'm very sore
today, feels good though,

As far as snacking, I'm am very sugar sensitive, so I try
to stay with 1 fruit a day and lo carb veggies or I see the scale go up
1-2 lbs, sugar inflammation! stinks!! Raw nuts and veggies are my staples for
snacks. Paleo recipes are working best for me. Been making muffins/breads recipes that are very good, also share with family
and theyre amazed no sugar, no wheat. Gotta love it!

Trying to get into the Christmas spirit, lots to do! DS will be home next
week from college, I will put him to work,
I'm so thankful for all the advice here, really keeps me going, THANKS!!



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