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Originally Posted by dak1lls View Post
As I progressed towards my goal I looked forward to my fun days, or fun meals. There were certain foods I was really excited to have again. Each time I have indulged in one of my prior favorite, and much anticipated foods, I have been disappointed that the taste of it was not what I have anticipated. Case in point; I used to have a Starbucks venti skinny vanilla latte several times per week. This morning I decided to have one....for the first time in over 6 months! What a surprise! It did not taste good. It actually tasted "odd" to me. These foods always provided such comfort and contentment to me. I placed so much importance on how good it felt to eat so many things, and now I don't even like them anymore....and I really don't like how they make me feel. Maybe I am placing too much importance on this revelation, but this feels like a real turning point for me. IP has provided many insights for me along the way.
I've found my list of items I'd like to add back keeps shrinking.
I like the way I feel WITHOUT them way too much.
This is the stuff maintenance is made of & isn't it great when we're not resisting...we actually don't WANT it!

Some examples for me:
  • I still like cheese and will eat it "out" but don't trust myself to have it at home yet (previous binge food).
  • I love guacamole but the things you eat it with give me puffy hands/feet, which tells me that is an automatic inflammatory response. But I can have it on a salad (in place of dressing) or as a dipping sauce for other foods I might order (fajitas, for example, which I eat sans tortilla)
  • I like an occasional adult beverage. But I have to be REALLY careful b/c I don't have the tolerance I used to. I went for a HH last nite and had ONE glass of wine, which I set down several times so I could make it last. I like the hydrated feeling much better than the slightly dehydrated feeling.
  • Anything gluten/wheat containing also gives me that immediate hand/feet puffiness so I'm avoiding many convenience foods. I got the same reaction when I had some carefully-ordered Chinese last week, but I probably ate too much rice (for some things, my measuring cup will still be my friend).
  • I can feel blood sugar spikes with a few bites of something sweet so I'll remain mostly sugar-free, as well (had a couple of bites of DH's dessert when we ate out)
I REALLY like that my clothes still fit (some are actually loosening-up). People are still asking me if I'm losing. I am purposely not monitoring the scale right now. I'm giving it a few weeks to "adjust" for slightly higher carb levels. It will also give me a more accurate picture of how much more I'll want to drop in January, when I return to P1. My scale was all-over-the-place for a bit but it looked like I was settling around about 165. So, 15-20 is my expectation for January.
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