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SO here is my third post of the day! I'm so sorry that I've been very quiet lately, I'm not usually so quiet as most of you may know. I've been a bit under the weather, in fact I'm at home with a sinus infection today and slightly whiney and complainy.

The reason that I've been quiet is that I'm actually 13 weeks pregnant. !! I kept it pretty quiet from anyone but my family and my most very close friends. I know a lot of people off line that read this forum so now that it's kinda out there I can now post on here. I'm super excited to be pregnant and managed to have only gained 4 lbs in my first trimester. Watching it slowly creep up is a little tough but it's all good and totally temporary. The biggest thing that I whine about now is the sinus infection. My worst fear was to get a sinus infection while pregnant because I cannot take my usual drugs for it (anytime I get a cold I get a sinus infection, it totally sucks). I've asked VIP more then once during the last couple of days "do you feel sorry for me? please feel sorry for me cause it makes me feel better cause I can't have my advil sinus night time!" lol I continue to make him laugh at least.

As a review the last year of my life, I am amazed that in one year I went to Scotland, became engaged, got married and got pregnant. I truly am blessed!

Hugs to you all, this forum is my saving grace I will try to be around more...first trimester is over perhaps the glowing will start at anytime? LOL

Later Skaters!

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