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Default Tra la its May!

Well, I am not in a very good mood actually either, though I think Angie has much better reason!!

I am just blue, yesterday I was pretty blue, and went to b/f's, had dinner with him and his sister, rented a DVD, but he just wasn't quite himself, tired, not very affectionate. So I went home to sleep. Picked him up this am but he didnt' kiss me or hug me. I asked if we were making plans for tonite and he was really non-committal, so I think I'll go out tonite with my sister or something, and tomorrow I am helping my friend with her wedding plans, so I'll just see him Thursday.

I think part of my being blue is a) I am really starting to hate my job and b) I can't shake that note. I cant stop thinking about it, and when I look at him I think only the works " I don't have the butterflies with her. Maybe I should break up with her but I don't want to lose that friendship and relationship we have". I just see it, right there on the page.

OCD you say?? Well, maybe. But I can't shake it. I really really wish I hadn't read that. Maybe now I am reading things into other things, like I know he is feeling closterphobic with his sister there all the time, he wants some space...I understand that. I don't know.....

On the other hand, I could be right in suspecting him.

But either way, I think he needs me out of his hair (what little he has!! ) for a couple of nights. His sister will likely start work in Banff next week so he'll have more space then.

Anyway, don't you hate it when you catch your sig other checking out a thin girl?? that happened this morning and it really really bothered me!! So much that I felt nauseous!! I SAW HIM!! Of course, I didn't say anything, although it was on the tip of my tongue, I saw him. And she worked at his building, when we said goodbye he didn't even look at my his eyes were on her butt.

I get really upset when I see that. Not only b/c its rude to be so obvious, and b/c I am already insecure in my relationship with him,but b/c I am thinking here is this guy that in early march didn't have the "spark" for me, and I don't know that he still does, and he is checking out some chick that probably does give him the "spark".

You know, maybe I should be a Bridget and tell my Daniel, if he is a Daniel and not a Mark, that I won't accept that offer either. I DO want someone that will get chills when he sees me, and that I know would walk on water for me, not some guy that checks out other girls butt's in front of me.

Well, I better get off, I have some "urgent" things to do this morning....I'll respond later.


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